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The devil is a master illusionist. He likes to make us fearful and cause us to believe God’s promises are not true or that he is the one who has control. A lot of movies and television shows would have you believe he is all powerful or that he does not exist at all. He can bring about division just by sowing a thought into a Christian’s mind and then that Christian acting upon that thought. Whole churches have been brought down in this manner.

Jesus said in John 8:44 about him; " He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it."

During World War II the allies had to come up with a plan to fool the Germans. In northern Britain they created an elaborate illusion of a huge army preparing for invasion. They did this by building plywood tanks and using dummies. They even took the bodies of some soldiers who had died, put false orders in their pockets, and left them floating in the English Channel where the Germans could find them. The Germans were so convinced that the attack would come at Calais that they built up their forces there and left Normandy lightly defended. The invasion of Normandy was a success because the Germans were looking somewhere else.

This is the way satan operates. He creates the illusion that the attack is coming on your finances or other areas in your life when all the while he’s stealing your marriage or children. How do we combat this?

First of all believe in the promises of provision. In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus told us we were not to worry about these areas. God will always provide not matter what your situation looks like.

Second, put on the armor of God daily. Ephesians 6:10-17.

Third, pray without ceasing and live a holy life. I Thessalonians 5:15-22.

If you follow these steps using God’s word you will see very clearly where the devil’s attack is coming and not be fooled. Above all remember that the devil is no match for God. God only allows what He knows we can handle and will the attacks to cause us to grow in Christ. Don’t let the enemy bully you around. Jesus humiliated the devil at Calvary and gave us all power and authority over him. He is a defeated foe. Hallelujah!

Who is Jesus? Part 5 will be publish tomorrow, May 31st.

Comments on: "Smoke Screen and Mirrors" (36)

  1. B-Man03 said:

    omg.. this space is just freaky…"bring it dooown a notch"

  2. NOSHADOW said:

    sorry.. i dont speak english very well.. but i just want to tell you something: your website is very cool and you are courageous to put something about jesus-christ here..God bless you.. Eve-Marie, Québec, carrefour chrétien de la capitale

  3. You are a little intense. Fanatiscism seems to be the word of the day.

  4. Charity said:

    This sight is SWEET!!! I love how you totally tell it like it is!!! Satan is like that…and he will do whatever it he must to take us down. Nothin\’ will work though, if we are focussed on the VICTOR!!!P.S. Nice Song list

  5. The devil is a master illusionist.I agree.but mostly we are got.

  6. Hey, Gerry!How are you? Did you get that song I sent you?I will get the other songs out sometime this week, I hope. Computer is going in for an upgrade tonight from 6 G to 160G! It\’ll be great! lolAnyway, I hope you and yours are having a fab day!Kim

  7. Ok…I didn\’t mean to judge you, and I didn\’t mean to say anything negative about you. That was NOT my intention. I have seen your site before, and I think it\’s awesome. I think all I was trying to do was to talk and be "objective" or something. I was just looking at what he\’d written, but I didn\’t know anything about who anybody was. Guess it didn\’t work so well… heh. Oops. YC was great, and we had some awesome bands!!!


  9. Hi Gerry! I found something awesome that I thought you would like. There\’s a post especially for you with a link on my site!Kim

  10. Great post Gerry,I have been experiencing a bit of spiritual warfare in my life and in church for the last couple of weeks. Great WW2 illustration. Take care brother,Alan

  11. ♥×Lise×♥ said:

    how are you so sure? please don\’t be offended. i am curious. h o w d o y o u k n o w this is all the truth? things to live by..?

  12. Hey Man!Long time to talk eh? Jeez, what\’s this all about. I thought you and I were good friends! Remember all those days back in school….you called on me a few times…all I did was help you and this is how you turn around and show your respect for me? Dang man, that hurts. Even the Devil can feel pain. Maybe you should lighten up your page a bit – its getting a little bogged-down with the opinions shared by only a single person – yourself. If others want this kind of stuff on the net, they can create it for themselves. The one thing I hate about people like yourself is their ignorance when pushing their opinions down the throats of those who don\’t want to be changed, or enlightened or whatever. Lets us live without guilt and don\’t tell others how to live their lives – its going to hurt you in the end my friend. The big wheel keeps on turning and crushes everything in its path – people and opinions included.

