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I am the LORD, that is My name;
      And My glory I will not give to another,
      Nor My praise to carved images. Isaiah 42:8
Something has been nagging at me for quite a while now. I am not to sure I am comfortable with the direction contemporary Christian music is taking. Not all, but there are those that in my spirit when I hear their CD’s or hear them in concert, that seem to more interested in giving people a good show and instead of Christ being exalted it is them.

I remember the concerts I used to go to during the 70’s and early 80’s at the old Montreal Forum. They were all about sound and show. Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen and Supertramp. You could always be sure you would get quite a feast of sight and sound. Of course not much of our hearing would be left afterwards, but we were wowed. They were our idols and they exalted in being so. They loved the glory their fans would give them.

I see today many Christian bands and artists doing the same things. They have become prima donnas. I remember attending a music conference down in Pennsylvania one year. They had some pretty big name Christian artists coming in to do concerts and workshops. The problem was that the promoter had a hard time getting people out to this conference and had to settle to having it in a smaller facility. A few things from that conference stuck in my mind. One of them was seeing John Starnes in the parking lot talking with the promoter and telling him he was waving his fee for being there because of the situation. That impressed me as I know that John flies his own plane to each event. He told the promoter he believed what the promoter was doing was worthwhile and not to get discouraged. Another image was of this top Christian group that everyone wanted to see driving up in a huge tractor trailer with the name of the band emblazoned on the on the side. They took one look at the facilities and where they were to perform and freaked. They refused to do their show. They said without their stage show it they couldn’t perform. It was all about the show. When asked if they could scale it back a bit, they were insulted and left. We later saw that they had booked into the same hotel I was staying and were spending their time playing pool. The next day the Imperials showed up with and equally big stage show. For them it was no problem to scale back and perform and they were very gracious about it.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a good show. The problem arises is when the medium becomes more important than the message. When people focus more on the performer than on the message they are supposed to be conveying. It makes me really squeamish when I hear young girls screaming as they used to at Beatles concerts at Christian concerts. What bothers me even more is to see these performers soak it up instead of telling them that it is Christ they should be worshipping.

I also have trouble with many of the young female singers that have come on the Christian music scene. Many of their vocals are breathy and sensual. I find little difference between the way they sing and those that are in the world.

It is not easy. Many of the Christian labels are owned by secular companies which put pressure on them to sell CD’s. Contemporary Christian music has become a very lucrative market. It is very easy to become caught up in the glamour and attention you get. You need to be strongly grounded in the Word and your relationship with Christ to stand strong. So many of the singers out there started off singing in churches, but the pull of the world was too strong for them. Research for yourself where Brittany Spears, Whitney Housten, Beyonce Knowles, and Jessica Simpson got their starts. Where is their faith today and what kind of answer will they have to give to God for the way they used what He gave them?

In 1986 I made a recording called "All For Him". I enjoyed the attention I received. I loved hearing my music on the radio or seeing my name on posters or billboards. In reality it was not "All For Him" as much as it was "All For Me". Nowadays I’d rather run and hide then take any kind of glory from my Lord Jesus Christ.

Worship alone belongs to the Lord and we never should give that worship to something that is created. Not even the angels will accept worship and we were created just a little lower than them. Ask John what happened when he tried to kneel at an angels feet.

And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10

If you are a worship leader, a musician or a singer, remember He is the one who has given you your talents. He gave them to you to glorify Him. Never your self. Don’t let others exalt you. Always point to Christ. He alone is worthy of glory. 


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Comments on: "The Place of a Worshipper" (13)

  1. Ciao Jerry,
    Thanks for your prayers and continued prayers as I know that God is going to do something very wonderful in Egypt for all the Christians there.
    I made an entry today, a poem "Visit from a devil" its a bit long, but if you have the time,  it\’s a very good reading.
    God Bless You
    Thanks again for your thoughtful prayers.

