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My Heritage – A Legacy

Jenny Hart was born in 1900 one chilly April morning in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her mother died as she gave birth to her. Her father unable to take care of her and her two sisters gave them up to be raised in an orphanage. At the age of 16, she and her sisters along with thousands of other orphans were shipped over to Canada to work on Canadian farms and as household help. She was placed on a farm located in the Ottawa Valley. The conditions were hard and the farmer was quite harsh with her.

At the age of 18 she attended an outdoor revival service. There she repented and gave her life over to Christ. Within one hour she was saved, baptized in water and baptized with Holy Spirit and fire. Her life would never be the same again. The farmer became even more harsh and told her she was not to talk of her faith at all to his daughters. But the daughters were persistent. They wanted what ever it was that had changed Jenny. One day up in the loft of the barn she led them both to Christ. Both were immediately filled with the Holy Spirit and fell under His anointing. When the farmer found out about it, he beat her and sent her from the farm.

She then moved to Montreal where she worked as a household servant until she met Guy Beck at the age of 26 at a church in Montreal. They had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. One of them a boy, died as a toddler. The youngest of her daughter’s was my mother. Not too long after I was born my grandmother moved in with us. She became a great help to my mom who was faced with many pressures being married to an abusive and alcoholic man. I know that it was because of my grandmother’s prayers that my family held together for as long as it did.

Nan or Nanny as we called her was quite a woman. She reminded everyone who met her of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. She knew how to make you laugh and everyone who met her loved her. I remember her putting a sheet over her head and wearing her glasses on top of it and chasing me and my brothers around the house. We would love to tease her and she was always good natured about it. But oh how bold she was about love for Christ and always had words of encouragement for those who were struggling. She loved Jesus with all her heart, mind, strength and soul. Many times I would hear her crying out to God in prayer and interceding for others in her room. Speaking in that heavenly language that to me sounded so wonderful.

There were times I was so fearful and I would sit and talk with Nan and she always had the words I needed to lift me up and replace that fear I felt. She was not perfect as none of us are, but she was one shining example as to why I serve Christ today. I love many of the old hymns of the church today because I had first heard her singing them.

As I grew into my teenage years I lost that closeness I used to feel with her and began to resent her and her faith in God. But she never gave up on praying for me and would always tell me how much Jesus loved me. Her persistence paid off and I gave my heart to Christ for good in 1981.

My grandmother used to tell me often the story of the two sisters she had led to Christ. I liked her telling it to me over and over. She had lost all contact with the family after the farmer had kicked her off his farm. In 1988, almost 60 years afterwards, one of the sisters finally contacted her. They had been searching for her for years. She came to tell her that because of her faithfulness in leading them to Christ, that eventually the entire family came to Christ, including the farmer. Everyone of them became involved in ministry even to the third generation. (After I wrote this piece my mom called to tell me tell me something I didn’t know. One of the sisters married George Beverly Shea, the great singer who ministered for many years with Billy Graham.) What a testimony to God’s faithfulness and why we need to share our faith with others no matter what they think about us.

My Nan went home to be with Jesus peacefully in 1990 but she left a legacy. Many of her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren know and love Christ because of that faithfulness she showed in praying for us and the light that shone from her life. I still miss her and can’t wait to see her again in glory.

What about you? What kind of legacy are you leaving? Do those around you know you are a Christian? Do you look for ways to share your faith? Does Christ and living for Him consume you? If not pray this prayer, "Lord help me to be the witness you want me to be. Help me to leave a legacy to everyone I meet, never being ashamed of who you are. I want to and I need to be more like you Jesus. I want to lay down my life in service to you. Giving you my all and not holding anything back. I want to hear those sweet words, "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord."


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  1. AMEN GerryThis is a reminder of how every day must count. I do think about redeeming the time wisely, and try to do it. I remember when my Father died, I was at work and couldn\’t get up to the Hospital. So I called him to tell him that I would be there on Saturday morning.For the first time ever he told me he was afraid, and having nightmares. The last words I said to him were " Remember Dad you can call on Jesus", This is the one and only time that my Dad did not laugh at me about my faith. He died after that. I wept and cried for years, wondering what if, maybe I should have, I am at total peace about it now though. My Dad knew the necessity of needing Jesus. Thank you Gerry, for sharing these significant moments in your life. God bless your heart

  2. Wow, you really hit the spot. I prayed a very similar pray on Sunday durning our service. My brother in law went to the alter and both my husband and I went to kneel with him. The prayer I prayed was not only for him but for myself not to stop what God was wanting me to do, which in the past I have done time after time. Thank you for this message today, and yes, that is the one thing I long to hear when I meet Jesus is Welcome and well done good and faithful servant, Thank God for grandmothers who don\’t stop praying. You should check out Appologetics CD I can\’t seem to remember which one, but they have a song that is so much like what you were saying to do with your grandma, it is called Grandmamama (or something like that).Blessings, and thank you for sharing that portion of your life.Bethany.

