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MSN What’s Your Story

I want to thank MSN Spaces for featuring The Worshipper’s Space this week on What’s Your Story? All I can say is to God be all the glory. You can see it here;
Also Thank-you to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. You make being part of the Body a joyous experiance. Keep on serving Him.

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  1. That\’s awesome. Congrats!Jason

  2. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Way to go, can\’t think of a better person for it!

  3. logansdaddy said:

    Congrates, you desreve some "return" on your hard work spreading the Word of God. You also deserve respect for being such a great role model for your childern. …"Great choice MSN"…tom g

  4. my pops died when i was 13 thats when i turned 2 da "streets" as u woul call it 2 deal wit da pain i said i loved the lifestyle i didnt say i wasnt gunna do nething wit my life im hooked up wit dis guy n we started our own little music production studio in our basement.. all my boys dat i roll wit stick wit me 2 da end sry 2 hear ur boys would jet n leave..correct me if i read it wrong…when da police pull up me n da boys wouldnt run we stick it out n deal wit it y run from somtin we did n when we had it out wit otha crews n i got hit it was my boys who took me 2 the hospital wen i told em not 2…as 4 why i love da lifestyle cuz i love da respect da fear da worryin da watchin my back i love it all…but if i had a son i would trade it all 4 him not 2 get involved cuz when i do have a son he is not gunna have 2 worry wheather his daddy gunna come home or not

  5. Great space Gerry! I am book marking it.Thanks,Thejoester

  6. Fat-man9, Do you realize what you\’re saying? You\’re saying that the life you\’re living is not good enough for your son, but it\’s ok for you. Isn\’t that like saying you\’re not good enough? That was one of my hugest beefs with Tupac and his self-esteem destroying music. He comes off as this heartfelt, noble gangster, who would sacrifice it all for others, but the truth is most of his music is filled with self-pity, pain, dispair, and bottom-line lies. That\’s why so many people feel Tupac, because he touches these painful emotions through his music. But he never offers a way out. He embraces the pain and the tragedy of it all. It\’s real but it\’s stupid. As for the faithfulness of your "boys". Humans aren\’t perfect… you\’ll see soon enough. The truth is, you should believe for yourself what you\’ll believe for your son. Do you think that when you have a son, you\’ll just hit some magic button and suddenly change everything for him? It won\’t happen. Change takes time, and the time is now before you bring the child into the world. If you\’re really planning on being a good father, you\’ll step up your own life now, so when he opens his little eyes and looks at you, you\’ll already be what you want him to be. I\’m sorry about your Dad. Try and find a positive, solid, male mentor in your life. Someone you can identify with… Someone whose not afraid to tell you the truth, and someone who is having success with their own life. But all of this is futile, if it\’s not in your heart to change. If you love this life so much, your son\’s fate is sealed already.Jason

  7. Rosemary said:

    Way to go Gerry!!! I knew this was a great venue….but I really missed my morning devotions today…had to read the Today book twice..once in the morn and at our usual dinner devotions…it was the good ol\’ Ruth and Naomi story and the kids kept saying Oprah instead of Orpha…kinda funny…you are truely a man of God..now I must speak to Fatman

  8. Rosemary said:

    Dear Fatman….don\’t use not having a father as an excuse for your ways…I am sorry for you that he died, mine is also gone. I have a loving family and loving church family who got me through it. We as a family have taken on a street kid, he was 16 when he came to us thru our daughter from work. She asked if he could stay for the weekend…he never left…he was heavily involved in drugs but he came to church with us every Sunday. He moved to BC and got worse into drugs…he still always believed in the power of prayer because I always told him I was praying for him and the prayers always worked out….I told him exactly what I was praying for and they always were answered…he has since accepted Jesus into his life. His father beat the crap outta him all his life and at 14, after he was arrested for stealing a car, came home got the **** knocked outta him and left…the Lord led him to our city…where he lived with his equally loser Uncle…now he is back here with us..he is totally drug free and knows he owes it all to God….one of his fave musicians is Micheal W. Smith…I gave him a cd b4 he left for BC..he wore it out and burned himself a new one…now he has left his bad friends and his old life behind…I have never seen a happier 19 yr old in my life…the Lord changed him and can change you…if you let him in…you are not a bad person, God loves you..and you really need him..think about it….and really am sorry about the dictionary remark…thanks Gerry for letting me respond on your site..Fatman….give us your site. I\’d love to see it..Sermon over..Amen and Amen..Shalom

  9. Congrats Gerry!!!!

  10. Teresa Dawn said:

    Congrats Gerry!

