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In 1980, the year before I made Jesus Lord, I had to go to see the doctor because of the arthritis at least once a week. I was taking up to 18 aspirin a day and receiving a gold shot injection each visit. I was at the time working for Kraft Foods in their payroll department. One day my supervisor told me that if I kept missing work because of the appointments I would lose my job. It was not like I was terribly busy as many times I had to find things to do. I arranged that the medical room at Kraft could give me my injections, but I was still required to go get blood tests every two weeks. One morning after I went for those tests I came back to work but wasn’t allowed in. I was told to sit in a small office and wait for my supervisor. He came in and told me that he had warned me and now he was letting me go.

I was devastated. My doctor was also very upset by this and at that time was working with a bunch of other doctors and the government to try and bring in a law that would protect people like me. He added me to a list of people that he might need to testify to the government about mistreatment. But the law was passed and I was spared that. But I am glad that I played a small part in bringing a law that would give workers more rights when it came to illness.

Working had kept my mind off a lot of my troubles and had given me some stability. But now that security was gone. It was just another one of those circumstances that led me to Christ.

After I came to the Lord, I set out looking for a job again. One of the elders in the church gave a place where I could go and apply. It was at an over the counter pharmaceutical company where they made mouth wash, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc….. The work was quite physical, but God had healed me to the point where I could do that stuff. The manager took me down to meet the man I would be working with. As soon as I saw the guy I knew right away he was a fellow believer. He didn’t have to even tell me. I said to him; "You are a Christian aren’t you?" He told me he was a pastor at a small church in the eastern townships. God knew that in my early walk I needed to be surrounded by believer’s in every area of my life. What a great God He is!

It is amazing the things that God will change in your life overnight when you make Him Lord. I used to swear up a storm. Every second word out of my mouth used to be a curse word. All of a sudden it was gone. It was like God took some Holy Ghost soap and washed out my mouth. But not only that. When I’d hear others swearing, my ears would cringe. Especially when I’d hear the Lord’s name taken in vain.

But there were other things God wanted to work on as well, such as my pride. I had a lot of it. You’ve heard of the Proverb, pride goes before a fall. Well it happened to me literally. Working with a brother in Christ was one thing, but having him tell me what to do was another for me. I began to argue with him about the way to do things. One day I was pretty angry against him for something and as I was rounding a corner my feet went out from underneath me and I fell on my tail bone. They had just put some new tiles down on the floor and there was some oil on them which I didn’t see. Someone drove me to the hospital where I found out I had a severely bruised tail bone. I would be off work for at least 2 weeks. It would give me a lot of time to reflect on the way I acted. When I went back I apologised for my behaviour. But I also resigned as I also realized that my body was not able keep up with the physical work that was demanded. I last saw that brother at a Lieghten Ford crusade the next year and we left on good terms with all forgiven.

The next job I got was in payroll at Maislin Trucking. My cousin and I prayed before I went to the interview that if that was the job for me I would get it. I went in there with such confidence that God would give me that job. I knew that I knew it was mine. I got the job that very day.

In my early walk with the Lord I was also put to the test by the enemy. I had moved out of my one room apartment and had taken a 3 and a half with my second youngest brother Gary. Gary was a believer as well and had been partially responsible for bringing me to the Lord. He went to another church downtown where he would sing and play guitar. It was him that first got me interested in contemporary Christian music. When he was about 1 or 2 years old he had meningitis and nearly died. They didn’t expect him to live. But people prayed and his life was spared. I thank God for that.

He used to have these terrible nightmares when he was living with me that satan was after him. He would be screaming for someone to help him and I would rush into his room to wake him up. There were so many nights like that. I wondered was it something that was left over from when he was a baby or was the enemy really attacking him. I knew very little about spiritual warfare at the time and didn’t know what to make of it.

But then strange things started happening to me as well. One night my brother was out and as I was reading in my room my cat jumped up and stared at the door. Her back arched and all her fur stood up straight. Something fell in the other room. I took a baseball bat to go and look. There was nothing and nothing had fallen and yet my cat was still acting strangely. After a while she settled down and I just laughed it off.

