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Wake up!

I am getting tired of hearing people say that a loving God would not pour out His wrath on humanity and let thousands of innocent people die. There is none of us that are innocent. The bible says that we all have sinned and deserve God’s wrath. Romans 3:23, 6:23. The fact is that we serve a righteous and holy God. Sin is a stench to Him. Yes He loves us, but sin demands judgement. He does not wink at it. It is a serious thing.

God is involved in everything that goes on in this world and not a thing happens without Him allowing it. He has judged entire nations and cities and throughout the ages and has called them to repent or face His wrath. Don’t believe it? Jesus himself pronounced judgement upon a number of cities. In Matthew 11;20-21;

Then Jesus began to denounce the cities in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent. "Woe to you, Korazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! If the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. Those two cities are non-existent today. All that is left is ruins.

And then there is Jerusalem Luke 19:41-44; As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, "If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace——but now it is hidden from your eyes. The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side. They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you."

Jerusalem was destroyed in the manner Jesus said in the year 70 AD. God used the Roman army to bring judgement. Flavius Josephus the Roman Historian describes what happened to the city In his book The Wars of the Jews The Romans kept the city under siege and there was a great famine in the city. Women began to eat their own children and anyone who tried escape the city was crucified outside the city walls. When the Romans finally stormed it the completely destroyed it and did not leave a single stone standing. Everyone within the city was killed. Every man, woman and child.. There were also believers in that city that died along with everyone else.

This occurred after Jesus died on the cross.

In the book of Revelation it says that in the beginning of the Great Wrath one fourth of the world’s population will be wiped out. (Revelation 6) That is about one and a half billion people that will die depending on what the population is at that time. There is nothing to compare with the disasters that will occur including a worldwide earthquake where every mountain will be moved out of place.

I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. Rev. 6:12-14

Judgement is coming to the entire world and it is time to wake up. To long has the church been asleep in the light. What we are seeing in these disasters I believe is warnings from God to flee the Great Wrath to come and warn this world. We are now closer to Christ’s return than ever before. What happened in New Orleans was a judgement not only upon sin, but upon the church. As my friend Jason said, if the church had been doing what it was supposed to be doing New Orleans never would have gotten that bad. The fact is that the church especially here in the West has become very good at playing church instead of being the righteousness of God. We have made God into something He is not. He is love, but He is also righteous and holy. Judgement is coming to the church and unless you really know Him, unless you cultivate your relationship with Him, you will not be able to make it. You will not be able to stand when the going gets tough. The church has to get back to serving God in holy fear and reverence.

God through Jesus provided a way of escape for us. Jesus shed His blood for every single person, but they have to accept what Jesus has done. It can’t be forced upon them. They have to make the choice for themselves. We have to be that light, that lighthouse and an example to the world. It’s time for the church to get on it’s knees and repent for being the poor example we have been and it starts with me.


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  1. Hi Gerry,I just happened to stumble onto your blog entries shortly after opening my own.There are often arguments as to Gods existence, and what is used in these arguments is the devastation or the poor quality of life for millions of people around the world, and that is given as proof that if God really existed He wouldnt allow such suffering. ie, New Orleans. But rather than using that as proof of Gods inexistence it really just showcases that there is something terribly wrong between God and man. And the issue is one of righteousness. This natural disaster didnt take God by surprise, and I cant help but see the devastation and think that it was allowed by God to bring a wicked city to its knees. It should serve as a wakeup call to all persons, cities and nations that justice is done against sin according to Gods perfect standard, whether it is seen on the earth as an example to us, or when we stand before God on judgment day. Not one of us can escape death, so there is nothing more important than our eternal destiny. So much more to be said, but Ill stop before I get going :)Thanks for speaking out. If anyone reading this has the time, feel free to check out a great evangelistic website that I found http://www.livingwaters.com and check out the free resources. This isnt advertising, its just changed my life. May God bless your ministry and your endeavors to reach the lost and dying of this world.

