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By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going. By faith he dwelt in the land of promise as in a foreign country, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise; for he waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. Hebrew 11:8-10

I remember one day hearing a message that was so simple and yet I felt challenged by it. It was on character. It is the thing that shapes us and builds us. Without a strong character it is impossible to follow Christ. One thing that will reveal a persons character is how strongly they are committed to a cause or vision. Growing up I had many heros I would look to. The ones I liked most were those who were committed their cause no matter what the personal cost. Abraham was such a person. God had given him a promise and a vision. He was committed to the promise no matter what the cost, to the point he was ready to sacrifice his own son. Genesis 22:1-18 God rewarded his commitment and obedience and kept his promise that he would be the father of a great nation (Israel) and that his seed would redeem mankind (Jesus). Abraham didn’t see those promises fulfilled during his lifetime but it didn’t weaken his commitment to God. In Hebrews chapter 11, we read about many who because of faith and character were committed to go all the way, even to the point that they were willing to give up their lives. The early church in the books of Acts is a testimony of the commitment of the apostles and other men and women of God. Jesus is of course is the perfect example of commitment. He was committed to redeeming mankind all the way to the cross.

Today commitment is almost a bad word. Divorce is at an all time high. Employers and employees have mo respect for each other. Sports have become a farce to watch as players will only play for enormous salaries. I used to love hockey. It was my favourite sport. I was a big fan of the Montreal Canadians. They won so many times because they were commited to each as a team. Not any more. It’s all about the individual. It seems the ones most committed in the world today are those who wish to flaunt their sin. Just look at the homosexual and feminist movements and you’ll see what I mean.

Lack of commitment has even affected the church. In most churches today you are blessed if you can find 5% of your congregation committed to serving in one way or another. It is no wonder we have trouble bringing in the lost. In Acts 2:42-47 we see what could happen if we had a church full of committed people. It says in verse 47 that the Lord added daily to the church those who were being saved.

Ask these questions to yourself and bring them to God in prayer. What is your level of commitment? Do you give up when things get a little hard? Can people count on you? Are you committed to going all the way no matter what the cost?

I believe it is the truly committed ones that will hear those words that we all long to hear. "Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’ Matt. 25:23


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Comments on: "Commitment, Today’s Dirty Word" (33)

  1. Thank you for this! It needs saying, often. -A Mom in America

  2. Hi Gerry,Just stoppin in to send Blessings your way this week. I havent been by, been so busy. As always, your blogs are awesome to read :)God Bless,~♥~ Launa ~♥~ Launas ♥ Peace of Heaven ~Bear one another\’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ † –Galatians 6:2

  3. Gerry, Commitment… definitely one of my favorite words… much like longsuffering… Heh. Thank you for your committment to the body and the lost. Wonderful message of integrity!JasonPS: Still no change on Nikolos. Please continue to pray. I\’ll be going to the hospital over the next couple of days. Thank you for your concern and prayers.

  4. Hey Gerry,Yet another enlightening and thought fulfilling post! Ones committment to all things definitely says a lot about ones character.SiYa LaTeRRyan

  5. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Because of our lack of commitment I think many of us have become like the Laodicea Church talked about in Revelation, we have become lukewarm, neither cold nor hot. And God said: I would that though were cold or hot…Because though are lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. I would that more of us were not lukewarm; but on fire and all out for the Lord.

  6. Actually I think I am on your side on this one. At least if people were christian theyre wouldnt be teen prenancy or such a crappy home life because we would be following good guides and morals. But im still wondering, Why do you think the only people still true to commitment are gays and homosexuals? its just an honest question.P.s its so sad that hockey has turned into such a greedy sport, I liked it when they didnt get millions, they just played for the love of the game.

  7. ouch…thats a tough one..many of us are guilty of..yikes!