  13. Hey your lowlinessNever did call on you. I may have not lived right at times, but not once did I ever call on you. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was eight. Whoops! I guess that shows you are not all knowing like God.This is called a blog. A place to share my opinions and my thoughts, but I guess your lowliness you somehow missed that too.Also people have the right to read my space or not. They make up their own opinions. I can\’t force them to believe anything. If they are feeling guilt then maybe they need to examine why they are feeling that guilt and deal with it.I have nothing to fear, not even death. You however your lowliness have a lot to fear.And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever. Rev 20:10

  14. Shalom, my brother,Wow, You made the devil mad! Just keep telling it like it is. And yes I will be praying for you on the issue you mentioned. You know the thing I like about all this is we are going to know whos right, SOON! very SOON! and I pray for these poor folks that have been fooled by the devil their god!Love your brother in <Christ><

  15. first of all, in my opinion, everything is random… there is no creator or master of any of us. Satan and Jesus may grow inside of us, but it is only a pshycological downfall. Once your pathetic brain is destroyed you will feel or conceive nothing. Really the pshycological Satan is the master because everyone just wants to be number one. The only thing religion is good for, it reducing the pshycotic serial killers in the streets. That idea highly out weighs the fact that religion is the reason for every war from 1945 and back. So balance it and realize your life is meaningless.Stay safe…

  16. The fool says in his heart there is no God!I think you need to go back and take a closer look at history before you blame it on religion or Christianity. All things done were not always done by real Christians.

  17. Lord FPC said:

    God bless you! its good to know that there is still people that arnt afraid to speak there mind about there belives. people think weird thing now a day and so do I but at lest know i no theres more then just me who is willing to stand up for what they belive in. God Bless you!

  18. Teresa Dawn said:

    Thank-you for coming to my site. I do not mind at all if you add a link up to mine, you space is wonderful. I will put one up to yours as well if you do not mind. God Bless,Teresa Dawn

  19. Teresa Dawn said:

    Wow, i have tried to imagine the games in Paul\’s day. They must have been far different than ours today. My sisters boyfriend hopes to make the 2008 Olympic team. (He is a kayaker, right now he is placed 7th in Canada I think) Thank-you very much for the compliment on my name! I admit my fascination with the Games began before I even knew that they were mentioned in the bible, I was very young when I started to watch them because of the figure skating event. But when I read about them in the bible many years ago my fascination grew even more.

  20. wow, you get a lot of comments… maybe I\’m a little to mild with my opinions. 🙂 Thanks for standing up.~K

  21. "Watch out for these guys. They are cyber bullies and have nothing better to do with their lives and time." maybe, but if they were the biggest, scariest threat to my beliefs, I think I would\’ve given up a long time ago. But I really do appreciate your comment, so thank you. And I will 😉

  22. How could you be so sure of this I really don\’t believe that satan attacks you life You have to make you own disisons in life and in you in a financal problem that would be the person(s) own fault for making the wrong chose and if a marrage is screwed up for some reason well you can\’t say that satans fault either. If a man or a women have a afare its there own fault for making a stupit chose and accident can be because of a dumb chose the person makes it really doesn\’t have anything to do with satan.

  23. Poor satan everybodys always picking on him! But you are right sometimes people make bad decisions and mess up.But the bible tells me 1 Peter 5:8; Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Sounds like a good enough warning to me.

  24. Why can\’t everyone just embrace Satan? Like I have, the world would be much happier place.Your Fatal Desire:::Arsenic:::

  25. Good points about satan. We always have to be on the alert and be ready for battle. How great it is to know that Jesus is there, if only we call on Him, to help us fight the temptations and defeat satan. I recently finished a study of the book of Revelation. Talk about a book of hope… We know the end result is that God wins and satan does not. I know whose side I want to be on! Thanks for stopping by my space!

