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Sexual Purity

"Everything is permissible for me"—but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible for me"—but I will not be mastered by anything. "Food for the stomach and the stomach for food"—but God will destroy them both. The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. By his power God raised the Lord from the dead, and he will raise us also. Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never! Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, "The two will become one flesh."But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with him in spirit.

Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body. 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

I spent my teen years growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. It was during the time of the sexual revolution. It was a time when it became the norm to have multiple sexual partners and if you didn’t you were considered weird. I was an incredibly shy young man who would blush even at the hint that a girl might like me. But that changed one day when the very attactive older sister of a friend of mine happened to say that she found me very attractive. I remember realizing how that if I applied myself I could get almost any girl I wanted and it was to this end I started to live. Having one girlfriend was not enough and many times I would find myself dating more than one at the same time. I became a womanizer and wound up in multiple sexual relationships. I hurt many and I got hurt many times as well. The bible says that in 1 Corinthians 6:16: Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, "The two will become one flesh. Every time I had sexual relations with a woman I left a part of myself with her and she with me. I was on a very destructive course and if not for God’s intervention in my life I would probably being living the same way today.

The fact that I had multiple partners hurt my marriage as I would dream about past relations and found myself comparing my wife to these other women. It bothered me a lot because I found my wife to be the most beautiful woman I had ever known. None of these others compared to her and yet each one still was a part of me and it was interfering with our own relationship. My wife had never known another man and it was hard for her to understand what I was going through. It was only through the breaking of soul ties and much spiritual warfare that I was finally able to have the victory. And yet even today if I find I let my mind wander, these past relationships come back to haunt my thoughts and dreams.

We live in a day where nothing is hidden anymore. Things are shown and heard in the media that make even those like me who grew up in the sexual revolution blush. It is getting harder and harder to keep our hearts and minds pure. One of the most important factors in single Christian’s life is purity. We are called to holiness. 1 Peter 1:14-16 says: As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy." It is so easy to give into wrong desires and one of those things that drives us is loneliness. Many fall into sexual sin because they are trying to fill a need in their life which can never be filled by a human being. It can only be found in Christ. He has to be your complete satisfaction. When He is He will bring you that partner that He has for you.

There is a new movement that has started up in many schools and institutions lately. It is an abstinence movement in which young men and women are making a vow to abstain from sexual relations until they are married. It is gaining merit even among those who are not Christians. The fact is that there is a lot out there which is pretty scary to them such as AIDS and a host of other sexually communicable diseases which are too numerous to count. Those are the fruits of the sexual revolution. The fact is, your sexuality is meant to be a gift for the one whom God has chosen for you. Don’t spoil it. I regret I didn’t have the sense to keep myself until I met my wife. It is something I can never get back and it was the cause of problems in my home. Keep yourself pure. Be patient and keep your eyes on Christ. Your spouse will be pleased you did.

For those of you who like me fell into the trap of sex before marriage. Realize that there is forgiveness in Christ. He can wash away your sins and make you brand new. Renounce your past relationships and break the soul ties you have created with them. Surrender your life to Jesus and let Him take care of the rest.

For more information on abstinence and sexual purity you can visit the following link:



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Comments on: "Sexual Purity" (30)

  1. † a reason to believe † said:

    wow. I completely agree. Its amazing the amount of high schools that I see with DAYCARES… For the students! Because of premarital sex. I am trying to stay away from that kind of thing. I am also very happy for you that you managed to get out of the grip of those past relationships! And how amazing God is for helping you through it. I am also blessed to be saved by God, especially recently, from my suicidal thoughts/depression. Each day, God is helping me and leading me toward a happier life. Praise the Lord!!! :DI was wondering if you could put my blog under "those taking a stand" please. I also want to say that it is amazing the amount of christians who are sharing their faith online. Its great to see such a great group of people!love, lauren

  2. Amen. What an amazing God we have. He does not count our sins against us even if we still continue to beat ourselves up about it, which I still find myself doing. No one can forgive like God. This reminds me of the prostitute from the gospels they took into the temple and wanted to stone to death. In one sentence Jesus simply told her she was forgiven and to go and start anew. This is the King we serve.

