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In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

In my early walk with Christ there was a few circumstances that brought me to a crisis. When I came to the Lord a friend of my cousin’s came to know Him at the same time. I had lived with this woman’s sister when I was 19 so I knew her to a certain extent. We became quite good friends and would do many things together and it was her that suggested I use my voice for the Lord. I began to have feelings for her. I was 26 and wanted to settle down. Unfortunately she didn’t have the same feelings for me and she felt uncomfortable with the fact I had, had a relationship with her sister. She also had decided to see a non-believer as well. My heart was broken over it.

I had also made another friend who I had thought was quite mature in the Lord. I looked up to him and we would go street witnessing. One day his mind just snapped. I don’t know what it was that caused it as his parents never told us. I got a phone call one day that he had gone behind the University of Quebec and had hung himself. Is he in heaven? I don’t know. If his mind was gone I don’t believe God would hold him responsible for his actions. I guess I’ll find out when I get there. At that moment I was missing this friend terribly and the whole thing confused me.

And then I found out that the man that I looked up to most musically, Keith Green, had died in a plan crash. Never in my life had someone’s music affected me as much as his had. He was a prophet and way ahead of his time musically. I listen to his music today and I can’t believe it came from the late seventies and early eighties. I love the music the God inspired this man to write.

With these three things weighing heavily on my heart and mind I came home to my apartment one Sunday afternoon, sat in my chair and had a pity party. I wept and complained to God. My heart was broken. Suddenly this awesome presence filled my room. When God makes His presence known, you have no choice but to either bow or fall to your face. He doesn’t force you but His awesomeness, His majesty is so overwhelming you can’t help but put your face to the ground. My head went down between my knees and I began to sweat and tremble. He was looking at me and saw right through me. Everything in my life was laid bare. Nothing was hidden from Him. He knew my every thought. I could see that I had no excuses for the way I was acting. I was terrified in His presence as I knew I was a sinner and it was only because of the blood of Jesus that I could be there and yet I could feel His great love for me. A love that went way beyond anything I had ever felt or experienced before. His peace flooded my soul and I was changed even more that day. He was about to change the direction of my life.

One day as I was sitting in the sanctuary waiting for a service to begin, I saw this beautiful woman. She was the most beautiful I had ever seen in my life. She had long thick brown hair that went down past her waist and beautiful big green eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was looking at an angel.

When we came to the Lord they started us in these new believers classes and it was in that class that I met Monique. Monique had been in a transcendental meditation cult and had just recently been brought to the Lord by her daughter. One day Monique introduced me to her daughter Elaine. It was the angel.

Elaine had just started coming to Trinity and could hardly speak any English but was determined to learn it. She had been going to a French church in Laval but lived in Lasalle where Trinity was. When her mom came to the Lord it was decided that they would look for a church in Lasalle, preferably English.

Another one of Monique’s daughters was dying of throat cancer and she had asked Pastor Johnson and the elders to pray for her. Celine was near death and was brought into the church on a stretcher. They said she only had a couple of weeks left to live and the doctors had done all they could. She was so thin and you could see how near death she was. As they prayed for her I felt that same great and awesome presence fill the place. From the depths of my soul I was praying for God to heal her. She was completely healed that day. The doctors couldn’t explain it. The cancer had completely disappeared and it has never returned. She also now has 3 healthy children which the doctors also said she would never have.

I was part of the street ministry. We would go and hand out tracts at shopping malls and on the streets. One day Elaine joined and started going out with us. I had a chance to sit down and have a coffee with her and the group afterwards. As I sat at the table across from her I was captivated by her beauty and her graceful mannerisms. She really wanted to learn English but at the moment it was very fractured and because I didn’t speak French very well it was a strange first conversation. But it was clear I had made a friend. It went through my mind what if she is the one. Nah I said, she is too beautiful and I was eight years older than her, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

One night the youth choral director and I went out for a meal together and he asked me of all the female acquaintances I had, who would I like most to develop a relationship with and eventually marry? I told him Elaine. My life was about to change big time.


