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I read a startling statistic in a report on the family the other day. The average number of children per family in Canada is less than 2. That is not good news for our country. It means our population is shrinking. If it were not for immigration we would have a smaller population than before the last census. Another thing about that report that bothered me was that in 78% of all two parent families, both the father and mother went out to work.

Small families and the mother working are relatively new things in society. They used to be the exception and not the norm. It was considered normal in my grandparents days for a family to have as many as 10 children and for the mom to be at home. They were not as materialistic as we are today and yet they were blessed. Mothers were very industrious in cooking and making clothes for the kids. Very much like the woman found in Proverbs chapter 31. They knew that God would supply, no matter how many children they had. They believed what the Bible said in Psalm 127:3 "Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward." The more children they had the more they were blessed.

Now most couples today don’t have time for children. They are too busy with the careers they have set for themselves. Always working and yet never satisfied with what they have. Society hasn’t helped as things change so quickly that many have to go to night school to keep up with the changes.

Feminist’s have told mothers that they need to get out and get a job because to stay home and raise children is slavery and women shouldn’t be tied down to that.

Abortion of children is common place as that child would interfere with the woman’s or couple’s lifestyle.

Children have become a curse. We are a selfish society that would rather let others raise our children. Which is why we have daycare. Then when these children grow up and turn their backs on us we ask "Why?" Those that dare to have large families and have mom staying at home are looked down upon as backward and yet the children from these families mostly are loyal and take care of their parents when they are older.

Can things change? I believe they can and God’s Word has the answer. Look at Psalm 127 in it’s entirety.

Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is useless. Unless the LORD protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good. It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones. Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior’s hands. How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates. (NLT)

This is radical and yet it works. There are two couples with 6 children or more in our church that put this into practice and they are blessed and their children are a blessing not only to them but to us as well. So, where do children stand in your scheme of things? Is God building your house or are you?

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  1. Skye-Mercedez: It\’s wonderful that you love your kids, and if you have to work then so be it. But the point is that IT IS SOCIETY that has forced our lives to be so much under the gun. That we can\’t be with our children as much as we\’d like too. No one is trying to make you feel guilty or say that you are a "bad mom". But I\’m glad that you said you would stay home if you could. It\’s because you love those children, that you know how good that love is for them. As far as your coorelation between loving God and 1 parent staying home, I didn\’t quite understand what you were saying. But besides the fact that we want the best for our kids like every other parent, the God factor is that we live a very specific lifestyle being a christian. If the child stays home with Mom they are influenced by that lifestyle, and it is our opinion, they excel under that lifestyle. To have external influences such as the daycare, could not necessarily would, be a hindrance or a confusion to that lifestyle. Daycare is not a bad thing. It\’s just not the best thing. You\’ve said that you don\’t believe in God, and if you don\’t I understand your viewpoint. But the truth is He is alive and well. I speak with him regularily, and I believe I am of sound mind. If you really question His existence, I suggest that you ask Him to make Himself real to you, if it\’s evidence that you need. Otherwise I don\’t really expect you to understand.Jason

  2. Skye-Mercedes If anything, knowing and loving God helps you to love and nourish your children even more. You appreciate how unique they are and see the God given talents in them.When God is first in your life everything else falls into place. Jesus said; in Matthew 6:25-34 "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? "And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, \’What shall we eat?\’ or \’What shall we drink?\’ or \’What shall we wear?\’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.I and other Christians live by these princepal\’s and God has never let us or our children down.

  3. Christine said:

    Skye-Mercedes:Sorry, but you need to check yourself. Jason:"little ideas" comment was refering to this paragraph:Children have become a curse. We are a selfish society that would rather let others raise our children. Which is why we have daycare. Then when these children grow up and turn their backs on us we ask "Why?" Those that dare to have large families and have mom staying at home are looked down upon as backward and yet the children from these families mostly are loyal and take care of their parents when they are older.I meant not to clump me into the pile of people who would rater let their children be raised by someone else. That\’s not at all how it is in my family and I find it quite offensive to have someone say that.As for the disability comment – that is was in reference to PrincesssweetfaceLisa1 post. If she dosen\’t work and her husband dosen\’t work, she say\’s "god" is providing, well I\’m sorry but disability is is paied by taxpayers, not "god".They were 2 different comments in relation to 2 different posts.

  4. I see so the answer is, don\’t question your way of living or what you believe is right, but it\’s ok for you to do it to other people\’s way of living and what they believe is right.Thanks – I understand now.Jason

  5. Chantel said:

    Ok. um lets see if i can shed a little light on the subjet. Um i can totally understand BOTH view point as at one point in my life i was a single mom … working because i HAD to .. i had to feed my son. Daycare was a wonderful solution then and i certainly wouldnt frown upon it as it was the only solution I had at the time. Then i met my husband and we had two other children .. i kept working for a while and then it seemed that in a blink of an he was a year old and i had missed Soooooooo much .. his first word ( at daycare ) his first step ( at daycare ) when he was cutting his teeth it was his day care nanny that was snuggeling him. I missed a lot and i have a lot of regret for not being there. I had a chioce .. keep working to bring in extra money for stuff we dont really need and miss a bunch more firsts OR quite work and let my husband bring in the money in which we can lead a comfortable life vrs a lavish one AND get to see my kids grow up. Ive worked as a coordinator for a daycare/playgroup so I know that they can be awesome… BUT ive also seen many a child scream for their parents for HOURS after being left there. So basically it all comes down to what works for you and your family. Im quite happy that I get to stay home with my kids .. and to be quite honest Ive never felt more like a " real Woman " I feel so in tuned with myself and my family for the first time. I wouldnt trade it for the world. Dont know if this will help or not … hope it does.

  6. Let me begin by saying that I do not belive in Jesus Christ or God per se, although I do belive that there is some force out there that is greater than all of us which will never be understood. This is where I stand, and before someone declares me "unsaved", I wish to remind you that it is my decision what I believe, and this is my opinion and MY truth, I will not force it on you. I respect your beliefs and life choices as long as you can find it in yourselves to respect mine.There were a few things that bothered me both in this entry and in some of the comments posted by readers. "The more children they had the more they were blessed." — This statement shocks me slightly, because it is my understanding that God loves and bestows blessing upon all human beings equally. I hope what you mean is that each child was a blessing, and with each child there came another reminder of how they were blessed by God and God\’s love. If this is indeed what you mean, the wording of the sentence is slightly misleading. It would be unfortunate to think that a person is considered less loved and blessed by God simply because they do not have large numbers of children."We are a selfish society that would rather let others raise our children. Which is why we have daycare. Then when these children grow up and turn their backs on us we ask "Why?" Those that dare to have large families and have mom staying at home are looked down upon as backward and yet the children from these families mostly are loyal and take care of their parents when they are older." — I am not going to argue against what is written here, only comment on what it insinuates regarding small families and working mothers. To start off with, I am an only child, so my family is about as small as you can get. When I was born my mother took her maternity leave, and then after just over a year she went back to work (she is a RN working in an outpatients clinic where she is Team Director) and my father (who was an Accountant) took about a year off so that he, in turn, could take care of me. After they had both taken leaves from their respective jobs, I went to daycare. Daycare was a wonderful experience for me, there are still things that I remember vividly from this time in my life. One of my closest friends today I actually met at Daycare. My father died when I was nine years old, and so my mother working was inevitable (even if she had been a stay at home mother before this point). The reason that I do not like this statement is because it suggests that children such as myself are not loyal and will not take care of their parents when the time comes. This is not necessarily true, and you have to take it case by case. I now live across the country from my mother, and we are extremely close. I speak with her every night on the phone, and we tell each other about everything that is going on our my lives. When there comes a time in her life that she needs me to look after her, I will be there in a hearbeat to help her out. Until then, she knows that I am here for her when she needs me, whether it\’s just to talk and brighten up her day, or whether she needs my help with accomplishing something."Feminests have said that you Don\’t Have to stay in the home and take care of children and house work to make the sexes equil. Now I know that they go to far saying women can do what ever they want and ever one knows this isnt true." — I think that I am interpreting this properly, although it is tough because of some of the spelling errors, but what I think this person is trying to say is that women should not be allowed to do whatever they want? If a woman is capable of raising her children well and also working a job, then why not let her? Isn\’t everyone created equal in God\’s eyes? And therefore why are there strict gender roles? Why can\’t the father stay at home? Don\’t get me wrong, I am not a "feminist" persay, but if a father should choose to spend more time raising his children, then why deny him that right? And who\’s to say what an entire gender can and can\’t do? Again, something which I believe should be evaluated case by case."But when we are around a kid from a daycare, or even a kid from an unsaved family, there is a striking difference in the hearts of their children and ours." — That is a very large assumption and generality that this person is making. Just because those that you have come into contact with who have children who attended daycare or are, as you call it, "unsaved", have different values than your children or act differently, it doesn\’t mean that it is always this way. I truly believe that what it comes down to is love. If you love your children unconditionally and create a home environment where this is shown to be very important, as I\’m sure this person does, your children will thrive on this love and become better people for it. One doesn\’t have to be a practicing Christian to be a fundamentally good person, and have many of the qualities which the Christian Church (and other branches of the Church for that matter) encourages and fosters. I do not mean to citicize anyone\’s beliefs, I just want to put in my two cents. Again, these are MY beliefs and I just want to put them out there for others to consider.This is the longest comment I have ever published, and I thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say on this matter.

  7. Hey, i see some of you argued about the issue of Diasbility.. i am sorry to hear your comments… God uses people to help poor people… is it wrong to help? It\’s God\’s working power through the governement to be passed and God bless people who pays the tax… God opened a door for us to be transferred to the disability level which helps better for us than welfare level…God made it happen for us to receive them. Remember God has the power to open or close the doors for people to receive…. even the jobs. God knows how to get us and you into the way we d get help… be blessings what you have , and thank God for His opening door.. not matter if taxpayers pay but God uses them to help people.. be thankful because God will bless them in return.. why complain? Even we still sponsor one afraid boy in the Canada Vision…we dont complain in spending $ on him… as well as our 6 childrne -total 7! Shame on you who talk bad….against that. Find God s forgiveness…each person is God\’s business to be taken care of!