A couple of week’s later I had just come from my cousins house and was sitting at my bed when my cat started going crazy again. All of a sudden it was like an icy hand grabbed the back of my head and I was immobilised. Fear just crept all over me. I reached for the telephone and kept trying to call my cousins number. It seemed like forever to dial it. When I got through I explained to her what was happening. Right away together we just started pleading the blood of Jesus. As we prayed the hand withdrew and peace came back to me. I began to realize the power I now had over the enemy and used it to pray with my brother Gary so that he no longer had those dreams.

Is the enemy real? Yes he is. But he is no match for our Lord. The devil was defeated at the cross. Believers have nothing to fear from him. He cringes simply at the mention of Jesus name. What a happy day it will be when he finally gets his due.


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Comments on: "The Way of a Fool – Part 6" (20)

  1. JUST FOR FUN… Between moments of dispensing wisdom, it seems that historical religiousleaders had also learned software programming. One day, a greatcontest was held to test their skills. After days and days of fiercecompetition, only two leaders remained for the last day\’s event:Jesus and Mohammed.The judge described the software application required for the finaltest, and gave the signal to start writing code.The two contestants feverishly typed away on their keyboards. Routines,classes, applets and applications flew by on their screens at incrediblespeeds. Windows, dialogs, and other intricate graphics began formingon their monitors. The clock showed that the contest would soon befinished.Suddenly, a bolt of lightening flashed and the power went out. After amoment it came back on-just in time for the clock to announce thatthe last competition was over.The judge asked the two contestants to reveal their finished software.Mohammed angrily said that he\’d lost it all in the power outage. Thejudge turned to the other competitor. Jesus smiled, clicked a mouse anda dazzling application appeared on his screen. After just a few moments,the judge was clearly impressed and declared Jesus the victor.When asked why the decision was made, the judge pointed out the uniquecharacteristic that set the winner apart from all the other leaders:Jesus saves!

  2. Lol, thanks Ernesto, Great story!

  3. Good morning, Gerry! Have a great day!Kim

  4. Shauna The Great said:

    ummm…i know this is going to be an extremely random comment but…i need help and i have no one else to turn to sadly enough. i thought id come here and ask because i dont think anyone here would judge me. my problem doesnt have to do with religion or god or anything if thats okay. so, here goes. im 15 years old and i havent been eating much for a couple months because i wanted to lose some wieght…it started off fine but now it is going a bit too far. i dont think im becoming anorexic because im not very skinny but i might become anorexic if this keeps up. i am constantly counting calories and if anything is over 100 calories i wont eat it. im also weighing myself every day and i cant keep my mind off my weight! ive told my friends and boyfriend about it, but theyre not helping much…theyre just kinda yelling at me and telling me that im stupid. and i know what im doing is dumb, but it hurts when they say that to me. they arent helping me at all, just making me feel worse! ive tried to stop doing this but it is so hard to just eat again, if that makes any sense. people dont understand that when you have, well i guess its an eating disorder, that you cant just eat whatever you want and have no worries and be happy…it is so much harder than that!! anyways…i just need some help or advice or anything! you can just leave your comments here and i\’ll read them or you can e mail me if you want. thanks for listening! god bless!

  5. Shauna The Great said:

    lol whoops! p.s. my email is little_ruz@hotmail.com!!

  6. CanadaKidIf you want to post a link to an athiest site on your space go right ahead, but you will not post it here.

  7. Shauna131 You are not stupid. Many young girls have similiar problems like you. But I do suggest that you get to a doctor and explain your situation to him or her. Eating disorders can be quite dangerous. Also try praying and asking God for help in this. I don\’t know if you know Jesus or not, but He can help you if you\’ll trust Him.