  3. Sorry, still don\’t know the album, but it is Appologtix – Smooth Grandmama. It is very good.Bethany.

  4. Hi Gerry, Thank you for your thanksgiving wishes. I\’m hoping if I type this fast enough I can burn a few calories! About your message. This really hit a "sore" spot in my life, and I thank you for this message of hope and expository light in my life. Both my wife and I come from families that don\’t know God, and more precisely, has a history with the demonic and illegitimacy. As a result we\’ve only been able to have limited relationships with our families. *Very* limited. To the point our children have never met their grandparents or most of their uncles and aunties. Sometimes it really kills us as parent sto think about how much their "missing out" on without "the family". But this is the way it has to be for now. The first time we met Brother Scott Holtz, he laid hands on us and broke every generational curse and familiar spirit. He said that he saw a new generation springing forth from us, (this was before we had children). In our walk with God, we have milestoned that word, and have referenced it countless times, especially when we feel that pull for our children\’s need for blood-family. They have wonderful relationships with our brother\’s and sister\’s in Christ. Some are so close my kids call them uncle or aunty. I know the day will come when they will ask about their family history, and hope and pray that when that day comes, God will give me the words to speak to them.Your grandmother must have gone through this, and hearing her story gives me renewed hope and vigour in our stand for God. Bless this woman of God, and lest the Lord tarry, I pray I can be same blessing and pioneer for generations to come.In His Love,Jason

  5. Hi Gerry, I just wanted to thankyou for stopping by my site, I kow you are busy, so I\’m even more Grateful, for taking the time, God Bless you and your family, I\’m sending delated Happy Thanks Giving, which should be daily in my life lol, sincerly, Thankyou for LEGACY, You somehow always bring me to my knee, That is why i keep coming Back. Thankyou Gerry, He Who Dwells in the Shelter of the Most high, will rest in the Shadow Of The ALMIGHTY, PSALM 91:1sis IN CHRIST, Verna

  6. Alright Gerry, I\’m having trouble getting people to listen…perhaps you can help me out. My philosophy on God\’s future is that faith is not predestined, we are held accountable for our sins, thus every choice such as soup or salad is optionable, God afforded us choice. It has been my mission for two years to make a different choice, and I may have just done it. Go to my space and read the science and philosophy theory, recently updated to reflect its position against evolution. peace -ASR

  7. Pat Jeaurond said:

    This is amazing Mr. Desjardins! Thank you so much for putting this on down. It is honestly touching my heart, and making me see how much more I want to get closer to God. Your grand-mother must\’ve been an amazing woman, one I would\’ve loved to meet. This also made me realise that I\’m not doing enough! The prayer at the end is so nice! It will help me sooo much in my walk with Christ. I want to see our generation do the same as your grand-mother! I want to see us as Christians make a true difference for Christ and bring others to Christ. Make a revolution for our Lord! And God is showing me sooo much that I can do now. God is amazing. Thank you again! God bless you!Pat Jeaurond

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  10. Hart is our family name. small world Erika

  11. Gerry,"There is a saying. God has no grandchildren. Each sucessive generation has to make their own relationship with Christ. I couldn\’t ride on the coat tails of my mom or grandmother. I had to make the decision to follow myself. That\’s a mistake many people make. They think because their parents were Christians it automatically makes them one as well."Thank you so much for the reality check. I want so badly for my kids to have what Larissa and I have found. But they have to find and be found of Jesus for themselves as you\’ve said. This gives me a picture of how much our Father in Heaven must yearn for us to come to know Him. But He\’s given us each free choice.Larissa was brought up in the church. She hated it. It was a miracle that she encountered God for herself. She always keeps me in check on trying to force the kids into anything spiritual. I guess that\’s why God specifically targets Dad\’s on provoking their children. :-). From one father to another, I sincerely thank you for your kind and experienced words.Jason


  13. Ciao Gerry,Thought that I would pop in and say Hi!! GREAT Blog here….Hope that you have a Blessed Day in the Lord today.God Bless You and your familyLoveShelleyxXx

  14. that was a great thing you wrote about your grandma or nanny i mean… i found it very touching… It has made me realize that I should stop doing what im doin and change some things thank you soo much… May God bless you and your family… thank youGod bless

  15. it is my grandfather who carries the name Hart. most of them are now in nfld. now. i thought it was from england for some reason. anyhow, cool!

  16. ..Slipknot.. said:


  17. Great. I am also the recipient of deeply faithful grandparents. My grandma is 84 now and was telling me a dream about how she saw Jesus in it, she really thought she had passed over. She seemed quite disappointed it was just a dream! Ahh.. hold tight gramma.

  18. Hello Gerry, Thank you for sharing your heart and for sharing the life of your grandmother and the legacy she left behind. What a reunion your grandmother has had in Heaven with Jesus and with all the Saints of God who went before her. I am sure you and so many will remember her life and what she stood for and tell others about her love for Jesus for many years to come. Yes you have stirred in me the importance of leaving a Godly legacy behind for my loved ones. I appreciate your openness and honesty in the way you share your love for Jesus here on your msn space. Indeed you are an inspiration to not only me but to many others in which I give thanks to God. Keep shining for Jesus, you surely are leaving a Godly legacy behind for your beloved children and for those who will come here and read your Godly Blogs long after you have gone home to Heaven. God\’s Blessings as always, Judith

  19. Thank you for sharing Gerry.It reminds me of my great-grandma…a woman of fatih, a missionary in China. It inspires me to one day share of my legacy too.Keep up the fantastic work!God bless you and your family!!

  20. wow ure site is very influencial…thanksyou for all the advince… ure an inspiration from GOD!!!

  21. hey i was just wondering if you could tell me how to put the music on your msn space if you want to tell me my e mail is aplastare_to_cabeza_con_mis_manos@hotmail.com

  22. I am a christian, and I am so happy you put stuff about our father on there. Keep on telling people about God, bye.I go to church in Prince George Canada at Gateway Christian Ministries

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