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Comments on: "10 Ways to Hinder Worship" (9)

  1. It is written?
    I agree.
    But where?
    In what language?
    Let\’s see from the most strict scientific point of view ALL the codexes of the scriptures

    4a/4b CODEX VATICANUS (B) – 4th cen, almost entire Holy Bible in Greek with New Testament missing beyond Hebrews 9:14. Written in Alexandria, Egypt. In the Vatican Library since 1481
    5a/5b/5c/5d CODEX SINAITICUS (aleph) – 4th/5th cen, entire New Testament and parts of Old, all in Greek. Written in Alexandria. Found 1844-59 by German scholar Tischendorf at St Catherine\’s Monastery near Mount Sinai, Egypt. Went to Russia, bought from the Soviet Union by Britain in 1933. Now in British Library, London
    6a/6b/6c CODEX ALEXANDRICUS (A) – 5th cen, entire Greek Bible with some leaves missing. Written in Alexandria. Later presented by Patriarch of Constantinople to Charles 1 of England in 1627. Now in British Library, London
    So i would like to know WHO knows the ancient GREEK ALEXANDRIAN dialect (i personally know this dialect)
    Is there any objection about the codexes?
    Is there any objection from the reverent to the historic point of view?
    I would like to know  

  2. So reverent we agree that the only knowledge you have about the scriptures (codexes) comes from the translation of the king James since you don\’t know the Greek language and much more you don\’t know the ancient Greek  Alexandrian dialect.
    PS:PATROLOGIA GRECA(the Greek Christian tradition) has a history of about 2000 years, neoplatonic philosophers as MEGAS VASILEIOS ,IOANNIS O THEOLOGOS ,GRIGORIOS NAZIANZINOS   , you think that we was waiting the ultimate explanation of the scriptures from a Canadian protestant priest?
    Reverent don\’t even try, it\’s over your poor protestant knowledge.
    At least i suppose that you know Latin.

  3. The odyssey of a manuscript and the hallucinations of a naive ,  uncultivated ,  Canadian protestant priest.
    So my poor protestand CODEX VATICANUS(the oldest manuscript  of what you call "Bible-400AD") was translated from the ancient  alexandrian Greek language to the Latin language ,and then this Latin translation is ……translated again from the king James to the English language.
    Imagine my poor friend the odyssey of this manuscript and  the credibility of the only "Bible" you can read ( i don\’t think that you know the ancient Greek language or even Latin).
    The majority of the serious theologians and linguists agree that the last translation was a real mental catastrophe for the original text.
    But after all this probably the only one who thiks that he has the ultimate truth in his mind ……it\’s you! 

  4. I want thank you Elytis for visiting my space. It is always
    a joy to have a new visitor. Jesus was uncultivated and uncultured as well so I
    stand in very good company and I feel very privileged to be mocked in the
    manner He was by the Pharisees, the so called intelligentsia of His time. So
    don\’t waste your breath with name calling and mockery, it is like water running
    off a duck\’s back to me. It only makes me feel better about my position and
    makes you with your boasting look petty and small. In an intelligent conversation
    people don\’t run each other down. They respect each other.

    First, I am not a Protestant or a Catholic nor do I belong to any other
    denomination. I am simply a Christian, a Christ follower who realizes that I am
    nothing without Him and there is nothing in this world that can satisfy as
    Christ does. To know Him is to love Him.

    Second in your trying to prove that superior intellect of yours, you didn\’t
    notice that I quoted, not from the King James, but from the New American
    Standard Version which is the best English language translation of the ancient
    Greek and Hebrew texts including the knowledge of the languages attained
    through the dead sea scrolls. I don\’t use the King James Versions as much of it
    has proven to be as you said a translation of a translation.

    Still no matter what translation you use the text I quoted comes out meaning
    the same. Not my opinion, but God\’s. If you disagree with what He has said you
    have to take it up with Him. The wisdom and intellect of man is no match for

    But I have a question for you. What is more important knowledge or love?

    You seem like a very angry man. I\’ve been there and done that. I hated
    everything and everyone until Christ helped me let go and forgive. I\’m going to
    be praying for you my friend. There is a reason God sent you my way.

    Gerry Desjardins – A fool for Christ and loving it.

  5. There we go again my dear reverent.What\’s the point for me to use a translation , i already told you that i know the ancient Greek language so there is not any reason   to use any translation.I read the ORIGINAL TEXT.As for you ,you said you use a new very good translation.If your love for god is so important to you ,why don\’t you tried to learn the ancient Greek language?Well reverent you are a little sly here.It\’s easy to say naive american (or Canadian) citatios like "jesus loves you"  but the ancient Greek language and the ancient Greek philosophy (which  braced the  christianism) is a "little" hard for you. 
    Knowledge or love?
    Naive and ignorant question.All the morons of this world use the same old banality , the same old pseudo-dilemma every time they don\’t have something serious to say.
    When jesus said-i write you the text in the ancient Greek language- :κατηραμένος γάρ εστί πάς \’οστις θελήσει αλλοιώσαι καί έν ιώτα τών εμών γραφών ,(i told you i can read the original text i don\’t need translations) he gave the answer.
    And the answer is first of all knowledge.
    Don\’t change not even an i from my scriptures.
    But reverent don\’t you think that any translation is against the word of your "King"? The best translation is a  betrayal as jesus said about this issue ,  not me. 
    Reverent your argument is the same argument of all the ignorants in all the centuries all over the world.
    "You don\’t need knoweledge just have faith and love"
    I don\’t hear you to say something about the   first wrotten codexes of the scriptures ,.(Codex Vaticanus,Sinaiticus,Alexandricus,Candavryensis…)
    Reverent sorry to say that but your  citatios (always american style) like  "to know him is to love him"  is for the low level  american tv religious  programs  and not a real thelogical and serious approach.
    Have you ever thought that with your smattering you insult your own lord and your own dogma.
    Well my reverent the conclusion is that the "translation" of your  aggressiveness and your obsession is the absence of the real theological and philosophical knowledge.
    Very common ,  fanaticism is always  the absence of the real philosophy.
    And verry boring. 


