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Prophecy is defined as a prediction of the future made under Devine inspiration. In the Old Testament of the Bible there are 456 prophecies concerning the coming of Jesus. The probabilities of one person fulfilling every one of these prophecies is unbelievable. A few of those prophecies are as follows;


He would be born of a virgin. Isaiah14:7 – fulfilment – Matthew 1:8,

He would be born in Bethlehem. Micah 5:2 – fulfilment – Matthew 2:4-8,

King Herod’s attempt to kill Him, Jeremiah 31:15 – fulfilment – Matthew 2:16,

The ministry of John the Baptist, Isaiah 40:3 – fulfilment – John 1:23,

He would enter Jerusalem on a donkey, Zechariah 9:9 – fulfilment – Luke 19:35-37,

He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, Zechariah 11:12 – fulfilment – Matthew 26:15,

He would be crucified on a cross, Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53:12 – fulfilment – Matthew 27:38,

His resurrection from the dead, Psalm 16:10 – fulfilment – Acts 2:3.


In 1969, Professor Peter Stoner of Westmon College had 600 hundred students work on the probabilities of just 8 prophecies being fulfilled by one person. The students carefully weighed all the factors, discussed each prophecy at length, and examined the various circumstances which might indicate that men had conspired together to fulfill a particular prophecy. They made their estimates conservative enough so that there was finally unanimous agreement even among the most sceptical students. But then Professor Stoner took their estimates and made them even more conservative. He also encouraged other skeptics or scientists to make their own estimates to see if his conclusions were more fair.

Finally, he submitted his figures for review to a Committee of the American Scientific Affiliation. Upon examination, they verified that his calculations were dependable and accurate in regard to scientific material presented. After examining eight different prophecies, they conservatively estimated that the chance of one man fulfilling all eight prophecies was one in 10 to the 17th power or a figure with 17 zeros!

To illustrate this imagine the state of Texas being covered in dollar coins over 2 feet deep which is the amount of coins equalling the probability of the 8 prophecies being fulfilled and then asking a blindfolded man to go in and find the one coin that was different from all the others. The chances of him finding it on the first try are almost impossible.

But of course there are many more than eight prophecies. In another calculation Stoner used 48 prophecies and arrived at the extremely conservative estimate that the probability of 48 prophecies being fulfilled in one person is 10 to 157th power.

How large is the number one in 10 to the 157th power? It contains 157 zeros!

The probability of one person fulfilling all 456 prophecies is a staggering, and yet Jesus fulfilled them all!

("The Case for Jesus the Messiah" (by John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon and Dr. Walter C. Kaiser), page 18-20: )

Who is Jesus? Prophecy proves that He was who He said he was. Only one being has the ability to bring about every prophecy, and that is God Himself. You must make the choice to believe or not.


Comments on: "Who Is Jesus? – Part 2 – Prophecy" (12)

  1. Hey Gerry! Great pics! I\’m so glad the kids had a good time. I sure did! Hope you had a great weekend.Have a great day!Kim

  2. PATRICIA said:

    I found your link on another\’s site and I have added you to my favorites list so that I can come back often. This is so refreshing. Thank you for your willingness to share your loves and your life.

  3. I thought divorce wasn\’t allowed…..???

  4. Unknown said:

    Interesting, padre. And when I say padre, there are too many different names for men of the cloth in christianity, so i call all ministers, pastors, priests, etc.. padre. The only exceptions I make, even though I\’m of the United Church of Canada, and not Catholic or Anglican, is Bishop, Cardinal, Archbishop, and Pope. Those four and the other names like them… well thats self explanitory. Back to what you wrote, I believe that Chris was the son of God. But not the king of the Jews, or any of what his other names are. He was the son of god, and thats it. He died for our sins because we were completely stupid, and we didn\’t know our behind from a hole in the ground. Somethings I have come to realize are, its not how christ died, or who killed him that matters. It is what he died for, and who he died for that matters. When people get the two mixed up and turned around, that is when things start to go wrong. -James Carter, a cynical wandering nineteen year old christian warrior, born into the wrong place and time.

  5. Completely off topic but here\’s the answer. It is God\’s desire that we stay married to the person we wed but because of the hardness of our hearts God has allowed divorce for certain reasons. Matthew chapter 19 and 1Corinthians chapter 7. My ex-wife left our marriage and we were seperated for 7 years during which time I fought the divorce. After 7 years I decided to let her go on the advise of my pastors. This was not a divorce that I wanted and I did everything within my power to preserve the marriage. But it takes 2 to make a marriage work. Was I perfect in my marriage? No there are many things I wish I had done differently. There are many things which I can not publish here in order to respect my ex-wife\’s privacy, but due to certain factors I am free to remarry.

  6. Could I please copy some of your blog pictures. I think they are great! I enjoyed your space. I love the Lord Jesus Christ also. I am reading the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. thanks.

  7. MadCatz said:

    Hey i gotta question. Is it possible that why we believe is simply because we look to any way to make ourselves right. Well actually its true and its been proven. I respect religion but the truth is gods and beliefs are invented by ourselves to give us perpose. Well i for one do not believe in christianity for any god who would send a person to hell for not believing in him is not a god im going to love or worship. Have a good life, but your next one will not be paradise, we live and die, its the science of the world and science is simply the right answer. Facts not fiction friends. But still i think every one should believe the commandments because those rules make good people.

  8. like who would betray jesus for 30 pieces of silver..jgksadj waht is this? lol

  9. God doesn\’t send people to hell, they send themselves. Jesus said "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:13-14. God created hell as a place for the devil and his demons. It was never meant for man. But he cannot tollerate sin as He is holy and it is sin that seperates you from Him.He did make a way of escape through Jesus. Why do you think He is so hated. The devil really doesn\’t want people to know that truth. He hates God and everything to do with God including God\’s crowning jewel of creation, Man. He will do everything within his power to blind you to God\’s love. Keep reading this space and you will find out that Jesus was not a fairytale or something that men dreamed up to control people. He was very real.

  10. I found this site on the updates list. Great site; very inspiring! I especially love the book list. Go Lord of the Rings! 😀 It\’s great to see He is alive in others!

  11. valerie said:

    hi,i enjoyed ur space,as a teen-age christian girl i really need to know who jesus so i can strenghten my relationship with Godwell bie,valerie

  12. Thank you also for visiting my space. If you have time take a look at my art at http://www.artabus.com/berton/ I am wondering if you knew my sister who lived in Montreal for a time with her husband. They\’ve moved to Ottawa a couple of years now. Say a prayer for us. Su

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