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The Rope

There is a story of a mountain climber who, desperate to conquer the Aconcagua, initiated his climb after years of preparation. But he wanted the glory to himself, therefore, he went up alone. He started climbing and it was becoming later, and later. He did not prepare for camping, but decided to keep on going.

Soon it got dark. Night fell with heaviness at a very high altitude. Visibility was zero. Everything was black. There was no moon, and the stars were covered by clouds.

As he was climbing a ridge at about 100 metres from the top, he slipped and fell. Falling rapidly he could only see blotches of darkness that passed. He felt a terrible sensation of being sucked in by gravity. He kept falling… and in those anguishing moments good and bad memories passed through his mind. He thought certainly he would die.

But then he felt a jolt that almost tore him in half. Yes! Like any good mountain climber he had staked himself with a long rope tied to his waist. In those moments of stillness, suspended in the air he had no other choice but to shout: "HELP ME GOD. HELP ME!"

All of a sudden he heard a deep voice from heaven… "What do you want me to do?"


"Do you REALLY think that I can save you?"


"Then cut the rope that is holding you up."

There was another moment of silence and stillness. The man just held tighter to the rope. The rescue team the next day found a frozen mountain climber hanging strongly to a rope…


How about you? How trusting are you in that rope? Why don’t you let it go? I tell you, God has great and marvellous things planned for you.


If only we would trust Him in all things. Some of us are like little children holding on to a security blanket. Sad to say there are some Christians that have been a long time in the Lord and they are still putting their security in other things than God and they have missed out on so many blessings because of it. We may not understand the things that God tells us to do sometimes, but He knows what’’s best. He can see the things we can not. Some things look impossible, but my Bible tells me that with God all things are possible, to him who believes. Mark 9:23.

We must be strong and courageous in His promises to us. Take a step of faith even if it looks like there is nothing but empty air in front of you. If God has told you to do it, believe Him. There is something solid there or else He wouldn’t have told you. God doesn’t change His mind in His promises. He never changes. Mal. 3:6 But fear and a lack of faith keep us from them.

I remember this film I saw years ago called Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indy, to get to the treasure had to cross this great bottomless chasm. There seemed to be no path to the other side and yet the instructions on a map told him he had to take a leap of faith. He could have trusted what he saw and turned back. But what did he do? He closed his eyes and leapt and landed on a bridge that had been cleverly camouflaged.

Many of us look at the circumstances before us and they look hopeless sometimes. It looks impossible. But if we would see with the eyes of faith we would see that God has made a bridge for us. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He WILL direct Your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Thanks to Launa of Launa’s Little Piece of Heaven for creating this for me. Let everyone know you are taking a stand and copy and paste it into your latest blog.

God bless



Comments on: "The Rope" (25)

  1. Hate to nitpick – but your little picture thing isn\’t working. >_>~digitrev

  2. Unknown said:

    so true, we need to put all our trust in Jesus, he loves us and would not cause us unnessasary harm or betray us! and yeah that picture thing you said to copy isnt working for me eitherlove clairegod bless

  3. Unknown said:

    heya again, I still cant see it =( ….. I will try again tomorrow… and thanz for adding me to ur list of peeps taking a stand.love clairegod bless

  4. Hi, Gerry! Hope you\’re having a great day!Kim

  5. Hi Gerry!Shalom! Oh this was good! TRUST! Seems to be the word today! I just posted Bubble Letters…and this story just confirms to my heart His Ever Spoken Word. Let GO…..TRUST ME!….ahh sigh! HE IS!Who else but GOD teaches a young lad to skim stones!Enjoy your fellowship with HIM!

  6. Your eloquence speaks well for you. (although we may not share the same opinion on a few matters) I am impressed by the work on your site. So, kudos. And I am sorry to see some of the more obnoxious postings — I may take responssbility for the no debate rule but certainly your devotion does not deserve the ignorance you\’ve had to address. With that – have a good day.

  7. Your a such a pastor Gerry!!!!! thank you for the warning on Allan I have learnt a valuable lesson, I sincerely would have caught it but was just all lip!!!! i am learning God Bless you pastor you have my full confidence to speak to me about anything I write or whatever. In Christ Joanneps i told my husband the other day that you watch over us on these spaces he thought it to be cool of you God Bless you richley in Christ Joanne

  8. Well, if I ever go climbing, I\’ll make sure I bring some camping equipment.:)

  9. ever heard the song "Real Men Cry" by the elms? yeah… Only real men cry. lol *high five* =PYour really awesome you know.Trusting someone… for me.. is one of the hardest things to do sometimes… But there\’s really no reason why we shouldn\’t trust God… he\’s the only sure thing in this world…God Bless,Love Peace And Chicken Grease~Randy

  10. Shalom, my brother,Just dropped by to tell you that old Rob or Alan has raised up again, this time with a space called: Title SpacePublished By Hydrovitae http://spaces.msn.com/members/smac972/Oh! I see he has already visited your space too!How many spaces does this person have?Love your brother in <Christ><

  11. charlotte said:

    Hey there Gerry, hope you are well ^^ I loved this- very true- yer the book was deffo fascinating, worth the read, the things the kids are shown are amazing! Hope you and your family are well, God bless you xxx

  12. It\’s a pretty sad thing that pictures of some youth thing and your church come before pictures of your family. I don\’t understand why you make your religion your life. I\’ve never understood religious people. It seems like a waste of time to me, especially since I don\’t believe in all that garbage. I just thought I\’d leave my opinion, since all of you religious people like to spout your opinions EVERYWHERE and we have to listen and see it.

