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Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed,
      Because His compassions fail not. 
      They are new every morning;
      Great is Your faithfulness
. Lamentations 3:22-23

Around the time I started going out with Elaine, My cousin June decided she was moving to British Columbia. We have always been close. She has been more of a sister than a cousin to me. Always willing to listen patiently to my problems. It broke my heart that she had to go.

June and her sister Bonnie were raised by their mom as their dad had abandoned them when they were toddlers. They lived just a few streets away from us in Verdun and were often over at our house. We had some fun times together. Her mom was a Christian as well and they also went to Verdun Pentecostal Church as children. Like myself, June fell away as a teenager from the Lord. Many of my girlfriends were introduced to me through June including one with which I lived with when I was about 19 or 20. That girl had a brother with whom June developed a relationship and got pregnant from. She gave birth to a girl and named her child Sherry.

That guy was a major problem, he was involved in stealing cars and other things and one day he was arrested on suspicion of a series of rapes that had been happening in the city. He was tried and found guilty. June cut off the relationship with him at that point, but still maintained a friendship with another of his sisters named D. Just before I came back to Christ, June had come back as well. This woman also gave her heart to the Lord along with her. D. wanted her brother to know Christ as she really believed that Jesus could change him.

It was set up that I could go and visit Him in Laval maximum security and it was there through the glass I was able to lead Him to the Lord. He became very hungry for Christ and started studying the bible. June decided it would be good to reconcile with Him and they decided to get married. But there was a problem. The federal government would be transferring him to a prison in B.C. June had to make a decision to move. It would be hard as she knew no one there, but she believed it was something she had to do. I was going to miss her greatly and I still do.

While in B.C., A. Became a model prisoner and June and him were wed. Because of his model prisoner status he was given an early parol and he went to live with June. He was doing very well and had a really good job, but one day started acting strange and coming home at strange hours. His job began to suffer as well. It wasn’t too long before the police were at their door and looking for A. Apparently there were a series of rapes going on in that area. He had made the mistake of taking one of the women’s bank cards and going to an ATM to withdraw funds and was caught on video. He was put away again in prison, this time as a dangerous offender with no chance of parole. June had to testify against him and it was one of the most trying times of her life. But it was her faith in God that sustained her. We wanted her to come home, but she really felt God still wanted her in B.C. She is now divorced from this man and has since remarried. She has 2 other daughters and is now a grandmother as well. She has been through so much and yet her faith in Christ has sustained her through everything she has passed through. I thank God for my cousin and yes I still miss her, but there is eternity coming and there will be lots of time for us to spend together.

After June left, God started moving in other areas of my life. He started bringing other family members such as my mom and her boyfriend John. John was a good man. My mom had gone through so much with my dad and had been lonely for quite a while. John was everything my mom needed. He treated my mom like a queen. He was divorced and had 5 children as well, when he moved in with my mom one of his daughters moved in with them. They started coming to church and because of conviction of the Lord they got married.

My brother David was the second oldest of my brothers, me being the oldest. There always seemed to be a rivalry between us. As much as my dad picked on me, it seemed David could do know wrong. David also liked to joke around and had an out going personality, where as I was shy and closed in. It seemed that whenever I had friends they would eventually gravitate towards David. I used to get so angry that many of them would choose David over me. I would also be jealous over some of the girls he would go out with and I would try and compete for them as well.

One evening, I sat down with David and confessed my heart to Him. I told him how I had been so jealous of him when we were younger and I asked him for forgiveness. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Tears began to fall from his eyes. I could tell it was the Holy Spirit touching him. There was one thing about David and that has been that he has always had a sensitive heart. I invited him to church. On that morning I sang There Is a Redeemer by Keith Green and my heart swelled with emotion and pride to see my brother there sitting in the congregation. After the message Pastor Ken Bombay gave an alter call and my brother Dave was the first one up there. It was a glorious day. God had brought family into the church to replace what I had lost in my cousin June.


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Comments on: "The Way of a Fool – Part 10" (35)

  1. ❤†What A Happy Day†❤1What a happy day, when I no more could turn away. When JESUS took my heart from the black of night, into the kingdom of HIS light. 2As I turn to HIM, HE fills me with HIS life within. HIS life becomes my life in reality; Oh, hallelujah, HE\’s in me!◦◦ĢØĐ◦ßζ€ڴڴ◦◦ your whole family with a blessed new week!!! Amen!!! † ^.^

