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The angel of the LORD said to her further,
         "Behold, you are with child,
         And you will bear a son;
         And you shall call his name Ishmael,
         Because the LORD has given heed to your affliction.
"He will be a wild donkey of a man,
         His hand will be against everyone,
         And everyone’s hand will be against him;
         And he will live to the east of all his brothers." Genesis 16:11-12 (ASV)

Abraham and Sarah became impatient. They had been given the promise of a son by God and yet they were now both getting old. So Sarah decided she would help God out and give her handmaiden Hagar to Abraham. Of course Abraham was just as guilty because he didn’t refuse. So was born Ishmael and the world has been paying for Abraham and Sarah’s lack of faith in God since then. Isaac was the son of the promise. He was the legitimate son. Through Isaac came the nation of Israel and the Jews and from his line came Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of the promise. No other person has effected this world more than Jesus. He brought to the world the salvation it longed for. The main message that Jesus preached was God’s love toward man. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that who ever would believe in Him should not perish but would have eternal life. John 3:16 Through Jesus the way opened for anyone who repented of his sins and confessed Jesus as Savour to heaven. The right to become sons of God. Eternal heirs to the throne. He preached that as He loved us, we should love one another. He said to forgive those who did wrong to us and to love our enemies. On the cross after being beaten, whipped, spit upon, scorned and crucified. He prayed; "Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing." What love.

Ishmael was the counterfeit. He was not supposed to be and the nation that rose up out of him has given trouble to the world ever since then. Out of him sprung mohammed, a false prophet born four years after his father left his wife. Mohammed is the only founder of a major religion who was himself a ruler, conqueror, enslave, bandit, polygamist and pedophile.

Muslim biographers have documented in detail:

  • surprise raids and attacks on trade caravans and tribal settlements,
  • the use of plunder thus obtained for recruiting an ever growing army,
  • assassinations of opponents,
  • blackmail,
  • expulsion and massacre of the Jews of Medinah,
  • attack and enslavement of the Jews of Khayber,
  • rape of women and children,
  • sale of these victims into slavery after rape,
  • trickery, treachery and bribery employed to their fullest extent to grow the
    numbers of his religion Islam which ironically was supposed to mean ‘Peace’!
    (Islam more accurately means ‘Submission’.)
  • Islam is the counterfeit to Christianity. The exact opposite of what Christ taught. The Koran teaches that mohamed followers are not to tolerate unbelievers in their midst. They are taught that an infidel must either covert to Islam or be executed or pay a head tax to the Islamic authorities and be considered a second class citizen. Kind of like the Nazis did to the Jews. The Koran also teaches it is permissible for men to beat their wives and that they are possessions than the co-heirs that Christ teaches us they are. Christians are told to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That means even as far as laying down their lives for them just as Jesus did.

    Islam teaches hate and intolerance and those who say it doesn’t are disobeying their own scriptures. Christianity in it’s right form as the bible teaches, teaches love and tolerance and forgiveness. Almost every terrorist is a muslim and last week they proved the pope right in his statement by the way they behaved.

    Choose this day which side you are on because a day is coming that you’ll have to do it with a gun to your head or a sword to your neck.  


    Comments on: "Counterfeit" (9)

    1. A VOICE IN THE DESERT said:

      Dear big Bro:
      You know what you wrote…everything???It\’s TRUE!!!!
      I see it everyday,and as a Christian,I pray The Lord give me love for the moslems
      after I hear their atrocities and unfairness towards mankind.A lot of moslem people are nice and need prayers so their eyes can be opened to the TRUTH OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST.May The Lord use you greatly for His glory and praise always.Love….Fatima.

    2. Hello GerryI figured it had been a while since I came by your space and thought I would leave a little note to say hi and God Bless. Keep on blogging!

    3. A VOICE IN THE DESERT said:

      Dear Big Bro:
      Father Zakaria\’s webspace is http://www.islameyat.com
      This website will reeeeeeeeally shock you.It\’s in Arabic and in English.

    4. A lot of Muslim\’s are offended by Christianity because Muslims recognise Jesus as a prophet, whereas we don\’t recognise Mohammed as having any authority.  What they fail to understand is that by reading Galatians and Hebrews alone… it is clear that we ARE NOT to try and appease God by means of fulfilling requirements under the Law.
      We are not under Law, we are under Grace.  Any message that seeks to reverse the polarity of what is preached through Christ crucified… is not to be recognised as being from God.  How can God be opposed to himself?
      I respect the zeal that a lot of muslims have… they are a lot more devoted to what they do than many christians are devoted to the Gosepl of Truth.  However, the simple fact is that the zeal they have… is misplaced.
      There is ONE name under heaven given to men by which they may be saved.

    5. Hi Gerry… thought you might be interested in a FREE album for download (a Derek Webb album). He was inspired by Keith Green\’s example. Pass it on…Blessings.

    6. Ciao Gerry,
      Just passing through to say Hi, and also to wish you a great weekend in the Lord.
      Your blog is so true….I always enjoy my visits here so much, and so happy that you tell it like it is, and it is always the truth…May God Bless You well this weekend with all His Wonderful Gifts of the Spirit.

      God Bless You
      Hugs & Kisses

    7. I am glad that you are standing strong on this topic.  It is no time for CHristians to cower in fear of the opinions of others… we stand on the rock of Christ!  God bless!

    8. Praise God! for brothers and sisters who STAND for JESUS CHRIST!  Speak the truth in love and the world is going to hate you, because this world belongs to the destroyer!  But greater is HE who is in US then he who is in this world!  Stand strong brother and keep speaking the truth in love.  Jesus told us that they world would hate us, it hates Him!  Just know that true brothers and sisters in Christ are standing with you, praying for you and that our LORD will protect you, no weapon formed against you shall prosper!
      love in Christ – AnnieServantofJesusChrist!!!! HalleluYAH!!!!!

    9. Hi Gerry, Amen, & Amen to your truth, dear God you took the words out of my (Heart) P)raise the LORD you so stand for the truth, God always Bless you and your family. I need prayers for launa, as she is not talking with me its avery long story, Pray for her Obedients toChrists laws. She is going through some changes in her life, I do not agree with according to the will of God,
      for my patients and compassion right now, May the lord give you peace today and always

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