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Abilities and Talents

"For the kingdom of heaven is like a man travelling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey. Then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and made another five talents. And likewise he who had received two gained two more also. But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his lord’s money. After a long time the lord of those servants came and settled accounts with them. "So he who had received five talents came and brought five other talents, saying, "Lord, you delivered to me five talents; look, I have gained five more talents besides them.’ His lord said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’ He also who had received two talents came and said, "Lord, you delivered to me two talents; look, I have gained two more talents besides them.’ His lord said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’ "Then he who had received the one talent came and said, "Lord, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you have not sown, and gathering where you have not scattered seed. And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.’ "But his lord answered and said to him, "You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed. So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest. So take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents. "For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Matthew 25;14-30

The talents that the Lord in this parable was taking about was money, but the present day term meaning gift or ability is taken from this passage. God has created each of us uniquely. He has given each of us abilities to be used for the building up of His kingdom. Some of those gifts or abilities are music, hospitality, preaching, writing, serving, intercession, etc. What ever they are, they are to be used for God’s glory. Some of us have many. Others may have just one. What ever your ability is, you are to develop it and use it.

Up to 7 years ago I hated writing and never believed I had an ability to do so. One day someone asked me to write an article for the newsletter of a Christian school. At first I hesitated, but then agreed. As I wrote something flowed out of me and I found myself enjoying it. People were blessed by what I wrote and encouraged me to write more. Today I look forward to writing these devotions.

I encourage you to look for the abilities that God has placed within you. Don’t keep them buried. It does harm to the body of Christ as well as your self. God will judge you on what you did with those abilities. I don’t know about you but I want to here the words from Jesus; "Well done good and faithful servant."


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  1. lol, i just posted a similar message! Well not really, somewhat, but i think it\’s neat, check it out!

  2. Thanks Gerry… for listening and following what the Lord has planned for you…this message is really encouraging to me as an aspiring music artist… I thank God for letting me meet you over these MSN spaces… keep doing your thing brother…peace, love and prayers for you, your space, and your familyJoseph Miguel Aka Baby Boy

  3. You fools! You preachers of death, go back to your kingdom whence you came, and forget this place! For it has forgotton you, and your dead god!

  4. ZarathustraYou are the true fool for God is indeed alive and well. His is an evelasting kingdom which will never be destroyed. But as for yours, well it\’s made of sand.

  5. "Zarathustra" You are a coward. Do you think it\’s not obvious what you\’re doing? You can\’t even stand like a man. You hide and throw stones. These are the actions of a foolish child. But yet you think you have it all figured out. I\’m glad I have not chosen your way — the way of the coward.You give atheists a bad name.Jason

  6. Unknown said:

    Well…I read this…wasn\’t going to comment until I saw the comments…basically people…EVERYONE THINKS THAT THEIR OWN BELIEF SYSTEM IS THE CORRECT ONE.So realistically…anything that could come of discussions with deeply Christian (Note: Catholic) people is nothing…Brainwashing your children is also a good thing I hear.People should be allowed to find their own path rather than be told what to do.

  7. Salamander_Head Did you ever think that you are the one who has been brainwashed? That you have been led to believe that there isn\’t only one way to God and that we don\’t have to answer for how we live our lives?I will say it again. The Way is not about religion or brainwashing. It is a relationship with a living person, Jesus Christ. Each of us has to make our own decision and we make it freely. God never forces Himself upon us and neither are we to force our beliefs on others. I hope you find the truth because right now you are the one who is decieved. There is only one belief system in which someone died and rose from the dead. There is only one with which you can have a daily personal relationship. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.

  8. Unknown said:

    See….the whole problem is that Jesus is in fact not God… does God (A title, much like Prince) even have a name?You say Jesus is a living person?He\’s alive right now?Could you give me his address?You say there is only one religion where someone came back to life…how does this lend any more credibility to your argument?God doesn\’t FORCE people to do anything…he hasn\’t apparently for a while now…but people force other people to do things in the name of God…which is totally wrong.I\’m sure the bases of these religious practices were quite well intentioned…but over the years people have mutated and distorted the meaning and truth behind them to suit their needs.

