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How Awesome is Our God!

Psalm 19:1 says; “The heavens declare the Glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” And Psalm 8:3-4 says; “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You care for Him.” 
I love going out far from the city lights at night to stare up at the stars. When you look at all that God has created in the heavens you can’t help but feel awe. The universe is so vast and we are so small. The bible says He knows each of the stars and has given them names. (Psalm 147:4) The number of stars in the known universe number in the trillions. When you look at the pictures taken from the Hubble space telescope, you see the beauty that is out there.
When seen from space, the earth is like a jewel hanging in space. The earth out of all the worlds in this galaxy is the most beautiful. God placed it just in the right orbit. A little closer to the sun and we’d burn up or a little further away and we’d freeze.
All He created is perfect. It overwhelms you. He created all this for me? For my pleasure? To think that God cares for us tiny creatures on a world smaller than a speck of dust compared to the size of the universe. And He knows each us by name! He even numbers the hair on our heads. (Matt. 10:30). He came down to this little speck of dust and became one of us in the person of Jesus Christ. He died and rose again. Why? Because He loved us (John 3:16) and we are sinners (Romans 5:8). He is not willing that any of us should perish but that we should all be reconciled to Him. (2 Peter 3:9).
Dear Lord we stand in awe of You. You are indeed an awesome God. We thank You for Your sacrifice. Take our lives Lord and make them yours.

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Comments on: "How Awesome is Our God!" (19)

  1. Gidday there, Hi, you came and put a message on my space under the impression I was from israel, whilst I have Jewish Heritage I\’m don\’t actually live there! I never even thought that people would take that seriously……Sorry if it\’s been offence, twasn\’t meant to be. I meant to reply ages ago but haven\’t really had much chance, as you would of noticed by my space\’s lack of maintenance!! Anyways, Great lookin site you have here, for the more spiritually mature christians seemingly, a bit deeper than most! Which is always a good thing, as the Ecclesiastes says, there is a time and place for everything! And just a Jesus speaks to each of us in our own language, so to does different churches (And christian msn spaces!) have different "flavours", applying/relating to different people in different ways. Just something to add to your demonic possession blog down there, if you have a concordance or computer bible program, look up about the powers of darkness fleeing from the light. Jesus speaks about it too I do believe, explaining how anyone that truly believes in Him and has the Holy Spirit inside cannot be touched by the evil one, as the simple mention of his name, which is marked on our hearts because we are bought by Him, reubukes the devil. Also as Christians we have the Godly authority to overthrow the works of the devil and his followers so they cannot "possess" any Christian that truly has recieved Christs authority and has His name written on their heart, as sole property of Him that paid for us.Might I reccomend two things, 1. A book, "The Signature of God", you might like it Purpose driven life is a great book too! And 2. The new Hillsong United album "Look to you", it\’s the new youth Album and is great. In particular two favourites of mine, "There is Nothing like" & "Enemy\’s been defeated", Track 7 & 6, I do believe. Anyways, I hope God does bless you in all that you do, keep your eyes and heart set on Him and I look forward to Worshipping with you in Heaven! Catchya!

  2. What is your thoughts on same-sex marriages?

  3. I am against same sex marraige. The government didn\’t listen to the population the majority who were against it.

  4. Marissa said:

    the majority was against it except the people who wanted it and thought it was right, it doesnt involve you so let them be, same sex marriage should be allowed all the way. People like you make me sick, just because its against your religion doesnt mean that it should not be happening. Please do not delete this because it is my opinion and you\’ve posted yours, we all deserve a chance to speak our minds.

  5. xmorbid×kissesx So is your attack against what I believe supposed to get me to make some kind of angry response. Sin is still sin no matter how much this world tries to dress it up and call it something a little more platable.I\’m sorry but you don\’t make me sick. A real Christian will tell you he does not hate a homosexual. To hate someone is a sin. But we could never agree with their act bacause that would comprimse what we believe in.I can\’t force them to change and I will never try. That\’s for God to do, but I can tell them that I believe it is wrong then it\’s up to them to decide. And yes it does involve me. In the same way that I will not enforce my beliefs upon another. The homosexual agenda is being forced upon us and yes that does bother me.