  8. Shauna The Great said:

    thank you for not calling me stupid! im glad you didnt jusdge me. as for the doctor situation…i\’m afraid to go see doctors about this kind of thing. i know that if i go see one, my parents will find out and i dont want to worry them…they dont know that im doing this. i cant bear to tell them about it. and yes, i do believe in god and i am catholic and i pray to god whenever i need his help. but i ask for his help a lot, can you ever ask too much? i dont want to be selfish and only pray for myself, and i dont want god to stop answering me if i keep asking him to help me. but anyways, thanks for your help, it means a lot.

  9. Yea, we had experiences of felt the demons were around… and Tim also saw a black form of demon appeared in the kitchen recently, he spotted it and he immediately spoke out " in the name of Jesus, I command you to get out!" and it disappeared ! I wonder why it came up because of something wrng here or God just tested his faith? I concern for our home and children to be protected and covered with Jesus\’ blood…not allow any place of them! I also felt the touching taps on my back often and i turned seeing who.. but no body behind me.. i then knew its demons playing the games…then I said i plead the blood of Jesus cover me and fmaily etc in praying. Do i need to know soemthing what i should do in the part?

  10. Shauna131God never tires of our prayers. He loves for us to talk to him. Shauna you have a problem and you are not being selfish. You are crying out for help. God sees that.But I still suggest you get some help. Listen, your parents may be very supportive of you. There used to be things that my daughter was afraid to tell me about, but when she did I asked her why she didn\’t tell me. She said it was because she thought I\’d get mad at her. I didn\’t which surprised her. Your parents probably love you a lot. Give them a chance to help. Ask God to prepare your mom\’s heart. He will I\’ve seen it many times.Dear Lord I pray for Shauna right now. I ask that you help her through this situation and heal her. Give her the boldness to confront this thing and admit her need for help. Send people her way that will encourage her and support her. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen!

  11. Do you have the web for your church? I\’d like to take a look and tour smile

  12. man u shud read my last entry an you will see my doubts

  13. Bethany said:

    i have had a few experiences with the enemy in close contact, just mostly through dreams. there have been occaisions that i have seen a shadow in the corner of the room where the light is falling fully on it, but within a second it is gone. my friend on the other hand has had more instances with demons and their games. she most certainly has had the hand on her neck and felt someone playing with her hair, also voices in other rooms, along with things falling in the house, or at least making the noises of something falling. he is real, there is no doubt about that, and if we didnt believe that he is then Jesus would be a liar, and that is not true.to shauna131, tell your parents about what you have been doing, i know for a 15 yr old that is almost a forbidden thing to do, but once they know help is so much easier, plus a much larger weight will be lifted off your shoulders and heart. like gerry said, pray that God will prepare your mothers heart to hear what you have to say, but do it soon. also, i have been where you are. by the time i was 17 i was only breaking 100lbs. i thought i ate well, but i didn\’t. i lied to myself and to others when i was asked about my eating habits. i did have the times to pig out and eat a bag or two of chips, and i mean the really large bags, but still i would then take a day of what i called fasting, but really it was so that i wouldnt have to eat and i could make the excuse that it was for more "religious" reasons. another thing i would suggest is that if your friends treat you like that when you have made a mistake, just like they do at times, then it may be time to ask God for help in picking friends. which i also did at 17. God loves to hear your requests, but not just when you need help, he likes to hear how things are going, at ALL times. dont ever fear that you are wasting His time, if you were the only person on earth He still would have sent Jesus to die for you so that you could be with Him. so dont hesitate in talking with Him about it and asking for help. God bless.b.