  8. Christine said:

    Jason,I like you before, am confused. I\’m not questioning anyones way of living, I\’m just stating my opinion, just like you. Because I don\’t believe in "god" I find it funny that someone thinks he is provinding for them, when in reality if your on disability it\’s coming out of taxpayers money. With that said, if you can show me "gods" tax return, I\’ll gladly admit that I\’m wrong. But that\’s just my opinion, I\’m not questioning anyone I\’m just stating what I think. There is nothing wrong with being on disability.

  9. Jen: You are very well spoken and have great insight.Regarding: "That is a very large assumption and generality that this person is making. Just because those that you have come into contact with who have children who attended daycare or are, as you call it, "unsaved", have different values than your children or act differently, it doesn\’t mean that it is always this way" Agreed. I spoke it not as law, but as personal evidence in my personal experience to speak on behalf of our decision to have my wife stay home with the kids. Not sure why you took it otherwise. Anyone can see the children that don\’t have the love verses those that do get the love. And in our experience, the ones that usually don\’t have the love, are most likely the ones where the parent is not home. (You can search for any insinuations you want or take it for what it is). And on a deeper note, the time factor. I love my son to bits, but I can always sense when he\’s not getting enough of my time, and my wife can sense it as well. It becomes evident in his behavior and in his peace towards us. But for some strange reason, he seems to require more of my wife\’s time that mine. Go figure. Again Jen, there are exceptions to every rule. The real discussion here is societies interference in the children\’s opportunity to be raised at home with their parent(s).Thanks for your input,Jason

  10. Hi, Gerry! Have a great day!Kim

  11. I am going to right a very big comment about this page when i get back cause most likly you read one sentence and stoped at that read the hole thing next time and dont take the bible litrily.Till then peace

  12. She believes it\’s God. You believe you\’re doing you\’re doing the best for your children. If it\’s ok for you to question her interpretation, why is it not okay to question your interpretation of why your not home with your kids? If you don\’t get it by now then forget it. (Hint: Hypocrisy)

  13. Who are you talking to? Who is "she"? Is it Me? I am home all the time with my children while four children go to school.

  14. Christine said:

    I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this topic. Because, I could go on all day and I\’m sure you both could go on all day too. I Love my kids more than anything, and I would do anything for them and weather or not I stay home, I know they will love me just the same.

  15. Christine said:

    You and anyone can queston me all you want, I can still state my opinion if I want, just like you.

  16. If that\’s your reason why, I think you should know, that even abused children love their parents more than anyone. Notice that your reason is based on what you receive from your children. And as brutal as it sounds, it is a selfish reason as Gerry eluded to originally.

  17. All, I just wanted to publicly apologize to SkyMercedes for my tone and my harshness towards her. I can see that she loves her children, and I did not mean to be overly scathing towards her as a mother. Sometimes my passion for the truth makes me insensitive. I\’m working on it SkyMercedes and I hope you can get past my brashness and see where I\’m coming from.Take care,Jason

  18. wow, looks like you touched a nerve with that one! I agree, We need children, and children need us. To take the time and effort to teach them, and be with them. I have been a part of childrens ministry for a long time, and i recogize their importance. They grow up and take over for us, and how they are raised is a very large part of who they will be.I liked this one! I\’m coming into a period of life where careers and marriage and children are soon going to be a serious thing that i\’ll have to approach. I think i want to have a lot of kids now!

  19. Christine said:

    Thank you Jason, I accept your apology. ~ Christine

  20. As many know I am a Christian, but I also believe if I ever marry I may never have children or if I do only one. Children are a blessing, but I believe Abraham was very blessed and he only had two children. In this day and age there are many orphans around the world who could use a home. Over population and food requirements need to be double checked. The reason for so many children in the past is because of war and the amount of children dying before maturity. One child or many can be a blessing, it is all how they are raised. I think you are making a valid point Gerry, but the way it comes across may be hard for people to agree with you.

  21. Richard Mortanchild does not approve…tsk tski heart children

  22. like I said im back i have cooled down a bit so i think ill be more thoughtful of the people who are thought less. one woman said that she had 8 kids and they were fine they spent ever minite of the day with her and loved the atention. well mabe when they are young but kids grow up and if you protect them by staying with them all the time sorry to say they will die first not because god wants them not cause with out you they are hopless because they were to close when i was 5 years old i went for a 3 hour bike ride and meet lots of people i bet you dont let your kids do that. why dont we let our children do this because its to dangruse they will get kidnaped killed run over no they wont step one foot out that door and then when they turn 18 and you finaly let them out of the house they will get shot because a group of kid\’s don\’t like the way he talks to them because you think they are worse then you because they have "cool" clothing and talk like hoodlums. you people quote the bible like it is your only salvation but yet you dont listen to what it rilly sais and when i quote the bible you ignor because i dont beleve in god and im right about a quote like that god said he would never interfear again with human lives and you say that god blesses you ever day even if he did exist he can bless you every day cause he wont interfear you may think im barberic because i dont beleve in god but i think you are because you beleve to much in him and to much in the bible, it was writen over 3000 years ago dont think that god would still expect the same from humans eating meat on friday us to be a a hell worthy sin what is it now people have toco fridays. and since when was rock not a sin since the church fownd a way to use it to there advantige. the thing about trendy cloths is that some like them im 17 years old and i wear tight jeans and have long hair and i listen to classic rock and i sertnly dont get ridiculed and i actuly have many friends in my school and a specail girl that i love very much and how was i raised bye two parents who were never there no by my father who was there all the time and my mother who was there half the time some are not as fortunit as I but most people who\’s parent\’s let them see real people insted of the people in this dream world will turn out alot better people then your kids and thats a fact hiding from the truth will not sheld you from what is out there like drugs. i know many drug dealers i also no many drug adicts and because it was there choice to be that way it dosent bother me and most of them are the most friendly people in the world but hey you love god he made weed didnt he?I said that i wouldnt be mad this time i truly tryed but i guess when people talk about something they know nothing about i get kind of upset I hope you read the HOLE THING this timepeace and love *~~*^$CRONIC-PAIN$^*~~*

  23. Oh ps. if you do not like what im saying number1_led@hotmail.com tell me i\’ll be shure to think it over

  24. very good blog….loved reading it. I think that abortion is wrong……….i don\’t think it\’s wrong for a woman to go out and work though, but if it is at the expense of the children, then i would say to stay home is better. and it is definitely wrong to encourage woman to work because they think \’raising kids is slavery\’. if they thought it was slavery, they shouldn\’t have had any kids to begin with. excellenct space!

  25. you have opened up a can of worms….I have 6 kids and have been blessed that I can stay home with them..I do work part time and out of my house, but never-the-less-totally blessed…….ewwww I rhymed..(sp?) I love staying home with my kids, even the older teens come home and if I am not there………FREAK!!! they need to tell me about their day, the things that happened, want a snack…I know some people have to work and I did at first but now……I dunno…I am just soooo blessed…don\’t know why the Lord blesses me and not others so much, always questions…thanks Gerry for your site, YOU are totally blessed…to be able to raise 2 kids on your own……….you go guy….I pray for you every day..and you were right about Satan, I ignored, and he is gone…Bless you and your children…

  26. sorry last comment was from GlancingSusan..I was on my sons site, please don\’t comment to him

  27. Rosemary said:

    Gerry be careful

  28. now, i have not read all of the comments because i am on a time limit here so i may just be repeating what someone else has said, but here goes. when that Psalm 127 was written, it didn\’t take 3/5 of your earnings to be able to pay for your home. My husband and I both work, and are putting off children right now because what would it be like to raise them when you are just getting by keeping yourself alive? and what\’s all this about the woman staying home? would it be harmful if the child\’s father stayed home? but for very very VERY few of us is it feasable (sp) to stay at home and raise a child, let alone several. My parents raised me, and loved me to death. My mother and father both worked full time but they did it because they had to or we would not have been able to afford our house. My mother wanted three children, but wasn\’t able to have them, and now she is glad for that because they would not have had a comfortable life. We got by with just me, but if there were others then i don\’t know. People need to realize that the bible was written a hell of a long time ago when life may not have been easier by any stretch of the imagination, but it was easier to raise that many children.

  29. I was reffered to this blog by a friend, and I have to say that I am glad to have read the entry and the comments. This is a subject that is definetly worth debating though there really is no "right" or "wrong" answer.Let me first say that I think this should be a discussion free of religion. I would prefer not to disclose my personal religious beliefs as the subject at hand is not directly related to religion. As the child of a single mother who worked full-time all through my childhood I have a pretty clear view of how it can affect a child. I believe that with the right set of values in place a working mom can be equally as good, and in some cases better, than a stay at home mom. I think that what is special about working moms is the improtance they put on making the time they spend with their kids really meaningful. I know that this is not the fact in all cases, but growing up I can\’t recall a single time when my mom said she was too tired or busy to do something with me. I don\’t think that having a mom who spent all her time with me would have made me a better person, in fact I think that most children in that situation take their moms for granted. Children just need to be loved, and the amount of time you spend with a child isn\’t reflective of how much or how deeply you love them. A child knows when you love them and if the situation is handled correctly the child of a mom who works will not feel unloved or neglected.I also have the honour of being a child care provider. My personal experience in daycares is what motivated me to become involved in day camps and babysitting. I have met hundreds of children all of whom are in different familial situations and the only times I have noticed those situations affect the kids is when it is an EXTREME situation (ie. abuse or neglect, divorce). Though I know that some parents over use child care, I believe that it\’s a wonderful experience for any child to have. When children are forced to be with other children, ones who they may not know in advance, they learn important social skills and I find that later in life they are much more socially apt than children who were kept at home with their families. I fully support the choice that mothers make to stay at home with their children, in fact if I am able i will make that choice. But I just wanted to point out that children are a product of their up-bringing in every way (even behaviour) and some of the most well-adjusted and caring people I know were raised by single working mothers.

