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Wake Up World!

When are people going to wake up to a danger that is much greater than Nazism or communism? Radical Islamism is the greatest danger facing the world right now. Canadians woke up to that fact this past weekend with the arrest 17 Muslim Canadians who were plotting among many things, to blow up the Peace Tower, shoot their way into parliament and behead our prime minister. They also wanted to blow up many important buildings in Toronto. They won’t tell you this in the news but I believe with all my heart that one of the reasons their plot was discovered is because of the spiritual change that took place in Canada two weeks ago.  (see my blog; I Hear An Abundance of Rain). It’s no accident that the Peace Tower and our Prime Minister were considered as targets. Our Prime Minister is a Christian and the Peace Tower has scripture on it saying that the Lord would reign from sea to sea on it. Psalm 72:8. Canada is also a country were much freedom is enjoyed, a thing radical Muslims hate.


I have been reading some of the things that are coming out of Iraq lately and it is very disconcerting. People being killed for wearing shorts or selling falafels. Even for selling ice. Men with goatees are being targeted as well. Why? Because the Islamists say that those things didn’t exist in Mohammed’s day. (1) And the world turns a blind eye to it even to the point where Google has been banning those pages and news sites that dare to speak out against radical Islamism calling it hate literature.  I’ve checked those news sites and there is no hate there. The only thing they did was list stories that told about the dangers of radical Islamism. (2) Hey but try to find pages about that try tear down Christianity and it’s no problem. When is the last time you ever heard of a Christian who follows the teachings of Jesus strap on a bomb and go and blow people up? I haven’t heard anything about Christians who go out and behead people or shoot them through the head because they are not adhering to the teachings of Christ. Christianity and Radical Islam are opposite ends of the spectrum. Christianity espouses love while RI espouse s hatred. Islam was born out of rebellion. God predicted that the descendents of Ishmael would be against everyone. Genesis 16:11-13  Mohammed was a false prophet and their goal is to bring the entire world under their domination using fear and intimidation. Right now Israel is trying to seek peace with them and yet the RI will never settle for peace. They will not be satisfied until Israel ceases to exist and democratic freedom has been wiped out. It would not surprise me that the Anti-Christ may come out of an Islamic country.  


Right now Europe is in danger of within the next ten years having of having Islamic governments in power because of the rampant immigration they have allowed to make up for their dying populations decimated by abortion. They are reaping what they have sown. The same things have been happening here in North America. Canada’s previous liberal government was not overly concerned with who they allowed into the country and what we are seeing now is a result of their policies. Montreal as a very high number of Muslims that have immigrated here as well. Two years ago after the Spanish train bombings, it was discovered on one of the terrorists computers the plans for Montreal’s subway system. Not even my own city is safe from these radicals.


Not all Muslims follow the radicals. They themselves must wake up before the radicals take over their religion. But in truth the only hope is in discovering that only Christ has the answers for them. Messages of hate are being preached in many of the mosques across Europe and North America. That has to change. 


Pray for Canada. Pray for Israel, Europe and the States. Pray for those who have fallen into the trap of RI. Pray for Muslims around the world that their eyes would be opened to the fact that Jesus was not just a great prophet, but that He was God Himself, the second person of the Trinity, who gave his very life for them and all mankind. He said; “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by Me.” John 14:6  There is no other way to salvation. If you ascribe to Islam especially RI there is no heaven for you. There are no virgins waiting for you. You have been lied to. In the end Islam and Mohammed will have to stand at the judgement seat and they will be found wanting. In the end the terrorists lose and Christ wins. Jesus is the only hope for the world. I tell you right now whoever you are, He loves you and cares about your life. Come to Him. He will never turn you away. Violence only begats violence, but Christ’s love wins every time.


(1)   http://dir.salon.com/story/news/feature/2005/08/26/culture/index.html

(2)   http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50323


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Comments on: "Wake Up World!" (11)

  1. Bethany said:

    I have to admit that I do not pick up my Bible nearly as often as I should.  But lately with the way things have been going for me personally a specific message has been going through my mind and heart.  Restoration, destruction and it all ties in with God being the Master Potter.  I wanted to look it up more and I found  chapters 18 and 19 in Jerimiah to be very helpful.  Speaking about this subject as well, it only reaffirms for me that we must listen to God\’s voice and obey it.  For the nations even, that do not listen He will destroy because He has the right to do that as the Creator of all things. 
    Thank you for your wake up call.

  2. † a reason to believe † said:

    I read your post and I also read one of the articles about the closing of the literary cafes.  Its unbelievable the destruction within this country.  I am thankful for your insight on this subject and am looking forward to more and more of your posts.

