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Poor devil

Well it looks like I got someone mad. But I sit back and laugh at his pathetic attempts stop the words of Jesus from going out. I am recieve quite a few hits each  day on this space. What the devil meant for harm is actually turning out for the good of spreading the gospel and the more these people try to to cause problems the more hits I get. Nothing can steal this joy that I have been given.

Listen to what the word of the Lord says to you who would try to trouble God’s children in Psalm 52

     You call yourself a hero, do you?
       Why boast about this crime of yours,
       you who have disgraced God’s people?

     All day long you plot destruction.
       Your tongue cuts like a sharp razor;
       you’re an expert at telling lies.

     You love evil more than good
       and lies more than truth. 

     You love to say things that harm others,
       you liar!

     But God will strike you down once and for all.
       He will pull you from your home
       and drag you from the land of the living.

    The righteous will see it and be amazed.
       They will laugh and say,

    "Look what happens to mighty warriors
       who do not trust in God. They trust their wealth instead
       and grow more and more bold in their wickedness."

     But I am like an olive tree,
       thriving in the house of God. I trust in God’s unfailing love
       forever and ever.

     I will praise you forever, O God,
       for what you have done. I will wait for your mercies
       in the presence of your people.

Brothers and sisters in Christ I love you. Thanks for your prayers and support. Continue praying for those who would persecute you. The Lord will always be glorified no matter what they try. Like Jesus prayed, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes–Jews first and also Gentiles. Romans 1:16 

Keep spreading the good news! Maranatha!

In Christ



Comments on: "Poor devil" (16)

  1. Michael JW said:

    Hi brother Gerry! I continue to pray for you and for those who attack you. James said that the fervant prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much; so, I hope you continue to pray for your enemies. Remember, where ever God\’s word goes out, it does not return empty handed.~May the Lord bless you

  2. michele said:

    Hey Gerry ,thanks for your encouragement!! No I am not a pastor nor in lay minisrty. I actually pulled out of the church due to all the political stuff , I really do not think we were meant to look at the back of each others heads , I believe the "system" has really turned into a place to make money and promote "man" Not say that God does not move in some churches, but to be truthful the last church I left ,I was told I could not be involved because they found out I was not a believer in tithing!! I knew eventually that was gonna happen as It is not the first time I have had to leave a church, but that is ok my strength does not come from a "system" I actually have had a greater time of revelation out side the church again not to say going is bad for anyone else, I have also been so grieved at the continual sin that goes on there, any way God bless michele

  3. Amen! Spreading the gospels really anger (rip) the Satan off because he don\’t want people to know the truth…. in order that he drives people to throw many bad things at you….don\’t them get you… God will get them! I saw how people like _Rob_ and his gangs twist the words on you and your brothers and sisters in Christ in many comments and his few friends\’s blog…. we all stand strong with you! We can laugh praising to glory God\’s name and we will still spread the gospels till God wipes all the bad weeds one day! But pray for them to find God\’s love and forgiveness.Lisa

  4. Amen brother. If only one life you have saved, then a master fisherman you be!God bless you! My tongue is sharp but my words are truth!CheersStu Pididiot

  5. Hello there :)I saw your site and I had to take a look around it ………. wow, totally awesome 🙂 My step father pastors his own church too 🙂 So, does your girl Melody-Joy sing?? I sing at my church as well 🙂 My mother and I 🙂 Anyways, I wanted to comment on your page, cuz\’ I thought it was awesome that you used your msn space for your church 🙂 , and thought maybe, I could correspond with you, or maybe your daughter 🙂 It\’s always so cool to meet other Pastor\’s children 🙂 But anyways, totally awesome site!!! Where do you go to your youth conferences at?? Oh, and I\’m in Ontario lol, in case you were wondering 🙂 Our Young Adults group is going to the free conference at TACF (Toronto airport christian fellowship) in July, it\’s really awesome, I\’ve been to TACF a few times already and have been SO blessed ……. it\’s totally cool that you got to see Delerious and Hillsongs United was it??? I LOVE Hillsongs AND Delerious!!I have to go now, but, I put my e-mail adress up there!!! Bye for nowSarah

