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He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord. Acts 11:24

I have been fortunate to have had some great pastors in my life. Pastor Robert Johnson was one of them. I remember there were times when my dad would go on a drunken binge and would disappear for days. My grandmother was a very strong believer. When I was 5 years old she called the church and I remember Pastor Johnson coming over and praying with my mom that my dad would be found and delivered from his drinking. That Sunday Pastor Johnson came and picked up our family and brought us to church.

Pastor Johnson was a man that cared deeply for people. He became known as the city of Montreal’s pastor and was the Chaplin to all the different sports teams in the city. I remember staying up late on Sunday nights to listen to his radio show called Ask the Pastor where people would call in to ask him all kinds of advise. He was a very patient man. He was also one of the greatest bible teachers I have ever heard. I still have many of the tapes of his teachings.

One of the first things that I did with the youth choral was to go into a recording studio to record a jingle for Pastor Johnson’s radio show. It was based on John 3:16.

Within the first year of my coming to Christ, Pastor Johnson resigned to accept a calling in Alberta. It was a sad day. He was the only pastor I had ever known. With the Lord’s help this man had taken a small little church in Verdun and built it into a thriving ministry with about 800 regular members. He had also helped to build a large French congregation as well who would meet on Sunday afternoons and numbered about 500.

It was a challenge to my young faith. Was I following a man or was I following Christ? Many left the church when he left. I found that they were there for the man and not because God had called them to that church. I decided that I was going to stick it out. This was the only church home I had ever known. I was falling in love with so many of the people there and their hearts fore God.

I was never a person that liked hugs. I kind of felt a person was invading my space when they hugged me. Oh it was ok for my mom and grandmother, but others, well… These people loved to hug and I had to try and get used to it. I have to admit though there are times I still want to run from certain people when they want a hug. But the people in this church cared deeply for you and it was what I needed.

The church went through a period of about 3 months where we had an interim pastor by the name of Bill Griffiths. A good man who came from the PAOC head office to fill in while the church searched for a pastor. As the months stretched on we began to wonder if God was going to send anyone to replace Pastor Johnson.

One Sunday morning it was announced that a Rev. Ken Bombay had been invited and accepted to let his name stand for senior pastor. I had never heard of the man, but many people in the church seemed to be very excited at him coming. The said he was a pastor who wasn’t afraid to share the gospel. I was very pleasantly surprised. That morning he preached a message that really inspired the congregation and he received an acceptance vote of over 90%. One of the highest that had ever been heard of. This man would become one of if not the greatest influence in my walk with Christ. I had found someone I could look up to and teach me all about what being a man of God was all about. Pastor Ken and his wife Joan had no children of their own, but spiritually they became parents to many who lost out on having a mom or dad growing up. I was one of them. He would eventually call me son and I would call him dad.

Pastor Robert Johnson is still a pastor of a large church in California. 


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Comments on: "The Way of a Fool – Part 5" (24)

  1. Unknown said:

    Thanks for visiting my site! And no, I don\’t mind you using my URL as a link on your Website; as a matter of fact, I think it\’ll help more and more people to discover the Message of YHWH thru Our Lord Jesus Christ!It\’s good to see other people that have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The Word of YHWH is a powerful one: it brings people together, even if they are far from each other. We are all united under the Salvation Jesus gave us when we\’ve accepted to believe in Him. Even if we are from different denominations (I\’m an Evangelical Baptist), we, Christians, must speak at once to the world: the Gospel must be spread!Keep the faith! And may the Lord bless you with His Grace and His unconditional love!Marana thaA brother in Christ,Philippe 😉

  2. It was almost the same event at my old church in vancouver Bc; there were a deaf pastor "P" and a deaf leadership/teacher "B" for the bible study weekly nights and his home for prayer meeting. P and B argued over the different issues and i saw that\’s how caused them to be divided about their gifts of teachings , that led them to be not getting along. B left the church and some members left to follow B, left the church. P still attended the church to preach and the members still stayed included me before. Till i moved back to Wpg before. Anyway to this day, the church of P was destroyed and gone, deaf memebers wandered to my (Now) church. P\’s marriage was broken. P and his wife are about to divorce anytime this month. HIs wife wanted to have a divorce but P didn\’t want to, He was very hurted (they have 7 sons, all boys).. my church support and comfort him. P still attends at my church, a member. But B goes on his own to teach other deaf group separately. B is not getting along with P or my church. There were many divided events many time that i saw lot here in BC.. in Winnipeg, there is still a same church for many years , not divided. That\’s why i was confused when i moved to BC and i never saw the events like that before… till i grew strong and know what i should do… follow the Lord than the man. I didn\’t follow P or B, but a true church which i attend now. Please pray for B to reconilce with us and P before Jesus comes. we all need the healing in the relationship with all brothers and sisters in Christ. I love them , no matter what .. but deaf people may be lost in following a man instead Jesus. Pray!