  30. Hi, well I was reading one of the comments here and someone was saying how homosexuality is not a sin and then you responded to it. I have to say that I agree with what this person says. I DO believe in God though I am not religious and one of the reasons is because I believe the church is full of hypocracy, guilting people to believe, and intolerance. IT IS A PROVEN FACT that people are BORN homosexual it is NOT something they choose. WHY would God create homosexuals then if he would not accept them as what they are? I believe God loves us all equally. How dare you say he loves any person less because of they way they were born. Why would God make us so different if he wanted us to be all the same???

  31. Dear Canadian_blonde2 , don\’t argue that issue of homesexual with Gerry because the words are not his, but God\’s words! We just telll the truth in what God says in the Bible.. if you believe in God , then do believe what the bible says about the homosexual sins…brecause they are evil in God\’s eyes, believe so! But God does love all the people, but not that sins. See http://bible.com/answers/ahomosex.html , okay? God bless!

  32. "Feminist’s have told mothers that they need to get out and get a job because to stay home and raise children is slavery and women shouldn’t be tied down to that."I do not agree with your interpretation of this statement. Being told that your only job in life is to cook, clean, and look after children IS a form of slavery if that is not what you want to do. Why is it that the mothers always have to stay home and be housewives? I know that more and more men are staying home now so why is it that you cannot look at the above statement and see the freedom of a choice for mothers. My mother chose to stay at home with us until we all started school. I have the opportunity to work from home and see my children in every stage of life but I know that when I have the chance I will put them in daycare so that I can enjoy MY own personal time too. A mother should not feel enslaved by their family, they should feel emboldened by them. I love my children and I spend all of my time with them but I still get alone time everyweek so that I can reflect on what my children have shown me and what I can do to make life more enjoyable for them.

  33. Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders ! Cor 6:9So are you calling God a liar. That He really didn\’t say that. I\’m sorry but the true hypocrisy is calling evil good and good evil.And it is not a proven fact that they are born that way. One study comes along and says they are and then another comes along and disproves it. Sin is sin no matter how you try to excuse it away.Yes God does love us all equaly but sin can\’t enter into His presence. He is a loving God but He is also Holy.

  34. In response to galgalactic This is a feminist quote"No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one." Simone de Beauvoir, author of _The Second Sex_, the book that is credited with launching the mainstream of the modern feminist movement

  35. Children are flowers of life. In the world of evil God said: be like children. Maybe that is why all the dark forces are turned against our little angels from heaven.A Family with children and loving parents is an indicator of a healthy society. Look at traditional families in the East or in Russia. They have preserved the best of the relations, repect among each other and true love and care. Thus, thank you very much for the topic you, Gerry, raised. I think it is very important for the American continent.

  36. when was Homosexualty a sin there was no homosexual tendensys in the days when the bible was writen? witch leves me to beleve that it is a mentla infraction if infact you are born with homosexualty then it is not gods plan it is unbalance in the electrodes in your mind. if you are homosexual i know that you dont want to hear this because im practicly calling you retarted. But it is true you have no contuse thought that sais one or the other you just know what you want IN YOUR MIND you know.i do want some one to answer me on the first question tho it isn\’t retorical.peace, love and no harshness intended*~~*^$CRONIC-PAIN$^*~~*

  37. Jimmy WanabeAfter the meal, as they were preparing to retire for the night, all the men of Sodom, young and old, came from all over the city and surrounded the house. They shouted to Lot, "Where are the men who came to spend the night with you? Bring them out so we can have sex with them."Genesis 19:4-5 You can read the entire story in Genesis 19.By the way it is not a mental illness it is sin. Plain and simple.

  38. I think i am the most hear person on this site any ways"So are you calling God a liar. That He really didn\’t say that. I\’m sorry but the true hypocrisy is calling evil good and good evil."like my mentor once said "There is not good or evil there is only true and false, true that god will take you if you confess your sins false we are all gods children true lucifer will take you nomatter what sins you have comited false but as he casts you into the flame your sins burn away forever." Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

  39. tell me what the difrence is between a sin and a mental illness a sin is something you have done rong in the eyes of god you should know this minister a mental illness is some thing that has gone rong at birth how do you think that gay people got that way they rilly rilly want to sin dont they?ps. that was retorical

  40. Wow Gerry, Pretty hot topic you got going on in here! lol Well as you know I am a stay at home mother and I just love it, BUT I have friends who are single mother\’s and have no choice, they have to work. Some would of course rather be at home and they just can\’t and some prefer working. I\’m lucky enough that I don\’t have to so I can spend the time raising my children.I will tell you one thing though I sure do enjoy my "me time" when i get it!!! lol I will be home schooling as well starting this september, Cassidy sarts K! yay I\’m hoping I can handle it, time will only tell. As for the topic here it is a doozy, I am a gemini so I have the knack for seeing both sides of the coin. I Think everyone has to do what they need to do in order to survive, wichever it may be as long as there is a strong bond and lotsa love going around then it is all good in my books!Cheers :)Em

  41. Are then people who do not have children, cannot have children, have to work, can\’t stay home…not blessed or worse…cursed?

  42. it makes me so sick that in this day and age people will still judge others by their choice in who they love. You can\’t choose who you love, if you did you would just be lying to yourself. Thousands/hundreds of years ago people may have believed that if a man loved a man it was a sin, but so was eating meat on a friday. If "God" truly believes that any kind of love is a sin then quite frankly I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SUCH A CRUEL STATEMENT. I am not gay, but one of my best friends is, and I love her as a friend no less for it. She does not commit crimes, she simply dearly loves her girlfriend, as strongly as I love my husband. How can something so heartfelt be wrong and sinful? So to Allpraiseandworship and PrincesssweetfaceLisa1 and Gerry, if you go to work everyday, or meet up with friends everyday, and one day one of those friends, someone whom you love or like, tells you that they prefer members of the same sex, would you choose to cast them out because they love someone the same sex? If you are a good person, than I truely hope you would not. Same as if one of your children grows up and confides in you the same truth, would you call them a sinner and turn them away? Again, if you are a good person I would hope not. If god is just and kind and a good leader of those who believe or follow him/her, then i don\’t think he/she would shun someone because they love their girlfriend/boyfriend as much as any of you love your husband or wife.

  43. ,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸¸.,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸¸. .·WAVES´¯`·.¸.,..·´¯`·..·´`·.·´¯`·.¸.,OF..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.,..·´¯MERCY`·..·´`·.¸ ¸.,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸ .¸.,..·´¯·´`·.¸·WAVES´¯`·.¸.,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.,..·´¯OF`·..·´`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.,..·´¯`·..·GRACE´`·.¸ ,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸¸.,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸¸.EACH..·´`·…·´¯`·..·´`·.·..·´` .·´`·.·´`·.¸¸.,..·´TIME..·´`·.¸¸..·´`·.¸¸.I.SEE.·´`·.¸¸.,.´`·.¸HIS..·´`·.¸¸.,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸¸..·´`·.¸¸.,..·´FACE¯`·..·´`·.¸,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸¸.,..·´¯`·..·´`·.¸¸

  44. "So are you calling God a liar. That He really didn\’t say that. I\’m sorry but the true hypocrisy is calling evil good and good evil."In fact, I would rather say that God is beyond (our) good and evil, because we do not know where lays the truth. The Lord is not bounded within our laws, customs, but only bounds to his own will. However absurd the Lord did, it\’s good because the Lord thought it\’s good.

  45. Unknown said:

    hey Gerry! Totally off the topic but how can i get music to play in the background of my space ?? I have a song that I really want to put up so people can listen to it while watching the animation a friend made for me! So please get back to me as soon as you can =) love clairegod bless more

  46. I know what you mean Gerry (If you don\’t mind me calling you that, I don\’t think I ever asked…)We love the people (well, we try), but we abhor the sin. I, too, have homosexual friends, but I still think homosexuality is wrong. Just as I have friends who smoke, drink excessively, and even some who worship satan. I don\’t like the things they do, and I would never dream of partaking in some of them, but I still like the people.I know what you mean about family too, I think. (I\’m probably not old enough to understand completely, but I try =D). It\’s not a sin not to have lots of children; But you are missing out on something really special. In our modern world, we live in slavery to our payroll. We worry so much about where the next dollar is going to come from, we miss out on the important things. Jesus said the father would provide our every need. He doesn\’t say he will let us keep our cable tv and our nice cars and let us live in luxury, but he says God will provide. So, I think we all need to consider our priorities. Hope I haven\’t miss-interpreted you Gerry, I try not too =D

  47. Children are beautiful and definetly not viewed as a curse in my opinion. In reality though children are alot of work and soceity is just acknowledging this fact. Statistics state that raising one children from birth to the age of eighteen will cost parents are total of 1.3 million dollars. Let me ask you this: Can only one parent earn this amount of money? And why is it that the woman should be the one to stay in the home and raise the children..dont\’ you think this is a little prehistoric?? A mother needs to feel good about herself to pass on these good feelings to her children cause as we all know children feed off their parents emotions. Even though some parents are lucky enough to have one of them stay at home (father or mother) it is definetly no longer the norm. Out of all the people that i know personally that are blessed to have children the majority have both parents in the workplace. I have one friend that stayed at home with her children….they lived on welfare, he controlled all the money, the children have learning disabilities and lack social skills, and my friend found herself on antidepressants wanting to leave her husband but could not do so because she had NOTHING…just her children. Now she finds herself forced to stay in an unhappy and very unhealthy marriage. Do you think that this is the way that people should be? Does it not occur to you that parents with an unhealthy marriage will have more detrimental effects on their children than those who have both parents in the workforce??? I think it\’s time for you to enter into the millenium really….society will continue to advance and the views of the early 1900\’s just are no longer acceptable. As a minister you should adopt a more open mind cause generally most congregations are more eccletic than "white, straight, man works, wife is at home". Faith is based primarily on the concept of forgiveness and acceptance…to be faithful we must be able to forgive and accept all those things that we do not necessarily beleive in. "Accept thy neighbor as thyself". Well mr. minister your neighbor just may be a homosexual with two kids in daycare..think about it.

