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Don’t Be Deceived

People think you must do mental gymnastics to know the truth of God’s Word. Not so, the Word is very clear to those who draw near to Jesus in spirit and truth. Ever since the Spirit inspired man to put the Word on paper, the enemy has tried to twist and manipulate it to his own purposes and he has succeeded in many ways. The Lord never changes and neither does His Word. The same promises still apply today. What God said He will do, He will do. Satan was completely and utterly defeated at the cross. He has no power over the believer. You want to know the truth? Seek the Word. Jesus said if you seek me with all your heart I will be found by you. The Word is near those who seek Him with all their heart.

I’ve been in the Word now over 35 years and everyday I see Christians falling victim to a case of itching ears, running to and fro to every wind of doctrine. Not having a firm foundation because they have neglected the Word or taken misguided preachers sermons as gospel. I’ve been guilty of that myself. Seek the truth in God’s Word and ask His Spirit to guide. The Spirit is there to reveal Christ to you. With the Word in your heart and mind you’ll not be so easily deceived.