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Narnia – Deep Magic

I apologize that my message is one day late. I fell off the platform on Sunday leading worship and injured my left arm. It is a miracle only my left arm was injured as I fell onto a cement floor that is covered by a thin carpet. They say I actually bounced when I hit and that it seemed as if my fall was cushioned. Well why not? God is looking out for me after all. I was helped up and went right back to leading worship. Praise God for His protection.

I got to see Narnia on Saturday and I can tell you that if you have not seen this film you need to. Find the money you need and invite friends and family. It is one of the most enjoyable films I have seen. For the Christian the message even though slightly watered down is incredibly clear. The story of love and sacrifice is second to none other than what Christ actually did for us on the cross. Christ’s sacrifice, resurrection and love are clearly portrayed in the movie through Aslan, a Lion, who as Mr. Tumnus and Lucy said, "He is not a tame lion. But He is a good lion."

MAJOR Spoiler Warning! Do not read unless you have read or seen "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

Sacrifice is a major theme, if not the major theme, of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series. It is the essence of giving up one’s self for the sake of another, a gift that usually is a saving gift, that kind of sacrafice is the theme most prominent in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Chronicles of Narnia is an allegorically written series, but the The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe has a more direct parellel to real life events than any other novel in the series. This is due to the fact that Lewis believed, as do I, that the greatest sacrifice, and I dare say the greatest example of all, was the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.

In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe the main occurrence of sacrifice comes from the lion Aslan. In the story, Aslan pays the blood-debt owed to the White Witch instead of Edmund pouring out his own blood for his mistakes. Edmund was spared a horrible death at the hands of the White Witch. Aslan, who did nothing wrong, was humiliated, tortured and killed because of Edmund’s betrayal. Aslan loved Edmund so much that he took Edmund’s place and paid the debt. It was the same for Jesus. He took our place on the cross and paid our debt, for our sins because He loved us. It’s because of Jesus that we can have eternal life in heaven to share with him. We have only to accept His free gift of salvation.

In the end it was because of Aslan that the prophecy of Cair Paravel was fulfilled. Both Jesus and Aslan made incredible sacrifices on the behalf of the unworthy because of their amazing love. Yet the most amazing part both stories share is their happy, hopeful endings. Aslan knew of the deeper magic, and because he was innocent, even though he was slain; he rose from the dead. He then freed the Witch’s captives from their prison’s of stone, and won the war against the White Witch.

Just as Aslan did, Jesus also rose from the dead, but He set us free from the prison of sin, and death; which is the ultimate result of unforgiven sin. But the most amazing detail of the story of Jesus is that it really happened. Lewis knew that there is no greater sacrifice than to lay down your life for another. He portrays the true story of Jesus in the life and death of Aslan. And what a beautiful portrayal it is.

Undoubtedly the most heroic gesture is the sacrifice made by Jesus in the form of his counterpart Aslan, that makes The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe such a powerful yet entertaining story and film.

Portions taken from http://www.pawsonline.info/facts/sacrifice%20of%20aslan.htm


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  1. Hello,Wow I had never seen any blog like yours till today. I am a novice but I know God brought me here for a reason. Whether I know the total reason is not for me to say but there is a purpose… I already feel HIM ministering through the different things i have skipped through here and there and the music O HOLY NIGHT…. The only thing I can say is I am a prodigal daughter…..I do wonder if you know of a song about going out deeper in the water???? I only heard it once and it talks about we can go out a little ways but we can also go further out into the deeper waters… worship song but i have no idea who was doing it or the words- mostly just the concept of the song…..I too have been blessed by Keith Green\’s ministry. Remember the day he was killed. In fact, my son\’s name is Josiah….Also remember early in my christian walk that same experience a time or two of the evil that came like an ice hand and the fear that filled the room and I couldn\’t speak or phone, struggled to get out "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus" several times before the fear and the coldness left. This happened a few times… Satan has been out to kill steal and destroy…everything about me and my life and family. I am still here. Not victoriously like I would desire but still here none the less — only because He is the author and finisher of my faith and HIS great mercy and grace. Don\’t let my id scare u … I also have a yahoo one that is grace4thejourney….. Well there is so much i would like to share but best I wait..if you go to my blog i just started and not organized or know how to do so much…. and having strayed so far in some ways in my relationship to my God ..if you have time to go there perhaps read some of my comments to a few things maybe you will see my heart. Please pray for me ..thank you…Nan

  2. The book is amazing and I can\’t wait to see the movie, I bought the game-cube game for my 11 yr old son and it had a teen warning on it…oh poor CS Lewis would turn over in his grave, prolly for the violence only. I just read the book (again) with my son and it is so wonderful. Its amazing how Hollywood can get these movies out..yaaa Disney! I named my daughter Aislin and many people ask me if I named her after the lion from the book…IMAGINE! no I did not…but maybe I should say I did…lol Hey I\’ve got a Chris…add a \’t\’ to that name…Hope your arm is better Gerry…you can\’t bounce around like that anymore, not at our age…kidding