  26. While I believe you are mistaken in your beliefs, I admire the fact that you have such a degree of faith.I do think that you should spend less time updating this page, though, and more time doing acts of good. I know many holy people that just preach, never met one that just does.

  27. And actually, after reading you "no debate" rule … I find it strange that you just want to preach, but you don\’t want to discuss anything.Do you believe that Jesus made that same decision? This is an honest question.

  28. And here\’s your honest answer. Most of the time debate is a waste of my time. Two people who have already made up their minds and it usually ends in endless talk. I am currently helping a number of people through there prolems and my time is much better spent with them. If you have sincere questions I will answer, but not to argue. I will not force my views on you. You can make your own choice to believe or not. Also I work at my church all day helping kids in a school. I am in full time ministry as a music minister. I also work on my churches website as well.

  29. Fair enough.Do you believe that people who do not believe in God can go to heaven?

  30. I believe what the Bible says about salvation. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by me. Jesus said also that narrow is the way that leads to salvation and there is few who find it.He also said that He wishes that no one perishes but that all would be born again. God loves everyone but also gave everyone a free will to choose or not to choose. Hell is a real place but it was not created for man. It was vreated for the devil and his demons. God does not want to send anyone else there, but sin cannot exist in His presence. That\’s why he sent Jesus. To provide a way out.You don\’t have to believe it\’s your choice. I only tell it like it is.

  31. Hi Lise,This isn\’t my space but I think maybe I can help answer your question. I know that God exists because of the things He does. He created this world and He is changing my heart. Everyday He helps me get closer to Him. I know He is there and He is truth because I have a relationship with Him. I can talk to Him. This is different than the relationships I have with my friends because He knows everything about me. There are also technical things like the fact that that the Bible was written by many people and it doesn\’t contradict itself and the fact that things that prophets said would happen actually did thousands of years later. Well these are some of my reasons. Feel free to visit my space!

  32. Phil - personal acct said:

    Bless you my brother. I pray that God will open many doors and that the harvest will be great. I pray that he will send many workers to you and that the burden will be light.Know that God loves you and will protect you and bless you as you follow Him.Phil

  33. Yc was amazing, God really touched people\’s hearts. Keep rocking for the Lord!God bless

  34. Pastor, how are you I like your site but I wanted you to have this link to one of the most valuable messages on the planet http://www.livingwaters.com watch the live video of Hell\’s best kept secret and you will understand why you sense frustration with those who appear to be saved at your alter calls but never seem to come to fruition. we are creating at leas t 80% to 90% backsliden christians to day because of this one vital key, I have personally been blown away by this and I feel have even wandered myself from the way Jesus taught us as well as the disciples. God Bless you richley In Christ Joanne

  35. All this religion stuff has caused so much agony and tyrrany in someones name for countless generations. There are so many cults out there trying to prove or ram it down others throats that they are the true religion. Personally, I have a problem with that. It is all totally nonsense. To believe in a creator (a Power source, an Energy, or whatever) of this vast fantastic creation,, universe, etc., and to give him homage and respect along with the other commandment love thy neighbor as thyself, is enough. After growing up in this world, interacting with muslims, Jews, Hindu\’s, Buddhists, Mormons, Protestants, Catholics, and numerous others, I am leaning more towards paganism. It is almost the perfect religion. And is has been around the longest. In doing that, I am able to interact with the power of nature and become one with it. One can also interact with the spirits equally. They open ones mind to reality and guide you along. It is not all about Riches of this world and greed, rather the opposite, a giving and sharing and asssting others. One does not need reward for that, but gains a fullness in himself making him more whole and complete in Nature. That is our purpose and goal here. Basically it is a learning ground for the future.

  36. all those people fixating on satan\’s every word, i warn you in the name of my father in heaven, he is absolute glory and almighty power there is no greater station than he, and i ask of you to seek the truth, seek out my father because he is wating for you, i once did not belive and was involed in worldly evil\’s, but i speak no word of a lie when i say my lord almighty is my greatest joy and is above all things, i get to see his beauty and glory everywhere

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