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O LORD, you are my God;
       I will exalt you and praise your name,
       for in perfect faithfulness
       you have done marvelous things,
       things planned long ago.
Isaiah 25:1

Elaine was born in Hull, Quebec, the second youngest of 5 children. The oldest was Gilbert, then came Celine, Julie, Elaine and Denis. Her parents were well known leaders in a Transcendental Meditation cult that had sprung up here in Quebec and had written a few books on the subject. Her dad also dabbled in the occult as well.

Her early years were chaotic as they moved around a lot and because of some kind of scam her parents got in trouble with the law. They were fugitives for a while travelling around the States. At one point they left their children in a transcendental meditation camp in Vermont. Eventually the parents were caught and Elaine and her siblings were put in a convent while their parents served time in jail for their offences. I never really found out what it was for as Monique never wanted to talk about those times and Elaine knew very little about what the reasons were. After they came out of prison and recovered their children, they declared bankruptcy and her dad got a job as a printer and her mom as a school teacher.

When she was about eight years old she was crossing the street and was hit by a city bus. She was thrown across the street and landing on top of another vehicle. She miraculously survived with a concussion and a leg injury. God’s hand protected her that day.

As a young teenager, Elaine would often get herself into trouble at school and often found her self at the principal’s office. But at the age of 14 she started having questions about her life and her future. She saw many of her friends turning to drugs and alcohol. One evening she was at a party with a guy who was much older than her and drugs were being passed around. She decided that evening that this was not the lifestyle she wanted and went home.

Unbeknownst to their parents, her two older sisters had been attending a church. One day they invited Elaine to come along. Elaine says she didn’t understand much of the message that was given that day, but when the altar call was made she responded and found herself up at the front. She kept hearing someone behind her saying "Touch her, touch her." As one of her sisters was standing directly in front of her, she assumed that the person was wanting Elaine to reach out and touch her sister. She didn’t realize at the time that the person was actually praying that God would touch Elaine. She closed her eyes and God’s spirit moved upon her. She saw a light and the light said to her; "Today you are my disciple." She didn’t even know what a disciple was and the whole idea of Christianity was foreign to her. Other than her contact with the nuns at the convent she knew nothing. She just knew that on that day something happened to her. She was changed and hungered to know more.

When her parents found out that she had accepted Christ as her Lord and that she and her sisters had been attending a church, they flipped. They forbade them to go back anymore. But that didn’t stop the Lord from reaching out to Elaine. The youth pastor from the church she had gone to would go and see her at her school and teach her about the bible. She began to grow and would spend hours in her room reading the bible. At school the changes were very significant as well and she went from being a trouble maker to someone who loved to witness about Jesus to her schoolmates. She won many of them to the Lord in her last year of High school. Unfortunately her sisters didn’t continue on with the Lord and chose to go back out into the world because the relationships with their boyfriends.

Her parent’s marriage began to fail and it was found out that her dad was seeing another woman. Monique, Elaine’s mom decided to separate from her husband and found a flat in LaSalle. Only Elaine and Denis were living at home at the time and they both moved with her. It was in the pain of betrayal by her husband that Elaine was able to reach out to her mom and Christ entered in. They decided that Trinity would be a good church for her to attend as it was close to home. Monique had a sister that was a nun who had a very sincere relationship with Christ. I believe that it was because of that woman’s prayers that Elaine and Monique came to the Lord.

In our New Beginnings class at church, Monique would often speak about her daughter and how Elaine was teaching her so much. How thankful she was to have a daughter like her. Elaine was attending a church in Terrebonne which is north east of Montreal, but was finding the travel hard. One day she felt God was telling her she needed to learn English and so eventually she joined her mom at Trinity. It was 1982. Elaine was 19 and I was 26 when we met. There was a 7 and a half year difference between us. Because of our street witnessing team, I got to talk to her often. One evening I got up the courage and decided to ask this beautiful woman out on a date. I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes. I went home that night walking on air.