  9. Salamander_Head Before you start attacking something you don\’t understand you should do some homework.Jesus Christ is God. He came to earth as a man to pay a penalty for sin. God has many names. Should I list them for you. Jehovah, YEWAH, I Am that I Am, The Aplha and the Omega, The Beginning and the End, Messiah, Prince of Peace. and the list goes on and on.Jesus Christ is sitting right now at the right hand of the Father. He also lives in the heart of every believer who calls Him Lord. He is also omnipresent which means that He is everywhere.He is involved in the world right now, but because you are blind you can\’t see it. Miracles are happening every day around people and they don\’t even notice it. Like you I hate religion. Religion does start wars. A true follower of Christ never started a war and Jesus never advocated that either. God has given the human race a great gift and that is a free will. You can choose to believe in Him or not. But the choice has pretty big consequences and they are eternal. If you have heard the gospel then you are without excuse. But if you haven\’t then I encourage you to look deep into who Jesus really is. Read my series on who is Jesus? It will answer a lot of your questions.God loves you. Open your heart to Him and find the truth because right now you are believing a lie.

  10. I am trying to improve my Space and I want to know how to put in a Guestbook. If you could help I would be very appreciative

  11. Religion has convinced the world that there\’s an invisible man in the sky who watches everything you do. And there\’s 10 things he doesn\’t want you to do or else you\’ll go to a burning place with a lake of fire until the end of eternity. But he loves you! …And he needs money! He\’s all powerful, but he can\’t handle money!

  12. WHATEVERYour quite a coward aren\’t you. You don\’t even leave an email or a link. I call it hit and run. lol A real cowards way.You have lots of very big misconceptions. I\’ll say it again The Way is not about religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is not some invisable man but very real as you are about to find out one day soon.He came to earth as a man and died on a cross for you so that you don\’t have to go to a place called hell which was meant only for the devil and his demons. But you are free to choose. God won\’t force Himself on you. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. You need that life. God doesn\’t need our money, but we do. We give freely so that the gospel can go out and we can feed the hungry and clothe the poor. You would be amazed though at the way he does provide in miraculous means sometimes.It would be interesting to know what you spend your money on!

  13. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent. It says so right here on the label. If you have a mind capable of believing all three of these divine attributes simultaneously, I have a wonderful bargain for you. No checks, please. Cash and in small bills

  14. Ok, here\’s 2 cents: Get a life little princess.

  15. whatEverGet a life! Or rather get Life, His name is Jesus.

  16. I\’ve been to church lots of time different ones when i was young all they did was different stories different lies to make us fear life, more war has been becuz of God then everything else the world trade towers is a prime sample of this. i\’m not coward by the way i didn\’t think u would even wanna look at my website cuz u wouldnt like it! but if u want go ahead!

  17. Unknown said:

    Well…see that\’s where we differ.You call what I \’believe\’ a lie…yet you don\’t know what it is that I do believe…and you also have no concept of someone forming their own opinions on things. Hence it isn\’t a lie…because noone told me to believe it…I chose myself.Where we differ is that you say what I believe is a lie, but to someone else, you would be the one believing the lie.Not that that is necessarily me…you\’d be shocked and horrified at what my beliefs label me as…But either way, you must understand that I can in fact see all sides of the argument, I\’m not blind to your points… apparently I\’m blind to \’salvation\’ though.Tis a shame I guess.

  18. GreenThumb: Good on you. You have been promoted from coward. In regards to your comments and Salamander_Head, all I can say to the both of you is you\’re doing the best that you can with what you know. But the truth is He does exist, the same way you and I exist. I know you exist because I see your personality and your words in your posts. I have not met you, but I know you exist. God is not something to be proven to you. He is a person that you must meet, otherwise we\’re just trying to tell you about someone that you\’ve never met. We can give you all the information that we can, but in the end, until you meet Him, it\’s all heresay. The question is, if He does exist, and somehow you have missed it, are you willing to explore, and verify for sure to yourself whether He exists or not. If you just assume He doesn\’t exist because He hasn\’t come down from heaven and smacked you in the head, then I would say you are basing your stance on assumption, without having verified His existence. If you deny God because of religious people in your past, it still doesn\’t change the fact that he exists. What if those people didn\’t really know Him at all? There is a lot to consider and explore and discover before you write off the existence or extinction of someone.Jason

  19. Unknown said:

    As far as knowing I exist…in Philosophical terms…it can be said that nothing can be proven to exist because everything we see, hear, touch, smell, feel, is all just electrical signals interpreted by our brain.Even love…proven to be a specific chemical.Anyway I\’m not necessarily putting myself in any camp..but I find a lot of people don\’t question things enough.