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Comments on: "The Way of a Fool – Part 8" (30)

  1. Phil - personal acct said:

    Hi Gerry,I just wanted to send you a quick note to keep preaching my brother. And to let you know that people are being touched around the world by the work you do.With God on your side, there is no limit to what is possible. Be encouraged and follow what God is putting on your heart.In Jesus\’ name.Phil

  2. Val pal, Please stop being so "teenagers have no experience", sure, fine, I have limited experience and I was trying not to start any fights or whatever this is… but I think that you should just calm down, and it seems like that Jimmy Wannabe guy is making you really upset, if he makes you upset, please ignore him. Just make things easier on everyone and stop assuming that I am stupid… no matter how right you may be.Don\’t mean any harm…. don\’t get mad.-April (not just pink ranger)

  3. By the way, to bp,Please don\’t assume that I wear christianity like I do a hair bow. That was really insulting. I am a christian I pray i go to church what else do i have to say? I am a christian, so leave me alone, I was just asking a question about the "dead jesus" comments and telling Gerry about how some people don\’t want to hear about Jesus and to leave them be, trust me, some of them are not interested. But that\’s not the point, christianity is not a fashion statement, and I liked pink before everyone was wearing it, it is the colour that makes me happy and I love it, what\’s wrong with that?Just cool it, okay?-April

  4. Our God is an awesome God. Thank you for witness and account of Him once again.Jason

  5. "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." – Mahatma Gandhi

  6. MichelleAnd I wonder where Mahatma Gandhi is right now? Can I tell you that unless He made life right with Christ he is in Hell. He may have been a good person but that doesn\’t get you into heaven. Only Jesus is the way. People including Gandhi will look for 1001 reasons why they won\’t become a Christian but they miss the only truth that could lead them to true peace. Jesus was more than just a good man, He was God and He died for you.

  7. Your devotion to Christ is admirable in a way. Yet still i find myself perplexed by such devotion. I also find myself perplexed by guideline #5. "If you are looking for debate you\’ll have to go elsewhere. I will not be drawn into discussions that lead nowhere. If your questions are sincere and you are looking for truth, I will give you an honest answer."You strike me as a thinking man and definately not lacking in inteligence. Not everyone is so blessed as to be able to come to accept "truth" without first having an honest debate. I hope these comments do not offend you, as they were not meant to do so. And i hope that your devotion serves you well in life.

  8. But isn\’t that just what Gandhi is saying, that he "likes Christ"? Who decided that one must be a \’Christian\’ or else "burn in hell"? Isn\’t it just as good to understand and appreciate Christ\’s message, which in its true sense was a very noble one, but also keep an open mind to other messages that resonate truth and justice – to live one\’s life the the best one can, without needing to focus so single-mindedly on the teachings of just one faith? In their basic elements, many religions are very similar: they preach that one must be honest, just, loving, faithful etc. Christianity may be your personal choice of them, but can you respect the choices of others, as their beliefs may not be that far from yours, they are simply expressed differently.Michelle

  9. MichelleJesus Himself said He was the only way to God. There is no other. The Way is not a religion, but a relationship with Christ. You can\’t have that with any of the religions of the world. He is real Michelle and He loves you more than you can understand. He gave His life for you in the most cruel punishment you could imagine. It was your punishment that He took. It should have been us, but because He loved us so much He took our place. This gift of love is free. All you have to do is turn from your sin and confess Him as Lord. He will take care of the rest.I am familiar with many of the religions of the world and not one of them matches what Christ offers.

  10. How come God lets good people die and bad people live?

  11. Michelle, I agree with Ghandi\’s words. We as Christians do fall short of Christ\’s glory because we are not perfect. After all, who can compare to Christ? But let me just make one point about other religions. I agree that many offer peace and love, but I find that in many religions the only way to reach heaven is through good works. But in Christianity, we say "NO amount of good deeds can get you to heaven." A question many raise is "how is it fair that if you don\’t believe in this God you burn in hell?" For that you need to understand why Jesus came. As Christians we believe that Jesus died for your sins on that cross. Therefore, salvation (to be saved) is a GIFT. It means you can be the worst criminal in the worst and kill hundreds of ppl, but if you repent and come to God, Jesus already paid for your sins and no matter how much wrong you\’ve done and how little good you will still be saved. It doesn\’t depend on good works. However, if you choose not to accept this gift of salvation, then your sins remain and you cannot enter heaven, no matter how much good you\’ve done and how little sin you have committed. Hope that helps. Have an awesome day. :)Jin

  12. Moonunit said:

    Gerry, your testimony is crazy (not in a bad way) but fraught with changes and adventures, and crazy stuff. It makes me ownder how on earth someone could have such a jam-packed testimony, then I realize that mine is exactly the same. You may not like me because of comments I\’ve said in the past, I was speaking my mind, still am, but seriously, my story is a lot like yours. I\’ve only been a christian for three years, but I feel s if I\’ve lived a lifetime in there. If you want ot know my story ask though, or comment on my page.

  13. Hi GerryExcellent word brother. I look forward to reading what the Lord gives you. I to remember Keith Green and his PASSION for Christ. I would cry and repent after listening to the music songs. I can relate to what you shared about the heart laid bare before the Lord. O\’h how silly we must be to those who do not understand. Our Father loves us soooo much. The Lord bless you and your family.