  3. Jeff Wiersma said:

    Greetings brother,Right on. As a health teacher for grade 10 sexual education, I needed to stress God\’s commands in this important area of our life. We have freedom in Christ, yet we have obligations to Him with our bodies and relationships.All the while, it is important to stress the forgiveness that comes from confession and repentance.I would appreciate if you could stop by my site and comment on my blog on a similar topic. I would love to hear your opinion.

  4. hear you loud aND CLEAR! Thanks for pointing that out, i knew it needed to be done, just didnt know the words for it. God bless you my friend, stay strong!Cass

  5. lauren – i\’s called safe sex… daycares are not only for those unable to take care f their children because they had sex too early but because oither parents have a little thing called work…TeachableJeff – Here i would like to stress the SEPARATION of church and State. but if you work at a private school i can\’t really stop you but disagree.Gerry – your comments are dropping off i see, too bad. soon there will be no one left, not one who cares, about the last words of an old man.

  6. oh and i wonder if your past girl friends if any, find it nice that you are calling them prostitutes, however unliterally you may or may not intend it.

  7. I wouldn\’t worry too much about comments dropping… off, it must be the time of year! I\’ve gone down from 5\’s 2\’s and 1\’s to none at all… but plenty of people seem to pass through.I agree wholeheartedly with Gerry. I haven\’t travelled down that road myself… but I came perilously close once.I\’m in the fortunate position of not having to worry too much about it. Don\’t matter how hard I apply myself, I ain\’t gonna get nowhere 🙂 I just come across as too surreal for worldly minded girls. Oh sure, I get the odd smile in the street from pretty girls… but once I start talking… they are outta there!!!!!I\’ve concluded that I\’m blessed because God appears to be holding me in check… any time I look like getting myself into deep water. I am caught right in the middle of the debate over free will and sovereignty. All the things I might hope for I cannot attain by my own effort. even if it were possible it is not allowed. It\’s just like Paul trying to get to Macedonia. Sometimes no matter how hard you try… if it is that important to God… his sovereignty overrules your free will.The only way I could escape this would be to be wilfully disobedient… but where would that get me?Better to serve God and be longsufferingly patient and build your dreams upon rock, rather than chase after the wind and see your dreams crumble in the sand.

  8. Black fog… I don\’t know much about day cares in the US or Canada. However I can tell you that in the UK, we have a good dose of both. The cost of living has risen so high that often both parents must work… and this diminishes the opportunity for strong relationship building between parent and child.I can tell you though that there are PLENTY of kids being born to teenage single mothers… one reason being because it\’s the quickest way of getting benefits. If you are a single mother, you become high priority and you get a council house… and a lot of financial support. In the meantime, those of us who want to play by the rules are made to suffer.I might agree about the separation of Church and State. when the State becomes as godless as it has in the UK… it is better to come out and risk being a minority, then to stay and become corrupted/irrelevent or lie by trying to being everyuthing you are not.As I said in my previous comment… comments are dropping off a lot because of the time of year. Besides… look whjere your comment got you. First you have contributed…. and now I\’ve joined in… what does that bring the tally up to… 8?I\’m not sure why you come across as so angry, but I wish you peace.Oh yeah and Happy Christmas!

  9. BlackFog0First of all Lauren was talking about day cares in high schools for young teenage mothers of which there are too many. We can thank the liberal sex education in public schools for that. Second, seperation of church and state is only applicable when it comes to Christianity in public schools. It\’s ok to have a class on TM but try to even wear a cross to a public school and you\’ll be sent home. Sounds like left wing hypocrisy to me. That\’s why many parents are turning to private schools and home schooling because the public school system has failed their children. Half of the kids that come out of public schools can\’t even read.Lastly I get an average of 200 hits a day, which is very good. The message is getting out whether I get comments or not. As far as being an old man. I\’m not that old, I am just getting started. I\’m younger than you\’ll ever be unless you come to a saving knowledge of who Christ is. For a teen with a lot of anger you are missing out on the joy this life is supposed to bring you. To bad too. You seem like a pretty smart kid. Only it\’s wasted and has become foolish.One last thing, all the denominational names that the different churches have is just that names. Names given by man and not God. I hate those names because they stand against the true church which is called the Bride of Christ. We are not a religion, but we have a deep loving relationship with Jesus Christ and that\’s what it is all about, relationship. Jesus loves you. Stop looking at man. Man is a failure. Look to Christ and you\’ll find a truth there that will liberate more than you ever could have imagined.