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Comments on: "The Way of a Fool – Part 9" (17)

  1. WOW! what happened to elaine? do you still know her? does she have her own space? this is really cool, it\’s so encouraging to know that there is someone out there using thier space for a good reason, my space is a whole load of teenage drama… typicall of me. you\’re such a blessing! keep it up! keep it real!God bless!caz

  2. Hi Gerry!!! Hope you\’re having an awesome day!Kim

  3. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Suspense is an interesting thing, and you write it well.I\’ll be back.

  4. Chrishni said:

    Heyyy!Wow…I don\’t know much about you Gerry but hey,i luvvv your site and as well as you say it,JESUS ROCKS THIS WORLD!!I\’ll be back surfing in this site,bye,take care!Babyblue9410

  5. we are very much alike in this, she died right. I meet Babe at a party when i was but 7 years old it was an adult gathering and she took me off to the corner, i felt so alive that day the first words she said to me was "i can feel your pain" i still remember what she was wairing how her hair felt how she smelled it has been perminitly ingraved in my mind but what i remember most was her eyes green with a tint of yellow and so soft i got lost in them for hours at a time she was the one who introdused me to Led Zeppelin. The only girl i ever known who thought the bigger the scar the, nicer the man. She seemed to think that there was no god but only human emotion that mericals that happened were because the human body has devine powers when it truly beleaves in some thing for example when that ten year old boy pulled his father out form under the semi truck. adrenelin rasies all of the bodys moter skills by at lest 100% verying of every difrent person and the sevarity of stress.i dont usaly like to talk about her hence^^^my trailing off therepeace and love, Jeff

  6. Unknown said:

    Hey Gerry, dont have time to read everything right now im going to come and catch up again soon. just leting you know im ok. dad is good at the moment.love claire god bless

  7. Unknown said:

    heya all christians that would like to participate in yet another creation vs. evolution debate go to http://spaces.msn.com/members/rambler136 this one actually seems to be more mature and to the point then some of the ones in the past. Just thought id let you all know, as there isnt many christians involved at the moment. love claire god bless

  8. hi gerry,Isaiah is good, but how bout some original stuff?"the bible tells us….." isnt good enuff for me anymore.yes, im a christian, and a good one too, but there is so much left undone and that old book is just that…OLD.thanx for the site to visit, and reading this.it\’s only meant to be a constructive opinion.and now i will rise up with wings, like eagles….Isaiah 40:…… (CHARIOTS OF FIRE, Eric Little)

  9. rikmaachI don\’t know where you are coming from, but the Bible is good enough and it is all we need. There is no more revelation coming except what\’s in that book and if you think there is, you are on pretty dangerous ground. You may think your a good Christian, but if you reject the Word of God you need a reality check.

  10. what does the term "born again christian" mean? i heard someone talking about it and wanted to know what kind of context they were referring… thanks for the answer 🙂

  11. come on man even i know what a born again is think about it for a wile what do they do to first borns, and now they do it again

  12. just wonderin… The term "born again" comes from a conversation Jesus had with with a pharisee named Nicodemus in John chapter 3 verses 1-21. What it means to be born again is that when you give your life to Christ you die in the spiritual sense and are raised to new life in Christ. The old life has passed away and a new life has begun. You become a new creation. Hope that helps.

  13. Unknown said:

    nice space cum to mine and sign my guestbookl8r days

  14. I read earlier about Ken & Joan Bombay – I also know them – they were the pastors who were in my ex-husbands church years ago. Amazing people of God. I am also a lover of worship – only on the end of the country. Would love to chat with you more.Tina

  15. i think it is really cool to belive in that sorta stuff even though i dont go to church i still belive

  16. It was possibly God\’s will I happened to be with your blog. I do not know what prompts me to get into your blog everyday when I open my computer.I remember a quote from Bible which has the inference that God goes ahead of us, and guides us, in all the journeys we undertake.I see God in you.Suryanarayanan S.Chennai, India

  17. Im amazed by ur site and i felt good reading ur stuff….i am a christian by faith but a fallen soul and by chance i was drawn to ur site…God was working on me…i suffered a stroke and then lost my job and eventually lost my home i gave up faith and boxed with God and lost…i have prayed for strenght and a second chance and hope…..today God open a door for me i finally secured a job and now i can see hope …all I can say he has never failed me yet and he doesnt come when I need him but he is always on time….God bless you Laila

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