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Hidden Sin

In the book of 2nd Samuel tells about the reign of king David over Israel. God called David a man after His own heart and yet David once tried to keep a sin hidden. In the days when a king was to lead his army into battle, David decided to stay home. As he was resting on the balcony of his palace, he noticed a woman bathing. Instead of looking away, he let his eyes rest on her and he became enticed by her beauty. He decided he must have her. After inquiring about her he found out that she was Bathsheba the wife of Uriah one of his commanders who was away at war. Even so he sent for her and she soon became pregnant by him. David hoped to hide his sin bringing back Uriah from the war and telling him to go and stay with his wife. Uriah refused and said that as long as there was a war he would not sleep in his home. David then decided that the only other way was to cover up was to let Uriah die in battle. So he commanded that he be put on the front lines. When the news came that he had been killed David took Bathsheba in to his house as his wife. David thought it was over and that his sin would never be found out. One day the prophet Nathan came to David and to him the story of a poor man who owned a lamb. That little lamb meant everything to that man. It was like a member of his family. But there was a rich man who owned many sheep. The rich man one day entertained a traveler and instead of serving him one of his own sheep, he slaughtered the poor mans lamb. David was angry at this tale and wanted to punish the rich man for what he had done. At this, Nathan told David that David was the guilty one and what he thought he had hidden God saw. David repented but his child that was born by Bathsheba died as a consequence of his sin. To read the story in it’s entirety, read 2nd Samuel chapters 11 and 12.

As a Christian do you have a sin which you keep secret? Something you hope no one will ever find out about? In Quebec one of the big problems is hidden sexual sin. Aultery, pre-marital sex, Incest, homosexuality, prostitution, and the veiwing of pornography. Perhaps you have problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling? Maybe even what you don’t think is not such a big sin as lying or theft? How about fooling around with the occult? Maybe it’s hate in your heart. The only one who knows is you and the Lord. And it is because the Lord knows that unless you do something to deal with that sin, He will deal with it in His way. The way He will deal with it is never pleasant. He usually exposes it to our embarrassment. A few well known tela- evangelists had their sins exposed to the entire world. Jesus said in Luke 8:17; For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light." God doesn’t wink at sin, He takes it very seriously.

"Why would the Lord expose my sin? Because He loves you. Sin brings death and enslavement as well as consequences. When someone is suffering from cancer, a surgeon must cut it out before it spreads. Surgery is never pleasant, but is necessary in order to save a life. So yes having your sin exposed hurts, but having it exposed and revealed can save your life. Come to that place of repentance today before your sin is exposed. God is faithful and He will forgive you.


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  1. Hi, Gerry! I love that picture!Hope you have a GREAT day!Kim

  2. I was just wondering I am a woman who has had a abortion so does that mean I am going ot hell …I have been since the Ab. been baptized and entered into a church that i believe in or at least I thought I did but lately I have lost my testamony , am I going to hell even though I have now been baptized , and had remission of my sins an I still going to hell ? what do you believe thanks Steff

  3. KingdomTalk said:

    Good article (blind guides). Couldn\’t help sharing it with my wife. Have a great day.

  4. Shelley said:

    Hi GerryExcellent word. Not only on the nature of sin, but also it\’s solution. God is ever patient, AMEN. God bless you brother and keep going for the Lord.

  5. Hi,Long time no talk.. I have been thinking about life and God, Jesu, and the Holy Spirit. Is it wrong to talk about sex? Or just by the fact that we talk about it does it make us sin? Is it the action? The thought. So, should we go to confession for the things we think. I thought evil was something that came out of you. All evil is the result of desire.. I now desire not to desire. But I am finding that it is more difficult the more I think aboiut it. Comments would be much appreciates.One more question: If God can do everything and anything. Is there a Rock too large that God cannot lift?Just some food for thought. I believe that God can do everything.!!Darren

  6. Steff, I would like to address your question. Having an abortion in your past does not mean you are going to hell. God gave his son specifically for you so that you could be free from sin and have them all forgiven. Not just the little ones, but ALL of them. If you believe that Jesus died for you to restore your relationship with God the good news is you are free. Does that give us freedom from sin, absolutely not. We still have to answer for what we do, good and bad, and live with the consequences of our actions. Through the blood of Jesus Christ we have freedom from the burden and guilt of sin so that we may grow in God\’s love and love others. Know that it is not following religious guidelines which grants us salvation but faith in Christ and the grace of God so that we may live in his word. Hope that helps just a bit.

  7. Hey Gerry,Great site, I\’m so glad to have found it. I realized as I visited your church website that our churches are very close. I serve as the youth minister/worship coordinator @ Rockfield church just on the other side of the 20 in Sait-Pierre. Just thought I would let you know about a whole bunch of churches getting together and going out on the streets and evangelizing all this week from the 8th-11th. I don\’t know if you\’re familiar with Todd Bentley or his minsitry but the Lord is using him in great ways around the world and him and R.W. Shambach are comming this week. Here is the site with all the info. http://www.freshfire.ca . There will be a flash banner at the top with Jesis Loves Montreal and you can find the location of the church where the meetings will be held. If you wish to be a part of it and help or be a team or severla being sent out into the streets meetings will be help for outreach teams thurs-sat morning @ 10:00. Be Blessed, I may drop by the church sometime seeing as though we are so close. Any other questions just drop me an email.Ben Johnston

  8. Personally I think David\’s response to what he did in 2 Samuel (Psalm 51) was one of the most powerful examples of repentance in the Bible.Not only that, but it also points out the shortcomings of religion and ceremony, if they are not backed by a true and sincere faith in God.It has to be from the very heart of us… where deep calls to deep.I\’ll be preaching on Psalm 51 at a Scripture Union holiday camp in a few weeks time… looking forward to it.

  9. People have secrets from eachother because sometimes, others are not willing to listen to and truly accept them. When homosexuals choose to not have secrets anymore, they are met with judgement and hate. Please talk to your congregation about not judging others as sinners. The only judge is God.

  10. A common misconception is that all Christians hate homsexuals. That would mean that we are sinning then and put us in the same boat as those who practice homosexuality. To hate someone, anyone is a sin. But the bible also tells us that we are not to have fellowship with those who continually practice sin to do so would mean we agree with them. There is hope for you. Come out of sin before it is too late. Hell is not a place you want to go to. Jesus has paid the price for you. All He asks is that you admit that your a sinner turn from your sins and invite Jesus Christ to be your Lord. But I warn being a Christian not an easy thing. The world will hate you just as much as it hates Jesus.

  11. Hey there….well i just happened to come across your space, and i would really like to get some feedback from you….now i am 17 years old and i have an 8 and 1/2 month old daughter…i personally don\’t believe in abortions…BUT i believe that everyone should have the right to make their own decisions…what if a woman is raped and gets pregnant? OR maybe your thinking….wow this girl is 17?? is having a baby out of wedlock just as bad as having an abortion? you tell me…if you were me what would you have done? probably gotten married to the dad right? what if i told you that the dad wanted nothing to do with his baby or me…then what? give the baby up? what mother would want to do that?? i really dont think its fair to you to preech the way you are….you are not a woman you do not have the right to tell people what is right – yes you are entitled to your opinion…but dont you think its God\’s will for freedom of choice?? so let other people make the decision that is best for them..and trust that God will help them make that decision..rather than deciding for people….but please get back to me on this one -im interested to hear what you have to say…and dont get me wrong i dont want to argue with you…i want to hear your side…maybe you are right…but maybe i am right – i just want to open your eyes to the other side…thank you so much for your time…Laura

  12. Proverbs 28:13- He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy!

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