  11. good job on the site christ is the only

  12. by the way i noticed the music you listening too i just want to suggest some more christian music for the people who like heavy metal and and a bit of RnB and rock.The bands are: DCTalk, Creed, P.O.D., Switchfoot, Blindside, Chevelle, Pillar, 12 stones

  13. Butterfly Man's Daughter said:

    Congratulations!May God Bless your effort here.

  14. glancin susan i didnt even read n im not gun read it i read a line dont use not havin a father 4 a life style but w.e say wat u want i dun curr im not even gunna waste time readin it u have showed nottin but disrespect

  15. n 4 another thing somtin that i did my son dont need 2 go threw i want my son 2 be happy cuz somtin dat i no will be different homie look at the game he still a gangbanger n has a son but his son dont have 2 hustle 2 make money as neither mine why should he when daddy will be here 2 give him his things

  16. Can I just say how proud I am of you. Love Mom

  17. WOW!!! let it be glory to God through your msn space story!!! Praise the Lord… and let His word be known through your space… what a exciting! Congrats!!!! whooooo! YES!! keep up, bro! You reap a reward for your hard work for Christ and let it be glory in Him …PTL!

  18. This is a comment that was left in my guestbook. I had previouly asked this person not to post there, but obviously they didn\’t listen, so I have moved it here. Feel free to comment anyone. I\’ll be adding my own comments about this very dangerous doctrine later.—————————————————————- I do understand your comments, Gerry. I also understand that a lot of Catholics have fallen away from God\’s Church because they do not understand the whole concept of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I was amongst the lost at one point also. I was different sects and cults that made the same claims as you. Unfortunately, it was outside the Catholic Church that I found a confusing mix of noise and emptiness. Smiles that concealed deciet. I also actually heard the devil laugh at me one night for following his false beliefs. That\’s when I came back and have followed Our Lord Jesus Christ ever since. I know you\’ll probably refute this, that\’s okay. I know who I am and where God wants me and that\’s more important that anything the material earthly churches could ever offer.I\’ve got some questions for you though. Would you please have the courtesy and integrity to answer?1. You deny the Blessed Virgin Mary\’s importance in our salvation. Okay, then how do you explain the many, many miracles that Our Lord Jesus Christ has performed through her? Please, don\’t give me that "false prophets" stuff. That protestant propaganda faded long ago. I\’m looking for something factual that can dispute what God Himself has brought about.2. How do you explain the many, many historically documented cases of the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing to people? Even scientists and historians haven\’t been able to refute her appearances, how do you?3. On many occassions in her appearances, Our Lord Jesus Christ has accompanied her. How do you explain that?4. Why are so many protestant organizations so fixated lately on the sex life of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph her spouse? Surely that is a private matter between them and God. It\’s also very common knowledge that the single reference to "brothers and sisters" of Christ referred to his relatives at the time and not necessarily that Our Lord Jesus Christ actually had any direct brothers and sisters. It\’s a moot point but protestants do seem to be quite hung up on it of late. Why is that? 5. Why do protestants like so much noise and material gains as opposed to quiet time for prayer? I know a great many Catholic Churches that are open on a daily basis for anyone to come in a spend some time in quiet prayer. However, nowhere have I found ANY protestant churches that provide this courtesy. 6. Protestants go to church on convenience not out of Love for God. I know this from experience. I was in your cults. I was told that it wasn\’t important to attend church and yet God\’s Holy Commandments themselves express a desire for us to "keep Holy the Sabbath day". So…why the heavy metal, head banging Friday night concerts instead of quiet supplication and adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Sundays?These questions are asked with sincerity, Gerry. I have been deeply hurt by such brainwashing techniques in my youth and am confused as to why people such as yourself prefer to deny the Truth that God Himself has brought through His Only Son Our Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.I know you mean to be sincere but you confuse people more when you print falsehoods as you have done. The passage from Revelations is not confusing in the least. It is directly linked to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Those with eyes that are open can see this. Why do you not?I\’m looking for honest, factual, documented asnwers Gerry. Not protestant propaganda that turns me away from God again. Published By cjeb2005 (http://spaces.msn.com/members/pathinthewilder…) – August 04 11:46 PM