  2. Greetings Gerry, Thanks for coming to my site and sharing your encouraging comments. Congratulations again on taking 1st Place for August at Awesome MSN Spaces. Also I would like to say Amen my brother to what you wrote here in this article on September 9th called Wake up. Very good and most anointed. Praise the Lord. I appreciate your boldness and the witness your site is here on MSN Spaces. I appreciate Christians who are not afraid to take steps of faith out and speak the truths of God. May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace. My prayers go with you. Blessings, Judith

  3. You deleted my last comment, I\’m hurt….*tear* just saying what I thought…

  4. so really what your saying is if we don\’t believe what you believe you delete us..nice..I don\’t think God did this, it was human error…I was raised a Christian and always will be, I believe in a loving God….they built the city under sea level..what do you expect? Don\’t blame this one on God…..it was not prophesy…it was human error and stupidity….your going to delete this anyway..but I had my say…God is not that mean…

  5. Exscuse me but i have something to say…. no offence intended but how can scinetists be rite and worshipers of *god* be rite… scientists have proof that man did not walk the earth more over 100s of yrs… worshipers of *god* dnt have any proof… so stuff you, your sad… as if god exsists:D and if you delete my comment i will know ive got to you…

  6. GlancingSusanGod is Good, ALL the time, whatever He does it is for His glory and His good. Within His goodness there is also punishment. It says in 2Tim 3:16 that all scripture is God breathed, I believe that 100%, and it goes on to say what it can be used for and one of those items is to rebuke and also to correct others. God never said that he would hold back a punishment just because, God is Just, and when it is called for a punishment will be given.Bethany.

  7. GlancingSusanI never deleted your comment. It is still there. Stilll love you in the Lord even if you don\’t agree with me.

  8. °•♥•°Foxy-Lion°•♥•Can you be 100% what you have been told is true? How do you know that God doesn\’t exist? Do you have proof? If the universe is made up of matter, where all the matter come from? The fact is that God does exist and I am 100% sure. You need to do some digging and found out who Jesus was.

  9. Wow, I like what you\’ve done with the place! Been really busy at college to come by….but I like the change!

  10. About the blog ( found out about your opinion about New Orleans on Robs space simply cuz I like to pick fights with him…stupid I know), I really don\’t think God would bring devastation on New Orleands because of sin. After the flood God used the rainbow to promise never to do a thing like it again…I don\’t think that God did or didn\’t do it. I think it is simply another sign of the end times….natural disasters…the earth is lettting out its, what is it? death groans, or is it, whatever. I do not think it was God\’s punishment in anyway. I do not think that bad things SHOULDN"T happen, I mean, we live in a fallen world, things like that happen, but I don\’t think it is a direct result of sin, the disaster in New Orleans…. So, can you expand on why you think it would be God passing judgement?

  11. x-Mind Funk-x said:

    I was just looking through MSN spaces and your site is great. I find it such a relief that you make your opinion well known.God bless Jes x x x

  12. wrath is a flaw of man- it can only cause problems. thus, i find it hard to believe that an infalliable being such as God would be imbued with this quality.take care, and peacehumbly,scarlet

  13. Thanks for your comment Gerry, I guess we\’ll just agree to disagree….still love your site tho…blessings..is\’nt it funny, we are all headed in different directions heading for the same place (heaven)…go figure!

