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Urgent Prayer Request

Hi Everyone
I’d like you to pray for Pastor Paul and his family. They just had one of their vehicles break down on the way to Montreal and the other one just had the muffler fall off. They are very dependent upon these as they live 45 minutes out of the city. Because of this situation it will be very hard for him to get his family into church. Please pray for a solution.
Also we need to get our church accounts done and it costs $900.00 for an accountant. We have that money but if we pay the accountant, there is no money there for Pastor Paul and his family to eat and for gas.
Pastor Paul is one of the most faithful men of God I know. Please pray for this situation please. Pray as the Spirit of God leads you.
If you want to support him and give him a few words of encouragement here is his space;
This is an email he sent out today

Greetings friends,

As I write to you my wife is stuck on the 138 highway with a broken down van and I am stuck at home with a vehicle with no muffler. There is no money for repairs. We have no money for food. No money for the changes necessary for the house to allow the Stevenson’s to move in, etc.

The immediate problem is no transportation. We are trying to make arrangements to get Kathy home. We need your prayers, desperately. We have no means to meet our own needs. The Lord continues to put us in this situation and he always comes through but this seems like a stronger need than usual. Please, if you have never prayed for someone before make an exception this time.

As a church we have just gone through a covenant renewal. God has blessed us in it. We are seeing great things in the church so I do not believe that this is any indication that God is displeased with the church. We are also seeing great things for the next school year and are anticipating greater things than we can imagine. However, God has provided us with a means to show that we trust him. Thankfully we are scheduled to take two weeks vacation starting Monday so we only need to be concerned with Bible Study tonight, Prayer Meeting and Sunday.

We are going to have to cancel Bible Study tonight. I am hoping that Pastor Patrick can take Prayer Meeting Friday and we will have to cry out to God for Sunday.

Please pray hard – that my wife will get home today
                 – that we as a congregation can face this testing without faltering
                 – that my wife and I will stand up under this testing
                 – that the Lord will provide for the vehicles
                 – that the Lord will provide for the house renovations so that the Stevensons can move in (and that Rachel will not fall through any more ceilings)
                 – that we will have so much food this summer that we can take in anyone that the Lord sends our way
                 – that there will be some period of time when my family can find rest this summer

Please…. Pray, pray, pray.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Paul

1:05 PM – The Stevenson’s van won’t start now and they were supposed to be bringing Mrs. Van Buren home. Pray people, Pray!
In Christ
Gerry Desjardins

Comments on: "Urgent Prayer Request" (20)

  1. Unknown said:

    Hey Gerry thank-you for your words of encouragement on my space. =) Ill be praying for you and everyone else.love claireGod bless

  2. MadCatz said:

    Hey thats got to suck. Well all the best of luck to you guys I hope you find a way. Hey maybe talk to a local collage and see if they can get a prof to do it for cheaper? just a thought but remember barganing always is good.

  3. Kristie said:

    Hey There!This is an awesome blog!My name is Jane and I\’m from nova scotia.I am a proud christian and I am very involved in my church!I\’m 14, and my church has the best group of teens ever! Sometimes growing up in an evangelistic church can be tough, i struggle sometimes but i have a great church and home family by my side and i know i always have my personal Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to keep me on the right track! Last year I attended a Franklin Graham Cruesade, it was amazing, i saw God change the lives of so many young people! Jars of Clay performed there and they were amazing! If you haven\’t already, you should listen to some of casting crowns music! It\’s great! And it\’s stuff that young people can really get into! 🙂 That\’s all for now! Stay Safe and God Bless! <3Jane

  4. Oh, i prayed for Paul. I know God promises to supply his needs , just knowing that God doesnt neglect His beloved children like him, even he works for the Lord. God alway turn bad into good… so , just trust God for His reason to bring them through the trial… there is alway good in the end of trial. I pray that God will see their needs be met included having his wife home safety! Amen….

  5. MadCatz said:

    Actually it might prove better to go out and find a way to help, sitting and praying wont. You should maybe look arround, ask for donations or something. Maybe a fund raiser? that sounds good. I mean god wont do nothing for you if you dont start something, and then (in my opinion) you will give him credit for helping, when in actuality you did the work yourself.

  6. AntitrustOyster,Watch what you said. I am in BC and they are in Quebec. I wish i\’d come out to drive his wife home. So i prayed for God to have people in his town to help him and his family. I was thinking about set up the account here for his bank that people can pour the money into his account for his needs, but i don\’t know if he wants us to know his bank account. Gerry, can we? Let me know.. thanks

  7. I am praying for this Woman of God from Calgary, Alberta. May He show her, and may she be able to see His will.Jason

  8. Abba Father, I thank you for this need, and for your supply of this need. I thank you that you are Jehovah Jireh..in every situation. I thank you Abba Father, for these servants of yours, who are good stewards of those things you have given them charge over. Lord we praise You and thank you that even before the prayer request went forth you have already answered it!I give you Praise for the gracious move of your Holy Spirit, and that you are this flocks first Love! I thankyou Abba Father …..that no weapon forged against them shall prosper! Fill their coffers, fill the storehouse Father, so that they may feed the hungry, clothe the poor…and do the works you prepared for them well in advance. Let Your Shekinah Glory fall Father!In Jesus Precious Name …be GlorifiedThank You, Abba

  9. Marissa said:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHADIEyuor cars all broken uphaahhahaha GOD ISNT HELPING YOU NOW IS HE GERRYIS HE??@?##?@$?