  3. HiI saw the movie also and it was wonderful. I also was given all seven stories in a 1 book for christmas. my daughter and i are reading the magicians nephew right now. i always wondered why this movie was praised and after seeing the movie i understood.Erika

  4. BLESSINGS TO YOU GERRYI love how the lord takes care of you. What a testimony you are in all things. Good to hear your arm is mending from the fall. Gerry, have a wonderful holiday filled with peace and joy and laughter. may you embrace all the Lord has for you in the coming new year. I look forward to your posts. God bless your heart.

  5. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Thanks for the warning, I\’m going to see it next week, it wouldn\’t be quite the same if I knew all about it.

  6. Hi Gerry,Merry Christmas to you, just in case I don\’t get a chance to come here again in the next few days. I also got to go and see Narnia on Saturday, my mother in law looked after the girls while we went to see it. I was just reading down your list of links and noticed you have a porn free site. Two years ago I did a course for loosing weight by a Christian organization, and they have many different courses, it is called Setting Captives Free. It is a really good site. It is http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com they do courses for pornography addiction, weight loose, gambling, and substance abuse. They do a 60 day course, at least for the weight loose one it was 60 days, and it goes through things Biblically and gives you a very good way to equip yourself for everyday things that come up that may tempt you to over eat along with other ideas and concerns. Plus you have a mentor that keeps you accountable to someone, along with they ask you to find someone in your area to be an accountablitiy partner. I think this is a link worth checking out.Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, and I am sorry to hear about the fall, but God is good all the time!Blessings,Bethany.

  7. I have seen Narnia with my non-christian neighbour and she cried when the lion died!! She was deeply touched and I explained to her what it meant, seems to have touched her too. I really hope that God will do something in her heart, her husbands heart (Jewish…) and their little baby\’s as well!! God bless you Gerry!!Cath 🙂

  8. Shalom,Happy Holidays to all of my brothers and sisters. May God Bless you all. Love you, In <>< ChristWinston

  9. Ðêvíü§ñMë®îø§S said:


  10. Ciao GerryYour blog is wonderful, I love it.I am stopping in to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.May your heart be full of Joy, Love and Peace of His Holy Spirit this hoilday Season.God Bless You Love,ShelleyxXx

  11. Hey Gerry,i saw the movie and it was awesome, I absolutely loved the book aswell so I was really looking forward to it. It kind of ruined it for me cause I knew what was going to happen ahaha. But anyhow it\’s got a great message,anyhow, I hope your arm is getting better! try not to go to crazy on the church stage hehe just kidding take care-Max

  12. i didn\’t read second half coz i wanna see movie and haven\’t read book! but the first half, about you falling off stage is awesome! not the falling off part, but God\’s protection. in fact, i recently experienced He\’s protection aswell! i was climbing a tree in the park (stupid teenager stuff, but i love it) and i fell down and broke my ankle. afterwards i got prayer for it, and while the ankle is still broken, God has spared me from any major pain! so far the only time i have needed painkillers was when i bumped it on my hospital bed just after surgery (i had to get two screws put in), apart from that, God ha spared me from any serious pain despite many people (pastor, family, friends, doctors and people who have broken their ankle in the past) telling me that it should be in extreme pain for at least a week or two! so praise God for that!Matt

  13. Glad to hear that you are OK after the fall… I didn\’t read the rest of your blog because I haven\’t seen the movie yet… not out in Australia yet… thanks for the warning in red! 😀 haha…. anyway… may you have a God-filled merry Christmas!

  14. Hey, it\’s great to see God\’s protection in one so passionate for Him! God really works for the good of those who place their trust in Him.I also have yet to see Narnia… not out in Australia yet, coming out on Boxing day I think… but I\’ve heard from just about everyone who\’s previewed it that it was really good… I\’m really praying that this will reach out to non-Christians who haven\’t heard the message and that this film will really touch themAnyway, have a merry Christmas all!

  15. this isnt on the subject but i have to ask you this. in matthew, when Jesus was crucified, it said that both the men who were being crucified with him insulted him along with the rest of the crowd. But in Luke, when Jesus was crucified, it says that one of the men that was crucified with him was saved just before he died.So which is true?!? I\’m just confused, thats all, no offence intended.God Bless you and Merry Christmas,Penny

  16. Hi Gerry,I loved the movie. It has an awesome message. I like visiting your blog. Merry Christmas.

  17. Just watched it… was really good! I thought they could have expanded a bit on why Aslan had to die, it seemed a little bit vague on that. But perhaps it was intended for people to question more about it… just my personal opinion 😀

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