  6. How did you get music on here??

  7. Miranda said:

    My thoughts on same sex marriage are let them do what they please. Some people seem to think it is a sin because it says so somewhere in the bible. And the goverment was listening to the population because otherwise why would they vote it. My god mother to whom is Catholic is a lesbian. And I have no problem with that whatsoever. But what if someone in your congragation came up to you, (mind you this person is respected by you and the rest of the church going folk) and asked you to perform the marriage, would you all the sudden turn your back on them just because of there sexual preference, they say get married so they wouldn\’t have to live in sin, but when the homosexual community wants to do so people like yourself want to penalize them? Why is that? Don\’t you belive in the right to do whatever it is you want? These people more than likley didn\’t ask to be gay or lesbian, it just happens, or so I\’m told. Homosexuals are people too, and I belive they need our respect just as much as you would expect for yourself. In closing, I think gay marriage is great, gives them the rights as anyone else in this country. There not ailens, there people as well.

  8. Rosemary said:

    Its a sad day for me, we took in a street kid for 3 years and he left us, he hardly talks to me anymore…I just feel like crying…please pray for the homeless, the street kids, the drug addicts, for my *son* Chris…God knows him, he knows his needs, he knows why he is ditching me…I was soooo close this past Christmas to him coming to the Lord…His fave song was \’Our God is an Awsome God\’ he loved coming to church with us, he moved away and is ….I dunno…what is in his heart…I just pray for him everyday..just venting today..love ur space, thanks Gerry

  9. This chickIf somebody who was a homosexual wanted to get married in our church we would have to turn them away.It is against the teachings of the bible. We would be sinning ourselves if we were to perform it. Even if it were members of our own families or congregation as much as it would hurt.

  10. Hi Gerry! It is always great to come visit your space…very encouraging! The reason I write is to say hello but also to let you know the band "three season ant" that I minister with are headed towards Ontario in October. We would love to stop and minister in Montreal and I wondered if you were interested in hosting us for a night of worship together with your local church? If you\’re even remotely interested in doing a concert together with us send me an email at info@threeseasonant.com I hope you\’re having a great day and be sure to stop by "Fiddleboy Journals" to see some of our studio pictures. God Bless. King Arthur

  11. Wow this is absolutly amazing. I am a big Jesus fan and i will admit that. It took me a while to tell people that im a church goer because none of my friends were. But i get in a argument with someone that i didnt even know about, she was sayin how she was anti christ and i told her never to say that in public cuz thats just so wrong. But i went to a youth convetion in hamilton ontario last year for teh ELCIC luthren youth. and it was the best experience i have ever had. I was just confirmed at my church in may and i have been told that i am so full of God its kinda scary. so this space was so touching to me. I absoultly love it. thank you for your work.Cassie Woodward

  12. We, christians and homosexuality, will face the throne of God and hear His voice. His wrath will come upon them -homosexuality; and all people will know the truth at the Judgement day. Sadly, people are in His judgement and they cannot escape from His throne… too late for repent nor come back to the earth. Keep seek God\’s heart and know His truth. Its scary if people die and they are at the judgement, there will be "no back". Be wise….think harder… look at how Sodom was like… and God destroyed them. I see here is like Sodom now. God\’s wrath will come soon-anytime! Not only homosexuality, but all who rebel in sins, disobey against God. WE, the christians of God, are suffering in their darkness and crying out to the Lord. His time is coming to finish the work. Go to Jesus and to repent before the door opens and closes!