  13. I deleted your other comment because of swearing which I will not tolerate on this space.If you will notice. The pictures are put on the space by date. When I first started this blog they were the first ones on.Lastly, you chose to come to this space no one forced you and you can choose not to come back. This I will tell you. Jesus loves you even if your name is stupid.

  14. As per the ignorance – again, it\’s sorry to read Francois\’ misread anger. As for my space being smudged, it is not Rob or Alan. Simply a satirical views towards some hypocritical Christians. The path to God is not followed in one direction. We don\’t all believe that God wants the Americans to be in Iraq, do we? And certainly, directly referring to "Plain and simple truth", asking quesstions, putting checks and balances over the Church\’s authority over man does not make one instantly the "Devil". Quite the opposite. So, let\’s not fight.

  15. Jishwa! said:

    Hi, you dont know me, but my buddy had a link to your space on msn here. I like that little story of the mountainclimber, it\’s a good reminder. It\’s too bad people have to come on to your own site and criticize it when they didn\’t have to come here in the first place. But God did say blessed are the persecuted. Keep up the good work, I hope God\’s doing amazing things through your work. – Josh in Alberta

  16. Hi Gerry. You can change the order of your photo albums. You just drag the one you want to the top or the bottom or wherever you want to place it.Kim

  17. Hey, i need your prayer for my friend\’s ma who is dying from her lungs that have fluid… she needs to be saved through Jesus… dr said it may be a week left for her to live.. it doesnt look good. She also have the cancer…. pray for her soul…that she realizes she need to repent , ask Jesus to forgive and save her right before she dies. I grieve for her. thanks, all brothers and sisters in ChristLisa

  18. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Gerry,I know you’re busy but I was wondering if you could address a concern of mine quick. I\’m sure you are aware that Mizz Tiffany has visited my site, and as a thank you I posted on her new blog. When I checked back I noticed your comment about Alan. He has posted on my site multiple times, and when I\’ve gone to review his site I always got the gut feel (and just to let you know I\’m a Real Estate Agent, and as an Real Estate Agent they tell us to go with our gut feel when we think something might be wrong), I always got the gut feel that something wasn\’t quite right with his site, but I can\’t lay a specific finger on it.And maybe that is because I live in Utah (U.S.) and because this state is so heavily populated with Mormons the subject of Homo\’s doesn’t come up. Therefore I don\’t know enough about it, but all that aside I was wondering what it was that has made you a little, shall we say leery of him? I would really appreciate it if I could get an answer on this, so that I can identify what has made me uncomfortable with the situation. Thanks a lot.

  19. Unknown said:

    hey buddy thanx for that warning, I did go check out his space and I agree. Saddly I think that he may not be aware of the evil of his space. =( :s who knows. but thanx love clairegod blessPS. i havent copied that thing yet because it doesnt show up when i open ur space ?:S:S:S not sure why

  20. afr432432innnnndsfsdffds said:

    hey, whos this "alan aka Rob space" guy? Can you give me the link to his space?

  21. charlotte said:

    Hey there Gerry, thanks for the warning, will just delete comments to save people accessing his space from mine. hope you are well ^^ have a good day, Blessings xxx

  22. afr432432innnnndsfsdffds said:

    God bless all

  23. Gerry, thanks for the heads up… I\’d already been there via another link and was aware of what you said. I didn\’t even need to scan the links, it was quite obvious from the innuendo.I don\’t know whether it\’s a demonic thing. I knew a few kids like him at secondary school. They resented the fact that they were having a Christian education forced upon them, so they made out they were satanists and do silly stuff, just to annoy the teachers. A lot of it back then was teenage rebellion and attention seeking (not that I\’m condoning it for one minute, after all if you let the devil get a foothold, he\’ll run riot… and often what can start out as a "bit of fun", can become something quite different, and quite dangerous… that\’s often how the devil works).The content however is at the very least irresponsible, and at the very worst calculatedly evil. Either way it\’d be bad to allow the site\’s publicity, so I\’ve deleted the comment.RegardsN

  24. Hi Gerry,Really great story. It sounds a lot like me sometimes. I need to remember not to let fear rule my life and that God is trustworthy. God is in control and I can\’t mess that up by trusting Him. Thanks for the reminder!

  25. hi! i noticed you are christian 2! I am a seventh-day-adventist. i always thought there was nobody who would show their faith on the internet so openly, its amazing! well GOD bless you and your ministry and keep taking a stand 4 JESUS and once again, GOD BLESS!

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