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Watching Our Tongues

A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, But perverseness in it breaks the spirit. Proverbs 15:4

Listen, for I will speak of excellent things, and from the opening of my lips will come right things. Proverbs 8:6

Do you realize that we shape our children by the way we speak to them? The Jews know this and bless their children everyday. That is why many of their offspring have gone on to become successful. When you look at many of the people who changed this world you will find that they were Jews. Some examples of them are Alfred Einstein, scientist, Henry Kissinger, politician, Mark Spitz, olympian, Sigmund Freud, doctor and many others. They have learned to speak blessing into their children’’s lives every morning.

In today’’s world it is common to hear a parent calling their child an idiot or telling them they are stupid. Children have become a burden to a parent’’s career. Parents curse their children instead of encouraging them and then they wonder why these children turn to sin, drugs and crime. The Word of God says that children are a gift and a heritage from the Lord. Psalm 127:3 Every parent will have to answer one day for the careless words they have spoken to their offspring.

My dad was an alcoholic and would often pick on me. He would tell me I was stupid and would never amount to anything. I was told it so often, I believed it. I had no confidence at all in any endeavour I would try to get into. I had trouble keeping any kind of meaningful relationship. It was only Jesus and the prayers of a faithful grandmother and mother that kept me from falling into deep sin and perversion. I have forgiven my dad today and know who I am in Christ. I gain my confidence from Him. I couldn’t care less what people say about me. I have learned from this.

Being a single dad for eleven years has not been easy, but I have never told my kids they were anything less than who they are in Jesus. Like the Jews I speak blessing into their lives everyday and as I do this I see them grow in confidence and assurance of God’’s love for them. Please love your kids. They are not a burden. They are the future. Speak well to them and teach them to do the same when they have kids of their own one day.

Thanks to Launa of Launa’s Little Piece of Heaven for creating the Take a Stand For Jesus banner for me. Let everyone know you are taking a stand and copy and paste it into your latest blog.

God bless



Comments on: "Watching Our Tongues" (22)

  1. Unknown said:

    hey buddy I know what you mean and being only 15 I know how much the words that parents speak to you affect your self asteem. My dad is also a recoverign alcoholic and he often tells me those same horrible things. But when he does I go to my room and just sit and talk with God, for he is the perfect father and would never say those things to me. love clairegod bless

  2. Good morning, Gerry!Have a great day!Kim

  3. I think you mean Albert Einstein.

  4. SHine_make_them_wonder_ said:

    Every time i see your blog on the updated spaces i come and read! It really encourages me!thnx!Heidi

  5. Russoft said:

    I have seen it, when some one thinks little of themself because of what people in general have said to them (Parents being most influential). But I think that people other than your parents can affect you. I have been affected by what people have said about me. That is part of the reason you want to find supportive friends. I must say that I am glad every day for parents who have been supportive of me in all my little (somtimes futile) endeavors, and I am glad to God for them.

  6. Russoft said:

    I see your "Taking A Stand" list there. I think it\’s great! I won\’t join it, though, because I feel I have a better chance at reaching people for Christ by getting them to ponder their existence and purpose, I don\’t want to scare off people with my faith, I want to draw them in by my example.

  7. its Albert einstien and you are using huge generalities and over simplifiyingThe factors that go into the shaping of a child\’s mind come from all directions, and i am certain you have not done a good job on your children, but that is not important. Are you Homophobic? if so that would be quite ironic. A BOOK OF LOVE USED TO PROMOTE HATE! i believe that all people are a culmination of 3 things: Their expeiriences, their genetics, and the human essence. In this sense we have no control over our own lives and therefore people cannot be held responisible for their own actions. There is no right or wrong. There may still be a grand obsever dictating our actions but listen to my words. What if all Your life you have been doing nothing?I\’d love to hear a rebuttle from you. Post it on this site and I will comment on it.- EL GUYA COMMENTO

  8. LadyCoyote said:

    Hi!Thanks for your kind words and your visit to my space.It\’s midnight already here in Finland, so I need to go bed. I\’ll check your space tomorrow.May God keep you and bless you.See ya!LC

  9. Comment GuyWho are you to say I haven\’t done a great job on raising my kids. Do you know me personally. I very much doubt that cause you are a thousand times wrong! You have made a judgement without knowing a thing. There are a ton of people who will testify freely about the way I have reaised my kids. You are not here to start a discussion, you left a comment here to argue.It\’s amazing how people like you like to point out spelling errors to others on their blogs. Who cares!There is a right and a wrong and I\’m afraid you are on the wrong side. Without right and wrong there would only be chaos. I know what life is like without Jesus and believe me my life is better than it\’s ever been. I have never been more satisfied as I am right now.I know what spirit controls you so get your life straight with God or crawl back under the rock you came out from under.

