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A Cloud of Witnesses

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:1-2

I have always been fascinated by the marathon run in the Olympics. The runners run for very long distances to obtain a medal. All along the way there are those who cheer them on. The crowd rises to their feet as each one enters the stadium and applauds them. Even those who don’’t come in the top three are applauded. The marathon is a grueling race and some never finish, they drop out because of exhaustion. I remember seeing films of men who were so determined that to make it that they would almost have to crawl to make it across the finish line. To be a marathoner requires discipline and training. Without those 2 essentials they won’t last.

Being a Christian is like being a marathoner. It requires discipline and training. These come from spending time in God’’s word and in prayer. Without those 2 essentials it can be a long and agonizing race and many wind up dropping out. But for those who endure there is as the bible says a cloud of witnesses cheering us on. Those who have gone before us and obtained the crown.

Are you willing to do what it takes to win that race? It requires as Hebrews says that you lay aside every weight, and the sins that so easily ensnare us. What are the things that ensnare you? Are you willing to let them go? The prize is eternal life. It is ending that race by running into arms of Jesus.

Mark Schultz wrote a song called Cloud of Witnesses. It’s about a group of friends and their walk with the Lord. The last verse and chorus says; So when it comes the time that Heaven calls, they’’ll come running, to see the ones who’’ve gone before. Who ran the race and made the journey home. To find them waiting at the finish line cheering happily. They will run and they will see, a cloud of witnesses lined up on a street of gold as they run the final mile that leads them to the throne. And through that cloud of witnesses, they can see God upon that throne and as they fall into His arms they know their home in a cloud of witnesses. Lord Jesus we long for that day!

Thanks to Launa of Launa’s Little Piece of Heaven for creating the Take a Stand For Jesus banner for me. Let everyone know you are taking a stand and copy and paste it into your latest blog.

God bless




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  1. Hey Gerry!I don\’t know if you knew but my church is Hillsong! Oh man I love it there!- each week I get pumped up for God and just wanna step out and change the world!!!Hillsong have revolutionised Christian worship! We are so blessed that God has given so many Christians musical talent- like yourself I\’m sure!Praising God and worshipping Him separates Christianity from the rest!Lawson

  2. Tara Ann said:

    Here\’s a little hug for you to make you smile when you feel blue To make you happy if you\’re sad. To let you know.. life ain\’t all that bad! Now I\’ve given a hug to you, somehow, I feel better too! Hugs are better when you share. So pass one on and show you care!SHARE A HUG TODAY!!tara

  3. Hiya, Gerry!Hope you\’re having an AWESOME day!Kim

  4. ~~*Hoshitenyumi*~~ said:

    I just want to know, what exactly IS sin??? Is it love, or sex, or drinking???? Cos scientists discivered lately that a glass of red wine per day is really healthy for you. So I just wonder what sin is. Because if killing is a sin, then why do so many people kill other people in wars, and nobody says a thing. Or when there was the Inquisition and all those women were burnt because people thought they were witches and used their powers to do evil. But if they actually used their powers to help people, to cure the sick, and make the crops prosper, but just because everyone thought witches are evil they killed them, without asking themselves if they were doing the wrong thing, and everyone praised them, even though killing is a sin.And all those times when there were wars between people of different religions, just because their religions are different. Because actually Buddah, Allah, God etc. are all different names for, what I think is actually the same power, and Musulmanism, Christianism, Buddhism, they\’re all different ways to celebrate the same thing. So why are there all these problems?????And when the conquistadors came to conquer South America, why did they feel the need to convert the native indigenes to their religion. Why couldn\’t they just live with the fact that somebody had a different religion, and so what, and nobody botheres us in believing in God, so why do we bother others….Why not?????? And when people came here, to North America, why couldn\’t the indians here keep believing in their god??? Because if I call that power Mother Nature, instead of God, then what\’s so bad about it. Why didn\’t people see that????????? And anyway, what is sin, cos everyone\’s talking about it like it was bad, but usually it\’s all about sleeping with different people, and about living differently, without being humble. But if animals do just that, and they\’re not sinning, than whats wrong???? And what about the real sins, like wars and all???? And even those aren\’t sins, because sometimes you have to kill to stay alive, and it\’s the law of the strongest and all. And anyway, what\’s right or wrong???????????? Because let\’s face it, there\’s no good or wrong. There\’s just the tools and the intentions. Like a knife can be used to kill or to cut bread with. Is the knife a good or a bad thing. Well it\’s neither. It\’s a tool, and the intentions of the person who uses it wwho decide if it\’s doing something bad or good. And even that\’s not true, cos if you use your knife to kill someone who want\’s to kill you, and who has killed many people before you for his own pleasure, than killing can\’t possibly be wrong, could it???????So it all depends on the tool, the intention and the condition in which the actuon is made. That\’s all different shades of gray, but right and wrong is like white and black. But a human\’s life isn\’t black and white, is it??? And anyway, people always say, when you are a child, you\’re pure cos you didn\’t have time to sin, but if a little boy of five steals a candy in a store, he\’s sinning, right, so he can\’t possibly be innocent???So when do we stop being a child and stop being innocent. At our puberty??? When we loose our virginity??? That means hardly anyone is not sinful because hardly anyone is still a virgin. BUt how can people procreate if they want to stay pure????And what was wrong with Adam and Eva eating that apple? Cos I guess if you have the knownledge to make a line between right and wrong, and know shame and all, then that\’s what being human is all about!!! So that means that before Adam and Eva ate the apple, they were like beasts!!!!!! So what\’s the use of not sinning if we become like beasts????And anyway, WHAT IS SIN????? WHAT\’S RELIGION???WHAT\’S GOD???????Cos I never saw god, but I saw the stars, and the milky way, and dinosaure fossiles. But how come, if we saw dinosaure fossiles, and touched them, there\’s no mention of dinosaures in the bible!!!!!So I would like to have the answer to my questions, if that is actually possible, because I sincerely don\’t understand all that.And what IS sin??????????Please answer, at least this last question, because that is going to explain a lot about life to me!!!

  5. Ernesto said:

    Sin is that which LACKS LOVE for the other and pushes us away from The Father.

  6. good post man… You deserve a hug for your work… **hug attack** =P Keep it up!.God Bless,Love Peace And Chicken Grease~Randy

  7. ForgottenLightAngel: I don\’t know you but I\’ve asked the same questions. Romans Chapters 3-8, (lot of reading here), tears this issue of what is and is not sin right up. If you really want answers read it. I mean really read it. If you\’re here to disprove christianity or as you put it, our spin on the supernatural, then don\’t bother. You have many interesting thoughts and perspectives, but what I don\’t see is a personal connection or understanding of the supernatural. You see, the animals, the earth all of creation exists and is measurable and studiable… but just because you understand it\’s attributes and behaviours does not mean you understand the intention and purpose behind the creation of it. It does not mean that you understand the creator. If you don\’t know the creator, then you\’re just running around the Earth with a measuring stick and speculations. My answer to you is find God and all your questions will be answered clearly. You\’re right about man\’s interpretation of what is right and wrong. Man conveniently decides what is right and wrong to serve their own purposes. But there is a divine law that draws the line clearly. In Romans it even goes so far to describe those who know the law by studying it, and those who know the law by God writing it on their very hearts. Deep stuff – I hope you give it a read. On a more superficial note Jesus drew a simple line for man to follow: Love God, and love your neighbour as yourself. In a *very general sense*, if you don\’t violate this you will not sin. But to be frank, just from hearing your thoughts, it sounds to me like God is already finding and disturbing you. It\’s a question of whether or not you\’re willing to trust Him to take the next step and give Him a chance. I\’ll leave that conversation between you and Him.PS: Here is a treat. Dinosaurs ARE described vividly in the Bible:Job 40:15-24, Job 41:18-21Take care and good questions. I love it when people keep it real.Jason