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    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

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  7. Good for you my friend, I\’m glad that you have taken the
    time to study those ancient languages. I use them when I want a deeper
    understanding of the text I\’m reading. To understand the bible more clearly you
    need to study it and to do that you must delve into the original languages. But
    for an even deeper understanding than that you need God\’s πνεῦμα or Holy Spirit living inside of you and
    that is only possible through salvation. Do you know him Elytis my friend?
    There are some shackles holding on to you and you could be so much more than
    you are. To use your intelligence for the kingdom of God would benefit many.
    I\’d like to see that. I am for you and not against you. God is your judge, not

    The answer to what is greater knowledge or love is neither. You can\’t have one
    without the other. Knowledge without love can be dangerous and love without
    knowledge can\’t determine right from wrong. That\’s why I said to know Jesus is
    to love Him. In Him is found both those things. You can’t know or understand
    God without love and you can’t love God without the knowledge of who He is.
    They go hand in hand.

    In terms of the 3 codex you mentioned there is a much
    greater depth of manuscripts than just those including earlier papyrus
    fragments of both old and new testaments.

    In real
    terms, the New Testament is easily the best attested ancient writing in terms
    of the sheer number of documents, the time span between the events and the
    document, and the variety of documents available to sustain or contradict it.
    There is nothing in ancient manuscript evidence to match such textual
    availability and integrity.

    Ravi K.
    Zacharias, Can Man Live Without God? Word Publishing, 1994, 162

    There is
    no body of ancient literature in the world which enjoys such a wealth of good
    textual attestation as the New Testament.

    F.F. Bruce, The
    Books and the Parchments: How We Got Our English Bible, Fleming H. Revell

    The academic
    discipline of "textual
    criticism" assures us that the Bible translations we have today are
    essentially the same as the ancient Bible manuscripts, with the exception of a
    few inconsequential discrepancies that have been introduced over time through
    copyist error. We must remember that the Bible was hand-copied for hundreds of
    years before the invention of the first printing press. Nevertheless, the text
    is exceedingly well preserved. Again, I pondered this — of the approximately
    20,000 lines that make up the entire New Testament, only 40 lines are in
    question. These 40 lines represent one quarter of one percent of the entire
    text and do not in any way affect the teaching and doctrine of the New
    Testament. I again compared this with Homer\’s Iliad. Of the
    approximately 15,600 lines that make up Homer\’s classic, 764 lines are in
    question. These 764 lines represent over 5% of the entire text, and yet nobody
    seems to question the general integrity of that ancient work.

    Niles – http://www.allaboutthejourney.org/

    I trust the bible as it is.

    As far as adding and taking away as Revelations 22:18
    says; I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book:
    if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this
    book (NASV)  It was written by John as a
    specific warning to the book of Revelations concerning the prophecies. Still to
    change or add to the word of God and teach things such as salvation through
    works or to take away by saying there is now sin or hell is a serious thing
    that I believe God will deal with.

    The scriptures were never meant for just the elite of
    society and certain learned men. (Even up into the last century the Catholic
    church held on to this doctrine) It was meant for everyone and that includes
    the common man and those who speak different dialects. Jesus meant for the
    Gospel to be easy to understand and for everyone. It is man that has
    complicated it. He didn’t go to the elite of society when He was here. He
    reached out first of all to those who were hurting and broken, the dregs and
    castaways of society.   

    Jesus said;

    The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
             because He anointed me to
    preach the gospel to the poor.
             He has sent me to
    proclaim release to the captives,
             and recovery of sight to
    the blind,
             to set free those who are
    oppressed, Luke 4:18 (NASV)

    These are the people I also reach out. Those that are
    hurting, the people nobody else wants or accepts. The bible being translated into
    all the different languages of the world from the original Greek and Hebrew is
    exactly what He wants, as long as no doctrine is changed or hidden and the
    integrity of what was said is kept and the message gets across. The Gospel is
    free and mankind is free to believe or not to believe. No one can force anyone
    to become a Christian. The decision is left up to the individual.

    May God bless you my friend with knowledge of who He is and His love for you.

    Gerry Desjardins

  8. ah, so very true dear Friend!  Thanks for bringing this subject up, its one we seem to ignore more often than not.  Don\’t wanna step on people\’s toes I guess!I love your post before this one as well (not like thats a surprise!) I signed this song many months ago for the deaf, so it\’s always had a special place in my heart.  Extremely powerful words.How are you doing Jerry?  I\’ve missed seeing you around, but thats just as much my fault as anybody\’s.  Stop by when you can, I\’m praying for you…Cass

  9. Robinson said:

    I simply love God, he is my love, my trust, he has given me so much strength, he watched over me in giving birh to 13 children, he has watched my children grow and bless them to be ll alive along with my grandchildren and greatgrand children.
    I think this is the most precious gift, I was not blessed to have money but [life] he has chosen for me! Thank ye my holy Father in the name of Jesus! and thanks for this post. Keep up the faith!

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