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By Anne Bayefsky


President yet again makes his intentions clear

http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | President Obama’s Cairo speech was nothing short of an earthquake — a distortion of history, an insult to the Jewish people, and an abandonment of very real human-rights victims in the Arab and Muslim worlds. It is not surprising that Arabs and Muslims in a position to speak were enthusiastic. It is more surprising that American commentators are praising the speech for its political craftiness, rather than decrying its treachery of historic proportions.

Obama equated the Holocaust to Palestinian "dislocation." In his words: "The Jewish people were persecuted. …anti-Semitism …culminated in an unprecedented Holocaust…. Six million Jews were killed…. On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people — Muslims and Christians — have suffered in pursuit of a homeland." This parallelism amounts to the fictitious Arab narrative that the deliberate mass murder of six million Jews for the crime of being Jewish is analogous to a Jewish-driven violation of Palestinian rights.

Speaking in an Arab country to Arabs and Muslims, Obama pointedly singled out European responsibility for the Holocaust — "anti-Semitism in Europe culminated in an unprecedented Holocaust." In other contexts, the European emphasis would be a curiosity. In Egypt, it was no accident. The Arab storyline has always been that Arabs have been forced to suffer the creation of Israel for a European crime.

In fact, Obama’s Egyptian hosts would have been only too familiar with Arab anti-Semitism during World War II (and beyond). After all, Obama was speaking in the country that schooled and later welcomed back Grand Mufti Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini as a national hero. This was the man who spent the war years in Berlin as Hitler’s guest facilitating the murder of Jews.


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Obama thought he would prove his even-handedness towards Israel by boasting of Friday’s trip to a concentration camp and rejecting Holocaust denial. In this context, however, the move of doing Jews these supposed favors appears to be cynical political opportunism, especially having just set the Holocaust side-by-side with the "suffering" and "pain" of Palestinians "for more than 60 years." After all, the president made no emotive references to the "intolerable" "suffering" of Israeli victims of Arab terror "for more than 60 years." The word "terrorism" never left his lips. Far from bolstering the fight against terror and the anti-Semitism driving it, such maneuvers embolden more hate and violence against Israelis.

Instead, Obama sought Arab and Muslim approbation by drawing a moral equivalence between those who have rejected Israel from the outset (and still seek its outright destruction or a "right of return" intended to terminate a Jewish majority) and the Jews who have kept them at bay since May 14, 1948. In his words: "There has been a stalemate: two peoples with legitimate aspirations, each with a painful history…. It’s easy to point fingers — for Palestinians to point to the displacement brought about by Israel’s founding, and for Israelis to point to the constant hostility and attacks." Calling the Israeli-Arab conflict a "stalemate" represents an abysmal failure to acknowledge historical reality. The modern state of Israel emerged after an internationally approved partition plan of November 1947 that would have created two states, one Jewish and one Arab; this plan was accepted by Jews and rejected by Arabs. One people has always been prepared to live in peace, and the other has chosen war in 1948 and 1956 and 1967 and 1973 and 1982, and renewed terrorism after its every loss.

Bereft of the most basic understanding of Judaism and Jewish history, Obama claimed that "the aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied," for "around the world, the Jewish people were persecuted for centuries." A Jewish homeland in Israel is not rooted in tragedy or in centuries of persecution around the world. It is rooted in a wondrous, unbroken, and spiritual relationship to the land of Israel and to Jerusalem for thousands of years. Coupled with the president’s stress on "European responsibility" for the Holocaust, his words reinforced the lethal belief that Israel is the creature of transplanted, alien Jews.

Obama’s stunning offense to Israel and the Jewish people went farther. Israelis have come to occupy territory in response to Arab-initiated wars of intended annihilation, but Obama analogized Palestinian "daily humiliations …that come with occupation" to the "humiliation of segregation" of black slaves in America and the "moral authority" of "people from South Africa." His Arab audience understood that the president of the United States had just given a nod to the single most potent defamation of the Jewish state today — the allegation that Israel is a racist, apartheid state.

