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Urgent Prayer Request

Glory!   Glory!    Glory!
Monday, August 30th, Tamara White, a 16 year old daughter of a member of our congregation has been found. She had been missing since August 20th. This is the message from her mother to all of you who prayed. 
Thank You all for praying for my daughter. I appreciate it so much. I spoke with her on the phone tonight and she sounded great. She assured me that she’s been doing well and is safe. Praise the Lord. You cannot begin to understand how relieved I felt. God is so AWESOME!!! God willing I will see her tomorrow & we’ll take it from there. Please continue to pray that God would use this situation for His glory and that Tamara will be renewed & strenghened in her faith. Once again the enemy has been defeated and our mighty God has won yet another victory! Tamara’s mom, Liane.
I also want to thank everyone of you who prayed even if you didn’t post. You are the body and we need each other. The Lord is faithful and He heard our prayers. God bless each of you abundently. – Gerry

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  1. Hi, Came upon your site today, I will keep her in my prayers today, and in my heart all day. May God Guide her safely home again. God Bless You Today, and I will also keep you in my prayers also. Ciao. Love,ShelleyxXx

  2. Me and my friend julia will be praying.keep us posted if you can..

  3. My prayers are with you and the parents of the child

  4. Teresa Dawn said:

    OH, I am sorry to hear this. I will keep her in my prayers.God Bless,Teresa Dawn

  5. I will be praying.Bethany.

  6. Praying and not stopping until she comes home Gerry.Keep us posted, as much as possible. prayers to you and your church family also.

  7. Hi Gerry!I will pray that God will keep her safe and that she will be safely home. I cannot imagine how her parents are feeling right now…just beside themselves. I pray for them too!I will check back at your site for updates!In His Hands!Sherra

  8. aww. thats really sad. i\’ll remember to pray for her. T_T

  9. I\’ll be praying!

  10. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Gerry,May God be with her. And hey everyone remember, there is always hope. I live about five miles from Elizabeth Smart, one of the most known missing person cases in the last few years. She was found alive, proving that there is always hope, and we have more than hope! We have prayer, something Elizabeth Smart didn\’t have (her family is LDS as I understand it). Keep praying everyone.

  11. I\’ll mention it when i go into Church tomorrow. </3

  12. Phil - personal acct said:

    Heavenly Father, I thank you for your Son who is our hope, and I thank you for Gerry your faithful servant. As we start this day, I lift up this young girl up to you and pray that you will put her under the protection of your wing and that you will bring her home safe and sound.Lord you know where she is and I pray you will help those searching to find her.And we\’lll give you the praise and the glory in Jesus\’ name. Amen.

  13. princess cookie said:

    hi ! welcome to my space,we can be friends.

  14. I most definitely will be praying for her safe return.

  15. Christian said:

    My family & I will be prayin for her. I\’m so sorry to hear this has happened. I pray she knows the Lord personally and has accepted Him so no matter what happens, she\’ll be in good hands. I want to thank you again for sharing your space with the world. It\’s so very encouraging. God bless you always, Your sister in Christ,Kim

  16. I hope she\’s okay. .

  17. hey Gerry, that is a terrible thing that has happened but I will keep her in my prayers and get my family and church to pray for her as well. I just want to thank you for coming by my space and leaving another comment. It seems I never hear from you for a long time, but then you show up with a word of encouragement right when I need it 😀 It is getting easier to see when God has answered my prayers, but I still struggle with a lot of things. I know that He has forgiven me for my sins the moment that I asked Him into my heart and asked for forgiveness, but I just don\’t feel forgiven and I try to believe it but it is hard.. things are getting easier though. Anyway I have to go, thanks one again for dropping by, I will keep that girl in my (and my family\’s prayers) and I will drop by again soon for more updates. God bless,Carrissa

  18. ~ Pauline ~ said:

    Hi Gerry,I will Keep her in my prayers,Heavenly Father I come to you in the name of Jesus,I lift up this 17 year old up to you. She went missing and only you know where she is at.. I ask that you keep her safe, I ask for the blood of Jesus over her, I ask that comes back home safely. I ask that you also give her strength, and keep your word in her thoughts and heart.God I believe that Your Will be done. I thank you in advance for what you will do.. and the good that will come from all of this. Thank you Father in Jesus Name Amen

  19. i\’m prayin

  20. JohnathanA girl is missing and a family is going through heartache and all you can do is complain that someone didn\’t leave link and that I didn\’t delete thier comment. Did you happen to notice they left an email address? I guess not. It just goes to show just how self-centered some athiests can be. A lot of words, but no action.

  21. Hello,I will definately pray for her, and her parents. Your brother in Christ,M客ürîÕü§

  22. what happened is horible and i hope you find her soon, John keep on the subject at hand not on your oun mental ishues.but Gerry "how self-centered some athiests"< what is that just cause he choses not to have faith dosent mean that others are that stupid to, just to even the scail for you there are self-centered people in every walk of life even in your relijion. im athiest dose that mean that i am self centerd.peace and love, The Master Of This Disaster I Call Life

  23. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Still praying, anything new?

  24. I will keep praying Gerry, for her and her family.

  25. Jimmy WanabeThat is the reason why I said some and not all.

  26. Teresa Dawn said:

    I am still praying for this girl. Please keep us updated Gerry. I love the new theme for your space. It is beautiful.

  27. Hi Gerry,It was the plea for prayer that caught my eye in your space this morning. I did not know such blogs existed. The music is beautiful and uplifting and your entry is so true. My prayer is for this teenage girl. Please keep us updated.God bless you. This is all in His Hands!Fronie

  28. Gerry, Just got your post. We are praying for the searchlight of His Spirit to find her safe, and to bring her home. He is a mighty God.Jason

  29. God bless you GerryTHANKS for keeping Tamara in the forefront here. All the more will read and pray. Prayers to Tamara\’s family as well as the whole congregation.

