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A little boy was heard talking to himself as he strode through his back yard, baseball cap in place and carrying a ball and bat. "I’m the greatest baseball player in the world," he said proudly. Then he tossed the ball in the air, swung and missed. Undaunted, he picked up the ball threw it into the air and said to himself, "I’’m the greatest player ever!" He swung at the ball again, and again he missed. He paused a moment to examine the ball and bat carefully. Then once again he threw the ball into the air and said, "I’m the greatest baseball player who ever lived." He swung the bat hard, and again missed the ball. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "What a great pitcher!"

This little story is amusing but it teaches us something important about being a Christian. The boy instead of getting discouraged, emphasized on the positive. He refused to let his circumstances get him down.

Many of us go through dark times in our lives where God seems to be silent. We keep on praying but don’’t get an answer. We keep on knocking but doors don’’t open. Our circumstances don’’t change and so we get discouraged. We give up and declare, "What’s the use!"

If there was anyone who should have been discouraged over his circumstances it was the Apostle Paul. In bringing the gospel to people around the Mediterranean, he was beaten, stoned, whipped, shipwrecked, imprisoned, and sometimes he was left without shelter, clothing, or food. Finally he was put in chains in a prison in Rome. During that time he wrote the epistle of joy, Philippians. Listen to what he says in chapter 4:4-9 "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you."

Does that sound like a man who was discouraged by his circumstances? His eyes were fixed on Jesus. During this time in the Roman prison, Paul won many people to Christ, including his own guards. How you choose to react in your circumstances can also have that same result

Choose joy today!

Thanks to Launa of Launa’s Little Piece of Heaven for creating this for me. Let everyone know you are taking a stand and copy and paste it into your space.

God bless



Comments on: "Joy in Spite of the Circumstances" (39)

  1. Desirée said:

    Hey, thats so encouraging.. i really needed to hear that. I just found out two of my friends died, and im shocked and i didnt know how i should feel today, and well, im gunna chose Joy.. thanks.. you\’re a blessing

  2. Natalie said:

    hi I like your space it is very encouraging to see a christian actually publicly announcing his love for Jesus in such a manner. My mother too is in the ministry she is the Pastor of Word of Life Ministries I too am inspired to display the love of Christ in a manner such as this …Thank you for the inspiration.God BlessNatalie T.O.

  3. Good morning, Gerry!Kim

  4. Hi, Gerry!Sorry about the songs. I went into my email and realized they were still sitting in my outbox. I guess that I haven\’t been staying online long enough at home for them to fully send?! I don\’t know.At any rate, I would be more than happy to make a cd for you and send it, if you like. You can email me at kimverrall@hotmail.com if you want me to do that. Kim

  5. Great point, Gerry.How ironic – I was just thinking of that same story this morning. I don\’t know what made me think of it, but I smiled when I read it here this morning.

  6. Shalom, my brother Thanks for warning me about Alan, I did as you said, I went back and carfully read what he had written and it made me want to throw up!I have a special prayer list with pictures of these folks that are going down the wrong road, I can\’t stand what they say and think, but they do have a soul, So I just pray that the Lord would deal (By His Spirit) with the hearts of these that are rejecting His promises!Love you my brother, yours in <Christ><

  7. Hi Jerry!Thank you foremost for your comment. It\’s nice of you to have stopped by my space; even though we are NEIGHBOURS. lolI"ve looked around your place…boy oh boy lots of great information for the soul. I\’ve read some of your entries and the encouragement is there just I feel that I am too consumed by every day life…that I don\’t see nor feel others things most of the time. Being a single mother for 13 years is not that easy. I know I have been blessed with many talents; I just wished people would appreciate them more often. I don\’t get that feedback often ENOUGH. Thanks for yours! God bless your family. *HugsSincerely,Maria Aka XenaMontreal, QuebecP.S. Feel free to stop by my daughter\’s space too. http:/spaces.msn.com/members/sassybubbleShe doesn\’t have much yet; she is just starting. lol For she\’s only 13y! So you can understand! {smiling}

  8. Atleast the child knows he was out done.

  9. wow..it\’s really encouraging readiong that section on paul. great entry, keep it up!

  10. GerryThis is very encouraging. It\’s so true…many get sidetracked by everything that seems to be a roadblock, and difficulty. Turning our eyes to Jesus is the most amazing way that we can go for God. God bless with everything.Ness

  11. I\’m looking for something. I don\’t know yet if God is it.

  12. Unknown said:

    you RREEAALLLLY need a hobby, mi amigo..-Helen

  13. Lost souls like you Helen are my passion. Jesus loves you and He doesn\’t care what you\’ve done or where you\’ve come from. He gave His all for you!

  14. Scarlet said:

    i can most agree with your message, generally speaking, from a non-christian view point. no matter your religion you should always strive to maintain happiness within yourself, if you cannot find it within your external situation. in this regard, the obvious similarities between eastern religions (Buddhism) and Christianity are prevalent. thus, again i ask: if i follow this practise without christianity am i still doomed, even though the result is the same?take care.

  15. All I can tell you is what Jesus said; I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me. John 14:26Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. Romans 1:16

  16. Unknown said:

    How come Marcellus and Diana were executed, but Paul was only put in prison?