  19. Rosemary said:

    Did he just call us a cult??? wake up and get it, the only WAY is through Jesus directly, not thru Mary, the pope, the priest, the mailman, dog-groomer…a cult????? ouch

  20. Hi Gerry..thanks for dropping by my Space the other day. I pray for God to continue His good work in you and for your eyes to always be on the Cross of Christ. Blessings on you and your family. Sue

  21. Hey, Gerry!! Congrats!Hot is an understatement!!! I am getting central air installed on Monday, I can\’t stand it anymore!!! lolHope you have a great day!!!Kim

  22. cjeb2005 , As much as you claimed the sincerity of your questions, it really left a bad taste in my mouth. Chiefly because not once did I hear any reference to your personal relationship with God, His Word, or any respect for other peoples relationship with God. As far as you being hurt etc, and people being deceitful. They exist in every church, yes, even Catholic. It sounds like you have been lead by personal comfort rather than lead by what God wants you to do for him. And that my friend is man-pleasing, and it stinks in the nostrils of our God. As far as whether Mary was divine or deserves worship etc, I have a few questions for you. (I actually asked another Catholic recently these questions, but I don\’t think they had the heart to answer). I\’m going to repost my comment to gabbers_squirrel to you, because you seem like you have answers:—–Healing is not the evidence of the fruit of God. In Africa witch doctors heal supernaturally. In Revelations it clearly describes a sign of the Anti-Christ will be in their ability to perform supernatural healing. How do you know that these healings are not demonically annointed?Just because something supernatural occurs, does not mean that it is God. Very very important thing to know and discern in this day and age.I mean think about it. If you were God and you created mankind, (humour me please before you cast the stone of blasphemy), would you want your creation to bring their prayers and requests to other creations, or would you want them to deal directly and purely with you. I am really concerned about the intervention of man into our relationship with God that I see with Catholocism. Confessing to priests and being prescribed prayers and pennance to remedy the situation. It\’s like your own little sin credit card, and then you visit the priest and he tells you how to pay your bill. I know if I had of reported to man, I would never have obtained my relationship with God, because I would never have experienced him. Praying to angels, and those that have passed on through to heaven, (and for all you know Hell). Are these not idols? Is it not ascribing worship and prayer to a man, when He says all praise and glory is for Him and Him alone? Is He not our only and complete sufficiency? Why should we call on another? It really grieves me too see these religious walls that man has imposed on the believer. It puts God so far away, when he is omniscient, ever-present and available to us at all times. I have spoken to many Catholics, and I pity the controlling imposition of man\’s ways into their personal relationships with God. Man\’s agenda is a lie, and we need to know the difference between man\’s agenda and God\’s agenda..Please do not defend you religion. Declare your relationship with Him.—–Also here are my questions that never got answered:—–1. Where in His Word does it say that we can make supplication to heavenly residents to intercede on our behalf? (obviously besides Jesus)2. How do you know these people are in heaven?3. What do you think God thinks about us asking someone else to speak on our behalf to Him, versus ourselves communicating directly with Him.4. Has this \’Blessed Virgin Mary\’ appeared to you personally?Please help me to understand where you\’re coming from.—–I hope you will take the time to enlighten the rest of us.Jason

  23. Oh and about your questions.1. Never read any miracles through her in the Bible. What verses?2. How do you explain it? People have seen Sasquatch, Loch Ness, and Elvis Presley. I personally have seen demons in the form of a woman.3. Again. How is this scriptual? Visions and angelic appearances will line up with His Word. No where does it say He will appear with Mary.4. Umm… I\’m not focused on it. I think it\’s neat that God used a Virgin, but I\’m glad Jesus had a brother and Joseph was humble and righteous enough to accept God\’s plan for His Son through Mary. I\’ve never heard a teaching concerning sex and Mary.5. We have morning prayer. Also I can pray in the morning in my home if I so choose. Sometimes it\’s quiet, sometimes it\’s loud. Either way, I kinda like it, and I think God does too. Oh yeah, and when I repent? I don\’t say the same vain repetitions over and over again. Sometimes I actually cry and feel sorrow for my actions. Imagine that?6. Did you know that the voice of God is as loud as many oceans? [Ezekiel 43:2]. Do you know that it is scriptual to make our praises loud, vibrant, and PROCLAIM His Majesty? (2 Samuel 6:5, 1 Chronicles 13:8, 15:16,28 ETC!). I agree, much of the Christian music industry has too much of the world in it, and is just worldly music with "Christian" words, but I\’ve also felt the blessing of God on an annointed guitar player or drummer as they cry out OUT OF LOVE to God. Again your points make evident to me that serving God is not a question of sacrificing your life to Him, but a matter of how comfortable it is for you. Will you be able to stand when the ride get\’s uncomfortable? Or will you change religions again…Jason


