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Choose to Worship

Why is it, when we as Christians come into God’s house we have trouble worshipping Him? After all that He has done for us, after all He has given us, we either refuse to worship or else do it half hearted. As a worship leader this hurts, because I know how much He has done for us. He went all the way to the cross for us and we can’t even give Him an half hour of worship on Sunday.

Every single child of God is called to worship Him. Not just the musicians or worship leader. We as musicians are not putting on a show for the congregation and if we are, we will be subject to judgement. Worship should be corporate, meaning the whole body should take part. If one part is not worshipping than the whole body feels it.

There is nothing I enjoy more in life than worshipping Him. I have led worship in front of congregations numbering in the hundreds and in my memory I can still see those who would call themselves Christians standing there with their arms folded, daring me to impress them with a new song that tickled their feelings. The worship leader cannot force you to worship. You need to worship whether you feel like it or not. Many times other gods, the god of self, the god of money, the god of unforgiveness, etc… distract us. You have to make the choice to worship them or worship your Creator and no one can make it for you. God has given you a free will and will never force you to worship Him. God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit (worship is spiritual and is necessary in the Christian walk. It is an exercise that causes growth) and in truth (Your heart must be right and your worship should never be pretentious. The object of your worship should be Jesus). John 4:24.

Paul said in Romans 12:1; "Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship." (NASV) and in 1Corinthians 6:19-20; "Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s." (NKJV) Both these verses speak of our duty to worship as Christians. We need to give our all in worship. Not only on Sunday’s but every single moment of our lives, holding nothing back. Worship is giving your best to God in every area of your life. When you do this, coming into the praise and worship in the house of the Lord is something that you look forward to with excitement. Imagine as I do, every heart, every voice, and every hand raised in worship. Do you realize the power that would come in to a service like that? Give your best in worship to Christ our Lord. Choose this day to worship Him. He deserves nothing less than your best.


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Comments on: "Choose to Worship" (22)

  1. Gerry! I know exactly what you\’re talking about and it never ceases to amaze me the false expectations that are put on the head Levite. Thank God for them and their sacrifice, willingness and commitment. As for our congregation? Either keep up with us, or get left behind 😉 We go for Him!Jason

  2. is ur church like that? like there are some people who don\’t worship? i dunno. i have played piano in the churcvh choir every saturday night since i was thirteen, and i love it. even though i know every song off by heart, and i know what sam (the leader) will do in each song, and how to play it, it\’s still a new and fun experience every time i play. to play music is exactly like praying, in my opinion. cuz you get into that whole subconscious level of yourself, pouring your heart and soul into the piece, basically, saying a prayer, worshipping God. sometimes i find myself making the sign of the cross before i practise piano. it\’s awesome! God is awesome!

  3. Hi Gerry. I noticed that my brother had been posting on this site (Joseph C) and unfortunately I have some bad news… he passed away 2 days ago and I am extremely sad. I wanted to thank you however for praying even though it didn\’t really prevent him from leaving this world. i\’m not religious, but I hope you are right that there is an afterlife and he is enjoying it up there

  4. TiffanyThank-you for letting me know. I grieve with you for your brother. I don\’t know if it was the drug addiction that killed him or not. Drug addiction is a curse. One of the worst scourges in this world are those that profit on those who are addicted. One day it will all come to an end. I had tried to advise him to get into a program that would help him. I know he had cried out to God to help him and as hard as it may be to take, maybe that was God\’s way of giving him help and taking him into his loving arms where no addiction can ever have a hold on him again. I will pray for you and the other family members he left behind. May you find your solace in Christ.

  5. god bless you GerryI just love this post on worship. Although only God knows the hearts of each person, I am convinced that private worship is what proceeds public worship. It is true that when we are in love there is no time or space to prevent the adoration of our Saviour. I like whay you said about worshio being a life style. How true. God bless your heart.

  6. Hey, this is my 2nd post! I think your site its totally great! Is there anyway i can get your email so i can talk to you about this stuff? My friends can get into pretty bad situations and i just can\’t help them, even though i do consul my pastor, i\’d love your insights on some of my questions!About your message: I totally agree! At camp this weekend, we asked the wuestion, why are christians trying to blend in so much? Why are we scared to admit to our faith? It doesnt matter what other\’s think of you, God loves you, there is nothing better then that, so belt out that worship song in church, and don\’t worry what others think of your singing! Worshiping God is great!

