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Jesus, You Are the Fairest

One of the greatest pictures of Christ’s love for His church is found in the Song of Songs, The Song of Solomon. For some it is an embarrassing book to read, but if you can see the greater spiritual significance, you begin to see it’s a picture of Christ romancing his future bride. Read the book with this in mind. You’ll gain a whole new perspective to Christ’s love.

I wrote this song based upon that book a couple of years ago. I wrote it down as a poem to begin with and then about 6 months later as I was doing dishes then tune for it came to me.


Jesus, You Are the Fairest

Gerry Desjardins 2004


No star in the heavens

Could ever match Your glory

No mountain that stands

Could ever shadow You

In all of creation, In all of the earth

None can compare with You




Jesus, You are the Fairest of ten thousand

The Lover of my soul

Jesus, You are the Lily of the valley

The Bright and Morning Star

There is none so beautiful,

There is none so lovely

As You my risen Lord


No song ever sung

Could truly reveal you

No poem ever written

Describes just who You are

There has never been a sunrise, nor a sunset

That can match Your majesty


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Comments on: "Jesus, You Are the Fairest" (13)

  1. Very beautiful and expressive!

  2. Song of Songs is a beautiful book. To my shame, I once used a verse from it to try and express romanticism. This was wrong of me because God should be our first love. The person in question was bad for me anyway – and she were nowt standing next to Him in the long run.It was:"Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens" (Written on a bouquet of roses and stargazer lilies).It\’s incredible to think that the Lord reserves that much love for each one of us though… and a whole lot more appropriate.

  3. TwinGunslinger said:

    Question I dont understand about your Lord. When there was the great flooding with Noahs ark, how come there is fresh and salt water. Wouldn\’t a salty-fresh water have been made. And all of the fresh water fish would have died in the salt water. I dont mean to sound rude, but I just have never gotten that.

  4. TwinGunslinger_34If you go to this page it will give you the answers you are looking for. Take carehttp://www.answersingenesis.org/Home/Area/AnswersBook/fish14.asp

  5. another new space… jojo video space.enjoy

  6. Hi Gerry,I love your song…truely beautiful….it made my spirit soar readiing it!To behold the beauty of Christ….that day I shall look forward to.God bless you!!

  7. Helloits been a while since i looked at your space, and i must say it is coming along great nice to see so many new entrys. I have made a welcome banner that i think will look great on your space. If you like i can email it to you with the html coding for it. please let me know.

  8. wow cooooooooooooooool this is well awesome! thanks!God blessadam!

  9. Beautiful SongCharlene

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  11. Hey Mr. Desjardins! how are you? i must say, i really like the words to thi song, and would love to someday here the tune to it! maybe on my hopeful trip to Canada i could come to your church! it is one of my life goals to meet ll the christian friends i have made via msn, therefore MJ is included.. so we\’ll see what happens! lol.God Bless,Matt

  12. §α®¡ταҹ said:

    Hi. I\’m a Spanish girl from Valladolid. When I was seeing my e-mails, I saw your space. Congratulations

  13. I have left a good short while in his space, in truth was pleasing to find it. Law You will always sing associating it to the human love, will try to read watching it it like the great love of God. blessings. Ruth

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