  10. Just watch and see what God will do!

  11. Hey bgfnI just love it when people like you make comments like that – you are going to have to eat your words VERY SOON.God SPECIALIZES in cases like this. . I would be careful if I were you. You are not mocking us but God Himself. And He will not be mocked.

  12. Unknown said:

    OMGoodness!! that is all so horrible I will keep you all in my prayers 😀 thanks for stopping by my space and thanks for the words of encouragement. I am hoping that I will be a great mom but I am not all that sure. I am not even sure if it is God\’s will that I keep my baby or if it is MY will,… I want this baby so bad, but what if I am not REALLY meant to keep it? I have read many stories where woman have given up their babies through mercy ministries and they felt that it was God\’s will… I dunno. I am going to have fun at camp thanks 😀 It is a bible (family) camp 😀 So ya well I actually have to go so I will talk to you later.. keep praying and have faith.. I will pray also .. have a great day and God bless hun … .

  13. Carbon Dating: It Doesn\’t Prove An Old Earth By Josef T. Longhttp://www.trueauthority.com/cvse/carbon.htm

  14. Unknown said:

    hey! … and the roller coaster of life continues, when so many things go so well for God… it is then we see more opposition from satan… He knows he is loosing, and things like this is his measly attempt to try and avoid loosing. I will be praying for sure…. for everyonelove claireGod bless

  15. Shelley said:

    Hi GerryI am also praying for you and your church leaders. God bless you brother.

  16. Hi everyone,It was both a blessing and entertaining to read through the comments. Thank you to those who take prayer seriously and to those of you who do not know Christ we cannot expect you to understand all of this.Trials come for various reasons, sometimes they have nothing to do with you. In this case I believe that God allowed certain things to happen to provoke some things that were absent in a few people\’s lives. It took three teams to get my wife home but she arrived with a car loaned to us for a week, and with 50 lbs of hamburger in the trunk. Just before she arrived an elderly gentleman arrived (30 minute trip from his home to ours) with a car full of groceries and some cash towards getting one of the cars fixed. Other offers have come in but I do not believe it is the full extent of it yet. We still have two vehicles in need of repairs.You see, for the last two years I have been running a school in our church, receiving no salary. In fact, the whole staff is volunteer. Recently I have taken over the senior pastor position, yet again with no salary. There is a reason for this. For the last 3 years we have had no salaries coming into our house as we have been serving the church and our family has gone from 7 to 11 members. Yet, in every situation great or small God has always met our needs exactly to what we needed. We have been totally dependant on him and he has always proven himself faithful.Some silly people have this notion that pray does not amount to anything. Well, I am living proof contrary to that. I know Jesus because my family and my church never stopped praying for me. My wife and I have come through some pretty difficult situations because of prayer. We have servived the last three years because of prayer. Well, allow me to correct that. Prayer is only a means of communication with the one who is more than able to meet all our needs.God is good but his children still need to ask. It is what the Word of God says. I have a friend who calls our kind of faith crazy faith. I know what she means by it. It is the kind of thing that cannot be explained away and it is the kind of thing that goes beyond hope and flies in the face of reason. That is the dynamic faith that the church is suppose to be operating in.Those of you committed to prayer, we ask you to pray that the Lord will glorify himself through this great opportunity we have to demonstrate crazy faith. Our God is an awesome God and we want the world to know just how awesome he is.Pray, pray, pray.Gerry is a great man of faith. In every situation his first response is to take it to the Lord. Me, I tend to mouth off or give my two cents worth and then take it to the Lord. But Gerry keeps his mouth shut except to say, "Let\’s pray". Thanks Gerry!

  17. Praise the Lord to bring people out to help Paul and his family for foods and a loaned car including his wife be home safety!….etc… its great!!. God still answer the prayers and to supply his needs, God cannot ignore His words he spoke out and He did!!! PraISE TO hIS NAME!!! aMEN?! GIVE HIM THE PRAISE THANKS!!! He lives!!!

  18. Ernesto said:

    Why did you delete my entry?

  19. Hi ErnestoAngel27There were an aweful lot of real garbage comments that were posted yesterday. I may have deleted yours by accident.

  20. It is interesting to read that somepeople see this as gods failing this is not the case. God has alowed us the gift of choice this choice is ours to do with as we please. God can help he always does, but it is our choice that ultimatly will decide the outcome. I pray that everything has been resolved and that god has lead you through this hardship. but remeber the road less traveledgods love to alltroll

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