  7. Hi Gerry Godbless you!! You know the reason the church will not worship the King of Kings,is because they do not KNOW him,worship is a lifestlye,KNOWING who he is!! When you come to KNOW him,you cannot help but worship Him , he becomes the lover of your soul,the dance in your step, the tear in your eye,the song in your heart,the joy in your saddness!! Glory to the living God!! The church has been comfortable warming a pew and not particapating in the corperate worship, we are creatures of habit, and for some unfortunatley going to church is "just another thing they do" We the church are in a serious time , it is a time of purging and cleaning up the heart ,the Lord will have a people who worship him in Spirirt and Truth,the fire of purging has begun for the church, and he will sift the wheat from the tares!! Judgement first must begin in the house of the Lord!! We cannot expect to KNOW Jesus just by going to the church every sunday, we must seek Him with all our hearts , and all our minds, and all our souls if we are gonna KNOW Him! Thanks Gerry ,Godbless you richly!! Love in Christ Michele

  8. Just found your site. Too much to take in all at once. So have added you to my space so I can read what is printed as I can. May God continue to work in your life….Deane

  9. As you are listed on my site under my mature bloggers heading I thought I would send you this invitation to join my \’Life Begins At 40\’ Friendship ring. Please click on this link for more information, Thank you:- http://spaces.msn.com/members/IndiaeJones/Blog/cns!1pGDXJr9w51ZYWXPM1TW7reA!3025.entry

  10. Worship, the heart, and life expression of the believer, I believe that the way we worship God in private, shows in public, I know I must give mt all corprately, yet the show, the performing at my church causes such distraction, its sad that we trade excelence for the anointing 😦 It greves my heart……… Joanne

  11. great post.

  12. Awesome post Gerry! I feel the same completely about our role in worship. I am blessed to be a part of a very contemporary church that worships openly and freely. Yeah, there are some people who don\’t get into it…or stand there with arms folded…but it doesn\’t stop us from openly loving the Lord. I sing on our praise team…it is my favorite part of the service…the time that I get to spend lavishing my love toward the Savior and imagining his huge smile as I sing to Him. There isn\’t much of anything else out there that is sweeter! (to me that is)Thanks for sharing this!~Val~

  13. Your space has blessed me thank you for your words and great effort to inspire and teach! God bless you and keep you safe. Ellie

  14. hey i\’m a christian!!!And i love Christiam music honestly!!

  15. Charles Nunnelly said:

    Hi, Just thought you might like to know they are doing a dig on a 9,000 year old civilization in Turkey. I do not remembe the Hebrews going back so far. I am looking up at a commet above this new one and the last sentence that agrees with you, "Either keep up with us, (the authors comma) or get left behind;-) Jason it is. Tolkein should have written the Lord of the Squares. You should really get the Hubble pictures.. If you practiced Mathew 16: 24-26 …you must put aside your selfish ambition. You would not be so ambitious in your self desires….

  16. 1cln, Wow. I have no idea where that came from but I\’ve taken the time to read your thoughts and the scripture reference you left. If you consider it selfish to worship the Lord God with all my heart, soul and mind, disregarding those around me, and completely focusing totally on Him, then yes — I am very selfish when it comes to Him and His Presence. When David worshipped the Lord until he totally "humiliated" his wife, did David take on His wife\’s offense? No, his reply? 2 Samuel 6:21-22 [New King James Version]"Therefore I will play music before the LORD. And I will be even more undignified than this, and will be humble in my own sight." (Gerry has a great post on this).In regards to your reference to Matthew 16:24-26. (Denying self, taking up cross, following Him, forget this life, take hold of eternal life, gain the world lose your soul etc). Worship represents this exactly! In worship you forget about yourself AND THOSE AROUND YOU, and you give your life completely to Him. You deny yourself and follow Him. How we look in the sight of man is irrelevant when it comes to worship. A man came to Jesus and asked to bury his dead father before He followed Jesus. Jesus\’s response? Let the dead bury the dead. Or in other words, keep up, or get left behind. Was this selfish of Jesus? (You don\’t have to answer that.)The bottom-line, and the point I was trying to make, is the difference between God-pleasing and man-pleasing. I\’m sorry, but if the church sits around and waits for every member of the congregation to get on the same page before they let worship in the church truly take full flight towards our Father in heaven — IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. The people leading worship, operating in His Divine Levitical annointing and positioning, have been placed there by God Himself BECAUSE THEY GET HIM. They desire Him, they are willing to go BEYOND THEMSELVES and into Him. The worship team should NOT base their worship on the response or acceptance of the people, but on the response and acceptance of God Himself, His presence, and the authority He has ordained. Man-pleasing stinks in the nostrils of God and He will not abide in a church that worships man more than Him.My friend, there have been worship services where I beat those drums so hard and so intensely, expressing to Him how much I loved Him. Expressing the greatness of His majesty and the fierceness of His strength and the captivating beauty of His holiness. There have been times the beat has been gentle and healing — it felt like the actual heartbeat of God flowing through me. In all of those times, it was just me and Him. No one else. Do you know how many times people in the congregation would come to me after the service and share of how God ministered to them deeply through it? How they had a personal breakthrough or healing right at those moments? Was it because of my great drumming abilities? No. Was it because I\’m such a great worshipper? No. It was because I was an instrument in His hand, totally PERSONALLY focused on Him and Him alone, and He was able to play me as His instrument, and accomplish and perform His will. It is a selfless and sacrifical act to stay so focused on God that you can\’t even see those around you. To allow yourself to be controlled and used. But as for the other people who want to check their watches, fold their arms, and think about what they\’re going to have for lunch — that\’s between them and God. In the meantime, I\’ve got personal business with the Father. We must make personal contact with Him first before we can minister to others. Otherwise we are ministering ourselves and not Him, and that my friend, is where selfishness truly resides in His church.Do these concepts make sense to you?Again thanks for your thoughts. If I have misunderstood you, then please clarify yourself. Otherwise please take time to consider what is really being said, and ask for clarification, before you assume falsely and accuse in His name. Man-pleasing is the worst temptation of the church.Jason