  14. MessengersofGod, Jason and again too ValPal819I have been to hell and back and thank you so very deeply for reminding me. I have felt pain that no person should and i have read the bible many times i think it is a very good story. i have no problem with your fath i rather enjoy all metology it is interesting to me but thank you all the same for reminding me of my pain Jason your last (i dont like to be frustrated comenting you)Val yet again i leave you notice and i will on your space too what i say i went through i never told you about so you have no right to judge and i know it is worse then what you have to deal with cause if it wasnt you wouldnt leave these harsh coments. i do not hide my pain but i dont share it with a mythical beeing if you would like to know i was at a friends house 2 months ago with my oldest friend/lover and i feel asleep well when i woke up my only love was stuck in the back of the arm with a heroin needle and she was dead still in my arms. this is one experence that you now know about thats pritty horrible for what did you call me " some teenager" i beleave you wondered why i am so mad at man and the human life well now you know a human stabed her thank you for your time and this time i hope you understand.now that, thats done Jason #1 i do not "nit-pick" and yes Gerry is a much more loving sole than any one here. you want to know i see my self as a messenger in a way i speak for all those you put down i have also learned for SOME of you to speak against those people when they rong you but of corse you only see the bad. dont worry it is human nature to see only the bad even a refoment of your god sees him self befor he sees others. i do not even come close to the line the only reasion i have been so informent and in a way holsome is because i was tought that your kind <<(NOT negitive) should be treated not as i do my friends witch is to say that i have a much worse side and if you like i would be glad to share it but not here sorry for the trubble Gerrypeace and love yall,

  15. Sorry for being a berdon Gerry i think the debate is over

  16. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Now I can hardly wait for the next part. You can count on me being back!

  17. Jimmy WanabeOne of my pastors used to say that when bad things happen you either get bitter or better. It sounds like there is a lot of bitterness there Jeff. I can relate to you because as you will continue to read my testimoney you\’ll see I have passed through fire and some very dark waters and yet my love for God has grown even more through the trials. It was in them that He became even more real.Jeff you may have read the bible through many times like you have said, but unless you have the revelation that comes through salvation and the Holy Spirit, it is just going to seem like words to you. It was like that forme as well at one time, a book with nice sounding words. But one day when I confessed Jesus as Lord a light turned on and that book became a living book. There are times when I am troubled and have a question in my mind that only God knows and I\’ll flip open the bible and the answer is right there. It\’s a step of faith to believe in God, but when you take that step He will meet you right there.Jason and Valerie and all the others that write on my page are great and loving people as well Jeff and they care for you. I know we can be a bit rough sometimes but hey do you see a lot of the non sense we take from others. We need the patience of Christ at all times.Jeff I have to say I care about you. It bothers me to hear that you have passed through such pain. I don\’t know what your relationship is like with your dad, but if you need someone to talk to, we are here for you. Keep writing and keep seeking, you are going to find the truth I know it.

  18. as an outsider it looks like most of the evil in the world is done in the name of god , (i\’m not trying to be confrontational) I\’m very spirtial its religion that scares me. And mans interpitation of what they think god wants.good luck and remain a free thinker and a good person I beleave that is what god wants.

  19. So did you marry elain???? I want to know! the suspence is killing me! hugZEm

  20. Alright fine! lol lolI\’m so not one for patience! BUT I will practise it just for you Gerry 🙂 lolcheers:)Em

  21. Jimmy, If you want to construe me as negative, that\’s your prerogative. You wouldn\’t be the first. Don\’t feel threatened by me. Sometimes the kindest thing anyone can do for us is to tell us the cold hard truth. I won\’t back down when it comes to His truth, but believe it or not, I was actually trying to help you. (Me? Kind? Naaaa…). Yeah yeah, I know… "You don\’t need my help". Maybe I should just stick to being "negative". Anyways looking at your response, I don\’t think you really got what I was trying to say. Such is life.JasonPS: Sorry to hear about your friend. I\’ve danced with death too. It takes time.

  22. when thouse things in my life happend i did get better i actuly use to be a very bad person i abused heroin and crack coke weed(natural weed, and i still indulge every once in a blue moon) but i never harmed any one until that day since then i became very violent towards the right people like drug dealers gang members and so on, when i noticed that i was a little over my head i tryed to help in other ways like cowardinated theft i would go to the dealers house and steal there drugs and dispose of them to the police. i have been through many ways of dealing with pain and as i mentioned befor i did try god but i always seemed to come back to one way zeppeiln and i know it might sound unordinary but the music setteled my nerves i still have sucsses in keeping drugs away form my town to some exstent.In my pain i have learned to deal with it by helping others not my self. to comit an unselfish act you can not know you did it you cant plan an unselfish act. god has nothing to do with my life but i do like talking to the members of my town church and i think the town likes what i have done lol they just dont like how i do it.it has been an eye opener knowing you all and i hope it will be as fun in the futurepeace and love, Jeff