  25. i think that telephones are so cool u can talk on the to anyone in the world and its like instant its amazing but now on msn they have webcam and audio like WOW now its like ur actually with them u can see them and talk to them isnt it nuts and its like instant its crazy u guys should really try it and for the music u guys should listen to ludacris he has the best music in the world i recommend hopeless because luda is my hero thats right luda is my hero lol so have fun with God and nobody knows if theres an actually everlasting life i myself think that its mainly said that there is because he wants us to be nice to one another so u mineaswell do it cuz just incase there is an everlasting life ur in and remember this one thing LUDACRIS IS THE #1!!!!!

  26. Fat-man9, Man have you ever got it wrong. Sons don\’t want stuff. Sons want to be like their Dad\’s, (provided the Dad is not a jerk). Tupac is not even around to be a father to his son, which is really what his son needs more than anything. Your son is going to want to be like you, and if you\’re all about the "high rollin\’", then guess what you\’re son will turn into, no matter how much you hide it from him, he\’ll inherit your disposition, and find his way into the place he feels most natural in. Take a wild guess where that will be. You\’re really living in a dreamworld. You need to get back to reality. I\’m giving you a dose, I\’m amazed at how well you ignore it.Jason

  27. Hey Gerry, thanks for checking in on me… I havent been around my computer alot to keep up with everything but i put a new entry in today if you want to take a look… I read over your last few entries and I must say they are written well. Thanks for being His servant Gerry. Glory to God. I also have been reading some of the discussions as of late too… I must say they are interesting…Jason, keep doing your thing broHere\’s a lil somethin for the christians checkin out these blogs…I think it was JFK who said… "Ask not what your country can do for you; but ask what you can do for your country" Well, we are christians, so lets say… "Ask not what God can do for you; but ask what you can do for you God"Rep Christ… He owes us nothing, we owe Him everythingpeace, love, and prayersjoseph miguel aka baby boy

  28. congrats… its good to see your space reconized, many people come here for guidance, help and answers and you are here to provide them with a better understanding with your lord. I wish you all the best!!

  29. Hey man,Congrats…Me;I\’m doing pretty good, just been really busy hanging out with the family before I leave for school… yeah I got into University.. kind of excited yet not… scared yet content… haha. yeah… gunna major in History and Political Sciences… lol. Well hope your doing great!Keep up the awesome work!God Bless,Love Peace And Chicken Grease~Randy

  30. hey gerry… my names julie, n i was just wunderin if i wud be able to talk to u… i\’ve been havin sum thoughts n stuff lately n right now i\’m in poland on my summr vacation, n i dunt really kno anyone here who i wud be able to talk to about this… so if we cud get in touch sumhow, that wud be great.. well thnx! n ur doin an awesum job on the site, keep up the good work!

  31. Desirée said:

    Hey, Im doing so research on Kid OutReach Ministry, And I was wondering if you knew of any good website for them? It would be awesum if you knew sum.. If you find sum, just email them to me_is_sum1_jesus_luvz@sympatico.ca Thank you so much.Bless God-dez