  3. You wonder why people all over MSN Spaces are going nuts over the homosexual vs. Christians issue. Maybe it\’s because gay individuals have had their blogs commented on by a hateful religious community. Are you behind this?I\’m a proud bi-sexual woman and very anti-religious…why am I against religion? It\’s people like you who don\’t believe in people\’s rights to involve themselves in something that you consider evil and immoral. And the fact that we would have a lot less war and starving children in this world. Most wars are caused by religious groups who hate each other, bombing each other\’s cities and fighting in the streets…children in Africa are starving because Christian missionaries taught them that birth control is frowned upon, and that large families are the way of the Catholic religion. You stand in front of a woman who is using her right to obtain an abortion, because she feels that she cannot bring a child into this world, and believes that it isn\’t fair to the child. Gay men and women are getting abused by religious groups because they were born homosexual, and choose not to hide it from the rest of the world, like you believe they should.Those are just a few reasons why I believe that religion should be abolished. I myself am a good person, I believe in myself, and I love my family and friends and treat others with respect. That\’s all a person needs to get by really.

  4. Spin_Sugar_SpinSorry but that is not me. If somebody is putting hateful comments on somebodies else\’s spaces, that is wrong. True followers of Jesus Christ don\’t hate anyone and don\’t force their views on others as well. But if asked do we believe that homosexuality, abortion, and other things are a sin we will tell you yes they are. But Jesus came to bring life and bring it more abundantly. He came to set us free from sin. We were all born with it and to decide to be free from it is a choice. There are consequences to our choices though and they are eternal. I care about where people will spend eternity.Go ahead try to abolish religion. I hate just as much as you do. But when it comes to The Way which is not a religion but a relationship you never will. The word of God stands forever.

  5. Unknown said:

    hey Gerry just saying hellolove claireGod bless

  6. MadCatz said:

    If the word is forever, why didnt we START worshipping god. You can see we have found bones of people dating before jesus, well we can tell because of ruins and such, that they did not worship jesus. The astecks worshiped the sun god, and sacrifised people to it. and well they were as human as the rest of us, so why didnt they follow god? hmmm? maybe its because the world didnt start off with god, first if we started as adam and eve, wouldnt we all be inbred hicks? i mean we know inbreeding is a terrible thing to do. So when adam and eve had kids… who were they breeding with?

  7. Lindsey said:

    I\’m just curious: I\’m baptized Catholic but I live under a Lutheran parent-hood and attend a Christian church on my own. Am I offending any religious conduct by doing so?

  8. AntitrustOysterMan did start off worshipping God. But it was because of man\’s fall and the sin that came with it that he became seperated from his Creator. Because of this the Aztechs and other nations developed their own gods.Jesus has always existed. The bible says that through Him everything that we see was created by Him.Adam and Eve were told to be fruitful and multiple. In the beginning it was necessary fro the procreation of the human race that their children married each other. But that was done away with when the law was brought in.With God all things are possible!

  9. mech_twigglesBeing a believer isn\’t about religion, it\’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ. So I would have to ask you, where do you stand with him? Because that is where it really counts.

  10. MadCatz said:

    Alright, well interesting views. That really lightend some things up for me I was not to sure about. Thank you Gerry, Its neat to learn about peoples beliefs, they help me form my own. If christianity has an answer for every question, then the truth is we will never really know the answer untill we die. Well, I sort of want to find out now heh.

  11. Gerry, please thank your mother for visiting my site. I want to welcome her back any time.

  12. Although religion is an excellent method of communicating moral values it is also a medium for arguments and war. Take for instance, the crusades, or the current situation in Palestine and Israel. People put too much into religious belief, whether or not there is or was a creator plays no importance in our daily lives. No supreme being has any involvement in one\’s daily life. Rather the preachers of religions plant ideas which create extreamists, such as the suicide bomers, who end their lives for irrational beliefs. There is no justifiable reason for believing in a supreme being. Granted you can take Pascal\’s wager into account where if you do not believe, and there turns out to be a supreme being you\’re royally screwed for an afterlife but other than that there is no sound reasoning. Which brings me to my final point that people are often too concerned with the afterlife to live their actual lives in an enjoyable manner. As an atheist I do not worry about what will become of me after I am done in this life, whether I am reincarnated, sent to a heaven/hell (or equivalent) rather I enjoy my actual life to the fullest, in a much happier state of being..

  13. johnny bobGod is concerned about the smallest details of our lives. I am a living example. I have seen Him work in so many amazing ways that I know without a shadow of a doubt that He exists and is the sustainer of all things in heaven and on earth. I agree with you religion starts wars. But not a relationship with Jesus Christ and The Way is about relationship not religion. To know Him is to love and want to be like Him. You have more faith than I do because it takes more not to believe than it does to believe. No matter how many times you may say there is no God, there still is. And no matter how many times you say there is no judgement, there is. The decision is yours. God will never force Himself upon you. But know this that He loves you with an everlasting love.