After expressing his belief in a moral equivalence between the claims of Palestinians and the claims of the victims of slavery and apartheid, Obama juxtaposed his admission of Israel’s "right to exist" with his assertion that "the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements." Every word of this speech was carefully weighed. It was therefore no mishap that for the first time a U.S. president has denied the legitimacy of Israeli settlements, period. Such an assertion abrogates every agreement between Arabs and Israelis, which have always left the ultimate determination of which settlements will stay or go to a bilateral peace process and final status negotiations. Even the Roadmap reads: "Phase III: Permanent Status Agreement and End of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict …a final, permanent status resolution …on borders, Jerusalem, refugees, settlements."

Furthermore, the idea that Jews are not permitted to live in any territory that might become part of a future Palestinian state means only one thing: apartheid Palestine. Twenty percent of Israel’s population,1.5 million people, are Arab (with more democratic rights than in any Arab state). But the notion of any Jewish presence in Palestinian territory is allegedly an abomination. Why should a future transfer of governmental authority mean "no Jews allowed"?

But judging by Obama’s speech, only one "dislocation" counts. After placing the Holocaust side-by-side with the Palestinian "pain of dislocation," he ignored the dislocation of 800,000 Jewish refugees from all over the Arab Middle East in response to the creation of Israel.

Jewish refugees from Arab intolerance were not the only human-rights casualties the president chose to dismiss. Three different times Obama defended the right of Muslim women to cover up their bodies. Never once did he mention the right of Muslim women to refuse to cover up their bodies — a right denied on pain of arrest and death by many of the very communities he was addressing. In the name of "freedom of religion" he chose to "welcome efforts like Saudi Arabian King Abdullah’s interfaith dialogue." The Saudi Arabian government criminalizes the public practice of any religion but Islam. This manufactured human-rights fantasy has done a tremendous disservice to the oppressed across the Arab and Muslim world.

President Obama’s meticulously planned and executed Egyptian speech marks the lowest point in the U.S. presidency’s understanding and appreciation of the Jewish state, its history, and its people’s future. Added to his administration’s evident infirmity on Iran, the speech of June 4, 2009, by the supposed leader of the free world will be remembered as a major decline in human history.

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Anne Bayefsky is a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute, director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and editor of http://www.EYEontheUN.org.


Comments on: "Obama’s stunning offense to Israel and the Jewish people." (14)

  1. ╬ ◦ MәţǎmðŗρЂΦşǐک said:

    interesting read….Gods Blessings!!

  2. ™CE♥ said:

    Thank You for posting this! I will forward it to all of my email contacts! :)XOCE♥We are behind Israel 100% always and forever! ♥

  3. I wrote a comment last week, and you deleted it! Did I write something that didn\’t fit in here? Is this space only for people who agree with you?

  4. Ellen U, I deleted your comment because I found it very insulting and condesending. You have a very limited understanding of the bible and history. You also insulted Israel and her people. Yes the gospel is for all people but the covenant God made with the Jews has never been broken. I suggest you read the book of Romans and see what Paul wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit about the Jews. The Gospel was meant first for the Jews and then for the rest of us. Every single war in the area was caused by the Arabs and all Israel did was defend herself. Every action has been a defensive one. I suggest you stop reading leftest propaganda and listen to God more. Read His word and get understanding.

  5. Michael said:

    Ellen Bravo!! I have been saying this about Obama for about a year now. Since the election is over he\’s been showing his true self with abandon. No more pretense as to his hatred towards Christians and Jews. I was shocked as to how many so Called Christians and Jewish Americans who voted for this man, couldn\’t see that he cared about the Muslim/Arab cause\’s, more than the rights of Israel. He prostituted them to get elected to the Presidency. I have written about this many times at http://dminor1954.spaces.live.com/default.aspx . Keep up the good fight for you and Israel are not alone. WE ARE ONE!!