  14. I like ur space and it\’s worthy have nicw days

  15. I could never try to abolish religion, that power is well beyond and above me. I just believe that there would be more harmony in this world if there were no religion. It\’s just a sad day when you realize that people out there DO hate you because of your sexual preference or lifestyle. This makes me bitter and resentful towards religion, and hatefulness isn\’t in my nature. I wish I could believe that there are people on MSN spaces who don\’t read what you\’ve wrote, or other religious followers have wrote, and take what you all say into the new level (hatefulness). I just don\’t understand how people\’s choices should be sinful…but who am I to ask? I am obviously ignorant in the ways of your god…and that\’s why I choose to not believe, and keep my life plain and simple.I\’m rewording this because I\’m changing my stance on thinking that you may be a nice guy. No, I don\’t think you are at all. I find you to be unwaivering, judgemental, and negative. I don\’t believe that your god would like this, Gerry. You are close-minded and as much as you say it, you really don\’t welcome anyone in that goes against your views. So, there\’s a little old lady down the block who bakes cookies for the neighborhood children, helps at the soup kitchen, saved herself for marriage and lives a clean life…but…she\’s not Christian. Does this make her a sinner? I don\’t believe it does. Guess she\’s going to hell isn\’t she Gerry? I don\’t understand it at all. Well, pray for my soul in your church Gerry, because I\’m going to hell (like there is one anyway…once you\’re dead, you\’re damn dead)…but at least in hell, they got a helluva good party there.

  16. Wow! Hey! I just happened to click on your site on the last updated or something… ahah probably because your name was The Worshiper\’s Place =). Then i noticed you have the same name as my bro ahhaa. Praise Jesus =) I know I can feel his presence near me day by day, minute by minute and second by second =). I dont use Msn space that much but i use something like it, called xanga. And i\’ve dedicated many of my posts towards Jesus and my experiences =). God Bless You Gabe

  17. Spin_Sugar_SpinI have seen hell, you don\’t want to go there there is no parties nothing. I have heard the screams of those crying out for help with no one to help them. It is real Julie. Ot was created for the devil and his demons but not for man.God is very good Julie and He doesn\’t want a single one of us to go there. He loves you. That is why He came as a man to this world. Rven if you were that last person on earth, He still would have gone to the cross for you.I know a lot of the stuff I say to you may not make sense and believe me I was them before. No of the bible or the things Jesus did made sense until I sought after Him and asked Him to be my Lord. Jesus said narrow is the way the leads to life and there are few that find it, but broad is the way to destruction.Most churches do feed the hungry, take care of the sick, find homes for the homeless and give hope to those without it. May I ask what you have fone to ease human suffering?

  18. wow… you sure do blog a lot… i just happened to stumble across your space…it\’s on the sidewall of my own personal space, http://spaces.msn.com/members/skynetworldnet/ where i usually post daily on the things going on in my own life… spiritual and other, its real nice to see so many people taking advantage of msn\’s generocity. praise be to yevon!

  19. You seem pretty adament that god does all these things for you, such as heal you, surround you with other believers and give you the job you want… following that logic is it fair to say that perhaps maybe Jesus put the oil on the tile?, or because thats a bad thing that happened to you then satan did it. just who put the oil there? please explain. Another point of interest is this whole cat incident and the being grabbed by "the enemy himself" (im assuming you mean the dark lord satan) and what not, while you could assume that your cat can see satan, or perhaps one of his minions, isn\’t it also fair to assume that your cat freaked out because cats act freaky sometimes and that your whole obsession with your religion might have caused you to become deluded enough beleve satan was grabbing you from behind?anyways like the site with all the spinning avatars and stuff and look forward to the part where you explain dinosaurs.praise the lordbriguy

  20. RevelrousBmobagginsI believe that God orders all the events in our lives. Good and bad. Does God cause the bad? No, but he uses it to help us grow in Him. Did he put the oil on the floor? No we did as it was part of laying down these tiles. God is a loving Father and when His children are acting in a way that will eventually bring them harm, He disaplines us as a earthly father would disapline thier child.I had that cat for 6 years before the incident. She was with all through my illness. I knew her very well. I knew how she reacted to different things. These situations were much different. The senses of animals are more highly tuned than ours and they can see and sense things we cannot. Have you ever seen or been around someone who is demon possesed? Have you ever seen a face contort in ways that is absolutly impossible for it to do? I have and for someone who doesn\’t know God it is extremely scary.God is real and these things are real. You need to find Him for yourself. He loves you more than you could ever imagine.

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