  20. Philosphy is the wisdom of the insecure. Philisophically anything can be anything, nothing can be anything, and nothing can be nothing, or nothing can be something and the headache goes on forever and ever. I agree people don\’t question enough, and sometimes mess up their whole life based on assumptions that turned out to be pipe dreams. But I\’ve met Him, I\’ve grown with Him, and I know Him even today. Sometimes I wish there was a way to record my experiences, and then just plug you in so you could know for yourself… Bring yourself before Him and honestly ask Him to reveal Himself to you… But if you are willful and proud, and just seek to test Him, I\’m sure you\’ll walk away with the answer you were hoping for. There must be room in your heart for Him, He won\’t break in.Jason

  21. Also, just curious, what is the profound chemical we call "love"?Jason

  22. Unknown said:

    Your going on some very Archaic things here…first of all there is no way i can meet him…if there was we wouldn\’t be having this argument right?But I never said I was a philosopher…I\’m a person who thinks about things…I don\’t agree with most of Philosophy, but I value its fundamental points.And as far as \’converting\’ myself goes…I mean I\’m not searching for an answer, and I don\’t hope to find it talking to myself with my hands clasped together.Speaking of which…fundamentals.Pray much?Praying is in its purest form, a very very selfish practice isn\’t it? I mean, you are openly asking god for something yet you are supposed to do this constantly…whenever inspiration hits.

  23. I don\’t think you heard what I said. You can meet Him and you can have this argument with Him. However, you\’ve chosen to have it with me, not Him. Not my problem – yours. Praying is a fancy way of saying communication. Nothing more, nothing less. You seem to have a something against spirituality in general. I really can\’t help you there, if you\’ve reduced your existence to physics and chemistry, then more power to you. However, why impose your restrictions on those who continue to explore?JasonI\’m still interested in the love chemical reaction. I would love to keep a vial of it handy. 😉

  24. theres bad stuff happenin everything africa if god is so high and powerful why doesn\’t he do something about it the terrorist acttacks, Bush like i said i have been to about fifty different churchs and everyone says something different and it does get tiring after awhile the jews don\’t even believe in jesus but hes a jew??? that doesn\’t really make any sense like. humans from along time ago choose to make us fear of this all knowin all powerful imaginary person just like the greeks fears the gods (zeus, haydes,Aries) but now they don\’t cuz they figure out it was phoney just like every other reilgion.The only good thing ever to come out of religion was the music

  25. If you want to make "sense" of God, you\’ll be searching forever. But if you want to *know* Him and *experience* Him, you\’ll find answers to your questions. It\’s clear that your journey has had something missing along the way, and it\’s clear that it was actually meeting with God. It wasn\’t the church\’s fault. It\’s not the poverty in Africa\’s fault, it\’s not George Bush\’s fault. It\’s your own. These issues have nothing to do with your own personal relationship with Him. Something is missing my friend.Jason

  26. u keep sayin the same stuff over and over but u r not Convincing me one bit try something new! stop sayin i need to find him! u people have been brainwashed into believein this, That Father, Son and Holy Ghost is just somebody\’s unholy hoax…

  27. I\’m not trying to convince you. He\’s not far away from you. All you have to do is look. It\’s not my problem if you won\’t face it. Sorry you think I\’m brainwashed. It\’s an easy thing to say, but if you knew me, you\’d know that I\’m anything but. I\’m more stubborn that most. 🙂 On another point. I think you should know that I met God before I ever went to a church. Before anyone spoke to me about Him, and before I ever read the Bible. Meeting Him was my first step spiritually ever. If anything, as He led me to church and I met people in the church, I did meet people that were "brainwashed", but that\’s because they took christianity as a lifestyle, and not as a true worship to God. I used to rub them the wrong way quite a bit, because I questioned their actions and philosophies where I saw they were in conflict with Him. Again, it\’s easy to write us off as brainwashed, but sorry we\’re not.Jason