  6. ╬ ◦ MәţǎmðŗρЂΦşǐک said:

    You have Bill Clinton echoing Obama sentiments..,http://www.onenewsnow.com/Politics/Default.aspx?id=566706we\’re going to see more pressure upon both Christians & Jews…

  7. Every bit of this was set in motion originally by former president Bush if anyone will care to pick up any old newspapers which are probably defunct now. If you live in the USA and can still think clearly you will see the deception web being spread by the Rupublican Party. I have one question. What does this have to do with spreading the gospel of Christ? The Castle Lady

  8. Part of being a Christian and what I am called to be is a watchman. When we see evil coming we are to warn the people and at times this makes us very unpopular. But hey, I don\’t mind being unpopular. Being from Canada where all our MSM is left-wing we get the news spun to what they want is to hear. It takes discernment and the understanding of the word to be able to pick out the truth. The very first time I saw Obama the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart and said this man will decieve many and cause many believers to fall. The MSM\’s and the Obama gov\’t spin has always been to put the blame on Bush and others. The Democrats and the left never accept blame even when caught red-handed. Even then they blame Bush. It has become the mantra of the left. If there is a problem in the US, blame Bush. If there is a problem in the world, blame Bush. I don\’t follow the MSM. Everytime I watch them I want to throw up. There is so much deception going on and so many are blind. If you want to see the reason why America is not mentioned in prophecy you don\’t have to look any further than you current president and his policies. People outside the US are now laughing at your country and giving it the finger, (North Korea) whereas before they hated you but feared and respected you.

  9. Evil will always be evil even if you offer them an olive branch. The fact is the demons do control men in power and no amount of good will will placate them.

  10. Michelle said:

    The LORD bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect. Psalm 30:10The bible clearly talks about Israel being the "apple of God\’s eye" and He warns many times throughout the bible that anyone who lays one finger on His chosen people will reap the consequences.For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye. Zechariah 2:8I had chills the first time I heard President Obama speak in 2004 and the spirit spoke to me and said "he will be president someday". I did not know how soon that would come to pass. When the election was over a dread came over me. Not so much because of the man himself but because I know God is sovereign and He surely uses men, both with good intentions and those with ulterior motives to do His will. America has strayed so far away from God that we are now paying the consequences and that may very well be to have a president that turns his back on the people whom God chose. The blindness and the depravity that is moving across our land at rapid speed is the sign of the times…so it is no surprise to me that the people of America with no regard for a man\’s qualifications, questionable past and his unconfirmed beliefs elected a man solely on his personality and the hope that he would heal the racial divide. While that is a commendable hope to have and for that one issue alone I found some satisfaction in the act of a nation moving past its prejudice but it does not negate that fact that there are compromises being made that has started the downward spiral of our place in history….Personally I believe God is moving all the pieces into place for end times events. America will be so broke, in debt and blinded by truth that we will not have the finances or the wisdom to defend Israel or any other countries who will become future victims of terrorism. Many can point fingers and say he is a bad man or the former leader was a bad man but the truth is no leader rises or falls without the God\’s permission.As Christians we are to be diligent in seeking the truth and speaking truth in love. That also includes praying for our leaders good or bad. God\’s will be done. Satan is having his way at distracting the Christians with many things and people…distracting them from the purpose God has, glorifying God and winning the lost. In the end the bible says He will still be on the throne and Jesus Christ will reign forever and ever, hallelujah!!!!!Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for [thou] only [art] holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest. Revelation 15:4I commend you for posting this article.Grace to youMichelle