  10. Unknown said:

    Amen Gerry. ( on that last comment ) And thanks so much for your comments on my space as well as adding that link to my cousins =) Your doing a great job on your space here despite what some extreemly blind people say. Keep up the good work.Love Claire God bless

  11. dont get me wrong i think ur space is great and even insperational but u must have alot of free time

  12. Game-freakThis is actually now a ministry of our church The Servan\’t House. I can\’t think of any better way of spending my time than spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  13. Kelly-Ann said:

    i love ur space!

  14. i agree with what u have to say about how parents talk to their kids. but i want to ask u a question. y is it u can look at god and pary to him when all he gives us is war, chaos, and other bad things like abusive parents. y is it he took my friend and my grandfather in the same year? is it because god hates the world and is reverting to the old testament. o and please don\’t tell me to go read the bible cause i have read it 3 times already and i am only 17. if u have any answers please share them cause right now my golden brick road is not looking very shiny right now.

  15. Christie said:

    I appreciate your blog today. This is the first time that I have commented on your site, though I visit on a regular basis. I agree that what parents say can shape the way a child develops. Not only the content, but the physical movements and tone. My father used to call me stupid and make me feel like I was unintelligent. I still struggle with overcoming those insecurities. It is something that God and I have talked about recently, and I am starting to understand that because of Jesus\’ sacrifice I am good enough, justified by faith, and loved by my Abba.

  16. Its Funny, How So Many People Can Rely On Their Hopes In A God That They Only Believe In, Without Any Proof That Hes Real. I Used To Believe, But Nothing Came About That, So I Asked Many Questions And No Answers…Which Leaves Me Here…Questioning My Faith In This So- Called God…<3A Confuesd Soul

  17. But Dont Think That I Am Here To Bring Down Your Lord. I Am Here For Some Help, And I Am Not Quite Sure What To Do, And I Have No One To Turn To.<3A Confused Soul…[please.help]

  18. Unknown said:

    Thanks for coming to my space and commenting. I hope that you don\’t mind but I put a link to your space on my cool spaces list. Lol "I thought that it would be cool for ppl to come and check out your space. help you spread the Word. Thank you for having you and your church pray for me. I live with two ministers and they pray for me too. So I was told today when I was talking to Sheila. We were talking about my faith i nGod and some of things I say and how I act and she thinks that though \’i really try and deny it to the public that i have a budding relationship with Christ. i haven\’t really asked Him into my heart yet though/ I just know that i want a relationship with Him, so umm I actually have to get going but keep up the blogging it is an inspiration to me to read that and I looi forward to hearing your thoughts.. its a bright spot in a sometimes dreary existence.

  19. William said:

    hi, just letting you know that I reported that alan/rob guy who\’s site is http://spaces.msn.com/members/godswarriorprince/ to MSN Spaces as being abusive. It\’s not hard to do, just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click "report abuse". That guy shouldnt have a space, if more people report him, his site will be shut down. I encourage you to do it as soon as possible. Will

  20. yo yoyoare u saying that neone who doesn\’t believe in your god should just go and die? yur saying that way more then half the population in the world should just give up and come crawling looking for repentence to this g-o-d guy?poppycock(in response to allpraiseandworship\’s response to comment guy)

  21. What I am saying is that there is only one way to God. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but by me. John 14:6Acts 4:12 There is salvation in no one else! There is no other name in all of heaven for people to call on to save them." John 5:24 "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.God loves you p00. Hell is not a place for you or anybody else apart from the devil and his demons. But sin can not enter into God\’s presence. God doesn\’t send people to hell. People send themselves there. Only by recognizing what Jesus did for you on the cross in taking your punishment for your sins upon himself, turning from those sins and accepting Him as Lord can you be saved from what awaits you.

  22. nice blog man!! Awesome

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