  8. That "John & Paul" in the last conversation you know they are the same person right,I have major problems with pushing people away my girlfriend says i do it my parents say i do it. i also have a drug problem, i hate most kinds of drugs and any time i see them i get hotter than the hubbs of hell mabe its my experence with them. w/e this is me rambbleing on peace and love, Mr. Zeppelin

  9. My husband and I have made a commitment to God that we will serve Him, but our way has gotten rough, and we ran. I say that in past tense because we are no longer running away from God but to Him now. We finally gotten over all of our fears by giving them all to Him and trusting Him in complete obedience. Right now we are praying on a decision that does seem obsurd from a worldly perspective, but right now that is where we feel God has something for us. My husband currently makes good money, enough that I have the luxury of staying home with the girls, but, with being told not this year for our college plans, we are facing a challenge over the next year. God is calling us to full time ministry and with him working 50 hours a week right now it is difficult to be involved as much as we would like to be, and with this change there would be no stopping us as to how much we got involved in our church. But, worldly eyes see it as a major pay cut, I believe it will be something like half of what he is making now, this would also mean me needing to work to have to replace what is lost, or at least making enough for us to make all the bills right. I am scared in the decision ahead, but also excited. If this is where God wants us to be then so be it, and it will be wonderful, Peter can then do everything he has been invisioning for our youth in our church, see, the position he is looking at taking is as our youth director. Three couples of our church went for the training college to become ministers, two of the couples were accepted, we were the third and told to wait. Our present youth director and his wife were one of the couples that were accepted to the college, so that leaves the position open, and I know that God has prepared Peter for this position and that he will do it in the strength of God. I am glad that we have finally stopped running from God and taking our commitment to Him seriously, I think great things are going to happen now, and I am sure that in the next few weeks we will be looking at our lives differently.Thank you for listening (well, reading) I think commitment is a great thing that will be rewarded greatly by God for being consistant with our commitment to Him.Blessings,Bethany.

  10. "Jonathan"/Paul/Meh…You said:"Although I agree with Paul on many points I can assure you we are not the same person" Thanks for your assurance. We believe you. No one can Rob you of your identity, although your anonymity hardly lends credibility to this assumption about you. Again, no need to defend it. We accept it.You said: "I\’d like you to be a little more careful in your generalizations or else I will generalize too and you will lose."I\’m afraid you already have. (generalized that is, lost? Heavens no!) Mr. Zeppelin is not a believer. However to assume you will always win? Is this limited to your own mind or do you actually believe this extends to reality? Doesn\’t this very thought go against your rationale that there are multple possibilities and outcomes? And why is it always a question of win or lose? Is this some kind of battle? Please tell us more!You said:"Eventually, you will come to the realization that you acting like you know as much as you do is nothing but extreme ignorance."I believe you have clearly demonstrated this statement with what you thought you knew about Mr. Zeppelin. Again, you attempt to degrade, intimidate and humiliate the christian. Even you know their basis is love, so it is most definitely a battle you will always "win", because love usually doesn\’t fight back… right? So hooray for you! Honestly, these discussions are not about religion, enlightenment, ideologies or even philosophies. It\’s just some kind of weird intellectual "bullying" coward thing. I\’m sure you were expecting a guaranteed kill right?Bottom-line you\’re trying to instill condemnation in the name of freedom. Christian or no christian, I suggest you heed your own words again:"Don\’t change your beliefs for anyone, change them for yourself"This is an understandable expression of freedom and liberty. If you are truly free and liberated, then why do you use the devices of the condemner? Why not provoke thoughts and questions directing people towards your "freedom"?Sorry, the christian is not your excuse, venting mechanism, punching bag or doormat. Sorry to have let you down. Maybe try a different breathing technique? Hmm… or maybe there is another possibility?Jason

  11. Heh. Jimmy\’s getting persecuted and hasn\’t even crossed the floor yet. Heh heh. Luv ya man!Jason

  12. Hello GerryWow! an awsome sight…. I too am led by the Lord and travel around the south pacific with my partner who is a doctor…we do two weeks on and two weeks off and I compose my own songs and sing them during our travels.I feel your blog is a great encouragement to others and I commend you for it. I also think its great to see a single father on his own raising beautiful children and teaching them about our Lord Jesus.. God Bless You. AlisonPS..my favourite childrens book is Chronicles of Narnia as well…….

  13. Good MorningRaw

  14. Phil - personal acct said:

    Oh how you hit the nail on the head. Commitment doesn\’t mean much to many people today. But I thank you for this word and for the encouragement of knowing there are some.May God continue to bless your ministry. In Jesus\’ name. Amen.

