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A sister in Christ sent me this link earlier this week. It is quite an eyeopener. For the last century a large part of the church has been teaching a comfort gospel. Come to Jesus and all your problems will be solved. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you come to Jesus and make Him your Saviour you will defiantly have a better outlook on life and have a new sense of purpose, but if anything things usually will get worse for you. Why because you have become an enemy to the world. In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. 2 Tim 3:12. 80 to 90 percent of the people that come into the church wind up going back out into the world because they have been misinformed and when the trouble and persecution comes they give up. The church for the most part has stopped talking about sin and it’s consequences. They preach a popular gospel just to fill their seats. Take a look at the video "Hell’s Best Kept Secret" and let me know what you think. Here’s the link; http://www.livingwaters.com/


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  1. Unknown said:

    Thanks for telling me about your cat. My cats pics are on my space. I kinda have a thing for cats. I got a big fat one and a little dainty one! Love em to bits. ~Tina

  2. charlotte said:

    Hey there Gerry, iv been meaning to stop by your space as iv seen ya comments on other spaces 😀 thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on mine ^^ living waters is stored in my favs its a good site with some interesting stuff on there =) kool worshipp list you have and we listen to the same radio!!! its such a good radio station! iv raved about it to as many people who will let me 😀 God bless and much love from this side of the world! xxx keep in touch

  3. sharone said:

    hey gerry,its me sharonei hope uve gotten my e-mailsi have a questiong-d created eevrythingn g-d is everywhereg-d is powerful the devil was obviously then created by g-dthe devil does horrible stuffn tries to stop ppl from doing good why cant g-d just destroy him!!!the devil is useless onyl makes bad happenwrite back to me plz thnx bye sharone.

  4. Hi SharoneI hope things are going better for you. I did write you on the weekend. I\’ll try to resend it again to you. I\’ll also send you the answers to your questions.Keep the joy up Sharone, I\’m praying for you.

  5. Psychedelic Pariah said:

    Sup3rhot writes a good question. One to which I\’d like to see your answer. Why not post it for all to see and read? Thanks.

  6. I am by no means an abundantly religious person, however I am very spiritual. I have two comments, one possitive, and one negative. First with the negative. I generally find that by focussing soley on religious beliefs, one tends to scare people away; even if they believe in the same thing. I think your site might have a bit more impact if you appeared to have interests outside of worship. Now, the possitive. In an amazingly hypocritical fashion, I greatly respect the amount of focus and faith you put into your beliefs. Although I do not agree with it, I can not deny you the respect you deserve. It can be hard maintaining a solid belief system on your own, not to mention the added pressures of raising a family. Kudos, sir.

  7. Scarlet said:

    being a spiritual person myself, i can understand your devotion to your beliefs. however, i must say that not accepting others because they do not share your beliefs- even if you believe these to be the only true ideals- is simple ignorance, and shows a lack of humanity and repsect for others. devoting yourself to an ideal- assuming it is a just ideal- is a very noble cause, however, you must keep in mind that blind devotion, when it is a passion, will lead ignorance of the world in which you live.these are just my thoughts, and by no means do i impart any malice toward you. take care.

  8. Here is a God page to answer why does God let the devil and evil exist. As I am an imperfect being and not having all the answers all the time, I had to do some hunting myself.http://www.solochristo.net/sufferingevil.htmlI hope this helps

  9. Here is another good page as to why eveil exists in the world today.http://www.behindthebadge.net/articles/a83.html

  10. I may be able to help shed some light on the issue of failing numbers in the Church, and why they have had to resort to the so-called "Feel-Good Gospel" style of teaching.With attention to being inoffensive, I would suggest that it is the increased level of understanding of our people that has decreased the need for religion. Religion used to answer questions, now the only thing it offers is consolation for the miserable. Science answers questions. And increasingly, it cures the unhappies, too.Remember, religion is mythology, and is taught as such in school. You cannot hope to appeal to people by just sweeping the facts under the rug. They know life isn\’t so simple. You can\’t just point the finger, when you live in a glass house yourself. It is you that has to change first; people respect that kind of courage in leaders. All the preaching about sin and evil and threats of hell can\’t make an ounce of difference – nobody will listen if your only grounds for claiming moral superiority are "I\’m a Christian".Christians are a hair\’s breadth away from being viewed in the same light as Almish and Mennonite communities. Continue refuting science and technology and you will soon look more like them than us.

  11. Sorry to disappoint you but the churches are still growing just not as fast as they should, there is still that 10 to 20 percent that stay and grow in Christ. That is happening in North America.Christianity is not dying my friend. More people are coming to Christ now than ever before in history. The Christian populations in Africa, South and Central America, the old Soviet nations and China is absolutely astounding. I have a friend in Shanghai that tells me the underground church there is growing so fast, she described house churches popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm.We will never compromise the Gospel of Christ. Romans 1:16 says; I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. To deny the Gospel and compromise would be to deny Christ. Jesus himself said in Mark 8:38; If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father\’s glory with the holy angels." Christians are here to stay my friend or at least until Christ returns.

