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It is always right to respect the Lord and to be careful that we don’t grieve His Spirit. But remember this that He is the Friend that is closer than a brother. The Lord is full of paradoxes. He is our sovereign King and yet He is our best Friend and most intimate Lover of our souls. When you look at the world view of a monarch, The world exalts them high above us. They seem unapproachable and are separated from us. Yet they are just men and women like us. When Christ died on the cross, He tore the veil that was between us and God and we finally had access to God’s throne. I like the way Hebrews 4:16 is written in the Amplified Bible; Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favour to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it]. That means we can approach Him with confidence and without fear. He knows us so much more intimately than we know ourselves. He knows the desires of our hearts and even knows what we are going to ask Him before we do. And yet He takes such pleasure in us asking Him questions. He revels in our fellowship with Him.

When my children were little, they used to ask me all kinds of questions. There favourite one was. "Why?" I used to get so frustrated with them asking why for every little thing and yet I knew I had to be patient as it was a natural part of their growing up. How much more patient is God with us His children when we ask why as we are maturing in Him. 

When my wife was diagnosed with mental illness and my marriage fell apart, I was left to raise two small children on my own, I was so full of hurt and despair. I went to a men’s retreat out in the country and once I was alone, I had it out with God. I yelled and screamed at Him for I don’t know how long. My biggest question was, "Why?" I yelled until I had no voice left. I thought for sure with the way I spoke to Him that I was going to be fried with a lightning bolt or something. When my anger was spent, all I could do was quietly sob. It was then that He came to me. He was so gentle. He said to me; "Gerry, are you finished now?" He then reminded me of all the things He had done the way he had reminded Job, and asked me if I could do the things He could do and know the things He did. He told me there were things that He was working out that at that moment that I didn’t need to concern myself with. I just needed to trust Him. Then He told me how much He loved me. I just sobbed and sobbed. A 38 year old man crying in the arms of his Friend and King. There was no lightning bolt or anger. Only love.  God is big enough to take our questions as long as they are done out of a sincere heart. The heart of child. The heart of a worshipper.


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Comments on: "Jesus, Our King and Yet Our Closest Friend" (36)

  1. Hi, I was just browsing the msn webspaces for some inspiration and came across a link to your site, it\’s really great to see someone dedicate a whole site to God. It gave me inspiration for things to put on my own site (which is only for personal use at the moment) – i intend to mention our God a lot more and hopefully encourage a few people along the way. I was also very interested in copying your \’Take a stand for Jesus\’ banner to put on my own blog, but for some reason I cant make it work. Any ideas?Please feel free to email me, or even add me to your msn chat address book. Take Care and God Bless you and your family.Cheryl.x

  2. My brother in Christ, you don\’t know how greatful I am to the Lord that I stumbled across your space. I am 27 I also went through the same thing except my wife didn\’t have mental illness, more like a spiritual illness. My wife is not a believer. And I didn\’t have a retreat to go to either in order to get reaquainted with Christ. I spent 3 years living alone, no phone, no car, far family and my wife and son. A spent many months crying and yelling why this and why that. And I was spent, when I had no more energy or reason to yell to Him, He gently and lovingly reached out to me. My relationship with my wife is still in God\’s hands. In other words, it\’s changing but I don\’t know what changes it\’s going through. I find myself encountering my brothers and sisters in faith who are weary or defeated. I just started my blog and I would love your input on how to further inspire our brothers and sisters. I find that as I write, I minister to myself as well as others. That\’s when I find great joy and thank the Lord for everything that has happend. Keep the faith strong dear brother. For we are redeemed and prepared for the greatest war in the history of creation.

  3. Gerry,Wow. Thank you once again for your witness of Him. His love endures forever!Jason

  4. I have a question,I heard that it said that God saves all of our tears in a bottle. I can\’t find this anywhere in the bible but it really hit home with me. I felt that showed a special love. It really meant a lot but may just be a nice thought.What do you know about this?Why?