  2. As I read a few of your Blogs, I asked myself…I wonder what this guy thinks OTHERS think of him, his convictions, his faith, his complete and utter focus on it. Can you imagine what I thot as I read them? Do you imagine it impresses or raises eyebrows?…Do you see it as a tool to evangelize? What else?…I once entered a Ladies restroom as a child by mistake…knew imediately I was somewhere I did not belong…another time I was invited to a party where men were pairing up and dancing, the gay scene is not something I do…like going to the other partys mass meeting, or the time a neighbor invited me to join the john birch society, I understrood by just could not find any part of me attracted to that view….reading your blog I discovered that I had again found myself somewhere I do not belong. frankly, finding something so tinted by this world view kinda scares me…I am sure there is nothing but goodness in your every intention, your every certainty…Moslems are so certain that everyone was born moslem that they call conversion..reversion…such implied error on the part of others has often bothered me, so when I encounter it in the christian faiths, I first look around me to make sure I am well grounded, and then I decide to go where I belong….hopefully a tolerant place where MY views are not the focus of existance…Best wishes in your acquisition of the qualities of your example…and in the discovery of what HE was really like.

  3. Happy Spread The Love Day!!!Raw

  4. I\’d just like to say, I have a lot of respect for you and I believe that the things you say are important. ❤ Could I possibly add you to my friends list, so that others can get here through my space? Hit me back.Thanx,Naile Duncan.

  5. hello…i may not kno much about god but this is a really good space…it is tru to ur heart and reflects an wat kind of person u r…and thats a good thing 😀 P.S. plz leave a comment on my space…its sorta…akward…but its funny…to me…lol

  6. Please know that I respect you and your beleifs. I just don\’t understand why it\’s so hard for other christians (not necesarily you) to accept and respect others beleifs. I left a comment on your blog that you wrote on august third, and it has more questions. I hope you take the time to read my comment, as I took the time to read your whole blog page. Thank you very much, and I hope to speak with you soon.

  7. ~ Pauline ~ said:

    Hello Gerry, Here I am finding myself reading testimonies…Even at times I complain about what is happening in my life… I enjoy coming here to read; for it makes me reflect on my life and how truly blessed it is. God is faithful and His Love endures… God Bless Brother to you and your family.. Pauline… Sister in Christ

  8. Gerry, I was hit again this morning. If you have a direct line to MSN can you get these guys on this? In my statistics the message reads "AllyourSpaceBelong2Us" In the referring address it is " http://planettribes.com/allyourbase/ABS2swf " 16 times on my site, 30 on my husbands, 19 on mine all between a matter of seconds. I reported it to MSN but I think they\’re on vacation, at least till Monday for non-favorites. Any help would really be greatly appreciated!!! I don\’t know if it\’s a worm or kids messing around or what. I just don\’t want to pass it along to "my kids". Thanks and prayer would really be appreciated here! God bless! A Mom in America

  9. Rosemary said:

    *tear* what a nice testimony…I am also working with a teen we took in from the streets 4 years ago..he has also come to the Lord and is drug free now…I wrote all about it in your site to that creepy Fatman (who can\’t spell) God is wonderful and answers prayers…man does he answer prayers..I have the gift of intercesory prayer (sp?) and am using it all I can…Bless YOU Gerry

  10. hi i don\’t want you to come to my space but i would like you to write another blog explaining answer to this please.I don\’t go to church but i do believe in god. although my parents do notcan i still go to heaven?

  11. I want to start with a confession: I am an Agnostic. I was raised Lutheran and I know my bible well… perhaps too well. Not only was my education rooted in Christianity, but I have also dedicated much of my personal energy towards seeking truth. I\’ve read the entire bible but will not claim to understand much of it at all. All of that being said: I believe there is a definate Good and Evil that fights a battle in this Universe. I pray nightly to that which I hope is Good and I call that Good God. I pray the prayer which Jesus taught his deciples and I pray in His holy name. My faith is based deeply in Hope. I hope He is listening and I believe He has answered some of my prayer, although I must admit, I did not often care for the answers I received. I guess, in short, I struggle with God daily.That is my story. This is what I wanted to say to you. I am so thankful that you are doing the work of Good. I am even more thankful that in this time of "sickness" in our entertainment industry MSN has chosen your page for the "Best of". My hope is that it will touch the lives of many who may feel as alone as Elijah (or was it Elisha) when he asked God to let him be done, for there is not one good person left on Earth. Thank God for people such as yourself. You will be in my prayers.Thomas

  12. since that guy started a confession: the guy who stuck that neddle in babe got out today and iv been watching him to see if he is going to screw up and i dont know if you will like these options but i dont know what to do i know he is going to start selling again and im not turning him in cause obviously it didnt work so ether im going to send him to a fleet camp (witch you probubly dont know but it is bad) or im thinking of just rilly hurting him very bad.im probubly not right but w/e he deserves what he gets for killing my babys peace and love, Mr. Zeppelin

  13. I undestand your love for Our Lord and for Jesus, so do I , well… I don\’t have much time for reading all the blogs, but I know what do you mean with everything of this, I really don\’t know if you\’re catholic, although i\’m two countries south of you, we have a great thing in common, our love for God.Let\’s continue our lives with the help of God, for good.

