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Words of Comfort

I dare not look in my sinful past
For I have found a friend at last
Who knew my sorrow sin and woe
And now is with me wherever I go
I love this friend
So great and true
And whatever my problems
He’ll see me through
Calvary means so much to me
For it was there
He paid the price
To set me free
Oh Calvary, dark Calvary
Where Jesus died for you and me
Oh sinner friend come today
And He will wash your sins away
Take this Saviour
As your friend
He will keep you
To the end
Jenny Hart-Beck 1900 – 1990, my grandmother, Nan

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  1. thanks for your note.yes you can link my space,can i link your space also?i just read some things on the internet about satanic involvment in dance and trance and house music and my heart hust cries for all the young people out there who just don\’t know what there destiny will be…it\’s awful.i pray that the lord will come with His Mercy in our country and will open the eyes of them so they will be saved and spend eternity with the Greatest the Lord Jesus!!!He Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Powerful poem! Your nan was such a disciple.

  3. i believe in a grand creator. I also believe that the creator must be perfect in all regards, and must have known all that was to occur. In that respect, sin is impossible and non-existant. But we can still make our world better to live. Our lack of free will is an irrelavent fact.

  4. Ciao,Thanks for the encouraging words on your space Gerry, I really appriciate it so much.Also thanks for all your prayers, we need that as well. Hope that all is well with you and everyone there. Send my love and Thanks for all for everything.God Bless You my Brother in the LordLoveShelleyxXx

  5. I would like to say that this is such a wonderful idea of having a msn website because so many young teens like myself come on msn every day and there is nothing really to talk about, nothing that is meaningful anyway everything its all to do with movie stars, television etc. I have found someone who has a Christian hangout and it is really cool how we can talk about what kind of churches we go to and we help each other find songs ( I love the Band Salvadore and their song You Are There they are an awsome Christian band) and stuff. I was wondering if you could prey for two friends I have. One of them does\’nt belive and the other is interested and has come to church quite a number of times but now she has soccer so she can\’t come but she has found a site where Pastors will email you daily messages and she reads them. And as well I was wondering if you could pray for me I find it hard at school because many people say derrogatory things during the day and think that they are funny sayings when they arn\’t it is hard for me to not hear, and i dont want to hear them i mean today someone passed me a note and i read it and even though it was the truth they still laughed, i sometimes tell them to stop but they just say "oh its ok its nothing bad" but it is, sorry its kinda hard to explain. I hope this web page can carry on for many years. from anonamous

  6. if its ok with you I made a blog on my webpage and put a link to your page on it, I thankyou for visiting my space I never knew before that there was this webpage until you visited so whenever people look at my page they will be able to see the blog and your link.

  7. thats awesome, God is amazing, I love Jesus!!!God Bless ya brother,*Dal*

  8. amen! I also want to share an image a friend of mine gave me lately about the enemy and how he always try to put us down. He told me that the enemy was like a 2 years old child, he will try to make his way but when you tell him to stop he will listen, maybe not the first time (cause a 2 years old can be stuborn) but we have to use the autority of Jesus and say Enough! and he will leave. He is afraid of us and he knows he can\’t do anything at least we let him. So let\’s be strong and nobody fears a 2 years old child. Be blessed

  9. El Guya CommentoGod is perfect and sin does exist. It does not exist because of God but because of disobediance. God gave man free will and man chose to disobey. He could have made it that we were all robots, that would have kept sin from entering into the world, but that\’s not God. He would rather have people willingly obey Him. As much as man will try, he will never make a better world. Things are only getting worse and the closer we get to Christ\’s return the worse it\’s going to get.

  10. Such simple words, such great meaning…

  11. Right, that\’s the thing! God did give us free will El Guya, and we can make the choice to disobey. It started with Adam and Eve and has been popular ever since.Don\’t concentrate so much on this world El Guya, it is just dust and is doomed for destruction, as the bible promises us. Build for your eternity.

  12. hi i can\’t think of anything to saybut i was so happy when i found your blogit shows me there are other believers out thereLove you in ChristNataliaxoxoxoxox

  13. Princess_esora said:

    i do like the poem.

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