  5. Footprints in the Sand….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the LORD. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there were one set of footprints. ….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints. So I said to the LORD, ….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….“You promised me LORD, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?”….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….The LORD replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand, is when I carried you.”….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….Mary Stevenson© 1984

  6. ☺ Hi~brother in CHRIST~These Hymns are also excellent (right click & save as~)!!! ^.^❤†For Unto Us a CHILD is Born†❤(Mp3)http://www.east.casgv.org/Media/Hymns/Choir/For%20Unto%20Us%20a%20Child%20is%20Born.mp3❤†The LORD Prayer†❤(Mp3)http://www.east.casgv.org/Media/Hymns/The%20LORD%20Prayer.mp3❤†I Stand in Awe†❤(Mp3)http://www.east.casgv.org/Media/Hymns/I%20believe%20in%20Jesus.mp3◦◦ĢØĐ◦ßζ€ڴڴ◦◦ your whole family with blessings & peace!!! Amen!!! † ^.^

  7. ~ Pauline ~ said:

    Hi Gerry …Once again … Your writtings and Gods\’ works have inspired me… Thank you …God bless Pauline your sister in Christ

  8. I just love how people like this try to hide their comments in my guestbook away from be commented on. Anyway everybody have fun with this one. – Gerry—————————————————————-yeah… gods pretty cool~ me and her go way back!! *waits for narrow minded "followers" to chase me* listen… i\’ve read a lot of the bible and from my knowledge of the great book its full of lies which restrict true spiritual growth. not to mention the hundreds of contradictions and instances of sexist propoganda! I do believe in God which I percieve as an omnipotent conscious force encompasing every particle throughout the universe. This force is neither good nor evil. Its a singular balance of everthing that exists on both sides of the spectrum. We interact with this force whether we are aware of it or not. And its only once we become aware that we can unlock the true sectrects of how we create the external reality around us. Its time to step out of the confining beliefs of the past and elevate into a new age of enlightenment. Its not about which side you choose. Its about doing what you believe is right! We are all so different so why conform to a "mold" which may not fit!? let us rejoice at the whim of our collective souls and experience life as it should be… *free* August 10 12:44 PM Published by: επσζγ (http://spaces.msn.com/members/pyramid-seven/)

  9. Viviana Alejandra said:

    very good!!! congratulations!!!

  10. cj-wolfchick:Psalms 56:8 [Amplified]You number and record my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle–are they not in Your book?Beautiful picture of God\’s understanding and compassion for us. The old custom was if someone was going to die and was suffering, they would catch their tears in a bottle to serve as memorial of them when they passed.Jason

  11. AntitrustOyster, Your friend\’s death has nothing to with Gerry, any of us, christianity, OR HER PARENTS. People have committed suicide because the one they loved chose another. Is it the other that they choses\’s fault? Or is it their own poor judgement to take their own lives. Forgive my insensitivity, but your post in exactly flowing with any either: Suicide is the wrong choice, christian or no christian. People love to call these things tragedy. I call it the pity party that never ended.Jason

  12. I like ppl who have friends that haven\’t been dead for 2000 years

  13. Toy StoryVery perceptive. Cause I don\’t have any friends that have been dead for 2000 years. Jesus is alive, not dead!

  14. Hi.Interesting discussion you\’ve got going on here. I don\’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone, but I wanted to ask…When you say God spoke to you, do you mean you actually heard a voice, or was it more of a spiritual understanding that came to you after your moment of emotional exhuastion? I ask because I\’m an agnostic, and, having never heard/felt anything like what you\’ve described, I\’m curious. What distinguishes this kind of communication from internal thought or other feelings that you might get? How do you know it\’s God?

  15. gildeddawnIn my emotional exaution, give me a break. When God speaks, you have know doubt whatsoever that it was Him. He came in a still small voice that cut right through all the confusion. He showed me things that I before couldn\’t understand. When God is there and reveals Himself there is an awe and a majesty. Your every thoght is laid bare and you realize just how unworthy we as human beings are. And yet there is a love that emenates from Him that is overwhelming. I have heard His voice many times and not just in a state of as you say emotional exaustion.