  14. Hi Gerry.Don\’t know if it helps anything you are saying, but Jesus quite clearly tells us in Luke\’s gospel… why tragedy is so random. "Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. Jesus answered, "Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered this way? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish. Or those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them—do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish."Jesus is saying that tragedy can often be totally unfair and random because it\’s there to give us a sense of urgency. We are to treat our lives responsibly because we do not know how long we will have them… frailty, fate and disaster can take us away in the blink of an eye. Basically God wants everyone to turn to him and experience his love. If we lived under the misguided notion that we were certain to live to an old old age, we would in all likelihood live our lives how we wanted to and then at the twilight of our existence turn to God. That would be disrespectful and in a lot of cases I suspect disingenuous. It\’s also missing out on the blessings in life that God longs to give us. He wants us ASAP because that\’s how we are meant to function… in a fully active relationship with him. God doesn\’t just want to be the God of our dying days, he wants to be the God of ourliving days as well. I\’m not saying God doesn\’t pour out judgement on places or people, clearly he does… but there are other reasons too. Incidentally I fear greatly for my own nation, I feel the UK is an affront to God at the moment. The politiics and social climate of Britain is pretty much pre-Wesley at the moment. If the hammer should come to test us I feel we would be found wanting.

  15. I am pasting the "Take a stand for Jesus\’ banner and putting it in my blog.Thank you very much.May God bless you.

  16. hi i have a question. you believe that jesus christ is \’God\’ . rite? so if he\’s god who was god before him? and while he came on earth who was watching heaven???plz reply to atikah_s10@hotmail.comi do not wish to offend you at all. and also don\’t send me a complicated reply cuz i\’m not very old so i won\’t be able to understand….lolthanx

  17. I am with you.. knee down… i am not worth and i do fail , but Jesus\’ blood make us His worth children of God!

  18. So, your saying the disaster in New Orleans was the "harbinger" of Judgement Day? I mean, as sinful as that city is, I think if he was going to "fire a warning shot" it would have been in a much more corrupt and sinful place….or not? Thanks for the explanation though, I see where your coming from now.

  19. àŧĩĸàħJesus didn\’t become God. He always was God. The bible says that through Him all things were created. There was none before Him and none will come after Him. God is made up of three parts called the Trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is the same way that we have three parts as well. Body, soul and spirit.God is also omnipresent which means He is everywhere.

  20. Amen* Gerry, praise God for your wisdom according to his holy word, Be Blessed! hugs verna

  21. Hello, GerryI\’m so glad to see your msn spaces!!!^^"Cause I\’m a member of the worship team in my church, too.When I read your introduction, I\’m so happy to see the word"Worship leader".Nice to come to your site!!Let\’s shine for the lord together!!!God bless you!!!Ps.I also love to listen to Hillsong & to play the piano & the bass drum for HIM!!!

  22. GOD ISN\’T PUNISHING US BY KILLING PEOPLE. But I bet by telling yourself this you feel special; special because God hasn\’t decided to punish YOU :@!

  23. -εmily- – Have you read your bible lately? Because if you did you would find that God does take lives of those who are in rebellion and sin. God is holy and just. Judgement is coming to the whole world and billions are going to die because of sin and rebellion. God does not take pleasure in this. Are you going to be the one to tell Him He is wrong in doing this? He has made a way of escape for everyone and it\’s through Jesus.

  24. I\’m a Christian, and here\’s my take to this. God\’s last testament to man was Jesus, He does not involve himself with the affairs of man in this nature. He sees choice, not war. The choice is that in the end He is either a deity or a father and that choice is yours to make. He does not wage war on the sinful, judgement comes when your life ends, and he does not choose when that occurs.

  25. I should also say that the reason He does not interfere is out of respect for His Son. The logic being that you can\’t top that, and if you could you would slight Jesus. Jesus spoke for God so that God would no longer have to.

  26. AlexReid7Your theology is all screwed. Jesus is God. He and the Father are one. They are one and the same. It is the Holy Spirit who is God also that is the one that is active in people\’s lives today.It was Jesus that pronounced judgement on Jerusalem and other cities. It was the Holy Spirit that took the lives of Annanias and Saphira in the book of Acts. It is God who will bring judgement upon the earth in the last days. Have you read the book of Revelation? God also chastises His children when we fall into sin. God who is righteous and holy doesn\’t just sit back and let sin happen. Read Romans chapter 1.

