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Lord, Make Us One

Jesus prayed in John 17:20-23 "My prayer is not for them (the disciples) alone. I pray also for those who believe in Me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as You are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me. I have given them the glory that You gave Me that they may be one as We are one. I in them and You in Me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.

The body of Christ is in a sad state today. It looks like a paraplegic person. Each part of the body is going in different directions. There are countless demoninations oops I mean denominations. (Actually I believe that denominations are an abomination and it is what comes about when man tries to organize a move of God and bring in his own set of standards. You cannot capture the wind and you cannot bottle the Spirit.) Everyone wants to do their own thing. It’s rare you find churches working together unless they are of the same denomination.

Here in Quebec the percentage of born again Christians is .04. Recently a well known evangelist wanted to come and minister here. It was to be a multi-denominational crusade. Because the largest denomination here did not agree with some of his teachings they told their members from their pulpits they were not to get involved. The crusade was cancelled due to lack of participation. The last crusade ever held in this province was 17 years ago!! No one wants to come here and there has never been a sustained move of God. I wonder why! When the news of my pastor opening a new church in this city got out, the pastor of the local church of this same denomination said from the pulpit that the city did not need another church!?!

There is such jealousy and selfishness in the body here. It’s amazing that in those cities and countries where churches of different denominations work together, they have turned those places upside down. There is a powerful spirit here that has infected even churches and it is called independence. It says I can do it all by myself. I don’t need you. Pray for unity here. Pray for the churches here that God would lead them to work together. Pray that God would place pastors here that have willing hearts to do what ever is necessary to bring about revival and overturn this city and province for Christ. If you believe that Christ was God wrapped in human flesh and that He died and physically rose from the dead to conquer sin and death for you and I then you are my brother and my sister and we can work togther. Make us one Lord!!


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Comments on: "Lord, Make Us One" (31)

  1. eeey wow what a great space you have!!!!! I love Jesus. Greetz from Holland;) God Bless you!! Iwan

  2. Ummm…. I really think that if you are going to talk about Jesus, do it in a church, not on msn spaces. I am a church goer and a christian, no problem with that, rock on… but This makes you look like a "jesus freak", sorry for the slang… I went on here to see who would put "worshipper\’s place" as their name… then I found that it was a forty something year old pastor that wanted to be "cool" and rant about Jesus on the internet where all the hip cats write about their life. But whatever, I suppose if you and your church friends would like to converse about the holy one etc… I don\’t care, just wanted to be a typical internet using teen and let you know that you\’re crazy.-April Fawler Essex, Canada

  3. Pink_Ranger5Jesus Freak! I like that! That\’s what I am. Crazy for Jesus! Hallelujah! Tell me something April. Are you ashamed of the Gospel of Christ? Or are do your friends out side of church even know you are a Christian? You see as believers, we are called to shine the Light before all men and if that means using MSN spaces for it, that\’s what I\’ll do.

  4. MSN Spaces is for "hip cats"?Heh heh.

  5. Woah, have you considered going to a doctor for being OCD? Chill with the Jesus obsession. He\’s just a guy..-Helen *yes, the same Helen you argued with back in June*

  6. Oh, we are called to share the gospels… how can we hide within our lamps , smile? High on the hills …people would find the light! The internet are the part of the hill where we stand to show the way of the Lord and people will see His light!! Yes, we are Jesus freak! Who are ashame of God\’s words? Not us. We re like bold to tell people about God…not matter where, even at the pub if God leads us to. Jail. School grounds. People were trapped on the roof of the WTC, one or more persons preached them to receive the Lord Jesus before they, along with the roofs, went down, killed! It was a good chance to tell them the gospels just before they were killed. So we will do that ANYWHERE! Smile

  7. ×-Hail_Of_BulletsHelen, Yes I am obsessed with Jesus! I admit it! He is my everything! He\’s more than just a guy, He is God incarnate and to know Him is love Him. You should try Him sometime.