  6. charlotte said:

    Amen! wow 1200 hits :O and when looking around at the comments, you have touched many people and theres more support and good comments than bad. Keep running the race and God bless you richly xxx

  7. There is such ignorance everywhere you turn. mean people suck! lol I like coming here and reading your blogs. Even if we may not agree on everything or not so much that as a different view i should say. But i have great respect for your faith and how you portray it. Cheers :)em

  8. Hi, Gerry!I found a band called Seeds that I think you might like. You can listen to them at http://www.grrrrecords.com/cart/itemDetail.cfm?id=197They are kind of hippy/folk/70\’s rock but very good. Enjoy!Kim

  9. Gerry! Thanks for your advise about Alan… last night it was not there in his links till this morning the new link appeared there.. its very terrible! I delated his name off my msn space list before others d read his! How in the world could he do that to Jesus! I fear God, for not saying bad names on Him! I suspect he is the one of _Rob_\’s gangs… sounds familiar! Cuz I saw _Rob_ in his comments! They sure are like the wolves by trying to trap the sheeps. I feel like to make a issue in my blog to warn all the dear people to watch out the "wolves"! I rather wait for God\’s guide to have His wisdom to say something if He wants me to do…*SIGH*Loving you in Christ,Lisa

  10. wow, who knew 7th heaven was based on a true story?!

  11. hello there Gerry, my name is amy and i just looked at your blog. umm i do not go 2 church any more because of problums i ve been having at school and i was woundering if u could help me

  12. Hi AmyI would like to help you, but your space is set to private and you left no email.

  13. cameron said:

    I have been a satanist and an athiest and at one time a faithful Roman Catholic. I dont know why I could not hold on to any of them. Every turn I took left me on another lonley road. Why does it seem God has Left me, Why does it seem he does what he can to mock me, Why cannot I not find my place in the world. Its not fair that you should have your faith and your Family while I am left alone and Faithless.

  14. Ernesto said:

    Gay Marriges…Yes or No? Personally, I\’m against anything that attacks humanity, the progress and well being…with that in mind…How do you fellow human beings feel about same sex marriges? Me, no sir, I don\’t like it! I am 100% for an individual\’s freedom to live and exsist as how they feel they should, and surely if there is anything that will work against the nucleus of a normal family that helps the human race survive as harmonious as possible in these dangerously exagerated times, I will try my best to remind us all that same sex marriges will only make our progress more difficult… I believe that EVERYONE that breathes the air on this planet knows commonly what is good…so I invite you all to be fair…If this law passes…well I am against it and at the same time, they are fellow human beings and that is enough for me to respect them, and would you let a blinfolded friend run in front of traffic on a highway? Love is something I don\’t have and strive for with all of my efforts on a daily basis and I experience in my own daily life hardsships like everyone else and me, I\’ll never give up trying to find this love which is Jesus Christ, I would rather eat liver for the rest of my life than give up! The love Jesus showed for us is the one action in human history that is going to save us, even me…a real asshole with very little prudency, because I will never give up in my quest to learn to love everyone in this planet…starting with my sisters!

  15. I seem to respect you thoughts sir tho i am athyist the things i right may intrude on some beleves that you and the others may share since i dont beleve in god or your faith i intend to tell you everything rong about what some one sais a higher power has told them i am not pro devil but i do not beleve that i have to be good to have a good life nothing good in life is free.quoting my self "everything good in life is free plus $8.95 shipping and haddeling"i hope every one finds love no matter what you fath is or isn\’t

  16. To the fellow above who posted about gay marriage, the bible is quite clear that is a sin and its also shown in nature.The battle to defend marriage is an important one in canada right now, with this re-definition of the institution of marriage. It\’s an institution worth defending.

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