  30. Gerry,the point was that you shouldnt use the word athiests in there at all, "people are not to be judged upon who they folow but who they are"peace and love

  31. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    GOATSE_666,A girl is missing, and all you can think of is you own little name calling? And you can\’t even keep you comments decent, or clean?I pray that you may be convicted of your sin, and realize the saving power of Christ before it’s to late.

  32. I\’m on it Gerry, please keep us posted.N

  33. Abba Father, Please surround Tamara White with the Light of Your Love and Presence with her. Overshadow her Father!Please light the path that leads to her where abouts Father, that she may be found and returned to her parents. Thank YOU JESUS, You are the Good Shepherd! Please strengthen the hearts of her parents and those praying earnestly for her. Help them to be strong! Help Tamara to be strong! Thank you Father God In Jesus Name IN HIS HANDS!Sherra

  34. Jimmy, "people are not to be judged upon who they folow but who they are" You know that directly contradicts the gospel of Jesus. If we do not follow Jesus, we WILL be, and ARE BEING judged for it. If I decide to follow some whacked out cult that goes and commits a mass-suicide in Waco Part II, but I was a really nice person, I highly doubt you would judge me on my personal merits, but on the fact that I was associated with a mass-suicide, right? The truth is, if you don\’t know Jesus, there are eternal consequences. To expect the christian to tip-toe around that is unrealistic my friend. It would be like me going to a <gag> Led Zeppelin fan forum, and trying to tell them to respect Vanilla Ice fan\’s. They just don\’t mix.Jason

  35. I will take this up in prayer

  36. ~ Pauline ~ said:

    Hi Gerry Our Prayers for Tamara are going on .. as well for her family and friends… God Bless you all..Father I pray that you keep Tamara safe and have her come home to be with her family and friends.I pray courage for Tamara.. I pray strength for those in need. Father we thank you for all your goodness, In Christ Jesus Amen

  37. Hi, Stopped in again today to say that I am keeping you in my prayers. May God bring Tamara home and keep her safe. Ciao,ShelleyxXx

  38. Hi again, I just have to make a comment on the music that you have on your site. IT IS AWSOME…….I played it over and over again……..makes me want to get up and dance all over the place. Praise God…God Bless You.Ciao,ShelleyxXx

  39. Thank You all for praying for my daughter. I appreciate it so much. I spoke with her on the phone tonight and she sounded great. She assured me that she\’s been doing well and is safe. Praise the Lord. You cannot begin to understand how relieved I felt. God is so AWESOME!!!God willing I will see her tomorrow & we\’ll take it from there. Please continue to pray that God would use this situation for His glory and that Tamara will be renewed & strenghened in her faith. Once again the enemy has been defeated and our mighty God has won yet another victory!Tamara\’s mom,Liane

  40. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    That is good news!

  41. Ciao, Praise God!… Praise God!… Praise God!…That is all that I can say, God answers prayer. I am very happy for Tamara, and her family. May God continue to bless them all. PRAISE GOD!!!!Ciao,Shelley xXx

  42. Hallelujah!!! Praise Him for His good report. He is a mighty God!Jason

  43. My heart is filled with joy! Praise God she is found!God is so AMAZING!!Blessings,Bethany.

  44. Thank you Lord JesusFor Tamara\’s safe return. Lord continue to lead and bless Tamara and all who know her and her family. Lord you are faithful to the cries of your people. Glory to your name Lord Jesus.Thanks Gerry. Til next time.

  45. Hey thanks for dropping by my space and letting me know that she was found!! I told my mom and we are both ECSTATIC! That is so awesome. God is a miracle worker and I am so happy to know that she is safe. It is amazing to see all of the people that were praying for her!!! It just warms my heart to know that there are this many people faithful to God..anyway I have to go. God bless and I will keep Tamara and her family in my prayers.

  46. Hallelujah!!! Horrahhhhhhh!Thank the Lord for kept her safety till found! PTL!

  47. Christian said:

    Amen Amen & Amen!! Praise God for His love & mercies. Thank you for keepin us updated. Yes, All Glory to God!!~kim~

  48. Praise the Lord for His unending care and blessings! Thanks for posting the good news. 🙂

  49. Teresa Dawn said:

    Wow That is so great to hear!!!!! Thanks for letting us know Gerry!God is so good!

  50. wow nice space!

  51. Ciao, Just stopping into say Hi again.Praise God for his loving kindness.Will be keeping you in my prayers today.God Bless youCiao,ShelleyxXx

  52. Thank you Jesus….for Tamara contacting her Mom and that Tamara is SAFE! Thank you Gerry for stopping in to let me know the update~Shalom!In His HandsSherra

  53. aw yay! i\’m glad ya\’ll found her! God is great!!!!!thanks for stopping by my space and tellin\’ me.God blesslove peace and chicken grease~Randy

  54. I am just commenting to say that anyone who is into mass-religion is wasting their life. Period.

  55. BruceHave you considered that you are the one that is brainwashed and wasting your life. God doesn\’t impose His will upon anyone. He has given us the freedom to believe or not to believe. Real freedom comes when you willingly give your life over to Him, not religion. Religion binds, but a relationship with Christ gives you more freedom than you could ever imagine in your state. He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.

  56. do prayers really determine who live or dies? who is lost or found? or only if you pray for righteous people? i know great people who\’s prayers have been answered, except the answer is \’no.\’ what makes the cut?

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