  28. Unknown said:

    Actually…I have not dismissed spirtuality at all…see this is what I mean you have no concept of what I do or don\’t believe…but because I don\’t believe what you do I\’m called wrong.Well…it doesn\’t matter anyway…I did see that love thing on a show a few years back…but I really don\’t rememeber much about it…it\’s the chemical that causes feelings of love and it can randomly disappear…like when people \’fall out of love.\’Anyway…regardless of your beliefs…a healthy discussion of these topics doesn\’t hurt anything does it?

  29. So your basis on love being a "chemical" thing was based on a TV Show and not your own analysis? No comment. As far as your take on spirituality — I think you\’re making it up antagonizingly as you go along. But hey, we\’re all entitled to our opinions aren\’t we? I mean it\’s all part of a healthy discussion, isn\’t it? I mean it\’s ok to go to a place called "A Worshipper\’s Space: My thoughts on life and the worship of our Creator – A ministry of The Servant\’s House", and question his beliefs completely out of context for what it was intended, right? We can all be friends, can\’t we? What a wooooonderful world!!!!:|Jason

  30. Unknown said:

    Well you people get so offended by the thought of someone disagreeing with you…of an outsider…

  31. Unknown said:

    hey Gerry! thanx for once again another wonderful blog. love claireGod bless

  32. I stumbled upon this debate, and I couldn\’t resist. And, for record, I\’m not leaving a link either cuz I don\’t want you cult-followers to try telling me what to believe in. If "God" really does exist, he\’s the coward for not showing it in some way. All arguments about your beliefs always make their way back to…..a book. Right. Great piece of proof you got there. If you believe in it, hey: more power to ya. Everybody needs to believe in something, right? But don\’t tell us, who actually USE our free will, that there\’s only one path to follow. Just because what we believe in has premise for being true, don\’t think of us as hethans. I\’m not converting, I\’m not praying to someone who doesn\’t exist, and I ain\’t drinkin no kool-aid for JesusI\’m a Satanist, and I say it proudly

  33. Sup, cockfags, how goes the cult worshipping today? your souls been saved by your feble gob, whom doesnt exsist? have the homosexuals been cured of their disease? have your prayers ever been ansewered?….no, they havent have they, because your god is a farce, you all have fallen victim to a cult, i wish to see each one of you burned alive, as your pray for salvation, only to be sent to enternal darkness, Show me proof of your feble god, if i have offend your o\’mighty god, may he strike me down as i type this…..oh wait, i\’m still typing, because you choose to believe in a cult, you are all a drag on the human race, please remove yourself from our planet, as to stop this foolishness, leave us, so we may be left in peace to enjoy our time on the earth, and you may goto your "god". please email me, argue how your cult holds truth, and you can prove your cult is worth believing in, show me why i should believe, if you can not argue with me, and not hold your POV, please remove yourself, stop wasting my precious oxygen, there is only so much, and i think us that will live our lives to the fullest and not live a lie should be the ones who enjoy it. prove me wrong or stop your pityful exsistance, and deleting this coment only proves me right, so you MUST, leave this here, and prove me wrong.

  34. To NickHow can you NOT believe in Christ…God…but you can boldy and proudly say you believe in Satan??? Do you not know who Satan is? Do you not know of his origin? Just food for thought!To Jason,Great site…your fight is not yours. Just keep writing…people will read…you will hack them off…but somewhere…yep, there is seed that has been planted.~Val~

  35. EmpoweredByHate and NickGuess what? Right now you are both on the losing side. God does exist. Your taunts and boasts in no way disturb me or any of the true followers of The Way. I have encountered servants of your lord and have defeated them in Jesus name. They or satan have no power when it comes to Christ. He completely and utterly defeated as well as humiliated satan on the cross.Even though you have both shown yourselves to be fools on this space God still loves you both.Again The Way is not a religion but a relationship with Jesus. If you don\’t like what you see here then don\’t visit. But I will never ever stiop what I\’m doing. Christ in me is greater than anything you could ever booast of. I\’ll keep on shining the beacon of hope for as long as I live on this earth.And you know what guys? I\’ve just added you both to our church\’e prayer list.

