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On March 9th, 1988 at 8:30 pm my world was changed. A tiny little bundle was laid in my arms while the doctors fixed up my wife. We had just passed through 37 and half hours of labour and the baby had gotten caught in the birth canal and was in danger of strangling. The doctor worked fast and had to perform surgery on the spot to get the baby out before she suffocated. I hate the sight of blood but at that moment I didn’t care. I just wanted them both safe.

The little girl I held in my arms was crying because of the trauma of being thrust into a new world through birth. As I held her, I marvelled at the beauty I was beholding. A new life. God’s creation. I wept such tears of joy at her birth, thanking God for preserving both her and my wife. I spoke gently to the baby and each time I spoke she would stop her crying and stare up at me in recognition of my voice. For many nights before her birth I would lay my head on my wife’s stomach and sing to the baby. I was overcome with joy and wonder. I was a father.

The thought of being a father scared me as because my dad was an alcoholic and rarely spent anytime with me. After I found out my wife was pregnant, I went to see my pastor and told him about my concerns. He gave me advice that was so simple and yet it changed my life. He said that if I wanted to know how to be a good father to use Father God as an example.

The next day after her birth we gave her the name Melodie-Joy. First because of the musical sound she would make while feeding and second because of the joy she had just brought into our lives.

Melodie my sweetheart. My heart cannot express how much I love you. This day you have ceased from being a child and have become a woman. A woman of such beauty with the light of God shining from your heart. This day you start a new adventure as an adult. It seems as though it was just yesterday you were that tiny baby in my arms. Time has passed too fast. You will always be daddy’s girl no matter what. Keep Christ in your heart at all times. Let Him be your guide and your keeper. Seek Him first in every single decision. This day I give you my blessing and pray that in all things you will be blessed.

Happy Birthday!


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    Dear Big Bro:
    God Bless You .
    Hapy birthday Melody-Joy
    you\’re finally 18.
    It takes a loooot of work to raise a child.
    I hope you make it up to your dad one day.

  2. pilgrimJ said:

    Awesome! 🙂  Happy Birthday Melodie!
    Thanks for popping by the other day.  It is true as you say, many doctors cope with the stresses not through God but through alcohol and drugs.  It is unfortunately very common among the doctors and nurses I meet… 😦

  3. Rosemary said:

    Reading that today brought memories up. Happy B/day to your little girl..she will always be your little girl. We also named our 3rd child Joy (middle) I just knew it had to be her name.  Aislin Joy, and she has brought such joy into our lives. Bless you and your children.

  4. My, time flies doesn\’t it?  Seems like only yesterday they are wee ones in our arms and turn around and they are young adults ready to begin a journey of their own.  I had labor induced March 9, 1983 and gave birth to our stillborn daughter on March 10, 19983.  I am not sad, I know she is in heaven and has been spared so many things that my other children will have to learn and grow through.  I just wanted to tell you that because the dates are special to me as they are  you….  You can go to my site and see the little memorial i did in my blog.
    How are you feeling?
    Are you still in as much pain?
    Take care,
    In Him,

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