  10. MoÖNßεäm said:

    …this is a very nice space, butiI don\’t think being with only one partner your whole entire life is going to stop you from fantasing about others, I am sure your wife has been curious even though see may never act on it….don\’t go to my space I don\’t think you would approve

  11. just wanted to let u know i saw ur displau name so i clicked it im on way to school i check dis out again look at mine. Godbless

  12. "As far as being an old man. I\’m not that old, I am just getting started."Hallelujah!!! I love it. You preach it with fire!You bless me so much Gerry!Jason

  13. I wish and pray for the day when I will be healed and saved from my sexual permisquety by GOD. I love my fience with all my heart and want to marrie him and have a good wholesome relationship. My past has come to haunt me in my life now. Due to past sexual free natures and porn addictions online my potential marrage has died. I\’m left clinging to the only thing in my life of any value. My Religon.

  14. i find it interesting that blackfrog was convicted enough, after reading this post, to even comment. it is possible that he was just angry, but it is also quite possible that the words struck him, and in an effort to discipher the emotion (of conviction) he translated it as anger and commented in what appears to be an attempt to put down the rest of the commenters. to blackfrog: this site is not here to push Christianity down your throat. you visited willingly and have no obligation here. soften your heart. Christ loves each and every one of us sinners.

  15. hi my name is Janice and i live in st-julienne with my husband and kids. Jesus is the lord and saver. amenI like the page . Keep speaking out in his name

  16. hey! i just found this space randomly… and i really appreciate what you said…i haven\’t been getting much spiritual food lately from my pastor since he\’s just sort of trying to please everyone rather than teach us… it\’s kinda dissapointing… but that is why i thank you… have a good one!

  17. If the thought of retailers banning the use of the word Christmas bothers you please go read this entry and join in the protest.http://spaces.msn.com/members/underthenorthernsky/Blog/cns!1pdKCuoaDmlSA3sKZQ92PmpQ!845.entry

  18. *Holds out olive branch of friendship*Want to come help with someone who is giving Christians a bad name?Rob

  19. Hi Gerry,Just stopped in to say hi :)God Bless!Merry Chistmas!Launa

  20. This really encourages me, since I\’ve made lots of mistakes myself, to the point where I would just be angry with myself and scared to meet my husband and for him to be disapointed in me…But I know that God, if it\’s in His plan, will give me someone really understanding, just like Jesus and that He will heal whatever has been broken… Thank you for sharing Gerry!!! Cath 🙂

  21. I am new to Christianity. I converted at 31. I have found growth with the woman I married. I tried something new for me whnen I started dating her. I chose to wait till we were married. It seemed like such an unatural thing to do. I had been in "serious" relationships before and not waited. However, our relationship grew anyway. So waiting doesn\’t ruin anything. If anyone wants to know, yes there may be incompatibilities between you and the person you marry. You could set it up so that half the fun of the intimate part of a relationship is enjoying resolving those differences. Don\’t be afraid to HEAR or say no, or try new things! There\’s always going to be a first time, wouldn\’t you rather it be with the person you\’re with when your 60? Remeber God made sex for a reason, lust just confuses and complicates it.