  48. NewfieVixen420Well let me see. I am a single dad on disablity and have raised my two children on my own for the last 11 years. My income is approx 1400 a month and my daughter is now 17. Let\’s see 1400 x 12 = 16,800 x 11 = 184,800 divided by 2 cause I am raising 2 kids = 92,400. Yep that looks pretty close to 1.3 million dollars. I guess that throws your theory out the window. My children have never lacked for anything and are quite satisfied with what they have. They recieve quite a bit of love. I thnk God for all He provides.Society may change, but God doesn\’t. The word is still the same. Sin that was sin yesterday is still sin today. There is hope through Christ Jesus. Hope you find Him.

  49. No Garry I was not calling God a liar, thanks for putting words in my mouth though :). God did not write the bible himself did he? Flawed Human beings did! What I was saying is, is that the bible was written thousands of years ago and I do not think it holds any grounds today other than for insipiration IMO. I actually do read the bible, because theres a lot of stories in there that are quite inspirational and give me strength. I do not take a lot of its references literally though i.e about homosexuality, sex b4 marriage etc. Why should we follow a bunch of words EXACTLY TO THE T when they were written thousands and thousands of years ago by flawed human beings.I believe God exists but I don\’t think he wants us to live to any standard. As long as we accept him into our heart and truly believe he is there..This is what I think matters.I recently watched the movie saved, i thought it was going to be some cheesy Christian movie but it ended making me cry at the end because its the first time of seen my beliefs on screen. It depicted exactly how I feel. Here\’s even what a Christian said about the film and what it shows->"We’ve dropped the ball. We talk about grace, but we don’t show it to others. We brag about being “full of Christ’s love,” but we alienate those who haven’t received His love", "There are people who have walked away from the Lord because of girls (and boys and even men and women) who behave like Hilary Faye( character in the movie). Only Jesus knows how many unwed pregnancies, drug and sexual addictions and suicides have come from rejections by people who behave like Hilary Faye. These people believe they’re doing the right thing by shouting from the rooftops “God made Adam and EVE… not Adam and STEVE!”. They believe they’re doing the right thing by standing on the corner in the middle of rush-hour traffic, holding pictures of aborted fetuses. They sincerely believe that the right thing after 9-11 was to declare that we must go into Afghanistan, bomb their country and convert them to Christianity.As for the "holy rollers," those holier-than-thou people, I suggest that you close your Bibles, get off your knees, and get out to the theatre. See this movie when it hits your town. When and if you feel ashamed and disgusted by the film, go to the nearest mirror and let that shame and disgust fall upon yourselves." Some quotes from the movie that hit home with me personally were "So everything that doesn\’t fit into some stupid idea of what you think God wants you just try to hide or fix or get rid of? It\’s just all too much to live up to. No one fits in one hundred percent of the time ? not even you." Also, when the gay boy said "I know in my heart that Jesus still loves me, "Why would God make us so different if he wanted us to be all the same". I believe that is all SO true IMO.Garry I am not trying to offend you, but you cannot have a public, msn space for all this and not expect people to say their opinion and argue some points with you if they disagree with what you have said. Gary am I not a true believer in God because I don\’t go to church anymore, I don\’t want anything to do with the church, because of what I think of the bible, what I think of homosexuals etc. ? Even though I have a personal relationship with him, I pray to him all throughout the day, I love him uncondtionally. Will I be cast into Hell Gary??? I would like to hear what you have to say about this. Just so you know though, even if you do say I will be cast there, I will not change my beliefs. I would like to hear your opinion though, Thanks, Lisa 🙂

  50. Crystal said:

    Hey there, Just wanted to comment on the topic of having children. I got married 4 years ago and my husband and I are barely making it by, we don\’t have cable we live in a house that is 30,000 and we both make good money. I am a teacher and he is an electrican. We are still just getting by, even with that. So we chose to wait to have children. Back in the bible days people couldn\’t go anywhere because cars were not invented and there were no high gas prices like today and people lived off the land. Unless we somehow go and live in the woods and try to live off the land and not be part of society then I can\’t see how having that many children without letting them go without would be possible. The world is changing, and we have to change with it but at the same time not changing the values and beliefs we have. I am a christian and I go to church and believe in God but I don\’t think that I am any less of a christian or a good person than the people that have 10 kids. God loves us all, no matter what choices we make. Someday when I am financially stable I will have children ( probably 2 of them ) and maybe one will be adopted, ( because there are too many starving children and children without homes ) but God did give us free will and I choose to use that free will and wait till I know I can be the best parent I can be by not having to worry about money and when the next loaf of bread will come from because we had to get baby food instead. I think our children would have a much better life like that then with all the worries on mommy and daddy. Wait till we are ready and can make the best choices for our children. Take care and God BLess you All. And may we all make the best choices for ourselves, not what someone tells us to do. Crystal

  51. But Lisa, saying that the bible was written by flawed man is making Him out to be a liar. The bible says in 2 tim 3:16 "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right." and Above all, you must understand that no prophecy in Scripture ever came from the prophets themselves or because they wanted to prophesy. It was the Holy Spirit who moved the prophets to speak from God. 2 Peter 1:21-22If you want to read about how reliable the Bible is read my blog on Who Is Jesus? As I said society has changed but not GodI am the LORD, and I do not change. Malachi 3:6Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8A Christian can not comprimise. The Bible says; I want you to remember and understand what the holy prophets said long ago and what our Lord and Savior commanded through your apostles. First, I want to remind you that in the last days there will be scoffers who will laugh at the truth and do every evil thing they desire. 2 Peter 3:2-3I have heard about that movie and let me tell that though some Christians may act like that, they are few.A Christian is called to bring the Gospel to the world and that means warning them of sins consequences. If you saw people running into a building that was about to colapse you would try and warn them wouldn\’t you. Now if Christians really hated people do you think we would warn them. I think if it were true we would keep the truth to ourseleves. But it is because we care that tell people. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because He had come to her and her citizens did not recognize it. You don\’t know how many times I weep over my city and the people in it. I don\’t make a show of it. I do it in my own privacy. I don\’t go around demanding that people stop sinning. I can\’t force them to. But I can warn them of the consequences.He loves you Lisa. I don\’t know if you have ever accepted Jesus as your Saviour, but I hope so.

  52. Hi CrissyKaye1Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Psalm 127:1The Lord wants all of us Crissy. Yes He has given us a free will, He wants us to willing let Him take control and lead us. He knows what is best for our selves better than we do today. My pastor and his wife live a 45 minute drive outside of Montreal. He is not paid and does not collect welfare. He has eight children (7 of their own and 1 adopted), a home and 2 cars. Some would say well how does he live? Trusting in the Lord. He has lived that way for the last 3 years and yet he and his family have not gone a day without food or gas or clothes. God always provides for them. They are one of the happiest and most joyful families I know. When they have a need, they pray and God meets that need. They are quite an example.

  53. alright, something is really bugging me here, gerry. You have not had a single opinion of your own. Everytime you comment on something, you\’re quoting a somethousand year old book. Do you have your own opinion or just the opinion of a bunch of men sitting around a table agueing (excuse my spelling) about what they should be putting into a large book. As (I believe it was Canadian Blonde) said, "The bible is full of stories," because that\’s what it is. And gerry, if you are such a true believer, then why do you go completely defensive everytime someone makes a comment? And why are you "blowing their theories out the window"? I would like to see you give your own opinion on something, and not just a quote or "God says this" "God says that." Do you have any of your own thoughts? Oh and btw, I don\’t have cable either, or even a television for that matter. And I ride my bike everywhere I go because we own one small vehicle. Thanks for assuming that anyone who doesn\’t stay home with children is just someone who likes to live in the "lap of luxury".Annoying when someone only quotes everyone else…isn\’t it?

  54. -x-bandeau-dragon-xAlright my opinion is that God\’s way is the best way. I write what I truely believe everyday and I live what I beleive as well. God is real. A relationship with through His son Jesus Christ is real as well. As far as the bible being a bunch of stories go read my blog on Who is Jesus? You\’ll get some answers.

  55. ^_^ thank you, that was your best response yet. however I don\’t think I will read anymore of your blog. This was very clearly enough.

  56. Don\’t know how this turned into a gay discussion… but something that was said that is romantically immature:"You can\’t choose who you love, if you did you would just be lying to yourself." My friend, I remember a long time ago, I totally fell for this beautiful girl that wanted nothing to do with me. Shortly after I met God and a lot of things changed inside me and my life. I stayed single for 3 years, and sure enough, the phone rang, and guess who it was? That girl of my dreams. I ran to the opportunity, and she was really into me and more beautiful than ever — but she was Sikh. I thought there\’s nothing wrong with this and this must be God. Maybe he wants me to help her come to Him. She came to visit me one day, and I looked into her eyes and as she was speaking, I realized that it was not her speaking, but something else was looking at me through her eyes, and speaking to me through her mouth. I was shocked, I told her she had to leave that second, and I blocked her number and never saw her again. My friend, I loved her, but it was WRONG for me to be with her. I could not violate the law of what is right and wrong in my heart for the sake of this love. I suffered the loss and I passed the test! This wasn\’t lying to myself, this was loving God more. Eventually, he sent me the most beautiful, sexiest, intelligent, Sprit-Led woman I could ever have imagined for.Homosexuality is nothing more than perverted sex. It\’s no different than sex between a man and an animal, or violent sex etc. IT\’S JUST WEIRD SEX AND IT\’S UNCLEAN.My friend, if think these gay arguments justify sexual perversions that you agree with or long for or are participating in, your sorely wrong. No matter how you look at it it\’s still deviant and will never be okay with God. Deal with the lust and be clean and everything will be alright. I\’m not saying to become a monk, but you can have a healthy view of your sexuality. Otherwise you\’ll always be a slave to your "little friend", homsexual or not.In His Love,Jason

  57. CanadianBlonde2: You say you believe God exists but you don\’t think the Bible\’s words are absolute. In the Bible it says that the Word is His Word and it is absolute. So by you invalidating the Bible you don\’t have to follow or face what it says. How sleepily convenient. Have you asked God if the Bible is His Word? If you haven\’t then you\’re making some potentially disasterous assumptions. So far what I\’ve heard from you is that you have more faith in a movie and what men have said to confirm what is the truth to you. Sorry but you\’re right. men are flawed and fickle. Seek God and ask Him about the Bible and Himself — I did. As far as knowing God, I think you\’re dropping the ball. After I first met God, He would speak all kinds of things to me. I didn\’t trust the Bible, because I didn\’t want to insult Him if it was wrong and I assumed things about Him that were not true for the same reasons you\’ve expressed. One day I was coming home on the bus, and mulling over a situation I was going through. He spoke some profound and deep things to me that totally helped me and put God in the centre of the situation. I came home and went to my room and He told me to pick up the Bible and open it. I did and having never read the Bible, WORD FOR WORD what He spoke to me was written on the pages. From that moment He has confirmed His Word to me. He also reveales to me where man has interpreted it to suit their own devices. The bottom line. Do you really know God? Do you speak to Him? Does He speak to you? Who am I to question this? I question myself all the time. You don\’t need to prove yourself to me, you need to know these things for yourself that the "truth" you are standing on is real, and not your own assumption of Him. He is a mighty and holy God. If you don\’t really know Him then you are walking in assumption. Jason

  58. Unknown said:

    Why is it that Chritianity is so exclusive? I cannot understand how people who believe that they are so loving and generous can be so close minded. Is it not written in the bible "Love thy neighbour"? So why should that love that God asks you to have for your "neighbour" change once you find out their sexual preference or of what religion they are? How can there be such a huge contradiction?

