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Christless Pentecost

I was moved by a message that Brother Scott gave on Jason Lochan’s space. The Church in North America is great danger. We are not doing what we should be doing. Many of us just play church and are more interested in numbers than we are in dicipleship. Christ is no longer the center. Man is. Many churches are dead because of it. We desire the power but not the purity and if you desire holiness it is going to cost you.

The message you hear playing is the same message that was given at Azuza street about 20 years ago Rev. David Wilkerson. It is just as relevent now as it was then. I suggest you listen to it.




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Comments on: "Christless Pentecost" (10)

  1. Gerry,
    Wow.  Thank you so much for this.
    I\’m completely speechless after receiving that annointed word.
    What a conviction of purity, holiness and fire on it.
    His Spirit instantly identified the "games" in my life with clarity.
    He was right 20 years ago, and he\’s right now:  we\’re lost.
    This is one of those few times that I would actually dare to utter:  Thank God for His mercy and His grace.
    I can\’t wait to get these areas totally right in my life and be more equipped to pursue Him with more wisdom and momentum than before.  Who the Lord loves:  He chastises.  Hallelujah.
    Now let\’s get on with it!
    He is a MIGHTY God.

  2. Hi Gerry!! I just read a great book by Kenneth E. Hagin called \’Love, the way to victory\’ and it\’s talking about the love of God that has to overflow in us, towards others (and ourselves, in non-selfish way). It helped me to understand a lot of things regarding how to be like Jesus and live the way He wants us to. Maybe you\’ve read it?? Well, God bless you my brother!!
    Cath 🙂

  3. ok well in regard to what i asked you, ill try to rephrase it. I need to know who each of the gospels were targeted at – written for. like the jews or the christians or someone else. if you can help me out at all, with answers, web sites or even point me in the direction of something that might help that would be great. just reply in a comment on my space.
    love claire
    god bless

  4. Bethany said:

    i didnt know if i was going to listen to the whole thing or not, when i saw it was going on for over 15 mins and that there was a part 2 i almost clicked off.  I am SO glad and blessed that I didn\’t.  it is a sermon that i think needs to be heard more and more in every church.  i really enjoyed it, and was blessed by it, and actually understood it and knew what he was speaking about and took quite a lot from it and am able to apply it to my own life.  thank you for posting this.

  5. Judging from the comments, or should I say, lack thereof, one might say that this message is not a welcome message in the church.
    Boo Hoo.  I love it brother!
    Keep up the good fight my Gerry!  God will trust you with His real children, and he will separate the sheep from the goats.  It doesn\’t matter how big or small the work is, it\’s a question of how tried and true it is that shines in the eyes of our Master.
    The real place where the work must always be true is in our hearts.  That is the place He needs to count on first before He can trust us with others.
    Hallelujah.  I am so excited for what God is going to do in your midst!

  6. *my Gerry
    was a typo.  I think I was going to say my brother, but I chose Gerry, thus you became my Gerry, but truthfully your Gods, so forgive me.  Ha.

  7. Well written blog!

  8. It\’s an issue in the entire Western Church if you ask me.  Men have grown decadent and do things in their own strength.  People rarely turn to God without being convicted first of the need for Him.  That\’s sadly as true for those who follow Him as it is for the lost.
    I know He will call it to account in my generation.  In some ways I wish he would do it soon and that\’s harsh of me.  The sooner He breaks us, the sooner He can begin remaking us.  In His mercy though perhaps He is giving people time to get themselves in order… to spare them from the worst.  I have a feeling when it comes, at least in this country it\’s going to be devastating and then wonderful.
    I just feel that everything will be taken away and everything will be given.

  9. Hi Gerry ,I love the heart of brother David Wilkerson, he has always been my kind of preacher!! The message lft me crying and trembling with the fear of God ,we the church need so much to search our hearts and see where we are not pleasing the Lord, he was soright to say we need repentance in the house not just forgiveness,I pray everyone listens to this message and will look deep inside of their hearts, cause that is where the change must take place,Godbless you!! Michele

  10. Shelley said:

    Ciao Gerry,
    WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW, what can I say….I love listening to your message that you have here, and I agree so much. I was thrilled when I heard it, and it touched my heart.
    Thanks so much for your message in your blog.
    Gerry– Please keep praying for us, we need the Lord to answer prayer for us in this country…God knows what we need before we even ask him for it, and I wanted to ask you to say a special prayer for us here. Thanks
    I trust that you and your family are all well….
    God Bless You My Brother.

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