  23. I have been working on my project to ride the world of its wast for some time but my eforts have gone unnoticed in all parts of the world i have constructed a blog that has exsplaned my thoughts and i think it might be well for you blog to Gerry:A Dealers Web A spider weaves a web to catch its pray to feed its childern so that they might to weave a web to feed there childern the web a dealer makes is great man has a need to touch the web to see how it feels then there hand gets cought then they fall into the web and the more they strugle the more stuck into the dealers grasp when man made scince they made the web grow the dealer has new and more powerful ways to suck you in but if you squish the spider eventuly the flys will break free.there are some webs that are even invisible to the human eye this is the pusher\’s web and it is the most dangurus. see the pusher gives away his drugs with out charge and promises that your mind will be free with this drug.it is sad to say that the only way to break free of there grasp is to kill the spider but once a speshies is exstinct they cant come back.the medifor about the spider works cause a spider sucks the life out of its victems and the dealer can be the goverment to like for alcohal or cigeretts they say that these drugs are not as bad for you but what they arnt telling you is that alcohal is twice as adictive as weed it also kills more brain cells and i dont know about you but i have never heard for and angry weed highpeace and love yall, *~*CRONIC-PAIN*~*

  24. Michael said:

    just like to comment briefly on your guidelines.in your #1 guide line you refer to God as "My God"are you saying that he is your\’s and your\’s alone?or are you trying to insinuate that you have some level of control over him?or are you trying to say that the god in your religion is different than the god of other religion. because i\’ve got something to tell you. except for some minor differences of opinion on some topics, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam worship the same god. just in different ways.

  25. last-ghetto-astronautYes He is my God. I am His and He is mine. No I don\’t have any control over Him but He has all over me as I have surrendered my life to Him.Jews did worship the one true God but when salvation came to their house but the rejected Him. They will one day however be reconciled to Him as He made a covenent with them. I highly respect the Jewish people but they need salvation just as much as any of us.Islam does not worship the same God. Their god is a false giod. Mohammed recommended killing all Jews and all Christians if they did not convert to Islam. That same belief is held many circles of their teachings today and that is where the terrorism springs from. They also need salvation.Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me. Jesus is the only way. The Way is not a religion. You don\’t have to lash yourself across the back to show God how devoted you are. There is not a thing that any of us can do to be saved except believe that Jesus paid the price for our sins and opened the way to heaven for us. The Way is a realtionship with the one who wrapped Himself in human flesh and dwelt amongst us. Christ in us the hope of glory. He loves you.

  26. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Hey Gerry,Just wounded if you had the time if you could stop by my space and read my latest blog (Labeled ***ATTENTION-THIS IS IMPORTANT ***) . I think it is a very intriguing thought, and would like your opinion on it.Thanks, and God Bless.

  27. Hey Gerry!It is truly amazing to see the way that God has completely changed your life around and is using you in an enormous way to expand His kingdom!I have been dealing with the issue of women in regards to the scripture lately. I posted an entry that talked about this problem and I was wonderin if you could check it out?I also posted this comment on a persons space, "The Bible is a book both divine in Spirit (that is we recognise its authority), and human in nature. Remember that the Bible today can be messy in parts and does have small faults and flaws! And as Christians, we don\’t try and correct it, shy away from it, or ingore it. We try and understand it!"Would you agree with this statement?Lawson 🙂

  28. Miranda said:

    OK, so I have a question….You have commented befor on looking upon other religions right. Well my question is do you think your religeon is the right one. I think it\’s the Catholics who have the Vatican. And don\’t all religeons belive in Christ? I\’m just saying, you can\’t just say that one religeon is the best one, I\’m Catholic but I don\’t tell others that there relgion is wrong. My fiancee\’s relgion is Baptiste. And that means nothing to me because they all say that they belive in god. Sorry for taking up your time.

  29. ArguableMirandaYour not taking up my time. What you are talking about is denominations. They are different groups all within Christianity. The differences between denominations are very small. The important thing is that you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and that you have made Him Lord. Again The Way or Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with our Jesus. No other religion such as Islam or Buddism can compare.

  30. Hola Soy Sonya de Buenos Aires, Argentina, me gusto mucho el espacio, la iglesia es muy bonita, la proxima vez intentare escribir en Inglés. :o) Las mas ricas bendiciones para Su Iglesia, y que la Paz de Jesus reine en sus Corazones.www.rescategospel.com.arDios Les Bendiga !!!!

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