  11. Is any of this surprising? If I recall correctly in his campaign, he misquoted the Torah (the five Books of the Law), "as being rules about eating certain kinds of foods." It is obvious that, if he read the whole Word of God for himself for even and x amount of years, he certainly does not understand it at all, nor does he have a clue and I believe that his misguided history speech proves this as fact. For the Word of God is full of Jewish history as we all know and is accurate and important. So therefore he must be getting inaccurate info from non other than the koran. Now if you recall the Old Testament accounts of the borders of Israel, west bank was included as being Jewish land that is God Given, and anyone else who occupies that land must pay up the rent that is due. All of Israel is not gentile land nor will it ever be, but God given land to the Jews, Ezekiel 47:13-23Another reality is that he says he is Christian but is not, and the reason I say this is because Jesus taught in Matthew 7:16-19 “by their fruits, you will know them.” He doesn’t support Israel and the Holy Word of God is very blunt according to Genesis 12:2-3 Known as the “Abrahamic Covenant” “who ever curses the Jewish people will be a curse. He is appointed leader, therefore as the hypothesis goes, Obama is bringing about curses upon this nation, and it has already begun. Like for example the Word of God specifically says “you will lend and not borrow” Deuteronomy 15:5-7. “you shall be above and not beneath.” Deuteronomy 28:13. This nation used to lend, used to be above. But in the recent past this nation has borrowed billions of dollars from China, and we have no means to pay it back. This nation is broke, trillions in debt and as the proverbs go “the borrower is slave to the Lender.” Proverbs 22:7. Why? Because of this nations great sins, treating the Lord with contempt and because of this leader.we need to repent, Honor God and pray for our leader or impeech him.And lastly “evil prevails when the righteous do nothing:-Thomas Jefferson. Plaese refer to blog posts"Is Barack Obama The antichrist?" @ http://jesusislord3161976.spaces.live.com/default.aspx?_c01_BlogPart=blogentry&_c=BlogPart&_c02_owner=1&handle=cns!144427C50FF954A4!382"Is America More Sinful Than Soddom And Gomorrah?" @ http://jesusislord3161976.spaces.live.com/default.aspx?_c01_BlogPart=blogentry&_c=BlogPart&_c02_owner=1&handle=cns!144427C50FF954A4!293God Bless you, your family and your friends, and God bless Israel and May God Almighty the all glorious One Give them Stregnth, Power and Might

  12. The deception going on here is the notion that Obama could in any way be the antichrist. I have not seen or heard any indication that he is even making anti-semitic remarks. That is just an evil lie. I again ask you, "What does this have to do with spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ?" I saw Billy Graham pose with republican and democratic presidents alike because he did one thing: He stayed off the subject of politics and stayed on the true message. That of salvation. Out of the first portion of Obama\’s inaugural address back in January: On this day, we gather becasue we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpse over conflict and discord. On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics. We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea passed on from generation to generation; the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. I don\’t think this sounds like a man who doesn\’t have the fruits of the spirit. I think it sounds like he does. He does support Israel. You just refuse to acknowledge his efforts. The Castle Lady

  13. Who said that Obama is the antichrist. If you are referring to the blog post, "Is Barack Obama The antichrist? than you should actually read it. The only reason why I posted that blog here is because by the reports in this brothers blog above, and how the antichrist will deceive the world, is through controlling Israel, and one way to do that is by bringing peace to the Middle East. Obama is going out of his way to bring peace to the middle east, which can never happen by the way, for it is not biblical. Then people reading this Brothers blog post, would think that Obama might be the antichrist. Besides that, people from different states have asked that simple question on a Christian talk radio, in Aug. & Sept. before the elections and that post answers that once famous question.

  14. Evelyn, Hitler also said many similar in his years leading up to the destruction he rot. I\’m not saying Obama is like Hiltler, but what I am saying is that politicians will always say what the people want to hear in order to get into power. Obama is a man that is good with words but not in keeping his promises. Watching form the outside, I am witnessing the destruction of a once great nation and am amazed at how blind some people are to it. But this must come to pass in order that prophecy may be fulfilled. The United States fulfilled it\’s role as the greatest missionary nation this world has ever seen. It was the first nation that always offered to help when a disaster struck and still gives more money to charities than any other nation on earth. However sin has crept in while believers slept. The church got fat and lazy and forgot how to pray. It became more what can I get instead of what can I give. Sin now parades itself proudly through her streets and the government subsidizes it. God has given the US a leader it deserves. One who says about the health bill that they want to bring in" The stars are aligned for it to be passed now." The statement alone says a lot about the man and his beliefs.What does this have to do with the gospel? Everything. All through the prophets in the Old Testament they warned the people about leaders and nations. About judgment that would come unless they changed their ways. John the baptist also warned Herod about his sin. And Jesus spoke directly to the Sanhedrin who were the ruling party of the Jews under Rome.

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