  27. This was posted in my Answer to Prayer blog but I feel it needs to be moved here. – GerryMy single most important prayer to God was answered immediately. I did not understand how He could condemn someone to a place called "Hell". I grew angry with Him and asked a single question to which I sought an answer. "If we are made in your image, do you not share our compassion also?" To which the following happened. I felt His hands upon my face, thick hands, and He said "You see these hands? I am a man, but I am God" with an underlying understanding….He is a deity, to be loved and worshipped. He created us, thus owns our souls and reserves the right to do with it as He sees fit. This is why Heaven and Hell exist. He humbled me graciously, which is where you, Gerry, fail. You teach God with a fist, when it should be an open hand. Humbled respect is the wise man\’s way of God. September 11 5:32 PM Published by: AlexReid7 (http://spaces.msn.com/members/alexsreid1981/)

  28. AlexReid7I guess you haven\’t read the rest of my blogs have you? You don\’t have the full picture. Yes God is love, but He is also holy. The church has lost that reverent fear that it once had and because of that the church is failing. Open up your eyes!

  29. This was the second of 2 comments left on my Answers to prayer which I felt needed be moved here. – GerryOpen up my eyes…I was just like you prior to learning humility. I thought that people needed a wake up call. What they need is divine wisdom, not divine hardship. Jesus dined with sinners and tax-gatherers, much to peoples like yourself dismay. So Osama Bin Laden and Hitler were tools of God as well? As for Jesus and God being one, Jesus says that only the Father knows when the end is, if Jesus and God were one, Jesus would know this as well. Also it is Jesus who decides fate of Heaven or Hell for a soul, not God, this is a distinction between Jesus and God, they are separate. The Holy Spirit is separate as well, which is why it is an unpardonable sin to make wrong against the Holy Spirit. I\’ll admit I haven\’t read much of the Bible, but it seems to me like you are lost in a crusade and have fallen from preacher to prophet. Beware False Prophets. -ASR AlexReid7 (http://spaces.msn.com/members/alexsreid1981/) – September 11 6:03 PM

  30. Another comment in the Answers to prayer. I never deleted his post, I Just moved them. – GerrySo whenever someone tells you the way it really is, you delete the post? You wonder why people don\’t understand God, and when someone with a different point of view expresses themselves they are shut-up by close-minded people like you. YOU DONT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT GOD KILLING A RELATIVE FOR LIVING IN A BAD CITY MIGHT STOP THAT PERSON FROM BELIEVING IN GOD. God is the shepherd, and what is written when a single member of the flock wanders astray? Does God serve the majority? No He FINDS the lost and brings them back. People like you drive people away from God. I know you\’re going to delete this, but someone has to get through to you. September 11 7:22 PM Published by: AlexReid7 (http://spaces.msn.com/members/alexsreid1981/)

  31. AlexReid7 I\’m not a prophet and I have never tried to be. That\’s not my calling. To relate the word of God doesn\’t make you a prophet. What I related was what a prophet had said and what the facts about New Orleans are which you can read yourself.If you knew God and knew His word you would know the mystery that is God and that is the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are one. Three distinct personalities but one nevertheless. Jesus is fully man and fully God. When He went back to heaven He took His humanity back with Him. It is the Son of man, His humanity that does not know the time of His return. You seem to be a very upset young man and I think you need to examine your own heart before you start accusing people of the things you have accused me of. I also encourage you to start reading your bible. It is nourishment that your soul needs. I also hope and pray that you go to a good bible believeing church.

  32. Just stopped by to send Blessings & Love, as we take time to remember 9-11 Tragedy and keep all who have suffered in our hearts! My Prayer is that all who do\’t know him, will come to the father † In Jesus Precious Name…God Bless!~♥~ Launa ~♥~ Launas ♥ Peace of Heaven ~Bear one another\’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ † –Galatians 6:2~♥~ Launa ~♥~

  33. Name everyone can see said:

    take a stand by setting your space to public instead of private?…i think you need a hobby.

  34. dr_zeus440I already have seveal hobbies. This is my calling to bring the Gospel. I think you need Jesus.