  2. About the artist the problem today is that its all show and mostly little worship. Now said artist now care about worship in their songs as much as i\’m going to give money to the Moron…sorry Mormen faith. One word can sum up what they are after. MONEY. and here\’s why, fame can get to there head and hence we have on of the seven deadly sins (Why are they deadly? I have never of someone dieing of self love) SELF LOVE! Why is it so bad to love one\’s self…anyway getting off topic now.
                Everything is inceasing in price so now the worship has taken a bad seat to fame and money. Good show mean that the people that came to it are going to tell others that it was a great show. Which they tell more people and so on and so forth. More money comes in and there ya go. Richs and Fame. So there ya go.
             Visit my blog sometime, let me show you why i don\’t believe.

  3. Its good to see your space still up and going strong.. especially when a few months ago I deleted mine and have only just now restarted it.
    🙂 Go hard for God 🙂

  4. I have two compilation 3 CD sets of Worship songs.  I like a lot of songs on them… but I tend to prefer the live ones, because the artists tend to try and make their voices sound too perfect in the edit.  This makes them sound like Cliff Richard and to my ears…. very bad.  When I listen to an English football team cha nt on the telly it is stirring… why?  Because a lot of the men in the stands can\’t sing…. but they go ahead and belt out their tunes anyway.  They do it because it\’s from the heart.  This is what God requires of us – to so lose ourselves in our worship that we don\’t care about our self image.
    On that same CD there is a Gospel version of a song I am familiar with… and the singers ruin it because you can tell that they are competing with one another and not just praising God.  They tail off with ever more fancier notes… dipping trilling and peaking their voices unecessarily.  Don\’t get me wrong I respect their gifting… but it\’s not about them – it\’s about Jesus!
    You and i both like Keith Green\’s style of worship Gerry, his devotion to worshipping God and not caring about the cost.  If God would raise soemone like him up today…. man that would shake things up.   Especially in the internet age.  You just know Keith would be allowing free downloads of his Mp3\’s to spread the Gospel.
    Its definitely should be about Jesus and not the people on the stage.

  5. Ciao Jerry,
    Just out for a visit today, and I have taken an interest in your links on the side here, regarding Christian Egyptians in Egypt. You did wonderful to find all those links. Sam and I have watched them and read them. Of course he speaks Arabic, and he took quite an interest in the video that one of the sites offers.
    I pray that God will move in Egypt and free the Christians to be able to worship in their own country. Sam has all his family that live in Egypt, and one of the Chruches that was attacked and the man killed, is the same Church that his brother goes to. It was really awful his brother says. He was right there when it happened, but he was blessed that nothing had happened to him. So this matter hits very close to our hearts.
    Please keep praying for the Christians there.
    Thanks again Jerry.
    I pray that God will bless you as well.

  6. I agree with your viewpoint on worship starting to become something
    less about God and more about the performance now.  Just a while
    ago Starfield came to my hometown for a concert.  They are very
    popular, and one of my friends favorite bands.  However, she
    realized she might have gotten too caught up in the hype, and decided
    to go to a smaller, more personal praise and worship. She felt that it
    was completly worth it and so much better and inspiring.  So dont
    be too discouraged, there are many bands and worship teams who dont
    worry about being famous or rich, and choose just to praise God and
    reach out to others to praise with them.

  7. Rosemary said:

    Yes I agree, there are a ton of christain singers out there that do it for the glory of THEM! I would be the same…many have asked me to be on the worship team, but I worry about what I should wear..will I look fat? will they laugh at me…will I be out of tune? then I give my head a shake and think..this is for the glory of God..its not about me…but then, being the sinner I am…I can\’t get over it…my kids all say I should do it..but I don\’t.  Jesus is in the house..not me. That was our sermon today..the worship leader yelled \’ JESUS IS IN THE HOUSE\’ and he soooo was..it was an amazing worship service today, we had Iranians baptize their baby..and the only reason they are here today was because their 4 yr old daugher (6 yrs ago)  this is how God works..because Muslims see things thru visions…it was the most amazing service…people dedicating their lives and their son to Christ…Jesus is in the house!!! Praise GOD!!!