  12. Unknown said:

    Hello there… by all means, please do add a link to The Christian Guy Next Door.Glad to meet a fellow brother in Christ out there on the web.Blessings to you ~ Steadman

  13. Those are some interesting sites about why evil exists, and the thought that if God were to stop evil he would have to immediately render judgement was new to me. I will have to chew on it for a bit. My personal view point is the reason evil exists is because of human free will. If you want to see why all sorts of evil is in the world all we need to do is find a mirror. Everyone at one time has done something which they knew they should not have, and some people do horrible things to others. It should never be construed that God created evil, he created man with free choice and humanity chooses depravity. As for Satan, he has been conquered but not removed. He still has power to decieve, but that is his only power of operation. He can only spread lies, he cannot make bad/evil things happen. The really good news is that through the death of Jesus Christ we have victory over Satan and can stop him in his tracks. (I tend to lean towards a postmillenialist viewpoint on spiritual kingdom stuff). By the way was an interesting message delivered by brother Ray.

  14. Daniel b said:

    Im sorry to say this but god has never existed it all started from a seed that brought life to the world so sorry to dissapoint u …P.S get a wife

  15. Ohh and as for science, Christians totally look at it to find answers, to think otherwise would be sheer folly. Richard Dawkins once stated it would take 40 generations, 3200 years, for a group of monkeys to randomly type one line consisting of 26 letters from Shakespeare\’s Hamlet. That is semi sentient life trying to assemble 26 units of information. Considering gene sequencing is it more plausible that thousands of code, needed to be assembled in an exact order, just happenstance came into existence or that an omniscient and benevolent force created such an existence. Scientists have proven that if the "big bang" was out by a mere billionth of a second life in the universe would not exist. So there needed to be the perfect time, the perfect combination, the perfect circumstances, and perfect space for this theory to occur, and the more perfects it seems would dictate the need for a perfect mover. This favours Thomas Aquinas\’ cosmological argument. Christian\’s embrace science because it helps explain the mysterious world in which we live. Anyways if someone wishes to debate the topic lets respect this site, but I am always open for a good debate. Put a post on my site if you have questions too. God bless all of you.

  16. "I\’m My Own God"I can do whatever I wantCause I am my own godDon\’t have to worry if it\’s right or wrongCause I am my own god…

  17. So I guess you worship yourself as well? Still doesn\’t change the fact that you are a sinner in need of salvation. I pray you find Him. His name is Jesus.

  18. Hi Gerry Its me Joanne again I was reading some of your comments on Hells best kept secret and I see that some are of course missing the point the person was saying that 10 to 20% of churches are growing That is Good but the point is this wether or not that person is Genuinely converted and That is the whole point of jesus messages too for instance the parable of the sower,….. well in Mark 4:13 Jesus said that if we do not understand that parrable we will not understand the rest……. which is the wise and foolish virgins, the wheat the tares, the man on the rock and on the sand I could go on that is the message of hells best kept secret………. truly converted or not and of course the churches are growing….. I hope you listen to the teaching on this it is truely eye opening as well I cannot believe it this is such truth, and persecution will come because of it Bless you Bro In Christ Joanne

  19. Amen, amen, amen! I am also tired of the ecumenical woosies blinding the precious lost souls of this world to True Light.Starthought7

  20. the power of crist compells you

  21. I cannot believe the words comming from this mans mouth. He is making God out to be a Vengeful God. Which is NOT true. God is un-conditionally loveing, God is nurturing, God is forgiving. we know this through Jesus and his teachings. we also know that God will judge all of us, but judgement is not the center of christianity.this is a quote from the movie at 15:25 shortly after the scene talking about wearing a parachute on a plane."Instead of preaching that Jesus improves the flight. We should be warning sinners that they\’re going to have to jump out of the plane" so in other words… tell the passengers there going to die if they don\’t wear a parachute. Humm….. Lets look further into the deeper meaning of the message… we should use the fear of dieing (aka: going to hell) to make people wear the parachute (aka: follow Jesus) but lets recap what this guy is saying. basically he is saying to instill fear into people to make them follow God. which is BULL.I have a question… God gave us the free will right? So obviously he wants us to follow him useing free will. so why would he(God) use fear to make us follow him? wouldn\’t it be easier to take away our free will and save the trouble of instilling fear?Quote @ 15:44 of the movie."if we are true and faithful witnesses, thats what we will be preaching. that there is wrath to come." (aka: the right thing to do is to tell people suffering is comming(from God) )i hope everyone realizes what this guys is preaching, he is preaching a God which is, first, a God of pain, of suffering, of vengence, and a God of love seccond. this guy really needs to do some thinking on what he is saying.perhaps someone can clarify for me as well. the seccond commandment as told by this guys is different than the one i know of, which is…Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain ( I follow the catholic 10 commandments)according to this guy, you should not create a God that suits you… etc etc… but how do we know, hes not creating a God that suits him?I do admit, repentance is a MAJOR part of christianity. however, instilling fear into people and telling them there going to hell if they do not repent is not how God intended to spread the word.all i have left to say is this. the direction this man is trying to turn christianity towards is one where fear of God is the main support on which all else is based. Remember:God is loving first. Punishing seccond.also… umm he says " I was in Australia some time ago, Australia is a small island off the coast of New Zeldand…" (18:07 in the movie) lol i think he needs to look at a map more closely. lol check it out. Australia isn\’t a small island… its a continent… and in comparison with New Zeland… well, just look at the map(link below) you\’ll see what i mean. (we all make mistakes :o) )http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/australia/oceania_ref02.jpg

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