  35. HALLELUJAH!!! I feel the same fire shut up in my bones brother. He is coming soon! I pray you can impart this same fire to others!Bless you.Jason

  36. I read your entry for Sept 9 and I would like to thank you for speaking truth and using scripture to show that. I believe that we all have choice to make and we must stand up and proclaim what Jesus has done for us. I also like the link you have for Oprah\’s new age beliefs, and the other links you have regarding new age. We live in a world that is fallen, and only by His Grace, surrendering our lives to Jesus, asking for forgiveness of our sins and true repentance that you will be saved. Luke 24:46-48 (NASB): and He said to them, "Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and rise again from the dead the third day; and that repentance for forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things."

  37. Thank you for your prayers for Nicholos. I have posted an update.Jason

  38. Hi Gerry,You can add me to your site, that is great! I also wanted to know how do I add that banner on my blog? I would also like to add your site to mine as well. It is great to know that our testimonies in Jesus our Lord and Saviour is making out there in a hurting world. God bless – Tammy

  39. Hi just wanted to say thanks for that comment! it was very very encouraging! I like your site!..i agree with most of wat your putting on your blog just some stuff that i havent figured out yet.. youve got me thinking… nd yeah God bless you greatly!

  40. hi …rayne is my sister and yeah that comment you wrote on her site also helped me out too. so thanks. oh and after reading this blog…doesnt the Bible say that Satan is the god of this world?..I dont believe thatGod is punishing people by making a huge hurricane happen that kills them. That would mean we serve ahurtful God! i dunno bout you but i serve a loving God…a God of second chances! It also says in the bible that the earth trembles and shakes forJesus return…maybe the end is near and i agree when you say that the church Does have to rise up and start making a difference!!but i mean i think its time to live life in the NOW and yeah tell others bout jesus love in hurting times like theses…thats what they want to hear! take that opportunity… turning them the other way by telling them that God kills people because of their sins isnt rite….satan is the one who LOVES to kill…he came to steal kill and destroy….but JEsus came to give life and life more ABUNDANTLY!!! but anyways im not trying to put down what you blieve..just puttin my own opinion nd stuff..with all due respect sir. take care

  41. I enjoyed your space and thought I would leave a comment.~JON~

  42. My oldest daughter and I asked the Bishop at our church about the destruction happening around the world and all the people dieing and his answer was not that it was God but the fact that these people CHOSE to live in these areas where it is known and has been known for ages that these natural disasters happen. I am sure that the severity of it all has gotten greater over the years, and I believe that humanity is partially to blame for that. And I am sure that it does have some to do with God Himself showing mankind that He is serious with what has been told.

  43. so uh just a couple quick thoughts ….one ( this one comes from a leader at my parish)…God is good All the time…think aboutit all the time God is good he has a plan andknows he\’s doing…good will come out of this…and this ones frum me …this is my personal interpration and explanation for how this wasnt God\’s wrath and couldnt be his wrath…if you think about it how many times in the bible does Jesus say the poor shall be lifted up blessed are the poor…etc neworleanse is a POOR place most of the ppl were living in poverty well maybe not most but alot of them…now do you think that if God wants the poor to be saved he would send wrath on them??? maybe he wanted to punich the rich you may say or think but God\’s not dumb he knows taht the rich are way more likely to get outta there than the poor and the rich have the transportation to get outta there where as many of the poor arent as fortunate and dont have the vehicles to leave.its os much easire to say than to type but ihope ya get my drift!

  44. HOPELESSROMANCEsigh, ChickElectrician1999, and Cgy_Tech I\’d like for you to explain what God is doing in the book of Revelation. Also what happened to Annanias and Saphirra? Explain to me what Jesus prophised over Jerusalem. Yes God is very loving and very patient and would have it that not a single should perish. Satan can not do a thing unless God allows it. Don\’t make the devil more powerful than he is. The one thing that you read about the early church was that they had a holy and reverent fear of God. The church today has lost that. We have made God into a grandfatherly type who gives candy to His children. Let me make this perfectly clear, if your death is going to bring glory to God\’s kingdom He will do it. You are not your own. You were bought with a high price. Watch and see what is going to come out of what has happened in New Orleans. My pastor\’s sister works is a nurse that is taking care of 850 of those people that fled New Orleans. Last week they had a service and 90% of the people gave their hearts to Jesus. Kinda blows your theory that it would scare people away out of the water doesn\’t it?