  8. AcT-oF-dIsSeNt said:

    Religion…. a crutch for the intellectualy weak…..
    Philosophy is questions that can never be answered
    religion is answers that may never be questioned….              christians=nazis

  9. AcT-oF-dIsSeNt
    Religion may be for the intellectually weak… but Christianity is not to be classed as a religion… it is a faith.  God makes it quite clear that he is not interested in empty ritual and legalism.  He wants us to properly engage Him in thought and feelings.  He wants us to search how high, wide and deep his love is for us.  He doesn\’t want us to just sit there and blandly recite from a text book.
    If on some point you though otherwise… you were sorely mistaken.  Jesus Christ was the ultimate challenger of legalism and religion for religion\’s sake.
    You claim the intellectual high ground yet you make the daft satement that Christians = Nazis.  I would strongly recommend you read up on such things before making rash statements like that.  Firstly Hitler himself said "You can either be Christian or Nazi, you cannot be both."  Secondly, read up on the leaflets that the Hitler Youth were giving out on their recruitment drives.  They were directly attacking Christianity and declaring it as being at odds with Aryan philosophy and only for "Jew lovers".  It was hateful propaganda.
    Finally read up on these people:
    Maximillian KolbeMartin NiemhoellerDietriech Bonhoeffer
    Just a few examples of Christians who stood directly in the path of the Nazi leviathan.
    Don\’t confuse political agenda with religion.  Sometimes politicians use religion to justify their misdeeds but that should reflect on them… and not the faith.  Christianity is not the sole property of right wing authoritarians.  I myself am a left-wing moderate according to the political compass, make opf that what you will. 
    Don\’t judge a faith solely on the actions of leaders throughout history.  That is the wrong way round.  Instead judge their actions against what their beliefs say they should be doing.  A good tree bears good fruit. 

  10. I will have to come back another time, and read the recent posts, I was just checking in on the site and you, and to my suprise there are 3 posts!  Glad to see them.  If you visit my space you will see that I finally received my drivers license, I passed my test on the 21st (1st time \’round) and I give God all the credit!  This was something that the board is looking for for me to have to go into training college to become a minister so it was totally in God\’s controll whether or not I passed right now which would be a factor into getting into college.  We have an interview with the board beginning of May.  After that we will see if they want to continue on with us going into college.  It has been a long lengthy journey, but one that Christ has had the lead in ever since we started.  It is coming to the end of this portion of road and it will be continuing on another stretch soon.
    I should be going, I will be back later to read all the posts.  Blessings to you and your famiy Gerry.

  11. Margaret said:

    Hey! I was looking around and found this space and I just wanted to say that I really love it and I\’m glad you are using it for the glory of God! That\’s great!
    I also agree with what you wrote about Christian music nowadays. I\’ve never actually thought about it before, but you\’re right. Some bands do seem like their getting all the attention for themselves, instead of God.
    You seem like a really great person, and I hope you never change who you are. I\’m really glad that I found this space! =)

  12. Yeh I really got challenged by this a while ago in a youth rally (though I\’m not a worship leader or anything) but rather on each of us as worshippers. Are we jumping around just for the sake of jumping to a fast song? Are we raising our hands and singing aloud just to look more \’spiritual\’? Or are we actually really passionate about worshipping God and praising His Holy name? A song that I always remember now when I\’m praying before a rally or concert or conference or anything is "Heart of Worship"
    I\’ll bring You more than a song
    For a song in itself is not what You have required
    You search much deeper within
    Than the way things appear
    You\’re looking into my heart
    I don\’t know any other song that portrays what seems to be happening now and yet calls us back to the true heart of a worshipper of the Most High God. Good topic that really must be addressed by all Christians!
    God Bless

  13. Capitvating Warrior said:

     Hey! I was wondering if you minded me adding you to my Christian Space list?
    If you don’t mind then don’t worry about replying but if you do …. could you email me at GODsBeautifulPrincess@hotmail.co.uk  and let me know please 🙂
    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5, 6
    “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26
    Love in Christ Heidi  

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