  16. Okay thanks!…i am bawling my eyes out now. How many times have I asked why? How many times have I whined about something that was so minuscule only for God to remind me that He was in control and would no doubt take care of me. I am not saying that your whys were minuscule…please don\’t think that…just realizing that there are so many times that I get angry at God and yell and scream (sometimes inwardly) only to hear Him call my name and say….be still….and know that I AM GOD! Thank you Gerry for sharing something so personal again..and helping to open my own eyes a little more wider.Blessings,~Val~

  17. I didn\’t mean to imply that you were making it up because of your emotional exhaustion. I really was curious. But you give the same explanation everyone gives, which is very difficult to understand from the perspective of someone who hasn\’t experienced it and has no faith. Thanks for replying.

  18. gildeddawn, That is an awesome question. God speaks many ways. The most obvious is our conscience, when we\’re about to do something we shouldn\’t. He speaks through our circumstances, unctions, through others… donkeys. 🙂 (If you don\’t know the Bible you won\’t get it). Personally for me, for the most part, He speaks into my thoughts. And not usually thought the thoughts in my mind, but through the thoughts in my heart. The thoughts are external to myself. How do I know this? When I first met God, I didn\’t trust the Bible, so I never read it, because it was written by man and was subject to human error, and I did not want to insult the God that I knew. I was coming home on the bus one day, and God was speaking to me about a certain situation I was having… It was some intense and deep stuff. When I got home, I had a Bible just sitting there. I picked it up and opened it to a page randomally, and what I read was WORD FOR WORD what God had spoke to me on the bus. We\’re not just talking a sentence… we\’re talking a full page of text. Now that I\’ve confirmed an external entity, how do I know this entity is God? It is His presence. My first experience with God was in my bedroom, just laying there and an invisible presence of love came into the room with me. The love invaded me and turned me into a semi-permeable membrane of love. Meaning He sensitized me to knowing what is Him and what isn\’t. How did He do that? He forgave me of my sins, and restored my heart to a pure state that knew know sin. When sin approaches, it screams. To discern God\’s voice and truth I think is a combination of having His Spirit actively operating within you, knowing His Word, and knowing yourself enough to separate your own emotional/logical/natural thoughts from the thoughts that are higher than us. Conversely there are other thoughts external to us that can invade, more commonly known as the enemy. Also it takes a lot of practice. I did a lot of things thinking that it was God that said it to me, only to fall flat on my face and realize it was me wanting God to say that to me. Through my experience and over time I feel I am learning to hear his voice clearer and differentiate myself and the enemies. There are a few more spiritual aspects that confirm his signature, but I\’m not going to get into that as this post went way longer than I wanted it to.Again, good question.Jason

  19. smokey macpot said:

    ill let you know i may believe in god and all but if he didnt want us to do drugs and drink why does he put it on earth i used to think like all the people who visit your site i just want you to know this is in no way bashin you i just want to say you did a brave thing in puttin yourself to the wolves and even if you cant help me im sure youll be able to reach someone

  20. i_love_vodka_1, The truth is the Earth is under a curse. And part of serving God is knowing what things on this Earth are cursed, and what things are not. He says you will know them by their fruits. Meaning after you smoke and drink, where does it end? For me it would end in depression, doing REALLY stupid things that I regretted, hangovers, burnouts, addiction… etc. The fruits of these behaviors are not of God. This is spiritual discernment, there is more in the Bible concerning alcohol, (wine & strong drink), and drugs, (believe it or not, are a fundamental form of witchcraft).Take care,Jason

  21. hey….um im a "christian" n i have been since i was 6. I kinda like havv a problem….seee i dunt hav the passion that everyone has n like i hear ppl say..o god is god…god luvs is amazin n i cant say that i can actually feel that. I guess i dunt trust him ne more….like ive been thru soo much stuff in ma life n im only 14. Stuff that some 1 of my age shudnt eva hav to go thru….n i guess…i blame him forr it….well umm i kinda need yerr advice soo if yew can email me bakk that widd b nicee thxx mary_mary53@hotmail.com

  22. Keep up the good work on blogging…..you are reaching people. Thanks Robin Carlson

  23. Hi GerryHope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by. As much as I know, it really is good to see it and to have it repeated to me. I know it is the same for all…He truly is with us every step of the way…even when we don\’t see it. Thank God for His manifold goodness and amazing infinite LoveGod blessNessp.s. I love that CD!

