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Because you have made the LORD, who is my refuge,
         Even the Most
High, your dwelling place,
No evil shall befall you,
         Nor shall any plague come
near your dwelling;
For He shall give His angels charge over you,
         To keep you in all your
In their hands they shall bear you up,
         Lest you dash your foot
against a stone.
You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra,
         The young lion and the
serpent you shall trample underfoot. Psalm 91:9-13 (NKJV)

This past week I had an accident that could have killed me
or crippled me for life. I fell backwards, headfirst down a flight of 15
stairs. As I was falling in my mind I was saying, this is it, I’m either going
to die or wind up in the hospital. I wound up on my back at the bottom of the
staircase with my legs resting on the stairs. One of my shoes had come flying
off and I lay there for a few minutes trying to assess what if anything was
broken. Because I have had two knees and a hip replaced due to damage done by
rheumatoid arthritis, I have limited mobility in my left leg. If I fall I am
unable to get up on my own as that leg will not bend enough for to get it under
me and rise.  Fortunately an elderly man
was passing by in his car and came to my aid. He helped me to my feet and asked
me if I needed him to call anybody. I was amazed that aside from a sore butt
and a stinging hand the only thing broken was my reading glasses which somehow
wound up underneath me. I thanked the man and went upstairs. I called my pastor
to let him know what happened.  He prayed
and the pain in my hand left immediately.

I started to think, how was it that after a serious fall
like that, that all I have to show for it is a bruise the size of a medium
sized pancake on my butt? I went down head first and yet my head or my back
managed to avoid any kind of injury. I still can’t figure it out. Even when I
hit the bottom you think my head would have at least smashed into the concrete sidewalk.
Yet there is not a scratch or a bump or any kind of mark. To me it’s simply a
miracle that I avoided serious injury.

A couple of years ago, as I was leading worship I fell off
the platform. Well some say I dived. Lol. The platform was about 2 feet high.
When I lead worship I get excited and can’t stay in one place. I move around a
lot because I believe that body movement is an expression of our worship as
well. In my enthusiasm I didn’t see a misplaced wire at my feet and tripped
over it. Again my thought was this is it, I’m going to get hurt real bad. It’s
funny in a situation like that. There is no panic, just an acceptance of well
this is happening and I have no control over it. I flew forward headfirst, and hit
the concrete floor. People came running forward to get me and help me to my
feet. The only thing that was hurting was my right elbow. So I got right back
up and finished the worship. The congregation told me afterwards that when I
fell it was if it was in slow motion and that I seemed to be caught as I fell.
They say I actually bounced when I hit the floor. There was no major injury and
yet I fell onto a concrete floor and all I had to show for it was a slightly
sore elbow.

I believe that in both cases an angel of God protected me.
It is the only explanation I have.  Because
I have had three joints replaced and bones that have been damaged by arthritis,
I am more susceptible to a serious injury if I fall. It is something I work at
very hard to avoid.

God cares very much for those that are His. How many times
have our lives been in danger only to have God intervene? The enemy hates us
because we belong to Jesus. He is wicked and will do all he can to trip us up
or destroy us. We have no way of knowing the countless times our lives have
been in danger and God sent his angels to protect us without us even being

If you have any testimony about a miraculous supernatural
intervention in your life, I would be interested in hearing about. Please share
your testimony with the group as encouragement for others as well.

May Lord bless you and keep you and give His angels charge
over you.

Gerry Desjardins

The Servant’s House, Lasalle, Quebec, Canada


Comments on: "He Will Give His Angels Charge Over You" (1)

  1. Katherine said:

    I love this entry.  I too believe that our Father protects us from dangers we don\’t even know are present as well as ones that we are aware of.  Although, just because we are aware of them doesn\’t necessarily mean we can do anything to help ourselves.  And I also believe angels watch over us and are very much a part of our deliverance.
    A couple of winters ago, it was very cold and we had had alot of snow.  I stepped out onto the deck and slipped on some ice, and as you said in your testimony, I was no longer in control.  I felt my feet go up in the air and it seemed like I was almost upside down.  As I was coming down my body seemed to turn slightly and when I hit the step my leg took a lot of the impact.  My back hit the edge of the step and my head bounced backward and I heard my neck snap, and then it bounced forward.  The Lord told me to GET UP !!! , so I grabbed the railing and struggled to my feet.  I was very dizzy and so I just stood there holding onto the railing.  I looked over my shoulder and saw that my head should have hit the edge of the step, which would have been very dangerous if not fatal.
     I did have a large bruise on my leg, but better a bruised leg than a split skull.   I have not had any lasting ill effects from the fall.  I have no doubts that had the Lord not been intervening for me I would have, at the very least  suffered brain injury, if not death.
    I think what I am most grateful for is the knowledge that I need not fear.  He is willing and able to protect me, and so I am free to go about my day being a blessing to Him and to others.
    Thank you for this opportunity to testify of the Lord\’s Love and deliverance.
    Be Blessed in Jesus\’ Name.
    Luv – Katherine.  (-:

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