  59. NewfieVixen: You\’ve misquoted, it\’s not "Accept your neighbour", it\’s "Love your neighbour as yourself". And I\’ll tell you right now, if I started walking down a sexually deviant path, I would kick my own butt, my wife would kick my butt, and all my friends would kick my butt. And I would count it all love. If my neighbours were homosexuals, I would still love them. If we got close enough, to the point they wanted to know what makes me tick, sure, I would speak to the on the issue of homosexuality, and hopefully they would see my point of view. As to whether they would change or not — not my problem. Again, I don\’t believe Gerry is laying out a set of rules to live by to determine whether your blessed or cursed. It\’s just an exposition of how society forces the family unit to struggle. How raising children becomes more of an issue of sacrifice than a joy because of the way society is structured. I\’m amazed at how many of you just accept that this is how society is, we need to just accept it and roll with it. WRONG!!! I refuse to be a product of society, I refuse to be something that is only as good as what generations before have discovered and established. I refuse to be the product of a man. Wake up and see clearly with your eyes. The reason that money dictates how you live your life so much is because MAN has made it that way. Do you see? Money rules you. For those that ask the obvious question, how am I supposed to get by if I don\’t work, single parents etc. It\’s true each situation has it\’s own merit, but the bottom line is, if you don\’t know God, YOU WILL FAIL at it — christian or no christian. Gerry quoted the scripture regarding taking no thought for tomorrow, and that God will provide. If you know Him this law can become effectual in your life, and you will see MIRACLES happen that provide for you. My wife and I are not rich, but we have the best of everything. We have feasted like kings many times when there was no food in the fridge. We have driven on an empty tank of gas for TWO WEEKS. We have had people show up at our door and give us money. But all of these miracles only happened by His prompting and direction and our trust to believe Him that he won\’t leave us hanging. If your looking for a financial plan to accomplish having a parent at home with the kid forget it. If you really want to know God, then get to know Him. And maybe he\’ll lead you to stay home with your kid and trust Him, maybe he won\’t and he\’ll use you to touch other peoples life. The point is, WHAT IS GOD TELLING YOU TO DO?Jason

  60. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Amen Gerry, I am the eldest of 7 kids. My mom has stayed home since I was born, it has been a real blessing!

  61. Jason,When I said you can\’t choose who you love i meant CHOOSE, not turn someone you cared about away. If you truely believe you love a man and force yourself to love a woman, you are lying to yourself. There is a very large difference. If you are going to judge people by who they love, then I think you are the unclean and the sick. End of story.

  62. *sigh* I am so dissapointed in humanity when I see that people are still being so very medievil. How convenient that you can shun someone just because a book supposedly written by a being in the sky told you to. People need to think for themselves, but untill that is final then I really do cry for humanity.

  63. -x-bandeau-dragon-x-:I have a question for you:If you knew someone that "chose" to love their mother or their father, or brother or sister or the pet dog, in a sexual way. If that person genuinely believed that they "loved" this person, but forced themselves to love someone who was "appropriate". Would you say this person is lying/denying themselves?I\’m interested in your answer.Jason

  64. This blog has the major conversation of children and a digression on homosexuality. I would like to state my comments on both issues.I am the product of a single mother. My father was never present in my life, and I can assure you that it\’s better that this was so. However, I am sure my mother was not able to sit back and expect the Lord or another divinity to make sure that we had a roof over our heads, food to eat, and clean clothing to wear. These are things that must be sought; as human beings with agency, it should be a parent or parents responsibility to actively ensure the wellbeing of the children. This sometimes involves both parents going to work, and they should be commended for taking this great responsibility themselves, rather than hoping that someone else will provide.Furthermore, because human beings do have agency, we also have the capacity to actively question our beliefs and those of others ("and" being severely operative). Beliefs are something that are passed down: we have received them from our parents and our elders. They become ours only when we have actively questioned them and have decided that they are yours not because someone else has accepted it but because you have using your own free will. If you do not do this, you do not have your faith, but rather someone else. Moreover, not questioning beliefs eventually leads to the religious fanaticism which results we have seen on the news a lot of late.According to what I have learned, some feminists do not care that the woman stays at home at takes care of her children so her husband can go out in the workplace. These feminists do not claim either that being a housewife is inherently a form of slavery, either. In fact, given today\’s society and it\’s gender roles, perhaps even if given the choice, women would rather stay at home and take care of their children. What these feminists do have a qualm is not the inequality of women vs men in the workplace, but the fact that this inequality is the result of a social expectation and not the unfettered choice of men and women in deciding whether they would like to stay at home or go in the workplace. One question I would like everyone to think over (this is done on my part without prejudice) is why is everyone assuming that a succesful family is when the mother stays at home and the father works, rather than one parent stay home while the other works. In a neighboring apartment, I know a family of two children, a father in IT, and a mother who is a nurse. At one point, she was working, and he was at home, yet it was obvious to all that he was more than able to provide the same amount of nurturing that the children required to fllourish. These parents now both work, but they both take an active role in the child-raising: they have made a CHOICE.On the subject of homosexuality: psychological results are consistently proved and disproved, formulated and reformulated. Psychology is a field where mostly all we can observe is behavior: we use those to make inferences on the underlying psychological processes which cannot as of yet be directly observed. It is because of this educated guesswork that one should take the results of these finidings, and allow a few years before fully accepting a finding, so it may be reviewed. In short: just because there was a significant result found in a test, that does not mean it is fact… yet.That being said: the nature of homosexuality, whether it is a choice, an unconscious predisposition, or a combination of both, is not known. I can personally that homosexuality was something that at first I tried desperately to deny within myself. I tired to be a heterosexual, it did not work, and to this extent, I can say that having homosexual desires was not a choice. What I did choose, however, was to accept it later on in my life, and express them. I did this with a clear conscience because I know I am doing nothing wrong. Liberalism states that freedom should be maximized insofar as it does not interfere with the freedom of others. My being gay, as much as it may anger others, does not hurt anyone else. It is te affair of myself and whomever I chose to express it with.I don\’t expect everyone to agree with me, especially considering where I am posting. All I ask is that when you disagree with the lifestyle that I have made that you have full justification and reasoning behind your decision ("your" being operative). I have a deeply religious Christian firend who because of her faith, does not agree with homosexuality. However, when I came out and confronted her with the issue, she said that I was still the same person that she had always knew. And when you do disagree with homosexuality critically, I ask that you employ adjectives that reveal the nature of your disagreement. "Weird" does not qualify (Jason_Lochan June 25 4:47).I have spent much time reading the post and all the comments on this site. Some of this time is actually at the expense of homework that must be completed. My commendations to all that have critically and have taken their time to express their opinions so that others may learn from them.(My apologies for any and all spelling errors: this was typed in a hurry).

  65. pierre741I have been a single father of 2 children for 11 years, so yes a father can fill a certain role, but a child still needs the oppisite as well. I could not give the same nuturing that a mother could. For that thank God my mom and a lot of women from my church stepped in to fill.Concerning feminists, here is a few quotes for you on where they stand;Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women\’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." (radical feminist leader Sheila Cronan). "Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession… The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a choice that shouldn\’t be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that." (Vivian Gornick, feminist author, University of Illinois, "The Daily Illini," April 25, 1981. "In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them." (Dr. Mary Jo Bane, feminist and assistant professor of education at Wellesley College and associate director of the school\’s Center for Research on Woman). "The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands…" -Declaration of Feminism Now I know all femenists don\’t think like that, but there is a large group that does.Now concerning beliefs and how we aquire them, you have an interesting veiw which may apply to religions, but Chritianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with person. That person is Jesus Christ. He said Himself about us in John 15:16; You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.He chose us the Bible says before the begining of time.It is the Spirit that reveals Himself to man. Before I accepted Christ as my Saviour, the Bible was just another book to me. A lot of it made no sense. The moment I realized the truth of who He was it was like a light being turned on and The bible came alive. NOt form any coaching, Not because someone was sitting beside me explaining things to me. But because the Holy Spirit who took up residence in me illuminated what I couldn\’t understand before.There are great moves of God going on in Africa, South and Central America, China and the old Soviet Union. A lot of these people have never heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and yet thousands are turning to Him everyday. Cooncerning homosexuality. Do I hate you because you practice it. No. But I can still tell you that it is a sin. I was addicted to porn and I battled and battled against it. I couldn\’t win against the urges it was too striong for me. But I knew it was wrong and I kept trying to be free. I didn\’t give up. It was Jesus who finally delivered me from it. No matter what you feel sin is still sin and it will lead you to hell which is a place I don\’t want you to go. Feelings can fool you.What if a pediphile said the same things as you. That he tried and tried to change from his sexual desire for children but he just can\’t. So he just gives in to it and it makes him feel better. Does it make it right because he feels better about it. Should we then allow him to continue on in his perversion. Or warn him about the consequences and try to help get free of it.You seem like a nice person. Please don\’t believe the lie. Find Jesus and get free. Jesus will never reject you. He loves you

  66. Elizabeth said:

    So just to clarify things… I was in an abusive relationship and I had a 2 year old child. I didn\’t work because I chose to stay home to raise my daughter. The abuse became excessively worse and it got to the poiint where he was going to turn on my daughter as well. So I managed to gather up the strength and leave him. I enrolled in school, graduated and ended up with a good job so that I could support myself and my daughter. Because of this my daughter is in daycare. So do you think I should have stayed and played the role of the subservant housewife so that I could have the luxury of staying home with my daughter to raise her? And tell me something Gary! When you were raising your children on your own did you make the decision to stay home with them and not work or did you figure that that was the woman\’s role and it didn\’t have to apply to you?