  45. I have a few things to ask HOPELESSROMANCEsigh and ChickElectrician1999.Think about this. God is a loving God, ALL the time. The things of this world concern Him greatly. He is Just and Righteous, He will never sway in His decisions. I am a mother of two little ones, my punishments vary from day to day, there is no consistancy in any of it, except for what is wrong is wrong, but it is my punishments that vary. God doesn\’t vary. Yes, he is the Master of second chances, He dools those out every day, along with 3rd, 4th and 100th chances or more. But, in His Almighty Wisdom there is a time for everything including punishment. (Ecc. 3:1-8) Right now, this world is in a time of dieing, being uprooted, killing, tearing down, weeping, mourning, scattering, and the list goes on. Soon, it will be the time to be born, to plant to build, laugh, and dance. If I didn\’t love my children enough to discipline them, they would not be able to function properly in society once they grow up, isn\’t that the type of Heavenly Father you would want? One that loves you so much that He wants you to be successful in life? How else are we going to know that it is wrong to kill if there wasn\’t a consequence, or even to tell that little white lie?I also wanted to touch on the comment about the poor. Yes it is the poor who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, but it is the poor in spirit (Matthew 5:1-12). God uses every situation for His glory, He will not do anything that would harm His children, that is a promise, but the bodies that we have here are not the bodies that God created in His image and these bodies will not be the bodies that are in Heaven with the Father or burning in the Lake of Hell. That is our choice, nothing else matters. The fact that it was the poor side of New Orleans that was hit hardest makes these people now the focus of all the nation. They have been uplifted in all of this and are still being helped when honestly no one took notice of them before. Sure we know that every city has the low rent side of it that not many people go near, so why would you care about New Orleans poor anymore then say New Yorks? But now, they have a platform, they are recognized and seen all over the world, is that not the hand of God?Just some thoughts of mine when I read your thoughts.Blessings,Bethany.

  46. last time i checked, not one single human being on this planet asked to be born. and no i dont feel honored or punished in the slightest by my suffering. or anyone elses for that matter. calling a hurricane gods wrath does not bring readers closer to God. it makes ppl turn from God even more so. remember above all else we are to act in love if we are to call ourselves christains. it\’s hurricane seasson and i believe out of a natural disaster God used new orleans to show a plight of a people. now thats love. many of them are going to get the help they always needed but couldnt get. judgement is not yours to pass or proclaim, thats God\’s work, and your doing a disservice by giving some really black and white bible thumpin PR.

  47. CoolGirlJadeMost of my readers are believers and it is time for us to wake up. Nobody in the church wants to talk about sin and it\’s consequences and that is why the church has failed and sin is as bad as it is. It is the reason why we have homosexuals preaching from pulpits pretending they are doing God\’s work.You need to go and read Sinner\’s In the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards http://www.jonathanedwards.com/sermons/Warnings/sinners.htm

  48. Greetings, I found what you have said to be very interesting and perhaps it maybe true. However I see it as a metaphor for the church to stop its weakness of enforcing fantasical ideas through the heavy chains of society with the demands that endanger nature through resources ever depleting from our arrogance and ignorance on the notion that cause and effect only apply to us(for the most part). We are on the biosphere and I think the hurricane we saw that hit the southern states was an act of retaliation or more mildly a warning for more is to come from nature with name exploited to me as god. Nature is trying to heal itself by surviving and if it means limiting the population of its greatest enemy, then it shall be done.( If we are to live at one with nature we must take only that it can afford and it will have no trouble accepting us)If it was really from god as he would be our overlooker , I think it would be far more indiscriminate than judging people by their sins on a personal level. Perhaps (he/she), he as you would call the lord is testing us, testing us to see that we are capable to live in this dynamic world, that we are fit to survive and what better test ground would there be than new orleans as it is for the most part below sea level and surrounded by petty protection of levees insuring us of a false notion of safety as evidence now provides. Of course all occurances that happen in this world are based on cause and effect and we\’re forever bound by them, through instinct or reason. I do find your theory to be most fascinating.