  24. Hi Gerry, Oh always stopping by, for inspiration and courage, you are an awsome man of God, keep up the lords work, God Bless you and your family, hugs and Prayers* Verna

  25. hey gezza, sorry I havent been here a whole lot, ive been busy, trying to keep my space updated and keep up with school and help people out left right and center, as well as spending time with my boyfriend, gets a little busy. Just thought id pop by and say ello while i have a few minutes spare. love clairegod bless

  26. charlotte said:

    another inspirational blog! always a blessing to come by your space! keep going for gold xxx

  27. hey Gerry how are you? God truly is our bestfriend!!He is always there for us when no one else is,Ilove Him so much!!!!! Godbless you brother!!! In Christ Michele

  28. I got a Bible from a hotel in Hongkong, but I found it very difficult to read and understand in English. I tried several times to put myself into it, however, I always failed to make myself understand those stories and plots…I don\’t know if everyone needs belief. If we do ,then must it be Jesus Christ or what else?

  29. Montgomery I would suggest that you find a bible in your own language and that will help you understand a little easier. Jesus loves you my friend. Before I came to Christ I had trouble understanding the bible as well, but once I recognized I was a sinner and asked Jesus to be part of my life, the word became alive and it all made perfect sense. What happened to me is that upon my salvation, I recieved His Holy Spirit and I now saw it through spriitual eyes. Hope that helps you in some way.

  30. I\’ve had many arguements with God, but He always shows nothing but love towards me. What an awesome God we serve.

  31. silverdoves said:

    I found this entry inspirational, and reaffirmed some things that I have been working through with a friend. He is having so much trouble with that why question and is battling anger towards God because he cannot understand. I have been comforting him and bringning up the story of Job often, and by reading this I have felt stronger in my desire to help him, and feel more confident on how I can help by emphasizing God\’s love and forgiveness. This is an awesome space and I am going to provide a link to it from my own as well as check back periodically. It is amazing what God will do and will overlook (forgive) because of His undeserved love. I\’ve seen this sort of thing in my own life as well. I truly am unworthy, but at all times greatful for His Mercy.

  32. nope… God does exist… and whether you like it or not… HE LOVES YOU!

  33. Surprise surprise… He still loves you… dont deny Him man…. No weapon will prosper against Him

  34. Ok, so what do you call people that have nothing better to do with their time than post the same hateful comments over and over again? Hmm… maybe we should be more like you instead, right? You know what life is all about, right? I mean, you\’re the real winner here right?Get up, get out more, and get a life. Jason

  35. Well whoever you are, I just asked MSN to trace you. They don\’t take too kindly to spammers.

  36. CALL FOR HELP! Hi everyone, There is a little 8-week-old baby here struggling for his life. He was born with his left lung not functioning properly, and basically needs a new lung. The child is on life support and the doctors have recommended that the parents take the child off of life support, and let him die. We refuse to let him die. He was supposed to die in the womb, he survived. He was supposed to die during the child birth, he SCREAMED when he came out. He was supposed to die after the first operation, he didn\’t. He was supposed to die after the second operation, he excelled. He just needs to go to the next level of healing. His name is: Nicholas Emmanuel Lafollette His name means: Nicholas: Victorious people of God Emmanuel: God with us PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM. Especially if you are fasting, PLEASE pray for him. We are believing for God to extend his mercy on this child and to show His Glory and proclaim His majesty through him. We are believing for a new lung. We are believing for this child to have the opportunity of life. Please pray for this child as he was your own son. Thank you in advance, Jason

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