  8. Hey to comment on the blog – denominations i think like you said its just man trying to put God into a plan and formula and program. Who knows when the church began to DENOMINATIONALIZE? haha funny looking word. It is a sad thing that churches, even across denominations though claiming to believe in the same God and the same Jesus as Lord, they refuse to put aside small-time doctrinal differences (and they really are fairly frivolous) to work together for the main thing – and that is to preach the gospel everywhere, that all could hear and see and understand. Lifting up Jesus shouldn\’t be stopped just because churches can\’t agree whether they should sing fast songs or slow songs, or have any instrument besides an organ or silly stuff like that.oh, and on to some other comments. Jesus is not for msn spaces?? but sex and drugs and alchohol is? Love, peace and joy is not for msn spaces? but destruction, depression and discontent is? Hey, I highly respect Gerry for his willingness to share his beliefs. and guess what? i\’ll do the same. thanks for being radical Gerry – rock on

  9. Poetry-n-motion5: Awesome post.Jason

  10. Moonunit said:

    kay stop arguing about that whole "cool internet cats jesus freak" comment, and lets focus on this blog. you are right, but extremely lacking in your argument. frankly i expected better, and longer. i come from a small town with a population of 7000, and it kind of scares me that we have over a dozen churches scattered throughout our town that all worship the same God. there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that, when we only need to have one church, one body! (corinthians 12) ecumenism is a movement in our church that is happening today, but isnt wide spread, its a call for unity in the church, no more protestants, (people in protest) no more denominations. we focus on politics, and tradition and all our differences in the church FAR too much, when we all have one huge similarity, and one claling: to Christ! to JESUS! I just think we can change the world MUCH better if we were united than divided. and, as a roman catholic, im tired of getting the worst persecutioun about my religion from other christians. notice how pretty much EVERY church has stained glass windows? alone they\’re small pieces of glass, with sharp corners and no real use, but together they form a beautiful picture? think about it.

  11. gabbers_squirrelThank-you for your comments, although I didn\’t know my blog was being graded or else I would have tried to make sure it was to your liking! How a person speaks to those that God has put in authority says a lot about their character. I\’m not impressed. Hope you don\’t speak to your parents in that manner as well? Other than that you have made some good points and seem like a very intelligent girl, but please next time use some tact.

  12. Unknown said:

    wow! hallelujah, great to know im not the only christian on MSN, woo!!

  13. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Gerry, (concerning Pink_Ranger5) God is amazing is he not? Why shouldn\’t we be crazy about him? I mean he ONLY died on a cross for our sins, he ONLY loved us enough to offer us grace so that we could live eternity. Why shouldn\’t we be crazy about him, he is a daily part of my life, and what\’s not cool about that?Oh and by the way, don\’t let anyone tell you your to old and not cool. Not only are you cool, but the way I figure it God loves us equally, so your age really doesn\’t matter. Amen.

  14. wow…Gerry…keep preaching it. I am amazed by the amount of people that you obviously reach on this space. It certainly inspires me to do more with mine. I am also amazed by all the negativity from people. Didn\’t you just talk about denominations and how they are divisive in your blog and…blam!!!!…all of the above happens? Isn\’t it crazy how speaking the truth really riles things up… Bless you Gerry. Keep sharing what God has given you. Be encouraged that there are obviously many people reading who need to be. Jen

  15. Unknown said:

    Hey does anyone know if there is a chat room where you can go anytime u need to, and talk to a christian ?? love clairegod bless

  16. Christian said:

    I don\’t think you should say who is welcome. As Catholics and Christian\’s we must welcome everyone into all things. Catholic schools. Catholic Church. And all other Catholic things you can think of. Although I haven\’t read the blog. The title is self explanitory. Well I noticed faiths and religions actually make fights. I\’m not saying religions are bad. But look at the blog comments. Some people are actually saying hurtful things. Think before you talk people!

  17. Christian said:

    Ugn katie. Don\’t take a spaz. Oh yeah because all Jesus did was die for us. That\’s it huh? Well some of us think that is a really big deal. And someone to say that is the one on "drugs". Can\’t you see man!If you hate this so much why are you here wasting your time telling us not to let a dead guy run our life. So what if he is dead. He will come again. And why do people say Jesus is with us if he\’s dead. Think about that Katie. You know… I\’m not really a big worshipper. I don\’t go to church. I don\’t pray at night. But I do like to talk to God while I\’m trying to go to sleep. But seemingly. What I have just said now, seems like so much more eh?