  36. That was sweet! I do agree with you…if you don\’t like what you read….don\’t visit the space. I have been reading all the comments on your space…amazing! You are truly doing a good work here. If they weren\’t somehow curious…they wouldn\’t bother to keep coming back for more. Keep up the great work Jason…I shall visit often to read your blogs.~val~

  37. Hey Gerry!Another beautiful entry!God bless you!Love Lawson 🙂

  38. One, i do not believe in a god, i believe it is weak and faulty, i keep an open mind, but when christianity police\’s my world, i cant take it, if faith brings you humble\’s you, more power to you, but never preach it to others, if your faith is right, people will come to you, its cults that go out and lie to others to trick them to come with them. and two pray for my non exsistant soul all you want. but where is my proof of god! i think the fact you all must realize, and it must, and should scare you, is the power of nihilist is growing, atheist\’s, and non believers alike, grow everyday, and the day we run the goverment, and are in majority, things will come to a better light, the churches prejudice\’s upon the land will end, and we will see some equality, you see its not your beliefs i hate, its belief in false hope\’s, and lies, i hate, and when religion is as dead as the dodo, maybe then the human race can over come so many of our problems that make us such a peutrid race of animals.

  39. wow, once again i am astounded!Pastor Gerry, you\’re doing it right! lol, you got everyone coming out of the woodwork to try and "disprove" God. I would just like to comend Pastor Gerry, Jason, and all the other beleivers here posting comments of love and hope in Jesus these people. They\’re craving an answer, and when Jesus does show up in their lives, they\’ll either take notice or not. Great posts, everyone!, but i have yet to see any compelling proof that God desn\’t exist. I know that\’s every christians defense, but sure, prove it. We know Jesus and we\’ve met with Him. If you wanna meet with Him, just ask! Later

  40. WOW! sure is alot of debate and commenting going on here isn\’t there. It\’s all quite fascinating to me. Especially all of you who are so against God and religion. Why all the anger? Why are you so opposed? Why do you care enough to put all these comments on a guy\’s space who just wants to express his love for Jesus? I love God, my life belongs to Him. If you don\’t agree, hey that\’s ok. We are all capable of making up our own minds right? Quick question though…have you ever given God a chance? Seems to me that christians are always the ones accused of being close-minded and brainwashed, when in fact the ones who are criticizing us haven\’t ever given God a try. I\’ve tried life with and without God. So that allows me to understand both sides. But if your whole life you\’ve only ever lived without believing in God, stop criticizing those of us who do believe. Any comments for me? Please let me know. God bless.

  41. Hey Whatever, Salamander_Head , Nick, EmpoweredByHate…..,….my mind kept flashing frequently that I will see Jesus one day. It kept unfolding the realization in my mind. It is more serious because all of us will meet Him one day. Are you ready to meet Him? Some are not ready because they have not repented from their sins. They hope they won\’t die sooner so that they dont have to see Jesus sooner. But for sure, we all will see Him in one of these days. The time is not the matter, but one day we will!! Be wise to be ready. To repent from all wrongdoings-sins. Turn from the darkness path! Let Jesus wash us with His blood. We stay closer to Him till He comes to open the door and take us in. Be ready! I feel like we are just here for the vacation on the earth and this earth is not our home. Heaven is ours. We will leave the earth to meet Jesus soon. BE READY!! O sleeper, wake up and watch! Either die or be raptured…we need to be ready! YOU WILL SEE A FACE OF JESUS IN PERSON! YES! YOU WILL!! Be ready! Repent!! Be ready! Oh, seeing Jesus in person is not like a dream, but it is real! He lives! We all will stand in the presence of His judgement for reality! We will hear His voice! We will see Him in His throne! We including you, will confess with our tongues to Jesus , O, thou are the Lord of the lords! Remmy, Jesus died for you and He loves you very much than you think! You don\’t have to go to the Hell because Jesus died to pay for our sins, we are given free to receive the eternal life! Claim His gift! Even it\’s not the matter if you don\’t believe Him, but you will still see His face in the end one day. All of us from the beginning to the end time, will not be able to escape from God in His white Judgement! It is never too late for you to come to Jesus for the salvation till you drop dead. Smile..