  32. cjeb2005 First of all I am not a Protestant nor do I belong to any denomination. I am simply a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and His word the bible. I take His word at par and any teaching that is not found in the bible is false. All teaching within the church must stand up to examination under the word. It’s so funny how many of those who are deceived need to have other writings by men to help them understand the Bible. The Mormons have the Book of Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Watch Tower and the Roman Catholics, the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The true believer needs no other help but the Holy Spirit.Satan comes as an angel of light. He does heal people. As Jason said there are witch doctors and shamans in Africa and South America that do use magic to heal. Satan is an imposter and loves to copy the things of God so that he can steal God’s glory and give it to another in this case Mary. Jesus doesn’t need Mary to heal people. I have been healed of rheumatoid arthritis but it was Jesus alone that did it. Many UFO’s have appeared to people as well and scientists haven’t been able to refute those either. But I can tell you that UFO’s are demons in disguise and I will tell you that what people saw of Mary was really a demon in disguise as well.Satan has also appeared to people trying to pass himself of as Jesus, but when those people confronted him with the word of God they saw who he really was and he fled. Jesus will never go against His own word, He stands by it. He would not say the He was the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father except by Him and then change His mind and say that Mary was a way too. Come on get real.Like Jason I have no idea where you get this sex thing between Mary and Joseph. I have never heard any talk of it in any of the teachings I have heard. As for Jesus having brothers and sisters and it referring to distant relatives, if the New Testament were written in Hebrew I might have to give you that one as Hebrew is not very specific and many words are used for the same things. But the New Testament was written in Greek and the ancient Greek language is very specific when it mentions something. When it says brother, it really means brother and there is no doubt about it. So much for common knowledge.If somebody’s sole ambition is for material gain in the church for their own benefit, then I would say that person has a problem. Jesus never said that it was wrong to have money or possessions. What he said is that if those things became more important to you than your love and devotion to God, it was wrong. God must come first in every area of your life. In our church not one of us is paid for the work we do and we help out each other where we can. Those that have much share with those that have little. I see no problem in that. Prayer is not restricted to church. Anybody can pray anytime any where if you have a true relationship with Christ. The bible says to pray without ceasing.My whole life is Christ. He is my passion and my desire. He consumes me. To say that believer’s go to church as a matter of convenience is ridiculous. A church is just a building that we have made as a meeting place. Jesus said wherever 2 or 3 of you gather together, there am I in the midst of you. Wherever believers get together whether it be in a park, someone’s home, a coffee shop, or even in a school. It is a church. It doesn’t have to be a fancy building with lots of idols and icons staring at you from every direction. We meet at least 3 days a week at our church so don’t go saying ahh see I told you so. And by the way our Sunday services last from 3 to 4 hours. People usually don’t want to go home afterwards. We usually have an hour or more of loud and joyous praise and worship music. I get the feeling you wouldn’t be comfortable there. I don’t think you could take any more than your hour or less of mass.Like the pharisees of old the Catholic church has been guilty of adding to the word of God and putting un-necessary burdens on people. The Gospel is simple and not complicated. The false doctrine of Mary was brought in the 17th century by Alfonsus de Liguori and the Catholic church made it a doctrine of the church. Traditions in no way carry the weight that the word of God does, Tradition Jesus said makes the word of God of null effect.You have been deceived and you need to come back to the truth. The bible no where talks Mary as being more than what she was. A humble maiden who was devoted to God and willingly presented her self to become the vessel for our Lord’s humanity. Nothing less, nothing more.I pray you find your way back to the truth.