  15. hey guys I\’m just posting today to say that I went all yesterday with going bacxk to my addiction and instead i went to god instead and asked for his help I managed to get thru the day but the rest of the week will be very difficult thank you for the prayewr gerry i appreciate it

  16. JosephJust keep on seeking God and we will keep on praying for you. You can beat this thing with God\’s help.

  17. JohnathanYour arrogance is laughable. I don\’t care what you say about me but I cannot allow you to belittle others on my space buddy, that\’s the reason your comment is gone.

  18. So I took my grapefruit for a walk today with Aunt Jemima. She dreaded the fact of coating the grapefruit with her syrup but I did it anyway. And my grapefruit was pleased, he didn\’t know what to say he was too happy. Then we started talking about why headhunters are too big sometimes. By the way did you know you can only fit eight headhunters into a Mr. Zeppelin? Otherwise, you need too many dentists to keep times of the racers for the hundred metre dash. Man oh man, how I wish I was a ritz cracker.Gerry isn\’t a ritz cracker. Gerry is part of the "Ol\’ Tootenbanger Lumberjack Corp.".

  19. I think we\’re witnessing an intellectual meltdown.Jason

  20. Jason, I saw what you were saying to John and paul and ive just gotta say, lighten up. they are probably just kids who are trying to get the better of you so quit trying to pretend to be smart cause it is just coming across as being amateurish.

  21. Anonymous Poster, Give it a rest. These are the acts of a coward. We are here to share about Him. Even the most diehard athiests respect that. Please don\’t insult the athiest further.Jason

  22. what are you mad at me for, and im not athiest im christian, you dont just assume im athiest because i told you to calm down. unless that comment wasn\’t directed to me

  23. This is beyond sad now. I now see why others lose with you in your mind. Nobody wants to play the control game. Nice try — shows over. If it\’s any consolation I\’m getting a headache.Sorry for letting this run so far off Gerry. I\’m done.Jason

  24. New rule as of right now. I\’m getting pretty tired of the cowardly comments myself. Unless you leave a valid space address, your comments will be deleted. I admire people like AntitrustOyster and Jimmy Wanabe. At least they have the guts to show thier faces.

  25. its all good gerry i have nothing to hide and im not afried of any one. some people have a problem with identity you will notice if you go to my space that i use expliside language so dont be to suprized, i told every one that i talk difrent to you people.peace and love, Mr. Zeppelin

  26. ♥ Talea ♥ said:

    just wanted to stop by and say youv got a nice space =] great things you write about as welltake care

  27. and i know exactly what you mean about flanting sins why do i want to know if you like men or women when me and my friends talk we never talk about our sexual tendencies. its like the gay pride paraid whats the point to make fun of your abnormality.

  28. Hi GerryLoved your blog this evening. I just posted one on my space about people not honoring their word. When I read your blog, I realized I should have used the word "commitment" as well, as that is what I am feeling this evening too.Have a blessed eveningAngelika

  29. hey man.. said this so many times before.. butyou.are.awesome!.great stuff. *high five*[P]eace [O]ut~randy

  30. Annoyed,Wow i dont think anyone on here has known less about what they are talking about then you. women and gays have been free for a long time GET OVER IT women dont need help being sucsessful. Feminists are still prosicuted i personaly hate them cause they think that one sex is better then the other and no one is better then any one els. And god dosent turn people against each other people do fine with that all by themselves, all humanity is, is power thursty men who want more money.every one has a right to there oun apinion and since these people wont tell you i will: spare me your activist bable cause i dont want to hear it if you have something worth hearing come on back until them bu byepeace and love, Mr. Zeppelin

  31. Catch 22,if your not going to be civle them there is a need for a email address and all that but my space isnt coshure i still put it there.peace and love, Mr. Zeppelin

  32. How is that feminists are sinners now too? Oh, man, Gerry, sometimes you\’re so wise, (the irony of homosexual "sinners" being able to commit and show truer love hasn\’t been lost on me by the way) — but women who want to be treated as equal as men are There were at one time females leading congregations, but Paul was a women hater. This was not a decision by God, juts like the war in Iraq, a man spoke for Him.

  33. Hydrovitae, Wow. What a big statement to make. I guess I can assume you\’ve got some inside information that the rest of us don\’t."There were at one time females leading congregations, but Paul was a women hater." And you know this about Paul how?"This was not a decision by God, juts like the war in Iraq, a man spoke for Him." And you know this how? Jason

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