  49. yes i agree the church needs changing. mostly of people who go around posting their own thoughts on behalf of God. Jesus didnt spend his time trying to convert people in the manner you do. he spent time with prostitutes, criminals and yes even homosexuals. what he did condemn was the religious leaders of the time who worshipped proudly and suffered their own people. thats what your site and its contents remind me of. Jesus came to the willing and not once in the bible did Jesus tell us to convict others. he simply asked us to love each other and forgive as many times as it had to be done.yes, we all are sinners and that can be reconciled thru a personal relationship with God/Jesus. but denouncing homosexuality and various other issues only pushes people further away. God is all loving and every human on this planet is of value to Him.

  50. CoolGirlJade"denouncing homosexuality and various other issues only pushes people further away." Ah now we see where you are coming from. Homosexuality is a sin and it needs to be told. We can\’t pretend it doesn\’t exist. God loves the homosexual, but he will never accept thier sin. Sin brings consequences. The biggest being seperation from God for eternity. The fact is that I don\’t want to see a single person wind up in hell. I will take every oppertunity to let people know that God loves them and that He is the only hope. But ultimatly the choice is their\’s. Before you pass judgement on your brother, read my blog who\’s Welcome In Your Church? As a minister I have been given a commission by God to speak the truth and sometimes that truth will offend and hurt people such as yourself. I don\’t expect everyone to agree with me. I am telling you right now that a time is coming when thay will take us and put us in prisons simple because we are believers. Because we stand up for the truth. A man in Calgary wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper speaking against new school curriculum that teaches the homosexual lifestyle. He didn\’t like it because that is what they would be teaching his kids. He is being taken to court by the Human Rights Tribunal. If found guilty he faces jail. He refuses to change his stance. They want him to apoligize and say that homsexuality is a normal lifestyle. He is refusing. Wake up because that is what the church is facing.

  51. homesexuality is among MANY MANY sins so whyis that the main focus all the time. theyve always been around and probably always will beeveryone was given free will. if they choose it that is their god given right. i dont even support homosexuality but heck you people mix your religion with politics and all it does is push the non believers away.my pastor and my church has never turned anyone away and when you go to church you feel a warmth and love i\’ve yet to find anywhere else. he told me in bible study he does not mix politics with serving God. im sure when asked he would disagree with ANY unholy lifestyle. but he doesnt gain ppl\’s attention by condemning them to hell.you are very wrong to denounce anyone cause not one of us are without sin.if you want to save people, you can do it better by emulating Jesus and not some Holy Roller. "let he who is without sin cast the first stone". no more debates, but i will pray for you. Peace and love Erika

  52. CoolGirlJadeAnd I will pray for you. It\’s funny cause you would feel right at home in our church. We have never turned away anybody either. You have based your whole opinion of me upon my last 2 blogs and it was you that brought up about homosexuality. The first part of my blog on God\’s judgement was taken from an online news service. I don\’t throw stones Erika and I am not involved in politics either. My bet is that you didn\’t even take the time to read the blog I asked you to. When is the last time you witnessed to someone about Christ Erika. If someone asks you what will happen to them if they don\’t repent and turn from their ways, What would you tell them? Hve you been involved in street ministries? Have you been to the prisons? Have you ministered to those so hurting that you have no words except Jesus? Have you been doing the things Jesus asked you to? When you have seen so many lives broken and ravaged by sin and it\’s consequences as I have, then come and judge me.