  3. Shelley said:

    Ciao Jerry,
    I was out and about this evening visiting all my space friends and thought that I would stop in for a visit.
    I am VERY happy that I did as I have read your blog entry and found it to be so interesting, and so true as well.
    I know much about the muslim people, not really first hand, but Sam is from Egypt, and he knows all too well about them and what they are like. I keep them in my prayers, and pray that God will open their eyes.
    You are right, we need to pray for our nations, our countries, and our goverments and leaders as well. It states that in the Bible.
    I am Canadian, but not living in my country at the moment, but you are right about Europe, it is beautiful, but you can say that – these eyes have never seen such things in all my life, as I have seen here. I was always told of how things were going to be, but never really thought about it too much, until I moved here, I see it first hand on how things can be, some good, and some not so good. With all this…..I pray for all the nations on the world.
    Thanks for posting this information, and I will try to be back more often to catch up on things. Your site is one of the BEST….
    Take Care Jerry, and Have a Great Weekend.
    God Bless You My Brother.

  4. Unknown said:

    Yet another great post… I just wanted to stop by and say hi and thank
    you for your insights… I also wanted to let you know about a new
    Christian artist (ok new to me) for more visit here

  5. hey
    just thanks for being a man of God. In times when i am down, you (and others like you) have been messengers from God, feeding my spirit when I do not. I am once again encouraged to feed upon the bread of the Lord.

  6. Hi Gerry, O your space it so full of light and truth, and so much to read, enjoyed my reading and happy to hear i\’m not the only one who feels like you and your ministry feel about our world affairs, But we do know Jesus always ruled and and he certainly will not leave or forsake us now or every, I am so thankful for his word and his truth and of course Hi Light everlasting, THanks again Gerry God Bless your heart and your family always, THanks again for yur ministry to this fallen world of deception, HUGS and PRAYERS ALWAYS,verna

  7. Gerry, good to see you blogging again.

  8. Addison said:

    As much as I did and do need to wake up to God\’s voice, I didn\’t fully agree with your blog. Perhaps it is true that these 17 muslim radicals were going to do what they are attributed to having planned to do. But aren\’t these still people, in fact still lost people trying to find meaning just like us. They just are trying a different way. I have actually talked to some muslim people and they actually do believe that they have found the true way to heaven and that Allah is the only true God and such. Sure, they go about it in a very radical and violent way but didn\’t Jesus also tell us to go out and spread the message to world. Please understand this because I am no way contradicting you by saying this, and in no way am I going to denounce my faith because Jesus is God\’s son and choose to serve God willingly. This is what I must say:  Islam was a creation by the acclaimed prophet Muhammed to find the true God or Allah. In which case, it was heavily influenced by Christianity and Judaism. I\’m not saying they are all teh same thing because they have big differences but does that make them any different then us.Jesus commanded us above all things to "Love the Lord your God with all your strength." and then secondly to "Love your neighbour as yourself."  And if those two commandments are above the great commission, isn\’t it better to love these people then to condemn them as an enemy to God and to us. I leave you with this verse.Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God\’s wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord. On the contrary:    "If your enemy is hungry, feed him;       if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.God Bless You. You\’ve helped keep my eyes on God regardless of what is going around. Thank you very much.

  9. Hi Addz
    Thanks for your comment. But please go back and read it again, especially the second part. Violence is never justified no matter who you are or whatever your beliefs may be. If no one speaks out about these things and we let fear rule us (Which is what those in RI want to do) the terrorists win. When the president of Iran and Hamas talk about wiping Israel off the map. When they teach that Jews and Christians are deescended from pigs and that there is a special reward in heaven for killing them. This is not just a silly UFO cult we are dealing with. These are people who wouldn\’t even give a second thought to killing you and your children.
    When Hitler came to power, Christians said nothing and millions died. Those that did like Deitrech Bonhoelfler who decided to stand up against him suffered a martyrs death.
    Isalm is not the religion of peace that those that are in say. Look up on the net what the Koran has to say about unbelievers and infidels. Read what it has to say about the treatment of women. Isalm is the complete oppisite of Christianity and Judism. A Muslim doesn\’t even have any assurance of salvation. According to the Koran, you could be the most righteous Muslim and yet if allah decides, he\’ll send you to hell. The only free ticket to heaven for the Muslim is through martyrdom and the killing of others. Allah is a being that you can\’t have a personal relationship with.
    These people are highly decieved and need our love. They need to hear the truth about their religion. Most don\’t know. I never advocate vengence. As I said, Violence begats violence. But just as Jesus said we must expose sin and speak out about it\’s dangers, we must also speak out about the dangers that face us. Jesus is coming very soon. All the signs are there. We must work as never before. We must try to reach the Muslims. They need Christ as much as anyone else.
    In Christ

  10. Hi Gerry!! Just to say that I read your blog, I just have nothing to add about what you wrote. Thanks for sharing what you know with us!
    Cath 🙂

  11. Addison said:

    Pardon my ignorance but after re-reading your entry I belive we are both coming from the same viewpoint. So I guess the question is how do we love those who don\’t love us?
    As for the revival happening in Eastern Canada, I am proud to say that something is happening in western Canada too, at least in BC.
    Keep it Real!

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