  17. The Word teaches us to worhip with our bodies too, so I like to tap my feet and dance a little while worhipping. Some have called it a mockery of God. When do we do it right? Anyway, I love to worship and our church has just lost its worship pastor, so I was worried, BUT, Praise the Lord, He gave us a very normal member of the church to lead us now, and he does it with so much passion, it ignites the entire church!God Bless you Gerry, just continue to worship Him, you will be blessed.Angelika

  18. That is so true. I lead worship once in a while, and when people just stand there and have a frown on their face. I just feel like telling them, Worship…Look at all God has done in our lives. Well.. God Blesss..And could you pray for me, I just gave up MSN, because it has been distracting me from God, I would stay up late, and just talk to people instead of actaully sitting down and praying to the creator. Ill be praying for the girl that went missing, May God be with her!=Desirée

  19. Charles Nunnelly said:

    I am sure you do not know where my earlier comment came from, it is just a comment to a blog as yours are. Nothing more, nothing less. You want to preach and I hoped you would not do it at me for my comments, believe what you will, just do not try to have me believe your thoughts, there are better ones, believe me.. Since you have, I can only say your one book is only a book, nothing more. The world is full of such things, even on cave walls, and minds that you have not even begun to explore. A 9,000 yearold dig in Turkey has its own voice. Beat your drums, raise you arms to an empty sky, you will not change nature or solve all the mysteries. But if you dig into the great minds of the world you may accept yourself for what you are, just another man.

  20. 1cln, Ok, well since you\’re the sane one and I\’m not. Can you please explain what the coorelation is between my original post and your statement of "selfish ambition/self desires"? And yes, I put on my pants one leg at a time like everyone else. When did I say otherwise? And I don\’t believe in a book, I know the living God. The book sure is a handy reference though. You actually took it upon yourself to quote it. Quite out of context, but hey, so has everything you\’ve said so far. The truth is you are everything you\’re accusing me of. Why not leave me to my ignorance, instead of insulting me? What satisfaction does it bring you? Can you explain the selfish sanity behind that to me? I do dig into the great minds of this earth, and in my digging, I\’ve learned to eat the meat and spit out the bones. I\’m sorry you and God don\’t see eye-to-eye, but keep that conversation between you and Him. The only mystery here is: why are you even on this site?Jason

  21. Gerry I just wanted to say you\’re awesome. What I see in Rob is that you remind him of someone that he hates that is a christian. He\’s repeating the same pattern of hate with you, but the reason he won\’t leave you alone, is because you haven\’t conformed to the pattern of that hypocritical christian that hurt him in the past. You\’ve stood in love, humility, strength and MUCH forbearance. I believe that is why God used me to speak some things to him, that had you spoken them, it would have been self-defense, but I believe you\’re operating in God defense. I\’ve said it before Gerry, you have a big heart, and your kids and those whose lives you influence are truly blessed by it. Despite all of Rob\’s wickedness, I know it\’s clear to him what a big heart you have. Don\’t give him a reason to think otherwise.Bless you!Jason

  22. Hi GerryI came across your space while going through the updated spaces list.Nice Job!This is a bit off topic…but I have a technical question for you.Could you please tell me how you got windows media player on your space?I\’ve been trying to get it on my space for a while & hope you wouldn\’t mind sharing your secret.If you can\’t help me for any reason..thats ok.I still plan to visit here time to time as I find the space refreshing.ThanksGod BlessGood WindsMIke

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