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God Is So Good!

Your unfailing love, O LORD, is as vast as the heavens;
      Your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.
  Psalm 36:5

I will sing of the tender mercies of the LORD forever!
      Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.

Your unfailing love will last forever.
      Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens.
Psalm 89:1-2


Don’t believe God exists? Listen to this. We have been praying for our Pastor and his family that they would be able to move into the city for the last year or so as they lived almost an hour outside of Montreal in Ormstown. They also have only one vehicle and because his wife is our school administrator and 6 of their 8 children were enrolled in the school it made it was difficult for them to bring the whole family in. It also meant that Pastor Paul couldn’t get into the city as much as he wanted to be the pastor he needed to be. Then with the price of gas lately, it was putting an even greater strain on their already tight finances.

This past summer they had a chance to move to the city but God told them no, not yet and instead they allowed another family of eight to move in with them. All together they had 18 people living in their house in Ormstown.

Well a week ago Sunday, October 9th, Pastor Paul asked that the congregation pray that they find a place by the following Friday. He and his family were now feeling that God was saying that now was the time to move. Everyday last week right up to Friday they had been checking the Montreal papers for a four bedroom apartment and had come up empty. On Friday morning they found two listings on the Montreal Gazette’s news site. Both were for nine and a halves. The first one they called had a French answering service which Pastor Paul’s wife Kathryn thought she’d call back later. She then called the second one and the asked the woman if the could come and see the apartment. The woman asked where are you right now? Kathryn told her they were in Lasalle at the moment. The woman then told here she used to go to a church in Lasalle. Kathryn then told her that her husband was a pastor of a small church there. The woman then got excited and told her that the day before she had been talking to her sister about what to do about the apartment. Her sister told her to pray that God would send a pastor to rent it. She did and put the listing in the classifieds on Thursday. Pastor Paul’s wife was the first person to contact her. Pastor Paul and his wife then went to see the apartment. It had all just recently been renovated and painted. They signed the lease right there and the woman gave them October free. It also turns out that one of the students in our school goes to the church this lady attends.

On the Wednesday one of our deaconesses who works at the Salvation Army said that they had a bed for them and that Pastor Paul could use the truck on Friday to bring the bed down to Ormstown. Well now God had provided them with a truck to move to Montreal in even before they knew they were moving. On Saturday, October 15th. Half the church helped them move from Ormstown to Montreal and last night they spent their first night in their new apartment that God provided. He had been preparing this apartment for Pastor Paul and his family all along. Our God is an on time God.

God is so very, very good.


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Comments on: "God Is So Good!" (14)

  1. Ciao Gerry,I am so happy to read your blog today, PRAISE GOD….He is so wonderful ALL of the time. I also have been praying for Pastor Paul and his family…and I am so thankful for God answering everyones prayers. You are so right, God always answers prayers RIGHT ON TIME….that is so amazing….Send my Congrats to all for me when you get to see them. I will be so happy when Pastor Paul gets his site up and running again. I loved to stop in there and read his teachings every day…. I got so much from them, you will never know. Actually for a long time, we had no church to go to, and Pastor Paul\’s blog was like my church that I would read every day and get such a blessing from….Praise God….God is so wonderful.We now have a church to go to here in Italy…and it is wonderful, I love it there and the Pastor is also very nice….Praise God…that is also another answer to prayer….I guess this is a Praise Report here, ha ha ha, and we should often give thanks to the Lord for all that he does for us, all the big things and even all the small things.Have a really Blessed Day.Send my love to all.God Bless YouLoveShelleyxXx

  2. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    God is good.

  3. Hello….i am 20 years old and have a lot of highly religious family members who regularly read/teach the bible and are regular church go-ers….my mother says she is worried about me because i have yet to find the Lord and to let him into my heart and a-bide by the 10 commandmants. I do believe in Jesus and that he died on the cross etc etc….but i find myself questioning alot of things and i try to find questions that really dont have answers…and everyone in my family is getting tired of my "what ifs" or "i dont think…" Its not that I dont want to believe because i am aware of how much He did for us and i am grateful…but i am just having some problems on letting Him into my life…I\’ve been through some hard times in my life, as well as some of my family and i think i am holding Him responsible for it…and , i dont really know how to explain it, but…any suggestions? help? thanks…I did not leave my blog URL for there are some "obscene" text and photos…..

  4. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Gerry, I just updated my blog, I know you’re busy, but I think you\’ll want to read this one (it\’s short) 😉

  5. God is good. I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Hi, GerryGive thanks, for His mercy endures forever. But to those constrained by unbelief, there may be examples of His gracious work sent until the cows come home, and there will be answers such as coincidental events, luck, chance, or some other non-entity. We sought a home by faith without sight when we moved to our new home town back in 1996, and when some lies were used to draw us into a particularly unhealthy home which would not do at all, God provided a way for us to hook up with a good man on the very day we both – he and our family – had the need. Jesus has this fervent desire to see all of our needs met, but only by faith will we see it for what it really is. God used our new landlord to meet the need. And that, my friend, will never change.OptimizedHealth, AKA Philo

  7. This is a wonderful account Gerry of how much our God wants us to be happy and to have the desires of our hearts…if we only trust in Him to do what needs to be done. It truly is in His time and I am so happy for your Pastor and his family. God never ceases to amaze me! Keep on writing…I do enjoy reading what you share. Have a great week Gerry and God bless you and your family!~Val~

  8. I always love to look back at situations and see how God worked things out. So often I\’m impatient for something to happen, or things don\’t go the way I planned. Then later on I find out just why God did it that way. How can I keep on thinking I know better than He?! Thanks for visiting my space, and your words of encouragement. Being a Christian author who writes novels, writing entries for my blog has stretched me and shown me new ways to use my talents for God. I\’ve often thought of compiling my short writings into a devotional or inspirational book someday. Wherever the Lord leads…I\’ll follow.May God bless you, Gerry.

  9. gerry id love to hear you speak about missions…what do u think….because i am prayfully considering to go to tanzinia… and i would like to know ur opinion…

  10. Hi GerryI hadn\’t dropped by in quite some time so I thought I would pop in and say hello! All righty you have a good dayGod Bless yaNicole

  11. God is indeed good and faithful! 🙂 Wonderful testimony!

  12. Gerry, Given the topic of this blog, I want to know if you would allow me to give an invitation to your contacts about ways we can help them establish a growing Christian presence in the Shaklee field. The testimonies about the products show a lot of concern about humanity, and the income can be used in whatever way the recipient desires to use it, whether providing for the needs of church leaders, the poor, the widows, and the orphans. I believe this is the day when we need Christians to be blessed with incomes dedicated to the work of the Kingdom.Your input is valid, appreciated, and invited.OptimizedHealth, AKA Philo

  13. God\’s love is unchanging. Whether he answers prayers or not. Ka

  14. Hi,Gerry.I just saw this person has added u in her link,(at the end of that site) shes a Christian live in America now,she believes in Jesus for almost 20 years,u can take a look if u want:http://spaces.msn.com/members/wenwenjohnson/

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