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I Can’t Reply

For some reason since they updated MSN Spaces I can’t leave any messages on anybody else’s spaces. It is frustrating. So I’m not ignoring anybody ok! lol! I have sent off a email to MSN about this.
Have a great weekend in the Lord!
Well a brother just helpred figure it all out. So if you are having the same problem what you need to do is update your profile as they have made some changes there as well. After that it should be fine.

Comments on: "I Can’t Reply" (7)

  1. That\’s weird, I never had any problem with that, good thing you wrote them about it. Have a great week end too and God bless you and your great family!!

  2. Gerry I think you need to update your profile.  I had the same problem.  When I commented on your space the other day I had to uncheck the "Use my Profile Information Box" in order to post any comment without it being rejected.  However, now I have managed to update my profile I managed to get my old favourite "handle" back.  Sword4TheLord was taken when I first registered with MSN.
    Um I subscribed to your live updates whatever that does…. s\’pose I\’ll find out soon enough.
    Anyway… hope I\’ve been of dome small help.

  3. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    After I updated my profile I was able to comment again.

  4. Hello…
    I have passed through your site via other links from christians and thought I would leave a message…
    Great site and will be passing through again…
    Can I add you onto my site for other followers???
    Have a great day and sing out in Gods name for he is the greatest …

  5. Ciao Jerry,
    Wow, you have changed your site quite a bit, great job, it looks really nice.
    I also had to update my profile so that I was able to make comments on other sites. I had no idea what was going on, ha ha ha, but I did update my profile, as it was something that I had always wanted to do, and after I did that, everything was ok again.
    I like all the new changes that MSN has made with the spaces, but I am having some problems with them as well. Sometimes my pc will crash when I open a MSN site, or when I sometimes try to make a comment. I hope that they will fix it, as sometimes it can be frustraiting.
    How are you doing? How is Pastor Paul doing? I hope that everything is well, and he will have his site up and running soon, I miss reading his words from the Lord. Your are very blessed to have him for a Pastor.
    I pray that God will Bless You well on this Sunday, this special day of the Lords.

  6. I was having that problem also until I updated my profile. You have to put in what name you want to come up when you leave comments. It\’s crazy.  Anyway, I was just surfing around and came across your site and enjoyed it.

  7. hey i was wonderin if u could give me some advice about  God i am a Christain who hasnn\’t been to church in along time and because of reason i would like to discuss to u on msn messenger my addy is mike_tom69@hotmail.com

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