  33. Hey,I love your space, you have opened my eyes to the Lord.I will keep on serving him, my brother!

  34. Here is another post from cjeb2005 that again was posted in my guestbook. _____________________________________________Dear Gerry,This will be my last posting to you. I\’m sorry that, as a man, you didn\’t have the integrity to answer my questions directly or as a so-called "minister" that you had no recourse but to "throw me to the wolves" as it were. I truly pity you and those you would lead astray.Why not be honest Gerry? You left no such instructions whatsoever that I should NOT post in this area. You lie to others that visit here and put on airs as though you know God directly when no man knows the mind of God. Such cowardice.In answer to some of those who would throw stones, you don\’t know me nor do you know my story. You don\’t know the terrors (YES! TERRORS!) that false beliefs such as Gerry\’s caused for me as a young man. You\’ve no idea the confusion that these misleaders would cause, most without being aware of the damage.No, Gerry. I don\’t just accept God. I truly Love and Worship God in the True manner that He wishes to be acknowledged in! I accept and Love ALL of God\’s creation including any and all that God may (and in fact, DOES!) send! I have seen many manifestations of God\’s True Glory in my short life and I rejoice in my way that God tells me is pleasing to Him! Who are ANY of you to cast judgement on me without any knowledge of me or of God? Rather presumptious don\’t you think?I\’ll leave Gerry. And I\’ll continue to pray for all of you. I thought perhaps there might be some room for fairness as I have found on other sites. Obviously I was wrong. For that I am truly sorry.Despite the hardline that you and others have taken with me in your blindness, I still hope that one day you will see the light and find your way home.Two final questions: (this has yet to get a truly honest and factual answer from anyone but I\’ll toss it to your masses to see what anyone might have to offer. Oh, and please, DON\’T go tossing out the devil\’s unproven rubbish about "whores of Babylon" and such. Those arguments ended long ago.)1. Why did Jesus Christ Himself create the Holy Catholic Church and tell Peter, "not even the gates of hell shall prevail against it" if man made religions such as yours are so much better?2. Why are there more than 1 billion Catholics, if your man made religion is so much better?Despite the lack of integrity that you have shown me, Gerry, I still wish you and all visitors here well. Unlike others that you have so carelessly thrown me to, I will no harm on any. I think none harm. I\’m so sorry for the past few days Gerry. So very sorry.P.S. You might want to learn more about people before judging so harshly. Published By cjeb2005 (http://spaces.msn.com/members/pathinthewilder…) – August 05 5:42 PM ______________________________________________He says I didn\’t tell him not to post in my guest book well let\’s see. This is from August 3rdcjeb2005You are so mistaken it\’s not funny. No wonder so many Catholics are confused. This doctrine has become an embaressment to many Catholics. Mary was a woman and nothing more. Blessed because she gave birth to the Lord, but that is it. The passage in Revelation you are talking about is the Jews not Mary. The twelve stars are the twelve tribes of Israel It was from the Jews that Christ was born, He is the child. It is the devil\’s way to twist scripture. Your understanding of scripture is pretty faulty. If you want to preach false doctrine do on your own space not here and not in my guestbook away from the topic where others can answer you as well. Published By Allpraiseandworship (http://spaces.msn.com/members/Worshippersplac…) – August 03 10:29 PM

  35. I would be intrested in learning more about the stones Cerimoni that you did in your church.an yes is am having a good summer!Return blessing for you!!!

  36. cjeb2005I am truly sorry if you suffered hurt when you were younger, but oone experiance doesn\’t mean that every church is rotten. We have former Catholics that have come out of the Catholic church and have come into a true saving nature of Christ.When Jesus said to Peter that upon this rock I will build my church, He was talking about Himself. not Peter. Anything built upon a man will not last. But everything built upon Christ the solid rock will stand for eternity. It was Peter\’s statement that "You are the Christ the Son of the Living God" that became the foundation stone. But in no way was Jesus stating that the church would be built by Peter. As a matter of a fact if you read the bible Peter had very little to do with the building of the gentile church. It was Paul whom Christ chose to bring the gospel to the gentiles not Peter.That\’s 1 billion Catholics in name only. Most have been baptized Catholics when they were infants and had know idea what it meant. To be a Catholic means nothing in the sight of the Lord. To be a true follower of nothing else than His word and find salvation through Him is another. There are a lot of sincere believers in the Catholic church that know this. They put no faith in Mary whatsoever. They have found salvation in Christ alone. I know one of my cousins is a Catholic but her faith is in Christ, not Mary. I am praying the Catholic church goes back to her roots and again teaches the true Gospel with no additives.I pray that your eyes will be opened. I believe you are sincere, but sincerely wrong. The word of God stands as the judge of truth and nothing else.

  37. fat-man9,you said you wouldnt run from the cops i wouldnt ether cause i know its not me there chasing try not doing stupid things and mabe you wont be in trubble you think this life gives you respect your rong i dont respect you at all i respect people like gerry people who live for there family and work for a good life not people who just want to chill with the "boys" and like any one fears you.and can we please get off the subject of kids Jason at least use a medifor or something its a very touchy subject.peace and love

