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Comments on: "Now Playing – Let the Worshipper’s Arise – Phillips, Craig and Dean" (20)

  1. thanks for letting me know gerry. I mean your comment on my space. Much appreciated! God Bless you

  2. Hi, Gerry! Hope you\’re having a great day!!!Kim

  3. charlotte said:

    Hey there Gerry, hope you are well! thanks very much for the warning! i shall also delete the comment you left concerning it so theres no come backs for you 🙂 one good thing will come from it, at least there will be people praying for him. i will keep an eye out on other peoples blogs too. Thanks again for the warning! was very kind ^^ God bless you richly xxx

  4. See my new blog ….about _Rob_… Blessed in Christ,Lisa

  5. Man, I just wanna say. You\’re awesome. And I LOVE THAT SONG! =D*high five*You officially rock my socks! heheGod Bless,Love Peace And Chicken Grease~Randy

  6. Really must say that this paticular entry from THE, Journa! has been better enlightnin, from all the crap Ive read from guys tryin to put across the same mesg. although in a more ^up2date^ modern_day way to reffer 2 the same thing!! u just here, put across in a way that I understood!! it? Many times I day i can think of, . . that this would b a great reference! !!!

  7. Hi Gerrythanks for the heads up about the post from ___Rob___ It\’s very sad to me that there are people like him. I\’ve been very busy so I havent\’ been able to check my blog for a while. Thanks againGod blessNess

  8. Chrissy said:

    hi. JESUS ROX +RULES!!I am very glad that you preach the good news. I go 2 Church and my parents are pastors. I know God will bless you in heaven with many awards. Thank-you,luv_mie_friendz

  9. tingjun said:

    They don\’t always happen when you ask, uh. And it\’s easy to give in to your fear, uh. OhBut when you\’re blinded by your pain, Can\’t see your way safe through the rain. Thought of a still resilient voice says:LOVE IS VERY NEAR !You will when you Believe !Just Believe…

  10. This is a great site – and one of the few that centre on Christ that I\’ve found so far. Hey, if you get a chance – I wrote a blog on my space questioning some things about our faith and salvation, and I\’d be interested in your perspective. Have a beautiful day

  11. Hi gerry, you are most welcome to add me as a link. i shall do likewise!Blessingsnick

  12. WOW…..I just came across your space, love the music you had playing. I am lifted and encouraged! Thank-you!God Bless you and I pray you continue!

  13. Help…I am a sinner.. How do I repent? I don\’t feel worthy of the Grace of God.. How do I make right my fowl deeds and stay on the path that Jesus showed us? I am extremly sorry. I don\’t want to sin anymore. Please help.Darren

  14. Michelle said:

    This is more of a question than a comment, if you have forgiven someone, do you still have to be friends?MJ

  15. That\’s entirly up to you if you want to remain friends. Sometimes a trust has been broken and it is hard to maintain that friendship.

  16. Scarlet said:

    as a non-christian i can see the merit in you point. forgiveness is very important.give trust where there is none, compassion where there is none, etc. this is something discussed in many religions and philosophies, and of course i can agree with it. however, once again, i think the undertones of your christian fundamentalism really subtract from the point. forgive those who trepass, yes. forgive those who trespass or go to hell? i, for one, do not think that is what it is all about. i believe that we must try and raise ourselves to a level of divinity/enlightenment , or whatever it is to be called. but to punish all those who believe otherwise, is- in my opinion- folly.

  17. You should not forgive out fear but out of love.

  18. To raise ourselves to be like God. Forget it, there is only one God and none of us could ever come close to His glory. Sin cannot abide in God\’s presence and therefore the soul that sins dies. Hell is a real place, The word of God says so and I have seen it amd heard the screams of the people. There is only one hope and that is Jesus. He said I am the truth, the way and the Life. No one comes to the father but through me. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is salvation through Jesus Christ. Repent, turn from your sins and come to Jesus. Then go and sin no more.

  19. Stephen said:

    How do I turn off the music? It\’s rude to not give someone that option. I have my own music playing in winamp, but would like to read your site. I\’m afraid if it\’s my taste in music over yours, your ministry isn\’t going to work with me.

  20. You just press the Esc key.

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