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Gerry’s Rant – Quebec and Christian Musicians

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19 (NKJV)

On Friday, June 1st, Hillsongs United held a concert at Eglise Nouvelle Vie in Longuieul located on Montreal’s south shore. It was completely sold out. Four thousand people were in attendance. The most ever at a Christian concert in Quebec, at least to my knowledge. One thing that was said by Hillsongs at the concert was that they were told that Quebec was to be avoided because not many people come out to the Christian concerts. Well I guess Friday night proved them wrong. The Montreal concert was 1 of only 2 concerts on their tour that sold out. The other being Chicago. 

What perturbs me is this who would say such things about Montreal and Quebec. The United States and the rest of Canada are saturated with the Gospel. Here in Quebec less than 0.1% of the population is born again. So what they said is essentially true, you won’t get many people out at a Christian concert. The concert on Friday was an anomaly as it was held in the province’s largest church which has a membership of around 4,000. Try to hold it elsewhere in the city and you won’t get as big a crowd.

I have watched time and time again as big name Christian artists would tour Canada and hit most major cities but bypass Quebec. For the youth conference this past May, the churches wanted to bring in a big name Christian artist who is always at the top of the charts but could not because he was asking for more money than they could afford. hmm….. Can you imagine Jesus charging people high fees to come hear him speak? Imagine Him bypassing a city because they just couldn’t afford his rates or there was not enough people to hear Him. Praise God Jesus was not like that or else we would not have the Gospel today. He went out of His way to talk to a single woman at a well in Samaria. He wasn’t interested in numbers or the cost. He was interested in doing His Father’s will.

Quebec is one of the darkest and least evangelized places on the face of the earth. If any place needs the light it is Quebec. There are Christian artists that have been around for years and yet have never stepped a foot in this province. The closest they get is Ottawa which is much smaller than Montreal but has a larger Christian population. Quebec is a missions field! Let me warn you now, if you are a Christian artist or group and you come to Montreal, you are not going to make much money. In fact you may lose some.

Hillsongs was initially going to play Ottawa and bypass Montreal. But the Lord spoke to them and told them they were to come here. They obeyed and 100 souls were added to the kingdom. It is not about money. It is not about numbers. It is about souls. It is about obeying the great commission. Yes you risk losing money coming here, but that’s not what is really supposed to be important to the Christian, is it? Quebec needs you.