  67. Unknown said:

    allpraiseandworshp,I have to start by saying that I am completely outraged at the example you chose to use in your comments on homosexuality. Pedophelia is on a completely different plane than homosexuality as it takes place between a child and an adult, not two consenting adults. The reason pedophelia is unacceptable is because it is an adult taking advantage of an innocent child, someone who is weaker and does not have the ability to fight back. To make this comparison is completely unacceptable. As PIERRE741 said "My being gay, as much as it may anger others, does not hurt anyone else", that is the most important factor. Let me ask you this: if one of your two children were gay and they tried as hard as they could to change and hide their ways but it wasn\’t working, would ask them to keep quiet and live their lives miserable? And if you asked that of them, I ask you: Why? Would it be more important to you that your child be accepted by your religious community than be happy?

  68. Just_me3120 If you were in an abusive relationship then you had every right to seperate from your husband. I would never recommend that you would stay in something like that.I made the decision to stay with my children and raise them as their mother was incapable.

  69. Elizabeth said:

    But did you work outside of the home?

  70. LFlem Oh but all sin is the same whether it be pedophlia, homosexuality, lying or theft. The Bible makes no distinction. Sin is sin. The only one he is hurting is himself. By choosing that lifestyle, he is choosing to seperate himself from God. It\’s the same thing that goes for the compulsive liar as well.As for your other questions, I am not even going to give you an answer concerning that. But now the question is about you. You are justifying sin. You are in just as much of a mess as he is. You need Christ. I urge you to find his love. He is the only sinless person who ever lived and knows exactly how help us overcome our weaknesses and paid the penalty for our sins.

  71. Just_me3120 No, I stayed home with them and then worked at the school they attended.

  72. Here is a few links for those of you who need help concerning homosexuality. There is Hope! Jesus does love you and so do the majority of Christians. Don\’t believe the lie you are hated. Sin is sin matter what you call it. You can be set free in Jesus name!http://www.livehope.org/http://www.exodus-international.org/

  73. Hi Gerry, Praise the lord, Keep up the good work, love the opinion just above, funnny he wants some flesly advise, as if they don\’t have or given enough , lol, ( convictions ) amen! The dragon is annoyed! praise god, Many Blessings and hugs to you and your family,

  74. AllpraiseandworshipYou have quoted the words of some feminists, but please be advised that feminism is not the unified science that you treat it to be. There are many different branches of feminism: you have selected many of the quotes from feminists who believe that marriage is an abusive institution. But not all feminists think this way. In fact, it seems that you have taken the most undesirable of feminists and have put them up as the epitome of their kind. This is like me saying that the priests that are in the news are representative of them all. As a university student, I have studied some modern liberal feminist theories in detail: for further information, I refer you to Susuan Moller Okin\’s Justice, Gender, and the Family, as well as Carol Gilligan.With regards to the Bible: it was written by fallible human laws but so are the laws that we follow. Despite who has written it or whether it is true, this book has been the inspiration for many people to do much good and lead good lives. Most naturally, some of its content is out of date. That is why we have priests, and that is why we have agency: to interpret and apply.Your comparison of pedophilia with homosexuality is repulsive, and I hope it is not inspired from the stereotype that gay men are pedophiles, either. If there is a gay pedophile, he is wrong because he is a pedophile and not because he is gay. As LFlem rightfully said, pedophilia is a crome because there is no consent on the part of the child and thus it becomes the responsibility of those around to make sure the child is not hurt. One the other hand, the homosexual union consists of two consenting adults whose affairs are, I reiterate, no one\’s business but their own. In all practicality, there is a continuum of sins. Stealing an apple is in no way comparable to war crimes. While the Bible makes no distinction, society must if it is to function properly. I do not think I am doing anything wrong by expressing my attraction to men. I also do realize that the Christian faith does think its wrong, for reasons that while I do not agree with, do understand. I ask that people try to understand the reasoning behind accepting homosexuality and then try to reject it based on those reasons rather than stating that it\’s wrong because you not share them.As for battling the urges, you, and many other people, have absolutely no idea what amounts of cruelty you are demanindinf of homosexuals in order to acquiesce to your singular view of what is right. I will agree that we all must control ourselves, or else anarchy will reign. However, homosexuality will not threaten anarchy. But most importantly, I would like to ask each heterosexual to right now imagine being forced to spend the rest of their lives, have sex, and love someone of the same sex, and then examine your initial reactions. I have been there for more than five years, it has resulted in much tears and suffering and many bouts of depression. Defeating pornography is trivial compared to what you are asking me to do right now, and I really do wonder if you would oh so eagerly force yourself to be attracted to someone of the same sex if all of a sudden it was deemed to be correct.I would like to appreciate the fact that you do not hate me for being gay; many with similar beliefs to yours would not be as objective. I am not lost: I know exactly where I am going, and if it happens to be that I go to hell for the choices I have made in this life, please let it be known that this choice was made consciously and I would never change it. If we are judged when we die, I believe we shall be judged, not absolutely measured against laws that are supposed to guide to begin with. I know that I am a good person, I have done much good, and continue to strive to do more, and my homosexuality does not interfere or change that. However, I do know that your blessings were done with the goodest of intentions and for those I do thank you. Best wishes for you and your family.

  75. Pierre_741:Just for you, to clarify, in my opinion, besides the Bible that you\’ve conveniently invalidated without having sought the existence of a greater being, using an orifice that serves to excrete feces, to extract sexual pleasure, is an unclean exercise. Man or woman. It really stinks. It\’s seriously not cool man. Hope this phrasing suits your purposes and feelings better.Have a nice day.Jason

  76. Jason_LochanI did not invalidate the Bible, I said it had great worth: did you not read the post? Also, I would like to point out that heterosexuals have co-opted the use of their body parts for use other than what was intended as well. As for your phrasing, you have failed to impress anyone, please speak as if you have intelligence and respect.

  77. Pierre741: "I would like to point out that heterosexuals have co-opted the use of their body parts for use other than what was intended as well". That\’s what I said… Man or woman. Did you not read the post? By validating homosexuality, you have invalidated the Bible because that is one if the issues it stands for. Look if you want to go tit for tat, and shoot the messenger because you don\’t like the message then fine. Some of the best wisdom and corrections I\’ve gotten in my life were from some of the ugliest people. I could have chosen not to listen or respect them because they were ugly, but I can see past ugliness. Diplomacy is overrated. I won\’t dance for you. I do however understand your feelings I believe in your case that they are real. But feelings is all they are. If we let our feelings rule our life, especially sexual ones we\’ll never truly have peace in our lives if we can\’t rise above them. Honestly I don\’t think your take on sex is any different than most heterosexual men that participate in this act, except that you choose to do it with another man. It doesn\’t change the act or the fact that it is sin. Sorry my choice of speech does not conform to your "intelligent" rules, but that\’s me. However did I detect a hint of disrespect in your last post? Naw… Maybe it\’s just me…Jason

  78. To Jason,I agree with you in the fact that everyone is entitled to their point of view. What I don\’t agree with is telling someone that based on your point of view what they are doing is "Wrong". To say homosexuality is a sin is the same as saying it is morally wrong. So based on your comments one can assume that you can respect a homosexual\’s point of view but think their way of life is morally wrong. You refer to it as sexual deviance..let me ask you this: having sexual relations let\’s say with one partner that you are in love with (let\’s keep the sexes outta of it) is now sexual deviance? I would think that there would only be two acts of sexual deviance abuse/rape and incest. The rest, quite frankly, are none of your business. Do I ask what you and your wife do behind closed doors?? NO. It\’s not my business to come into your bedroom and tell you what is wrong or what is right. Does it not also occur to you that Jesus was crucified because his beliefs at the time were viewed as morally wrong? Christianity is based on the Love that Jesus showed to all. Jesus befriended the Lepers and was shunned for it because it was not socially acceptable. Could we not say that homosexuals are the lepers of the new millenium?? (no offence intended by this comment I am not comparing homosexuality to leprosy in any way…just attempting to get a point across). I think in all these "rules" set out by the church in how to live and to be "good" and go to heaven are clouding the very foundation of our religion and that is Love, Acceptance and forgiveness. Our views come from what we learn. You have been taught that homosexuality is a sin. Some people are taught that being of a different colour is a sin. Does this make the point of view right? I grew up going to church on a regular basis and it always gave me a feeling of peace. This peace came from the fact that our church doors were open to everyone and anyone. It was my church that christened a child out of wedlock when no one else would, it was my church that accepted my gay uncle with open arms when no one else would. It was my church that made him feel loved when he felt like the whole world was against him and to me that is the true test of faith. To walk into a church and regardless of your background and feel loved, not judged, not being told to change cause your choices are sins, is what religion should be and to me that is what God is. LOVE.