  38. cjeb2005, Peter never taught the doctrines that the Roman Catholic church exercises today. Read the book of Revelations. Read what God has to say to the churches of today, all of which were founded by Peter. Trust me, it\’s not pretty. As for 1 billion people being Catholics, well close to 3 billion people don\’t believe that there is a God at all. Does this mean that that fact disputes the fact that He does exist? I see the logic of the world CLEARLY in you. I\’m sorry, but all your statistic does is confirm much of what Revelations speaks of:(Dare you read the scripture, or has pretentiousness overtaken you so far that you\’re too good for His Word?)Mark 13:21-23 And then if anyone says to you, See, here is the Christ (the Messiah)! or, Look, there He is! do not believe it. False Christs (Messiahs) and false prophets will arise and show signs and [work] miracles to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (those God has chosen out for Himself). But look to yourselves and be on your guard; I have told you everything beforehand. It says even those that specifically God has chosen WILL BE DECIEVED. Thus far you have not answered any of the questions asked of you. You are representing God are you not? Enlighten us. Gerry and I have answered your questions, but yet you cannot substantiate yourself, except to get yourself into a tiff and threaten to leave. Sorry, those don\’t sound like very godly or strong actions of a Man of God to me. They speak of fear, contriteness, and spitefulness, all of which are contrary to God. You even still posted on his guest book. Your maturity level is screaming out to us. I don\’t need to know you any better to judge your actions, judgement, lack or respect and non-scriptual doctrines that you have demonstrated here . So the "don\’t judge me, you don\’t know me" argument is a huge load of shishkabobs. Again I say to you, (and any Catholic for that matter), REPRESENT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD! You say you know God? You say you experience His glory? Then speak of it!!! What has God showed you lately? What has He spoke to you? How does He want to use you? Thus far all I have seen is the Spirit of the world and selfishness. Show me otherwise Man of God!!Jason

  39. Hey Gerry!"God he reigns" has already come out here and it is unbelievable!You are always in my prayers. God bless Gerry for continuing to serve the Lord. Keep imagining the day that we will soon be with Him! It gives us hope!Love Lawson 🙂

  40. Rosemary said:

    Where was this youth conference? is that MWSmith in the pictures?…I LOVE him

  41. I think it is good that you continue to post religious subjects on the Internet. Sometimes I get attacked so viciously on forums, even forums specifically for Christians, that I ignore the computer. I do not think there is anything essentially wrong with having a vulgar personality. I learned how to cuss when I learned how to talk. So, that doesn\’t bother me. I just hate it when people just take a swipe at you and don\’t even give you a reason. I really got to wonder what other Christians really think of some of the things I have come to believe. The only person I can kind of derive what other Christians might think of some the things I believe is my stepdad, but he would never tell me if I was just a kook. I am known as Soul_Golem on http://www.christianforums.com, which I recently found on the Internet. I replaced the MSN space blog link to me to my apologetics site under construction. My MSN space has only one entry on it so far. I just got started on it tonight, but my music list contains song titles with language issues and (even though I think it is funny) I realize not everyone understands the sense of humor. You can email me and tell me I\’m a kook if you want, Gerry, if you give my writing a read. I don\’t get much feedback on it. I added your blog to my favorites folder MSN Spaces. So, I will continue reading your mission.

  42. I think its grate what you are doing to try to spread the gospel to the unbelieving. every one needs to be ready for the second coming of the lord.I an also a believer. and dont the peoples comments discourage you. ‡Tom(13years old)

  43. Gerry, Whoops. I said that the churches God speaks to in revelations were all founded by Peter. This is not true. Sorry about that! However the warnings are for every church of today. (Excuse me while I sharpen my sword.)To confirm:Matthew 16:18 [Amplified] And I tell you, you are Peter [Greek, Petros–a large piece of rock], and on this rock [Greek, petra–a huge rock like Gibraltar] I will build My church, and the gates of Hades (the powers of the infernal region) shall not overpower it [or be strong to its detriment or hold out against it].Peter = PetrosJesus = petra1 Corinthians 3:11 "For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." Psalm 18:31: "And who is a rock, except our God?" It\’s funny how history plays out in light of Peter\’s words himself:1 Peter 2:8 [Amplified] And, A Stone that will cause stumbling and a Rock that will give [men] offense; they stumble because they disobey and disbelieve [God\’s] Word, as those [who reject Him] were destined (appointed) to do. Like you said, It\’s interesting to note that Peter never even ministered in Rome. He was an apostle of the circumcision, (for which good old Paul got in his face for ;-)). And furthermore, Peter was married. I think that throws a wrench in the Catholic traditions for bishops as well? Anyways, just wanted to fix my error.Take care,Jason

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