  22. Jeff Wiersma said:

    Greetings,The Christmas season is just beginning to heat up and it is a good time to remember those with special needs. Laura and I have recognized several people already who find this time of year joyous yet sad. The Christmas Advent is a time to remember the birth of our Saviour and it is usually done with friends and family.Take special care to remember those that are still grieving the loss of a loved one, the singles and divorcees, those without local family, the shut-ins, and the under-employed. If at all possible, include them in your activities in the home and church. Pray for them, but do more if your blessings permit.May God richly bless you as the good news of the King’s birth, death, and resurrection is proclaimed in word, song, and deed.Jeff and Laura Wiersma

  23. to Knight Pilgrim *hello since you are a believer in Christ I will make this nice.your comment on Gerry\’s space about teen mothers/single moms was wrong on so many levels.First off, your not a mother or a teenaged gurl so that takes care of one aspect.i had my children young, and the thought of benefits never entered in as a part of that decision.in fact, for most unwed mothers, (and i know alot i live in downtown toronto), the financial aspects do not enter into this situation until much later. I can tell you that say out of 10 mothers, there might be 1 who actually thinks this way.but by and far, most of us do not know the lord in a personal relationship. most of us came from broken homes or at the very least dysfunctional families. I take deep offence to your comment. Many gurls want to be loved. Many of us made a wrong choice but we\’re given a blessing by god anways. I cant even bare to think where my life would be if i hadnt been blessed with children. does this mean i support or advocate pre marital sex? no. but cutting us down and saying our motivation is driven by money is just plain discriminatory and hateful.have u lived in public housing these days? do u kno what little benefits parents recieve? I\’ll tell you. i live in housing and the waiting list is about 10 yrs long. you dont just get an apt cause your homeless or pregnant.you have to WAIT. as for welfare, well they\’d rather have your baby abducted in hospital and sold to better parents. can u raise a baby on 700 dollars a month? doubt it. you have no idea what life is like for us, who we are, and why we do what we do.being a single mother is no picnic. there are no "perks".god forgave me. and you should too.my pastor said he cant believe that ppl who say they are christains would chastize, discriminate or even be negative toward a single mom. he says because we are single moms young and on our own, that we need God\’s love that much more. the bottom line is that God has the final say on Creation. He doesnt make mistakes. He didnt place my two children in my womb if they werent meant to be there. what i would tell young gurls and BOYS (somehow they escape the judgement funny eh) that sex is a sacred thing to be shared between married ppl. that if i knew then what i know now, i would wait til i was finished growing up. I would encourage them to seek God;s love instead of sex/lust/love from a guy.and the same for guys. youre just as responsible. ErikaGod Bless,Erika

  24. Hi Erika… I meant no offence, and I ask forgiveness if I caused any. However, with respect Toronto is a different animal to Britain. In the 90\’s you guys had a pretty big revival right? I live in a Godless animal of a country. It feels so much like 2 Tmothy 3 around here. Britain looks like it has a form of godliness sometimes, but don\’t believe it. I am ashamed of my country. It deserves any judgement God sends it, although I pray he is merciful.Yes you are right, I\’m not a single mother or a teenager… and my comments were not aimed at all single & teenaged mothers. You reacted as if I\’m aiming my comments at all single mother\’s… I\’m not. I\’ll bet you work pretty hard to support your kids… aAnd I don\’t have a problem with single mothers getting help with accommodation. The probl;em lies largel;y with the state attitude. It\’s not the fact that help is given… it is the level of help. The problem is a lot wider, I\’ll give you an example from people who have also benefitted from the State but who aren\’t single parents: I have unemployed "friends" who got given free accommodation, satellite and widescreen TV. Do I object to them getting help with accommodation… of course not! Do I object to them getting widescreen TV and cable… absolutely!!!!! When you are on low pay… and pay your taxes… but can\’t accommodation yourself because being a working SWM you are "low" priority for any kind of help you can understand it can be pretty depressing seeing other people go round with luxuries that your taxes are paying for. I don\’t want to live at home with my parents… at 31 I shouldn\’t be. On my wages I can\’t afford rent and I can\’t get benefits… so I\’m stuffed.What REALLY hurts me is that there are people out there cheating the system wilfully. They benefit when they don\’t while those who abide by the rules suffer. I want to be married, I want children… but it ain\’t going to happen while I\’m being bled dry.My best friend deeply upset me a month ago. He said it is right for single people not to get any benefits or remediation for the fact we don\’t have kids. We hold the fort for people on maternity leave. We get less holiday. He said that we aren\’t contributing to the future of society, where people with children are. It\’s easy for him to say that, he is in a situation where he has all he wants. Wife kids and security.Muggins here is stuck at home with his parents, with little or no finances… and people have the gall to come up to me and tell me I shouldn\’t be living at home. Do they not think I would be out of here were it in my power????I think the point is we could both stand here all day and stick up for the problems each of our demographic groups has… but our problems are not with one another, but with our respective societies.I hope you can forgive me for anything I said out of line… but at the same time I hope you can understand that the situation and culture in Britain is different to that in Canada.I pray God blesses you and your childrenN