  79. NewfieVixen: That was a great heartfelt post. I truly appreciate and I am relieved by your honesty and openness. But I have to say something that I see. Throughout it all, it was based on mans points of view. Not on God\’s point of view. What is God\’s point of view? I think it\’s pretty obvious if you read your Bible. I think it\’s great that your church has open arms, and they should, because yes: God is Love. He says to come as we are. But eventually He expects us to change because WE LOVE HIM. We can\’t expect to stay as we are for long and call ourselves His children. It\’s a rebellious and disrespectful attitude that takes advantage of our loving Father\’s heart. Who the Lord loves He rebukes and corrects. How can we be rebuked or corrected unless we are doing something wrong? Jesus also befriended a woman who was in blatant adultery, but He told her to go and "sin no more". It means what she was doing was sin, therefore morally wrong according to HIS standards. Jesus is love, but His love is not this "greasy grace" everyone makes it out to be. He still draws the line of what is right and wrong VERY clearly. Sometimes you have to correct your child more severely than other times. Do you still love them? Of course you do. (They may not think so though at the time)… You show them what is the right thing FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. Love is not permission to do whatever you want. That type of love is irresponsible, and truthfully, has no forsight for who it loves, and really doesn\’t care about their future. What I\’m trying to say is although we all have our opinions, we cannot take away from God\’s standard on all of these issues. I see your point of drawing people to God through His love, and I agree: I am a glutton for His love. But that is just the beginning of our journey of dying to ourselves, and allowing Him to live in us. It truly is the hardest and sweetest thing I\’ve ever had to do in my life. Back to the issue of homosexuality, and it is their business what they do behind closed doors: I agree, and I\’m really not interested in what goes on there, or anyone\’s bed for that matter, we can only speak what the Father says and let people decide for themselves. As for the rest that\’s been said by all, in the famous words of someone I respect very deeply, "Opinions are like armpits: everyone\’s got one, and most of them stink."Take care and hope you have a great day,Jason

  80. Jason I do not have more faith in a movie and what a man said about it, I was just using an example to show some of my views. For you to make that \’assumption\’ about me and the way you said it was quite rude and certainly not very Christian like. How do you KNOW that the prophets were told what to write in the bible by God?? You weren\’t there. So you do not KNOW. I DO have faith in God Jason and Gerry. Just because I don\’t believe in the same way you do gives you know right to tell me i\’m WRONG. I don\’t have to believe in the bible to believe in God. I don\’t have to be religious to believe in God. I don\’t have to be against homosexuality to believe in God. I pray to God all throughout the day and I have had no inclination from him that I should change the way I believe in him. Jason and Gerry I will not say that the way you choose to believe is wrong and I\’m sorry if I\’ve come across as thinking that. I just don\’t agree with what you say. However, I get the feeling you guys think that to believe in God I must follow a strict guide line of Christian rules. Well that is not the way I choose to believe. Just because I choose to believe in God a different way than you does not mean i\’m wrong by any means. If you say that it is, your being quite ignorant and close minded.

  81. Canadian_blonde2: What is the last thing God spoke to you?Jason

  82. Canadian_blonde2 Yes I can see very clearly that you believe in a god. But is is not God. There is only one God and He has only one way. You can pray all you want and talk all you want to your god but he won\’t answer you. If he does, he is an angel of light who used to be called Lucifer and now satan. but you can\’t see that because he has blinded you.God, the God the only God loves you. Are you willing to ask Him if you are wrong? I\’ve already done my questioning and found the answer I was looking for. Are you? Like Jason said earlier Jesus loved everyone He met, but He always told them go and sin no more.There is a time of judgement that is coming sooner than you think. We tell people about their sins not because we hate them and want to push our views on them. But because we don\’t want to see anybody wind up in a place called hell that was never created for them, but for the devil and his demons. Should we remain silent and just let everyone perish. I don\’t think so.

  83. you point out people\’s sins for one reason, you are prejudice. you just shot down every religion but your own in saying that the only god is your God. do you know how many other religions are out there that would turn around and say you\’re wrong? somehow i don\’t think it would sit very well with you. what you\’re saying isn\’t sitting well with anyone else exept maybe jason.

  84. bandeau-dragonOh! Just me and Jason eh? I don\’t think you have taken a good look around my space. The prophets of baal thought that their god was real too until they had a run in with Elijah. So did the Philistines with thier god dagon until God destroyed his image.No other god, no religion can stand up to who God truely is and He loves you. You keep coming to this space because He draws you here. We care about where you wind up. I urge you to seek the Lord while He may be found because there is a time coming when you will cry out and the help won\’t be there.

  85. "Yes I can see very clearly that you believe in a god. But is is not God. There is only one God and He has only one way. You can pray all you want and talk all you want to your god but he won\’t answer you. If he does, he is an angel of light who used to be called Lucifer and now satan. but you can\’t see that because he has blinded you."That has to be one of the most ignorant close minded statement I have ever heard in my life.

  86. ohh and about your last post, I don\’t know about that person but the reason I keep comming here is because I like to defend myself after you say things like I pray to Satan.

  87. Actually I keep coming here to see the wonderful responses of people like pierre741, and ewfieVixen420 who knows what religion used to be about. Love, welcoming, true faith, hope, the goodness of mankind because of the goodness of their god. Listen to her Garry, she really had an incredible comment there. It\’s people like her and churches like her that are the only reason religion is still around. We don\’t need to have a mental image of someone above us making us try to live up to ideas that are medievil. Religion gives people faith and hope when they choose to follow one (and I say one as in there are many out there, most inspiring hope, love, faith, etc into it\’s followers) and it seems you\’ve forgotten that.

  88. Apsalas said:

    I find this the most offensive post, I have ever read, and I have many friends who have "blogs" and "spaces". I even read random posts of people I do not know. Every Child may be a blessing, but what about those who are impovrished, and the only thing they know how to do, is make babies, and clean up their house? What about the people who don\’t even have a house, yet have all the "blessings" God gave them to take care of? Where is God when those people die because they had their Children to think of, and had no experience or money to get a nice change of clothes so they could get a job? Where is God when a father of 10 "blessings" gets laid off and they have to send everyone out into the streets to beg for a scrap of food?Perhaps when your grandparents were young, it was not uncommon to have ten kids, but nowadays, many things are far more expensive, back then, it was ok not to send your kids to school. Now, it\’s mandatory, and no yanking them out so they can work the farm. Do you honestly think that the kids who come from huge families, want to take care of their parents when they get old and frail? No, most of them want to get out as fast as possible, usually it\’s the youngest, who gets stuck with Mom and Pop, because they were in the house well past the others had grown up and moved on.Living is hard, working is hard, maintaining a family, while juggling all this, and being called materialistic, because we want the best for our family, even if that requires the woman, to *gasp* have a job, and not dote upon ungrateful whelps? Well, then I guess my grandmother, did something wrong, even though she had six children, all of whom adore her, she has five grandchildren, each one who would do anything for her, and, here is the best part. She was a Registered Nurse all during her childrens lives.There is not one God, God is a myth, everyone has to have something to believe in, for some apparently, it\’s an invisible friend who they did not want to give up.

  89. To HeartsDesire5, bandeau-dragon, and Canadian Blond"There is no God apart from me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none but me." Isaiah 45:21"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6How can Christians be so sure they\’re right and everyone else is wrong? Isn\’t that arrogant? Logically, it\’s not possible for all the major world religions to be valid ways to God. As seen in the verses above, Christianity states that the God of the Bible is the only true God and salvation is only possible by accepting Christ as Savior and Lord. Judaism states that the God of the Torah/Old Testament is the only true God, but that Jesus is not the Messiah, putting it directly at odds with Christianity. Jesus either is the Messiah, or he is not. If he is, Judiasm is not a valid way to God; if he is not, Christianity is not a valid way to God. The mutual exclusion only grows when other religions are added: Islam says that Allah is the only true God, and that anyone who says Christ is the Son of God will be condemned (Qur\’an, 5:72, 9:30). Furthermore, if religions other than Christianity are valid ways to God, then one of Christianity\’s basic principles is false; in that case, can it still be said to be a valid, trustworthy religion? (See also 1 Cor 15:14-19.) No matter what belief system you adopt, you will be saying that your system is right and that the billions of people who don\’t accept it are wrong. If Islam is correct, the billions of non-Muslims are wrong; if Orthodox Judiasm is correct, the billions of Gentiles are wrong. If it is correct to approve of multiple belief systems because they\’re all valid ways of acheiving spiritual enlightenment, the billions of Christians, Jews, Muslims and others who belive in exclusive religions are intolerant and therefore wrong. How can Christians be sure their religion is the right one? Being born into a Christian family or growing up in a Christian community doesn\’t make one a Christian; culture and ethnicity don\’t determine one\’s relationship with God. Instead, people become Christians because they are convinced of the truth of Christianity and/or have had experiences with God – in short, they have good reasons for believing Christianity to be true. (See the testimonies of people who have become Christians.) Also, Christians are not saying that their personal ideas are true, but that the Christian God exists, and his words are true. Furthermore, Christianity is unique among religions because it addresses the fact that we can never be good enough to be in the presence of a perfect, holy God. In order to be perfectly good, we would have to be doing good all the time. If we do something wrong, we can\’t undo it, and we can no longer be considered perfect. Nor can we do more good to make up for our wrongs, for perfection requires doing the most good possible at all times – we can\’t be more than perfect to make up for when we\’re less than perfect. Other religions teach that we can somehow do enough good to earn heaven or nirvana, but they don\’t address the fact that we continually make mistakes. Christianity teaches that our sins were paid for by Jesus\’ death on the cross, and that by accepting his payment and believing in him we can be forgiven; we don\’t have to earn our way into heaven, which is a good thing, because we can\’t do it. Christ is the only way to God, because without the forgiveness that comes through his death and resurrection, there\’s no way for us to be able to stand before a holy God. Saying that Christianity is right does not mean that Christians themselves are right about everything, or that they are innately superior to non-Christians. What Christianity teaches is that both Christians and non-Christians "have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Rom 3:23) and need salvation, which comes only by the grace of God, not the individual\’s actions or merits (Eph 2:8-9, 1 Cor 1:26-31). Christianity is intolerant of other beliefs Is refusing to call a belief false always the right thing to do? For instance, is it right to say that racism and Nazism are simply alternate belief systems that we shouldn\’t pass judgment on, or should we condemn these beliefs as being morally wrong? If someone believes they have the right to rape or kill whomever they please, should we accept their beliefs as an alternate lifestyle, or denounce them? Tolerance is an admirable virtue in many circumstances, but tolerating wrong by refusing to say it\’s wrong is in itself wrong. If Christianity is true, then there is only one God and salvation comes only through Him, and religions that deny this are not merely alternate forms of spiritual expression, but systems of belief that prevent their adherents from obtaining salvation. If Christ is in fact the only way to God, then to claim that he\’s not is both false and dangerous. If someone has a fatal disease, telling them that they don\’t need to seek medical treatment is wrong. If someone can only have salvation by accepting Christ as their Savior, telling them they don\’t need to accept Christ is even more wrong, no matter how tolerant or well-meaning it may seem to be. Christianity is exclusive – those outside the church aren\’t saved First of all, would a religion that taught that everyone goes to heaven be a good religion? We would all like to think that we and our loved ones will go to heaven. Yet if everyone automatically goes to heaven, this includes evil people as well as good people. Should an unrepentant killer go to heaven? Should someone who enjoys torturing people, or who molests children and feels no guilt, go to heaven? If not, then there are cases when it\’s morally right for people to be excluded from heaven. Christianity does not teach that only Christians deserve to go to heaven. Rather, it teaches that no one deserves to go to heaven, because we have all done wrong during our lives (Rom 3:23). We can gain admittance to heaven by repenting of our wrongs, accepting Jesus Christ\’s death as payment for our wrongs and deciding to follow and worship him as Lord. The principle is that Jesus is the only way to God, not any particular church or denomination (Jn 6:40). Thus, salvation is accessible to everyone and is intended by God for everyone: Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth. (Is 45:22) I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone…This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men. (1 Tim 2:1, 3-6) (See also Is 49:6, 52:10, Rev 5:9). Indeed, there are people "from every nation, tribe, people and language" who will be saved (Rev 7:9). Thus, far from being exclusive, Christianity is inclusive. Anyone who chooses to accept Christ as Lord and Savior is a Christian and has equal standing with all other Christians before God. You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Gal 3:26-28)