  42. This space never ceases to give me a good laugh. I knew that if I said I was a Satanist it would raise alarms in your minds(and I use the term loosely). You guys claim that you know both sides of the issue and subsequently choose Jesus. Well, you clearly don\’t know both sides of things, because if you did, you would know that Satanism has NOTHING TO DO WITH DEVIL WORSHIP. Man, you guys say all these things with such confidence. You\’ve read the Bible. Now try reading the Satanic Bible. Then you\’ll see what I\’m talking about. Afraid to? Of course you are. Probably cuz you\’re scared you might like it. Or even worse, agree with some things in it…..

  43. Nick, i agree with you, i\’ve looked into satanism, it makes alot of sense, probably one of the best choice\’s for a belief. these people are fearful lambs to the slaughter, with no shepard, only a few lie\’s and a false hope.

  44. canada_kid88 and NickIt doesn\’t matter if you say that satan isn\’t your master, He is. There is only two sides of the game guys. You are either for God or not. And i guess for you guys it\’s not. God is very real and so is satan. And satan laughs at the hold he has on you. He knows he is leading you as sheep to the slaughter. Only it\’s eternal.I\’m not afraid of anything guys. Not even death. I have faced just about anything you can imagine. So threats and taunts from guys like you is laughable.There will come a day when you will take all of us believers and put us away and try and shut us up. The bible predicts it. Problem is when you\’ll do that, you\’ll only make us stronger. Persecution always makes the church grow.God loves you anyway.

  45. Of course "God" loves me. He has to. So do all you Christians. Because if it weren\’t for liberal minds like mine, churches wouldn\’t be around. People like me keep churches open for business. Without Satan and his followers to blame all the worlds problems on, what would your focus be?

  46. Saving the lost, feeding the poor, giving hope to those that have none, providing homes for the homeless. That\’s what we do. We don\’t need buildings to do what God has called us to do. And we also don\’t need liberals to survive. Our hope is not in man but God.And yes God loves you, that\’s why He sent Jesus to die on the cross for. Without Jesus Nick you don\’t have a hope.

  47. Hey again Gerry. Sorry, i wrote a message to you but then the post i wrote it under seems to be gone now because of new posts so i have no idea what your answer was. I am curious so I will ask again..I wouldn\’t mind hearing Jason\’s opinion too…Gerry, You say that "The Way is not about religion or brainwashing. It is a relationship with a living person," Now, I believe in God, and I do pray to him. I have a relationship with him. I do read the bible for inspirational words however not for anything else. Also, I am not against homosexuality and I do not go to church, I think singing praise is great but I don\’t like the churches way of teaching. Those are aspects of the religion, so are you saying its ok that I believe in God but not the aspects of the Religion or do you think I am not a true believer in God then? And that like I think you\’ve said before "are actually praying to satan if my prays are being answered". I\’m just confused. I never felt good in church and in friends youth groups I just felt like they were trying to scare and guilt people to believe certain things and I just feel like it is so horrible to do that to people. Why would getting people to believe in God come through such horrible ways as that. Thats just my opinion. I think like you have said believing in God is about a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP. I think people should make their own views about God and not just believe certain things because a person who thinks they know everything about God told them to have the view. I think faith in God is the strongest through deep contemplation and really I think that everyone who believe in God believes differently. Some people may pray every hour, some every month but I don\’t feel anyway is RIGHT, its however you choose. It\’s subjective. Like I said, No one way is \’right\’ and Everyone has a unique belief in him and what they think he wants of them. So, I dont feel church is necessary and I don\’t think that the bible has anything really to do with having this faith in God IMO. I think that if someone\’s personal belief in him entails reading a bible and going by its every word to structure how their life will be then thats fine. Thats your way of believing. Its not wrong!. But neither is the way I choose to believe. I think God is up somewhere watching us and wondering why it is we are all fighting constantly over the RIGHT way to believe in him. IMO i think he just wants us to realize that he made this earth, he put us here, and he is the one who will take us in the end.