  13. Miranda said:

    Princess….You know something, gay people are gay people, and I don\’t belive that people like yourself and Gerry here should penalize there beliefs, how the heck would you feel if someone told you it was wrong to belive in god? Or wrong to belive in things you feel strongly in? Who are we to say what is wrong or right, I don\’t imagine either one of you would go up to a homosexual and start pushing your beliefs on them would ya, I know what they would do, they well tell ya right where to go and how fast to get there, thats if they don\’t physically harm you first. Personally I think you guys are fat headed to even think what you guys are doing is right, didn\’t his teaching say love thy neighbor? I\’m christian no doubt about it, but what I think you guys are doing is wrong, and I\’m going to say it again, the goverment had to be thinking of the people because the obviously voted for it.

  14. This chickSo you say you are a Christian. To be a Christian means to be Christ-like. To be Christ-like means to follow and obey the teachings of Jesus closely. It means a life without comprimise. It means never excusing sin, which you are doing. It is Christ living in you.Don\’t call yourself a Christian, You insult those who truly stand up for the truth. The name is too loosely thrown around. Someone with Christ living in them would never make excuses for sin and those who commit them.We don\’t judge homosexuals, the bible says they are already condemned and who do you think it is who condemns them. It is Jesus Himself. "Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us." Romans 8:34Also loving your neighbours doesn\’t mean justifing their sin. Loving them means warning them about their sin. What they do about that warning is their own choice. But we warn them because we care. Even if they spit in our face, even if they threaten and beat us we will continue to say the same thing. Come away from your sin before you perish.But you as someone who has never accepted Christ into her life cannot understand these things, because they are foolishness to you. You could never understand the pain that we feel in seeing so many people believing a lie and heading for hell. Jesus died so that all may be set free including you.

  15. You said to \’this chick\’– "don\’t call yourself a Christian, your insulting those who stand up for Christ". There are many things I would like to call you for saying that but I know it won\’t be appropriate on your space and so i won\’t.But Gerry, she can still believe in Christ and not be against Homosexuality. She can have faith in Christ and not take the bible literally. She doesn\’t have to beleive the way in which you do Gerry to be a Christian. That’s what I think anyway. To say that line you said to her though was so incredibly rude. I can\’t believe your a youth pastor. I personally feel sorry for the kids you teach. I know that sounds rude of me Gerry but I honestly do. You must scare and guilt them into believing certain things like so many other youth pastors do. I mean if I was still a gullable kid, being threatened with eternal damnation would probably make me be against homosexuality too.

  16. I was raised Christian and no longer go to church, but I will say I can understand where the church is coming from. Their insitution has a certain set of beliefs that should not be allowed to be tailored anyway people want. A Muslim can\’t just choose to go out to the bar every night and have a pork dinner and still call himself a Muslim. So if homosexuality is deemed wrong by the church, and has been for years and years, why now in 2005 should the church be forced allow people to pick and choose which parts of religion they want to abide by or partake in. Marriage is a religious ceremony no? You take vows before a God no? I personally have no problems with homosexuality, but I think the church having the right to refuse marriage is fair. To force them would be imposing a view on them which is wrong to do to all parties.

  17. Canadian_blonde2: Again, by invalidating the Bible you have validated your lifestyle. God is not a God of unconditional consent. You would not allow your children to do whatever they wanted to do FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. You have rules and your children have to abide by them. Why do you take God for a fool? Do you really think He\’s that stupid? Do you really think He\’s up their in heaven blessing us like Santa Claus and He unconditionally accepts everything that we do? Do you think that He is just a jolly old God that we can take advantage of? That we can sin, and it is not clearly visible before His eyes in Heaven? He Himself has confirmed the Bible to me. Why has He not done this with you? Sorry, you can go and attack peoples character and venacular all you want. It still doesn\’t change where you stand with Him. You say you love and pray to God? WHAT HAS GOD TOLD YOU ABOUT THE BIBLE?I\’m not convinced. I wonder if God is… Are you even…Jason

  18. How do Gerry\’s messages keep getting turned into debates over sodomy?

  19. Ernesto said:


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