  8. Michael JW said:

    ForgottenLightAngel – its very simple. To commit a sin is to transgress the Law of God. For example, the Ten Commandments shows us God\’s perfect law in having a relationship with Him and with other people.1-No other gods: have you ever put something ahead of God, or ignored God\’s will to do your own thing?2-No graven images: have you ever put your eternal trust in something tangible (i.e., corruptable)?3-The Lord\’s name: have you ever used God\’s name in a way that is not honoring to Him?4-The Sabbath: do you honor God with one day of rest, praise, and worship?5-Parents: do you love, honor, and charish those who are in authority to you?6-Murder: have you murdered someone? Jesus said that even hatred constitutes murder in the eyes of God.7-Adultry: have you ever had sex outside of marriage, or lusted for someone who was married?8-Steal: have you ever taken anything that was not yours and belonged to someone else?9-Lying: have you ever lied, or told anything less than the full truth?10-Covet: have you ever wanted anything that was not yours, or envied someone because they had more material wealth than you?Its said that even if you break one point in the law, you are guilty of breaking all of it, and therefore, fall under the wrath of God. You want to know what sin is? Sin is the commision of an act that goes against God\’s perfect Law. The knowledge of sin comes from the Law, but the salvation from sin does not come from the Law, it comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, whose shed blood paid the penalty of sin for us; for those who would believe on His name.~May the Lord bless you

  9. ForgottonAngelGod led you to this space because you are searching for the truth. Pilot asked Jesus when He was on trial, What is truth. He didn\’t realize that the truth was standing right there in front of Him. The truth is standing right there for you. All you have to do is reach out for Him. He will be there for you.I know Jesus. He is not a religious icon, but a real person. My relationship with Him is real. There has never been a greater love in my life than His. He is ever present and has never ever let me down.What will you do with the things my brothers and I have told you? All the answers to the quetions you asked are all found in Christ. He loves you and His arms are opened wide.

  10. Hello Gerry,Thanks for stoping by my site!!! *Lots of Smiles* Yeah! u can add me to ur list!! I agree with what u said in this post!! This walk does require discipline and training on our behalf!!! And Thankfully! God is willing to help us be everything we could be!!! May God Bless You and ur framily!!!

  11. I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE A CHRISTION TOO! I WAS BEGINING TO THINK THAT THERE WERE NO OTHER CHRISTIONS ON MSN! dont worry. my site isnt on puuting down our Lord God in heaven above. in fact, its the oposite. i tell how God is the supreme Lord. the King of kings. God of gods. Lord of lords. but i havent gotten very far yet so dont critisise me. even if it is constructive critisisum. and please dont correct my spelling eighther. because some words i dont kow how to spell. and those that i do, ive gotten used to messenger typing. as you can probably see. so lots of selling mistakes not nesisarily on perpose though.

  12. Ok, it isn\’t about the topic (sorry!), but I was wondering something…how do you get that music playing when you visit your site? Cause that is AWESOME! I WANT THAT =D Please tell!

  13. Phil - personal acct said:

    Blessings Gerry,I pray that God is bring you the creativity to produce incredible works of art. That great productions would flow from your church into the community and draw more and more people to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Phil

  14. Thaks so much Gerry, I didn\’t know, I only saw that 1 post, I thought somthing was up, it just didn\’t seem right, thanks for posting on my site, I didn\’t think you would..anyways, if you wouldn\’t mind e-mailing me sometime, there is some stuff I would like to talk to you about beautiful_mind888@hotmail.com I know it seems all bad to put such personal information on such a popular site but I don\’t mind, \’sides, 95% of the people here seem really nice. Just, e-mail me when you can, its not very private on these spaces so I think e-mailing would be much more practical under these circumstances.Im praying for you.Peace.Love.*MizzTiffany*


  16. soz typo, its http://www.spaces.msn.com/members/Icravegore plz plz plz visit his site, he needs salvation.

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