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Shame On You President Obama

In one momentous week, President Obama managed to send a video greeting to Iran and humiliate the elected leaders of the State of Israel.

While maintaining a civil demeanor in public, reliable sources tell One Jerusalem that Prime Minister Netanyahu was angered and puzzled by the treatment Israel is receiving from President Obama and his administration.

While fully aware that there is no hope of reaching a peace deal with the leaderless Palestinians, Prime Minister Netanyahu has gone the extra mile in extending the hand of peace. He embraced the concept of an independent Palestinian State and he placed an unprecedented moratorium on Israeli construction. Both these actions put Netanyahu at odds with his supporters but he did it to show the Obama White House that he is committed to peace.

What he and Israel got in return is a coordinated attack by the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State. First they manufactured a crisis
over building permits in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem and then they treated Israel’s representatives like the enemy during this week’s Washington visit.

The President ordered a complete news blackout of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s White House visit. During that visit, Obama lectured and threatened Israel’s Prime Minister.  He demanded that Netanyahu put in writing that Israel is committed to a "peace settlement" based on the indefensible borders of 1967. He also demanded that Israel not build in its capital Jerusalem. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to capitulate.  But don’t think this is the end of the confrontation.  President Obama and his administration are committed to bringing Israel to its knees.  Israel and Jerusalem need all its allies to mobilize in defense of our ally. 

For starters we ask you to pass this report around to friends and family and recommend that they sign our united Jerusalem petition
. Also post this report on Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and every other social networking site you use. 

By signing the petition, a person announces their support for a united Jerusalem under the State of Israel. It is also the best way to stay abreast of the situation in Jerusalem and Washington.

One Jerusalem was born when Bill Clinton tried to divide Jerusalem. We mobilized mass support for our cause and helped defeat that effort. Now we face another challenge and we need your help to beat it back. 

Will you give an hour  at your computer promoting the petition? Your help will make a difference.    


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