  48. Canadian_blonde2 LisaLisa I know you are a sincere girl. I know you are sincere in your beliefs. But there is only one way which you can have a relationship with God and that is through Jesus Christ. You see sin seperates us from God and it doesn\’t matter how good you are it will never be good enough. That\’s why Jesus came and died for us. To bridge the gap that was between us and God. We are all guilty Lisa. Everyone of us. Each of us used the hammer that drove the nails into Christ\’s flesh. It was our sin. But He loved us all so much He was willing to take our penalty for us.He said I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but by me. Did you know that there are more ancient texts that exist for the Bible than any other ancient writtings. I\’m talking in the thousannds and they all agree. There is no differences in the texts other than the different languages they were written in. Would you do me a favour. I\’d like you too read a book called the Case For Christ. By Lee Strobel. Lee was an investigative repoter for the Chicago Tribune and when his wife became a believer he wanted to disprove Chrsitianity and prove that Jesus never existed. What he found out changed his life forever.

  49. people, its 2005, should we be basing our value\’s on a book as old as the date, i mean what technology do we use from that time….nothing, because we find better ways of doing old things, and i think we need to find a better system of belief, like…oh lets say nihilism.

  50. Jesus Christ; the same yesterday, today and forever.

  51. Canadian_blonde2: Before I reply to you, I need you to answer me 1 question:What is the last thing He spoke to you?Jason

  52. Jason when you say whats the last thing he spoke to me, are you saying your actually supposed to \’hear\’ his voice? Because of thats what you mean, then I never have I will admit.and Gerry to commentsThankyouArgg i\’ve been so conflicted over the past year especially. I\’m just starting to really question things and I just don\’t know if I believe in Jesus or if I just believe in an almighty supreme being -who I like to call God. But I guess if I say this supreme being I believe in is God then I have to believe in Jesus as well? I guess it only makes sence right?? I just want to apologize to you Gerry and to Jason for some nasty words I may have said in past comments. I gues like I said, i\’ve been questioning things and kind of in that rebellious stage lol .. ahh the life of a teenager 🙂 :P. I guess the reason I do keep comming back here though is because I do find this all very interesting to read and I want to sort of find my way. Find what it is I want to believe in whatever it may be. anways, I just KNOW there is something out there who put me here, who is control of this earth and will take me in the end, someone watching up there watching my every move and who is always there. Someone who is almighty and loving. Whatever it is, I know I can\’t deny it. I KNOW in my heart there is a supreme being. ohh and I will try and find that book and read it Gerry

  53. "Saving the lost, feeding the poor, giving hope to those that have none, providing homes for the homeless"yeah, you guys have done a bang-up job so far. I\’m sure any minute now all the former homeless and helpless ppl will thank you for solving their problems. Don\’t hold your breath

  54. NickWhat do you do to help people? I\’m curious. Also yes not all those who are helped are thankful, but we do it anyways.