  25. Sexual purity is not an option for the children who are thrown out into the streets and have to fend for themselves. It is a mater of getting something to eat and a safe place to sleep. These are the true children of God, the children who have been sent on a mission. He only chooses the strongest ones to do his tasks and sometimes they only have a short time on this earth to complete them. Preaching at them does nothing as they are on a predestine path and commenting or judging them is questioning Judge Gods Plan and wisdom.Spike

  26. spikes_leather They are not God\’s children unless they have found Christ as their Saviour. There is not a single thing special about them at all. Every single person has a choice. There is help and salvation for them. Don\’t ever use homelessness as an excuse for promiscuity. Want help come to our church or find another Christ centered church. We\’ll help you get back on your feet.

  27. 2 things: one is that welfare fraud is less than 1 percent in Ontario. (i dont kno what the stat is where u live). but by and far the people you are referring to are the minority not the majority. and speaking about the few cases you see does not mean we all are scamming the system. Poor ppl are criminalized so often and your comments add to that image. Governments rule by dividing ppl. And I dont represent a demographic, but i do represent a common experience for thousands of women.2nd thing is to do with the whole prostitute comment.while you might think everyone has a choice, what we are really talking about is the ability to make a choice. just because there are churches and centres doesnt mean a young prostitute has a choice. I speak from experience (not that i was a prostitute) but i was a street kid for 4 yrs.I was God\’s child than too. Not a single one of us can say who are God\’s children and who are not (besides the obvious evil ppl we know like pedophiles etc.) I know I wouldnt have become a christain if I didnt walk the path i was on.dont underestimate God. He just is so much more than you or I could ever fathom.God Bless,Erika

  28. sorry and just to add on to what i was saying, sexual abuse is another issue that is directly correlated with impurity. i am an abuse survivor of both physical and sexual abuse, and those leave lasting scars.we learn from a young age that we can use sex to get what we want. we are taught that all we are good for is sex. that we are worthy when someone touches u and when its cold on those streets i can tell you that no angels, churches or anyone cared. I had to fight for my own survival. I refused to sell my body but i saw countless gurls younger than me do it.i understand that sin is sin. when you know better, when you know God, you do better. thank you for this blog Gerry cause it taught me about the spritual aspect of sexual purity. it sure does explain alot.Erika

  29. Megalomaniac said:

    Umm, hi I read your coment on my friends space and clicked on the link to yours umm, ya I have some friends that are something like you and…well I don\’t know but all this kind of stuff makes me feel okward, so umm not to be offensive or anything but I can garantee you that she\’s not interested in this stuff. And neither am I. Also if you care, I\’m Jewish and I have no intentions of changing that.I\’m going to disagree with alot of what you say and some of what you beleive in. Well uh thats it really just saying hi and reading some stuff. I like to leave coments so you might see a few from me.

  30. The fact that I had multiple partners hurt my marriage as I would dream about past relations and found myself comparing my wife to these other women. It bothered me a lot because I found my wife to be the most beautiful woman I had ever known. None of these others compared to her and yet each one still was a part of me and it was interfering with our own relationship. My wife had never known another man and it was hard for her to understand what I was going throughSadly I think a lot of marriages have to contend with this problem. Sex has become cheap and used as a form of entertainment and ignored for the spritual and bonding experience that it actually is. How very sad. Great post.J

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