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Quebec gets very little help from Christian organizations because we are considered civilized. We are not hungry or without homes. So you won’t see our faces on the television much or at missions conventions. Some how selling missions to congregations seem to work better when people are confronted with starving and homeless children. And yet what is most important is the soul and because of that Quebec is indeed starving, not for bread, but for the love and compassion of Jesus reaching out to sin sick souls. In Africa as much as 85% of the people have been reached with the gospel. They are now sending missionaries to North America. In South and Central America the church is growing as never before. In China the underground church is spreading like wildfire and yet here in Quebec there are less people who know Jesus then almost any nation on earth. Some Muslim nations even have a greater Christian population though they must live their faith underground. The cults seem to be more aware of the emptiness that is here in Quebec than most Christians are. So sad!

Here are a few immediate things that need prayer.

1.There is a group of 7 Christian schools that have been seeking a permit to teach a Christian curriculum here in this province. The closer we are getting to the goal, the harder it has been getting. Many are weary and fighting discouragement. Please pray for the workers involved that they would press on not matter what the cost. Pray for protection of their homes and families and those of the students. Pray that God would continue to give us favour with the government. There are a number of students writing provincial exams right now, pray they do well.

2.There are 3 schools that need specific pray,

a) A school in Hudson, Quebec is facing closure because after many years of existence at their location, the city of Hudson has decided that that school doesn’t have the proper zoning and must close. Pray that God would change the hearts of the municipal government or remove them from office and replace them with some who are more favourable towards the school.

b) A school in northern Quebec which is the oldest Christian school in the province faces closure by their own congregation. The pastor is faced with a church split after a number of teachers who teach in the public system sowed discord in that congregation and have convinced many that the school should close.

c) A school in Quebec has had many staff resign. They also lost their French teacher recently when she was killed in a tragic car accident. Pray that God will provide.

3. Municipalities across the province are no longer issuing permits to any new Christian churches and those that close are rezoned for residential areas. And yet many cults and other religions such as Hindus and Muslims are being allowed. Please pray this trend would reverse. The enemy is setting up camp here in a big way and putting up all kinds of roadblocks to the Gospel.

4. Pray for the public school system here. Teachers must teach from materials that they find themselves but within guidelines. In religious and moral classes students will have to participate in actual Muslim and other religions rituals and the rights and practices of even satanic groups such as Wicca. In some cases, depending upon the teacher, they may be even taught how to cast spells.

5. Pray that Christian organizations across the world would start waking up to the fact that Quebec is a large mission field and start investing here.

6. Pray for the churches and workers that are already here in Quebec. Pray for our protection and that God would show us how to reach this population.


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  1. In some ways I feel like you\’re talking about the U.S. in general. We are having almost identical problems particularly on points  4, 5 and 6. I\’ll pray for Quebec if you\’ll pray for the U.S. We need to end the war in Iraq, we need an economic upturn that none of the candidates except for one are even talking about, all the programs we had for aid are being eroded.  Our next president must undo eight years of total mismanagement and that\’s going to be formidable for anyone. The person that takes that office must exhibit not just moral character but needs wisdom only God can impart.
                                   Thanks for listening. Keep praying because it\’s the greatest weapon we have against evil~
                                                     The Castle Lady

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