  18. The-Pumpkin-Queen said:

    I didn\’t even come close to spazzing, I\’m voicing my opinion on how crazy you people are. If he\’s apparently "with" us, where is he? I don\’t see him… He certainly didn\’t die for me. I don\’t hate religion, I think it\’s awsome to have beliefs but you guys take it waaaaay too far, like seriously get a life. All you do is follow the crowd, you don\’t think for yourself, which makes me feel bad for you.Katie

  19. Katie_Hearts_ClintonOh but Jesus died for you too. There is no onethat is beyond Him. He loves you Katie, whether you are aware or not.We do have a life and it comes from Jesus. I and many others have chosen to follow HIm freely. Why? Because He responds to you. He opened my eyes when I was once so blind like you are. He is not a religion, He is a living being who interacts with us on a daily basis.

  20. Katie, If God was not real I would not be serving Him. I know Him well and He speaks to me regularily. Why has He not made Himself real to You? Have you tried connecting with Him *yourself* before?Jason

  21. The-Pumpkin-Queen said:

    If I tried talking to "him" I would need to seek help, I don\’t believe there is such thing as "god" and I believe you people need to realize that there are other beliefs outside of yours, not thinking like you doesn\’t make me wrong. I\’d rather be and individual and burn in what you call "hell" than be like you and not have my own life and go to "heaven"Katie

  22. Katie, How do you know He doesn\’t exist?Jason

  23. The-Pumpkin-Queen said:

    I think a more appropriate question is, how do you know he DOES exist? Can you see him? Can you hear him? Can you touch him? No, No, and No… If you say yes to any of those questions, then you have mental issues.Katie

  24. Katie_Hearts_ClintonThe answer to all of your questions is yes all true followers of Christ can hear Him and touch Him. He is most definately real. But we couldn\’t expect you to understand these things as your eyes are closed to these things. Jesus cares and loves in such a remarkable way that I would never go back to the life I had before. He loves you Katie and if you have asincere heart and a true desire to known Him, He will reveal Himself to you.

  25. The-Pumpkin-Queen said:

    One question darling, do you honestly think I want to be like you people?Katie

  26. Katie_Hearts_ClintonAnd what kind of people do you think we are Katie? Are we what the media tells you? Do you really know who we are and who Christ is? What you find out may really surprise you.

  27. The-Pumpkin-Queen said:

    I know a lot about you kind of people. How you don\’t have your own lives, everything revolves around something non-existant. You guys are all awaiting his return, have fun with that, you\’ll be waiting for a while. I see no point in worshiping something that is obviously not real.Katie

  28. Katie_Hearts_ClintonAnd what if you are wrong Katie? What will you do when you come to the end of your life and find out He was there all along but you chose to reject Him and His love for you? He is real and we do talk with Him everyday and He answers. If you want to know Him I challange you to investage if Jesus is really is who He says He is. God is working on you right now otherwise you wouldn\’t keep coming back to this space.

  29. Katie, You never answered my question: How do you know He doesn\’t exist? You dare to question our sanity, but you have yet to prove your own. What have you done to verify that God really doesn\’t exist Katie?Jason

  30. seems we find out how fanatics are spawned and cults arise,people who beleive they have a authority to speak for god (s)i think katy might be on to something ,there are no beleivable gods and you have to love the it was gods will signature lingobut i will concede one thing , if this beleif helps people so be it thats a good thingBest thing about this bible stuff is theres this version that version the unplugged versioni dont know what version you have ,the half price version ,if this god stuff is so importantshouldnt all this garbage be free?????Or is there a specific chapter talks about mastercard or visa hmmmmm?anyways hate to dis on ya paradekaty u rule 🙂

  31. beatiful site its good to have something inspiring hope in the msn community peace ed

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