  90. "Is refusing to call a belief false always the right thing to do? For instance, is it right to say that racism and Nazism are simply alternate belief systems that we shouldn\’t pass judgment on, or should we condemn these beliefs as being morally wrong? If someone believes they have the right to rape or kill whomever they please, should we accept their beliefs as an alternate lifestyle, or denounce them?"name one person on here who said any of these things are right. The people who are disagreeing with you on here are saying that they believe in God, and you are calling them wrong for not going to church, regardless of how strong their faith is. But instead you bring racism and nazism into it? You are taking something like someone\’s sexuality and another person\’s way of faith and comparing them to taking someone sexually by force and killing millions of people."First of all, would a religion that taught that everyone goes to heaven be a good religion? We would all like to think that we and our loved ones will go to heaven. Yet if everyone automatically goes to heaven, this includes evil people as well as good people. Should an unrepentant killer go to heaven? Should someone who enjoys torturing people, or who molests children and feels no guilt, go to heaven? If not, then there are cases when it\’s morally right for people to be excluded from heaven. "again, you are grouping in killers and torturous people in with erveryone else you have named a sinner or satan worshipper on this site. You do not have to go to church to learn what is right and what is wrong. I don\’t go to church, but there is no way you would ever see me torturing an animal or person or anything! I don\’t need a god to shake it\’s finger at me and say "don\’t do that" to understand not to kill someone. I\’m a good person, so I don\’t do it.All you have been saying up until your last comment is "homosexuals are sinners, they need to be saved. you worship god but don\’t go to church, you need to be saved. you don\’t stay at home with your children but instead work so you can buy them \’luxuries\’ " I love how you brought up cable with that one considering I, and many people I know don\’t have it and never grew up with it, and cars, I have one, most people I know have one. maybe two, and I could go on with this one for awhile but won\’t worry about it.I won\’t say god is wrong or god is right, because if i did i would be acknowledging an existence of one which I don\’t believe to be so, but when it comes to people….I have my opinions, and will express them. I won\’t tell you "You have to leave your church to be a good person" so don\’t tell me "You have to go to church to be saved."I think I have said it several times so far but here it is again, my faith lies in humanity. I look at some people and that faith wavers.

  91. Apsalas said:

    People who pray from the safety of their homes, who cannot or will not attend church, are not saved? Just because they don\’t do to a building, where hundreds of sweaty self riteous people are asking to be saved rather than going out and making their own lives better? That is a crock of grade A bull crap. Now, I don\’t pray, I beleive that if my life sucks, only I can make it better. I don\’t need someone to provide for me, someone to hold my hand when I fall and hurt myself. However, my grandmother, was a devout christian, and eventually, she became too frail to go to church. So she stopped going well before she knew she would be unable, merely because she did not want the other parishners to see her getting Old. She was concerned with the views of the Christians on how she was living her life, because she knew that they would look at her, and wonder what she had done to God, to enable him to make her so old and frail. The people who believe in God, and then they get cancer, beat it, and then get it again, find themselves wondering if there is a God, because if there was one, he would not Let them get Cancer twice.Going somewhere and showing people the act that you prey, does not mean that you will be saved. Only letting your cat know about your religious beliefs, does not mean that you are going to Hell, because you would rather do it in your own home.Biased Christians, need to be less self centered, and actually pay attention to the rest of the world.

  92. HeartsDesire5 (People who pray from the safety of their homes, who cannot or will not attend church, are not saved?)Now where would you get that from. Going to church doesn\’t make you a Christian any more than going to MacDonalds makes you a hamburger. What makes you a Christian is putting your faith and your life in the control of Jesus Christ. What we call churches are just buildings. They are not the true church. The true church is made up of believers from all over the world. Of every nationality and tongue.Whenever just two or three of those people meet together it a church no matter where they are.My grandmother as well couldn\’t get out to church because she was old and frail, but other believers would come and see her. They didn\’t see her as less because she couldn\’t get out to church. Most churches have a ministry that meets the needs of those that can\’t get out.If a believer looks upon someone who is less than themselves because of illness, that person is no believer at all.I am disabled but I don\’t find myself wondering if there is a God. I know without a shadow of a doubt that He is. I have seen hell and I know it exists I have heard the screams and smelt the sulfer. I also saw the cross as the only means of escape on which our Creator died for us. He gave His own life up for all mankind. He created the tree from which that cross was fashioned. He loves you. You can say He doesn\’t exist a thoudsand, a million times but it will not change a thing. He does.

  93. it\’s interesting how you choose to delete certain comments.

  94. It\’s interesting how you can take things out of context. I said just because she prayed didn\’t make her a Christian, never because she didn\’t pray in a church. People of many faiths pray. But there is no one there to hear them. But a Christian prays to Jesus who is there and they follow His teachings. Jesus said if you love me, you will obey what I have commanded you. It means taking a stand on issues that people are going to reject you for just as they rejected Him because He dared tell the people of His day they were wrong and needed to get themselves right with God. As for getting soft. I will never comprimise the gospel.You came to my space. This is what I believe. That there is only one way to salvation and that is through Jesus Christ. I can\’t force anyone to believe. That is the work of the Spirit and an individual\’s choice. People come to my space and make their own decisions. But don\’t tell me that I am forcing my veiws on others. Now if I went around to others spaces and started pushiing my views on their spaces that would be a different story wouldn\’t it. But many who come here seem to have no problem in pushing what they believe on here and then they say I am the one pushing my veiws on them. ????? It is my blog, If people don\’t like what I have to say then go elsewhere. But if you want to continue to here the truth and about how Jesus loves and the way to salvation then keep on coming.

  95. I never said you were getting soft in regards to your gospel i said you were getting nicer in your comments. If you compare some of your earlier comments with some of your later ones, you\’re responses are getting less and less defensive as they were before. It was a compliment! But whatever, if you can\’t see that then I am done here. BTW, when you say someone NEEDS to go to god to be saved that is pushing your views. You are the only one on here that has been saying "No, there is only one god" you couldn\’t have added "in my opinion"? everything on here has been people\’s opinions, so far you\’re the only one saying "no, that is wrong and this is why" Lately however you were arguing, yes, but like all of us were. Less defensively. Your responses were slightly more understanding and slightly less condesending. But I don\’t need to have my opinion erased because you read into it wrong. It\’s not the first one either. I can understand when you took off the guy who repeatedly told you to "f**** die," and quite frankly I was grateful, no one deserves that, however I don\’t see myself on the same level as someone like him. Like anyone else on here I left my opinion. You could have left the statement and replied where you dissagreed or where I may have got something out of context, but instead made it look like I said who knows what. So fine, I won\’t delete a persons opinion unless it is derogatory, offensive, or threatening, but maybe that\’s just me.-x-bandeau-dragon-x-

  96. -x-bandeau-dragon-x-I apoligize for deleting your remarks. I didn\’t have much patience for much yesterday with the 35 C heat. I regretted it in the morning and that\’s why I responded. As much as people like to think that Christians think that we are perfect, they are wrong. We realize there is only one perfect one and that is Christ.

  97. Gerry I think you were saying, just because I pray doesn\’t make me a Christian? Well I know that, and never once did I say I was a Christian. I was baptised when I was born but I have left the church a good few years ago now. I don\’t believe in Relgion, due to a number of reasons I"m sure I have made clear to you in past posts. I do however believe in a supreme being one which I would like to call God. I feel he/she hears what I pray and works in my life. I know your going to say " well its not God your praying to, you don\’t beleive in God because that would mean you have to do this, this and that" but Gerry I would like to call this supreme being I believe in God and so I will.

  98. CanadianBlonde2 and x-bandeau-dragon-x*Neither* of you answered your question. If you truly believed in what you say, you would have answers. If you don\’t have the answers, you should ask yourself why you don\’t. If you do have answers, why have you not posted them? Attack me if you want, but really you should prove your stance first.It\’s nice to be back.Jason

  99. im sure you are a great man

  100. Goodness, Gerry!You took out your reference to homosexuality being a cause for Canada\’s low birth rate.See? You do have some reason.*wink* Proud of you.

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