  14. believing in jesus is so hot right now

  15. I came across your page. All the power to you =) God is great!

  16. Hi Gerry! Welcome to MSn spaces and many congrats to you! I was THRILLED to your site chosen! God has a plan for us through you, I will definately be back often. God\’s peace!Denise

  17. spread the love…i support you faithfully!!

  18. I am gay, but I love God and go to church.Am I a bad person? Am I going to hell?Why does God shun me?

  19. Jakie,god dosent shun you every one els dose the bible has been misenturprited so many times there wasnt gay men when they wrote it so how can it be a sin what is there a new josif a new john righting for god now.Mr. Zeppelin

  20. your not rong as long as you live well if who you love is rong in gods eyes then he truly dosent love every one.Jakie love is a very powerful thing and if your love for who you think is your god is strong enuf nothing will matter.Mr. Zeppelin

  21. JakieHomosexuality is a sin, but that doesn\’t mean that God hates you. He loves you but your sin puts a wall between yourself and Him. He wants you to come out of it and be free and that freedom comes through Jesus Christ. If you submit yourself to Him and allow Him to change you He will.

  22. Jimmy WanabeGod does love everyone. But it is their sin that seperates them from Him. Their eyes have been closed by it. The bible we have today is 99.5 % the same as what the early believers had. There are more ancient manuscripts to back up biblical texts then there are of all the other ancient books put together. Homosexuality has been around since man fell. Aside from it being the sin for which Sodom was destroyed, it was a problem in the great empries of Greece and Rome and one of the reasons that led to their downfall. But of course society doesn\’t learn from the lessons of the past.

  23. You know to tell someone that being gay is wrong is just stupid it\’self that\’s there lifestyle not yours. As you said befor your not in an actualy religon but your a follower of his teachings. Well why aren\’t you in a specific religeon yet you talk about others not being right. Personally I think your a hipacrit! Don\’t talk bad about people when you don\’t have an actualy religeon to back it up!

  24. TheUnknowSoldier,i dont need a god to back me up on my thoughts they are called mine. like i want boundrys, I am NO FOLLOWER i dont need god or ANY religion i have experiance to back up what i say and i tell people what is right not what i think is right.and i think it is fine who ever you love i dont care just dont tell me.peace and love,

  25. TheUnknowSoldierThe person asked me a question and I answered it. No I am not religious, but I know the difference between right and wrong as the bible and the Holy Spirit teach it to me. It\’s God\’s view that it is sin and sin is sin no matter what you call it.

  26. you know i think me and jason are the most here this has been some experance

  27. Wow Gerry, congrats on the Best of MSN! I was so excited to see your name pop up on there. I am sure the numbers on your site have for sure increased now! Way to go! I am back from camp…had an absolute wonderful experience…as I always do. I love to watch God work in the hearts of young people. We had an incredible worship band for the week. I love to see the kids let go of everything and worship without fear or walls. God is so AMAZING! You keep up the great work! Blessings, ~Val~

  28. This would also think of the verse Romans 13:13, a formal verse that I had posted, last month on my space.Also, I feel as if I can talk to you about some of my issues, in the future, from reading your blogs.

  29. TheUnknownSoldier: You said: "Personally I think your a hipacrit! Don\’t talk bad about people when you don\’t have an actualy religeon to back it up!" Ok, you\’re talking bad about Gerry. Do you have a religion to back it up? Secondly, how long are you going to continue to hide behind this name and throw stones like a coward? Why not show yourself, and participate in the search for truth. Why do you hide and call yourself a soldier? If you think we\’re so wrong and you\’re so right, then maybe represent yourself a little better. A little less baseless insult, and a little more truth. Something is eating at you no doubt.Jason

  30. TheUnknowSoldierYour language and attitude leave a lot to be desired and so I deleted your comment. It sounds like you have quite a big chip on your shoulder. You need to take care of that before it harms your health. Anger like that can destroy you.

  31. ur totally awsome dude ^^

  32. Michael Hough said:

    You do know that God doesn\’t exist?

  33. FreedomYou do know by saying that it makes you a fool right?

  34. Hey Pastor Gerry!!!1 Just droping by, I see alot of comments here all the time I love it!!!! Keep up the Faith.God Bless you in all your doing here. your sister in Christ Joanne

  35. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Freedom,To say there is no God, in an absolute sense, presupposes infinite knowledge.So how can one say there is no God, in an absolute sense, unless one has infinite knowledge?And if one does have infinite knowledge; that is really what they are denying, that there is no one who has infinite knowledge. (From my blog titled ***ATTENTION-THIS IS IMPORTANT ***)

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