  17. uhh because The Robe was just a movie based on a work of fiction by Lloyd C. Douglas

  18. Natalie said:

    this reminds me of a quote by edison i believe it was:"it took me 2000 tries to figure out a lightbulb before i got it, but i did not fail 2000 times, i simply found 2000 ways not to make a lightbulb"i loved that story

  19. my mom recognized one of the females in your pictures as Melodie Joy Heppner. Is that who that is? I\’m trully having a hard time finding out who is who…and when my mom recognized the girl without seeing the photo title I was a little shocked. Could you get back to me on that please?

  20. Teresa Dawn said:

    Gerry, is there any chance you can email me at TeresaDawn.Canada@gmail.comI\’d like to ask you somethingGod Bless,Teresa Dawn

  21. Unknown said:

    The Robe is so not a work of Fiction. You must be the type of person who thinks Joshua is a work of Fiction. Which is wrong. So very wrong.

  22. Thats great Gerry! Thanks for sharing it :)God Bless

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  24. The-Country-Cowboy said:

    Gerry, I was woundering if I could copy and paste your blog "Who is Jesus, part 5" on my site?I think that blog is something eveyone should read!Thanks,

  25. You saw the Physical Graffitti concert of 1975? Im reeking of jealousy…

  26. Tiffany said:

    Hi.Gerry. Just thought I\’d say…Beautiful Space. Im praying for you. Peace.†Tiff† aka Mizz Tiffany

  27. Reading scarlettherat\’s entry i thought to myself, a religion such as christianity must be accepting of other religions. For that is what our unfortunate \’ecumenticle\’ school has stated. But you seem to be a little fundementalist there and have rejected any other religions. Therfore i ask what makes your religion right and theirs wrong?

  28. afr432432innnnndsfsdffds said:

    God Bless Youbtw. Visit my Space for apologetics and christian issues.

  29. Pastor Gerry I want to share with you a web site that is so important and will help with the intellect in conversations there are free courses on it as well its caled http://www.str.org there are amazing readings on here!!!!take a search this will increase you with more tools. Bless you pastor, Joanne

  30. Unknown said:

    aha.. so you think IM lost? YOU are lost in the see through.. so lost some may even consider you insane..

  31. Yes I admit it, I am insanely in love with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and if you met Him Helen you would be too. You are not too far lost that yopu can\’t be found. I love you Helen even though I don\’t know you. Because Christ loves you.

  32. Unknown said:

    cut the crap, you have never met Jesus Christ.. and i\’m not alone in saying that i find it a wee bit freaky you say you love me, considering i am a teenager, you are a middle aged man….eeeek..-Helen

  33. That\’s because you don\’t understand what true love is, Helen. The world has perverted it and made somrthing it\’s not. Jesus told to love even those who hated us.I have met Jesus personally. I talk with Him everyday and I have talked to Him about you. You are drawn to this place because His spirit is drawing you here Helen.Let go of the tough act. You are looking for real love and you know it. But the only place you are going to find it Helen is in Christ.

  34. Unknown said:

    I am Christian too, if you havent noticed. ..But my beliefs fall beyond organised religion.. somewhere in between protestantism and modern day wicca… you may be right about me being drawn here, but the toughness is not an act.. it is merely my character.-Helen

  35. Hi HelenThe definition of Christian is one who follows closely the teachings of Christ and you can\’t follow HIs teachings without the Bible. People were first called that in Antioch as name to mock those who followed Jesus. The name is thrown around so loosely now it has lost it\’s true meaning.To be a Christian means a life of no comprimise. You can\’t be a wiccan and a Christian. The two are incompatable. You either follow one or the other. Like Jesus said you can\’t have two masters.Forgive me Helen if I have come accross as mocking you at times. I am not. My faith in Christ is unshakable. I have been through so much and seen God\’s hand work in such marvelous ways. When you truly come to Christ. It is like a light is turned on and everything becaomes brand new. There is one right that God has given everybody and that is the right to choose. I don\’t agree with those who would like to force their views on others. People come to my space, I don\’t go to their\’s and demand they become Christians. They can come here and make up their own mind.Again I don\’t hate you our anybody else who would choose to believe diferently as that definatly would not be Christian.

  36. Unknown said:

    You have a point of the two being somewhat incompatible.. but when i say i am christian i mean that most of my beliefs fall into the Christian category.. but then on the side my friends and i like to get together and have or own little black mass in one of my friends rooms.. it\’s quite fun, and the candlelight is great.. But you say you wont force Christianity on other people, but you have been trying to get me to love Jesus as much as you do.. Jesus is a GREAT guy..but he\’s not my hero.-Helen

  37. Unknown said:

    Am i scaring you away?, or have you just lost interest in answering me??…. be honest…-Helen

  38. Hi HelenNo I didn\’t forget about you. I just feel we came to an impass. I\’m not going to force my beliefs upon you. You have your own will and you can choose freely. God didn\’t create us to be robots. If someone comes to Him it has to be because they wanted to, not because He forced them.Be careful with the black masses Helen and I say that as a friend. I know what demons are capable of. I have had my share of experience with them.

  39. Unknown said:

    LMBO.. Wicca isn\’t about Satanism, SATANISM is about satanism.. There are no Demons in Wicca, there is only peace.-HelenAnd may I ask which "experiences" you have had with these so called demons?? ^o)

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