  53. I dont witness by using my mouth. i witness by my actions.people do not want to hear it, and quite frankly until i became a christian i didnt either. this is a personal journey and the atheist or unbeliever cannot relate to the "testimony", some people (like me too) had to find God on our own.the people who tried only turned me further away. i witnessed a few times to students while i was in england and they laughed their heads off. late nite discussions as well but they just couldnt believe my testimony. but if I talk about the work i do with the poor they listen to that.you cant convince ppl. let ppl know me by my actions. you dont know me too well so you cant know the amount of time I give to God. thats between me and Him. i dont live for this world and ive learned alot and am always learning every day.you can catch me on 100 Huntely st my testimony aired inthe spring. they have been showing periodically at my church and i am told even to this day how my story gave them hope. the funniest part of it is most days i dont have any. but at least it gave them some. but the key to it all – they were willing and ready to listenmy main issue was you saying that hurricane was Gods wrath on sinnners. thats condeming enough. i believe in the bible, end times but i struggle with people such as yourself who say stuff like that. I believe we should be ambassadors of Jesus, not Judging and condeming and then saying how to get saved. i do alot of public speaking and media and various work, and i never bring it up. but if someone asks i tell them who inspired me. you get alot further this way. thx for your prayers. this theory of sin and punishment – condemns alot of people who dont need to be. God loves us all

  54. "my main issue was you saying that hurricane was Gods wrath on sinnners. thats condeming enough. i believe in the bible, end times but i struggle with people such as yourself who say stuff like that. I believe we should be ambassadors of Jesus, not Judging and condeming and then saying how to get saved. i do alot of public speaking and media and various work, and i never bring it up. but if someone asks i tell them who inspired me. you get alot further this way."I\’m sorry but you have a SERIOUS misconception of who God is. I agree God is love. I also agree that scaring people into serving God is a form of condemnation, and we must speak according to the conviction of His Spirit, which will always point towards His everlasting lovingkindness, mercies and hope. But to deny the severity of our Lord to an unbeliever is manipulation. He is the Lion of Judah. Would you send an unbeliever unprepared to a lion? Or would you inform them first of how to handle and respect a lion. Think about it.You say that you don\’t speak of God\’s judgement, but of His love. Here\’s where I have the problem: "if someone asks i tell them who inspired me. you get alot further this way."We are called to share the *WHOLE* gospel regardless of how far it get\’s *US*. It\’s not about us. It\’s not about how pallitable it is for the unbeliever. If you feed the unbeliever only sweet waters, what will they do when life feeds them bitter? People need to make an informed decision for Christ, and the decision is: I am willing to DIE to myself and LIVE for Him. I am willing to pay the full and complete price of my life. I\’ve seen too many people "saved" by "inspirational" messages, but when the storms of life hit, they were flooded out. Why? They didn\’t sign up for a God who tests and judges His people. They signed up for a happy, loving God whose sole purpose in life is to bless them and make them a better person, as long as they apologize.You are only showing people 50% of our God. Here are some words to describe the fearsome wonder of our God: Wrath, Anger, Judgement, Hate (Don\’t believe me? The 7 abominations in Proverbs), Jealous, Vengeance.There is no free ticket to our mansion in heaven. The price is our life, and it\’s a serious price in light of a serious God. That\’s why the church is in bed with the world. Because we don\’t reverently fear Him. It\’s so easy to coerce people into a COMFORTABLE decision for Christ through "love" as well. You have been given a gift to have access to so many people. Be careful that you don\’t misuse it and serve man. Use your gift to serve Him, and REPRESENT HIM COMPLETELY Woman Of God! Trust Him that if you do this, you will see the true fruit of God in impassioned decisions for Him, and not the fickle fruit of yourself.Jason

  55. see you in hell than lol

  56. CoolGirlJadeWell that certainly speaks volumes.

  57. I don\’t get it.I don\’t think you do either.Jason

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