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French Translation

I am looking for someone who would like to partner with me in translating my blog into French. Quebec French. You would think with a name like Desjardins I would be bilingual. Unfortunatly that is not the case. I have great desire to reach the people in this great province and although I can understand and get by pretty well with speaking it, when it comes to writting in French I am lost.
Just drop me your email at worshipper_777@hotmail.com

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Comments on: "French Translation" (8)

  1. Just wanted to stop by for a visit. Always a pleasure. 🙂
    I hope you\’re doing well and will be blessed with a great weekend.
    Also hope you\’ll find a translator – sorry I can\’t help out there!

  2. kïrstin said:

    ah man, that video made me cry! how moving… gets the message thru very well i\’d day.
    sorry, tho, that i dont know more than i few words in canadian french. my grandma was from the three rivers area, and french was her first language. she taught me a little, but had forgotten most of it by the time i came on the scene. all i can do is say chat, and count to dis, and say the alfabet. and a few colors.
    s. lizard

  3. Rosemary said:

    Did u get my email? did it work?

  4. wow, it\’s great to see web content such as this. I\’ve only just got onto myspace, and I\’m impressed with your pages! Keep up the good work, and God bless. Jx

  5. Russoft said:

    Hey Gerry, just dropped by to see what is new. I like the "current news" stuff you\’ve got on the side of the page! See you around,

  6. hello again, I like the changes you have made to your space …I hopr you get the help with translating ..
    I use   http://babelfish.altavista.com/ for some things ,it may help .
    *pentecost blessings*

  7. Thanks for stopping by at my space. I will be back to read your posts. I wish I could help you with translation but my French is awful…and it\’s not Quebec French either!
    I am praying for Canada…and I am so excited when I see and hear of young people who are excited for God. I am thankful that I see a revival in the youth – people of my generaton and even younger.
    God bless

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