  14. Teresa Dawn said:

    Hi Gerry!Just a quick apology for being MIA lately. I have my exams coming up, so I do not always get a chance to visit everyone\’s sites, or update my own for that matter.God Bless YouTeresa Dawn

  15. Footprints in the Sand ….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there were one set of footprints. ….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints. So I said to the Lord, ….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….“You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?”….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/…….The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand, is when I carried you.”….oooO………….. …..(….)…Oooo… ……)../…..(….)…. …..(_/…….)../….. ……………(_/……. Mary Stevenson© 1984

  16. Hello GerryI have come here many many times looking upon the comments left on your site. I belive in god in my own ways, I used to pray to him every night begging and pleading with him to give me a child, when others said I couldn\’t. Now I have a beautiful little girl. But, there are some things I don\’t agree with such as homosexuality. I belive in people doing as they wish. Now if that makes me a no belive so be it. But I do belive in what god can do for people. My daughter is an living example. And I agree with spin_sugar_spin, noone should be leavingt nasty comments just because they have a different veiw. I have been to a couple of spaces that Princesssweetfacelisa has left some pretty bad comments to people for just having the right to speech. Gerry, I have nothing against, not at all, but I feel that people have the right to do whatever they want, I\’m Catholic and my Grandmother raised me that way. But my veiws along with alot of people are different, and I would imagine so are yours on many issues. If that makes me unchristian, well.. I guess it is, but again, I have my god to thank for my daughter. Miranda

  17. God bless you GerryThanks for your answer concerning Pastor paul. His witness and testimony speaks volumnes. Again thanks and god bless. Til next time.

  18. yoChecking up to see what\’s new and such. Keep running the race, and always remember that The Holy Spirit is there to comfort, counsel and give you strength, especially the right answers for everyone! lol ok later

  19. hey pastor gerry!!I just like to say I am verry moved by your space.I am from lethbridge AB Canada. and I\’ve at two years of bible college myself. just want to say God bless U.from your fellow brother in christD\’rock

  20. Meaghan said:

    Hey, My name is Meg, I just want to quickly say Hi, and thanyou for this awesome MSN space. The Holy Spirit was truly guiding you when you created it, it\’s just so inspirational and touching to see there is people like you in the world that care enough, that love enough and who are committed enough to create something like this. Anyways I better get going but thanyou, and may God bless you and keep you safe.Yours in the Love of Christ, Megs (NSW Australia)

  21. ArguableMirandaLisa is a good person. I know her heart. She loves people and will go out of her way to help in any way she can. She has left messages on others spaces but only because those people visited her\’s and left some not so nice comments. Even then she tells them she loves them and that Jesus loves them.I am really happy that God answered your prayer about a child. Children are really precious and each child is a gift from God.I uphold that the word of God is true and what the bible calls sin is still sin today. God never changes. He loves everyone, but those who sin can\’t come into His presence. They can\’t know how much of a loving and wonderful God He truely is unless they let go and trust Him.I keep seeing all over the place on people\’s spaces that we preach hate. If there was a building about to collapse and you saw people running into it, wouldn\’t you want to warn them. That is all we are doing. We don\’t want people to go to a place that was created for only the devil and his demons. Someone who hates another is not going to warn them but let them go on to destruction. Besides if we hated anyone our own souls would be in danger. Hatred of people is a sin in itself.

  22. This is a comment that I edited because some personnel info was added and for the persons protection I removed it.im trusting that you are all good God fearing ppl and i can ask your advice me and my boyfriend of 6 1/2 years (scince we were 16 🙂 he saved me just as i was asking God to send someone to do just that) have not gotten married because of money issues and because of these issues can no longer afford seperate apartments we will have to live together my pastor says if i do this than i will be no longer accepted into his church and that we are wrong and bad i have a ring if i could get married and make it right right now we both would .. am i really that bad .. it makes me cry at night i dont know what to do .. pls help Aftertherain

  23. Oh , please accept my apology about the misunderstanding about the comment Gerry had placed for someone to be protected… forgive me… smile.

  24. I could never try to abolish religion, that power is well beyond and above me. I just believe that there would be more harmony in this world if there were no religion. It\’s just a sad day when you realize that people out there DO hate you because of your sexual preference or lifestyle. This makes me bitter and resentful towards religion, and hatefulness isn\’t in my nature. I wish I could believe that there are people on MSN spaces who don\’t read what you\’ve wrote, or other religious followers have wrote, and take what you all say into the new level (hatefulness). I do believe that you probably are a great person…I just don\’t understand how people\’s choices should be sinful…but who am I to ask? I am obviously ignorant in the ways of your god…and that\’s why I choose to not believe, and keep my life plain and simple.

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