  55. Canadian_Blonde2: First I want to say thank you. I truly accept your apology and my heart is warmed and smiles fondly back at you. 🙂 You are a beautiful person. The reason I asked what He spoke to you last, is I needed to hear your witness of Him before I knew for sure if you\’re in relationship with Him or not. God truly speaks. The most obvious way is in our conscience. When we\’re about to stick our hand in the cookie jar, that little prick in our conscience is ordained by the Spirit of God. He speaks through signs, unctions of His Holy Spirit, through His Word, through preachers, and even sometimes through your worst enemy. But He speaks constantly. From what I see in your posts, I believe you are sensing Him legitimately, but there is a much more intimate relationship with Him waiting for you. Aahhh, the question of if to serve Jesus and who He really is. This may twist a few theological people, but it\’s the truth of my walk. Many will say that unless you confess Jesus is your Lord and Savior and believe that He died on the cross and rose again after 3 days you cannot enter the kingdom of God. This is true, but your revelation of Him must be legitimate, not just some words that you repeat. It\’s not a password. Again I appreciate the fact that you want to verify the authenticity of your decisions to serve God. Jesus asked Peter, "Who do you say that I am" and Peter said "Thou are the Christ". It was revealed to him by the Spirit, (and not to mention that he was one of the 12 disciples). Sorry – that was morely meant for the Bible scholars, sometimes you gotta watch out for them, they can be dangerous ;-). Back to you… I met God before ever reading the Bible, going to church, or saying a sinners prayer. (I have a post on my site called \’Who we Are\’, if you want to read it). Without going into too much detail, I sensed him, communed with Him, and immediately He led me to a church. I even said "No" at first, but he found a way to get me there. I couldn\’t deny the signs. As I grew with Him and came closer to Him and prayed with Him I understood His greatness. I knew instantly if I did something that grieved Him, because His presence would withdraw from me. I cherished His presence and I would cry and beg Him to come back and forgive me and return to me. His presence is all I live for. I knew Him as God, but I did not want to insult Him by calling Him someone He wasn\’t. So I refused to assume and call Him "Jesus" at the risk of insulting Him. Over time many questioned my salvation. Many questioned if I even knew God. I was so stubborn. It wasn\’t until about 8 months after I met Him, I was praying… I was taken away in the Spirit to a dry and dark land. I was on my knees and I saw a tree in front of me. I raised my head and saw dried blood all over the stump of the tree. I looked up and say a pair of bone-thin legs pierced through, I looked further up and saw a dried husk of man, nailed to a cross. I looked further up into His face, and I heard, with the same voice of God that I knew, "Worship Me". From that moment I couldn\’t stop saying the name of Jesus. It was a deeply personal thing to me. I didn\’t want to make mistakes with God as I see you don\’t. You see, there is no formula to serving God. It is something that is established from one truth to the next truth as God leads and grows you. It\’s something where the intensity goes from one glory to another glory as He deposits His Spirit into you and grows your from this "rebellious teenager" into a beautiful child of Him. It\’s available to you, it\’s pure, and it\’s real. It doesn\’t matter where you come from or what has happened over the past year. This is between you and Him alone. (Yes Bible Scholars, I know the Bible clearly outlines it, but stop being so religious and let God be God.) What I feel is maybe you should call up a pastor and make an appointment to meet with them. Just layout how you feel and be real with them, for better or for worse. If they are a true pastor, I think you\’ll be in for a treat of the things of God and you\’ll be wiser in Him and yourself. That\’s all for now.Take care,Jason

  56. heh thanks for your insightful post Jason :)It actually really helps to hear someone\’s actual experiences. So your spirit was taken to a dark land where u saw all that and heard God say worship me? You weren\’t scared at all?? I think I would be terified to be honest. But ya although i was reluctant to admit it first I think i was brought to this page for a reason 🙂 :PI think God\’s brought me closer to him in all sorts of ways. For one, a few years back I started getting this daily email that I NEVER signed up for called Mountain Wings. Its an inspirational daily email written by a christian who often in the daily email will talk about issues of faith. I really don\’t think this is a coincedence I\’m getting this email! I think he was trying to bring me closer :). i also feel like my friend Erin was brought to me to help get closer to him. I had never had my own bible until she gave one to me in grade 10. I feel like God is working through my life in all sorts of obvious ways I just need to look closely i guess.

  57. Lisa – Canadian BlondYou don\’t know how much you have blessed me to hear the things you are saying. I too accept your apoligie. It\’s people like you that help make this space worth it. Keep on seeking. You will be led to the truth. I and I\’m sure Jason are praying for you.

  58. Canadian_Blonde2: About the vision I guess I should have told you why it was such a confirmation to me. It was a Monday after an Easter weekend. We had a guest speaker in, and this speaker did something I\’d never seen before. He put his Bible down, and relived the crucifixtion of Jesus. He just told us what happened, and I remember it was so vivid and clear as to what Jesus went through and what He was accomplishing. But I remember refusing the imagery of my magnificent God being tortured and killed by mere men. I remember feeling so confused, because the spirit from this man was righteous. God used the profound image to start me on the path of understanding what He did for us, and why He did it. I wasn\’t scared, I was blissfully set free from this struggle to accept Jesus. It was pretty personal, and I\’m not sure if I\’m conveying it well enough. It\’s too deep inside me to do it justice in words. But there you have it. Well it\’s great to hear that journey has already begun. I wish you the best.Jason

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