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Hi everyone, Thanks for visiting my space. Please sign my guestbook.

God bless



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  1. hello there! I\’m a bit new to the blooging community, and I\’m exploring. Appreciated my visit here.

  2. Hello from North Pole Alaska!
    I copied and pasted, and went public for Jesus! thanks for the banner
    great web site, Hope your arthritis eases up on you, I have some problems myself that cause chronic pain and arthritis, my Doc has me on some new meds tho, and I feel great
    God Bless , Kelly

  3. Second time I have visted your site, and I am praying that God holds you in the palm of His hand when you are in pain.  I am a member of the "First Response Prayer Team" of Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church here in Jackson, KY.  We know that He is still working miracles among those who truly beleve.  I laid down my pipe after 29 years, another laid her walking cane on the alter when God healed her body, and still another had a hard mass removed from his skin during a prayer for His healing touch… PRAISE GOD WITH ALL YOUR VOICE OR THE VERY ROCKS WILL!


    Dear Big Bro:
    I missed you and came to visit you and
    check out what\’s new.
    We\’ve been watching the arab
    channels and seeing the big
    commotion over the Mohammed Cartoons.
    It\’s the gospel…getting to Arabia!!!!!!!.
    Pray for the Moslems!
    Whatever you worried about Gerry right now,
    The Lord says"Everything is taken care of!"

  5. Hi Gerry,
    I am pleased to see that your site is still inspiring people to worship with heart, mind, body, and soul. Thank you for your \’go public\’ campaign, I pray more and more Christians go public on MSN spaces. We need a people who are prepared to share their faith in Jesus, through any means possible, this world needs to know God\’s love.  
    Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless and sustain you,


    Dear Big Bro:
    Thanx for visiting me,
    and for your prayers..
    E-mail me again.I lost your e-mail.

  7. Good Afternoon Gerry, Just dropping in and wanted to say hi. Thanks for visiting my space and for sharing your comments. Yes I agree with you Gerry, we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus no matter what trial or difficulty we face. It is Jesus who will carry us through, He will never leave us nor forsake us, we serve a Mighty God who looks after our needs. All we need to do is remain focused on Christ remembering that He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. God\’s Blessings, Your Sister in Christ, Judith

  8. Captivating Warrrior said:

    Hey… just passing through ….
    I hope you are well… shalom and love in Christ 🙂

    ….oooO…………… …..(….)……………. ……\\..(…..Oooo…. …….\\_)…..(….)……. ……………..)../…….. …………….(_/…….. ……………………… ….oooO…………… …..(….)……………. ……\\..(…..Oooo…. …….\\_)…..(….)……. ……………..)../…….. …………….(_/…….. ……………………… ….oooO…………… …..(….)……………. ……\\..(…..Oooo…. …….\\_)…..(….)……. ……………..)../…….. …………….(_/…….. ………………………

  9. Love your site!
    Bless You.


    Dear Big Bro:
    The more "fruitfull work" we do for The Lord,the bigger the
    attacks we get from the enemy.
    You are being used in awesome ways by the Lord,thats
    why the devil tries to stop you from being fruitful
    by hurting your health.I know it\’s hard,but keep crushing
    the devil\’s head,because ours is the Victory,our
    victory in Jesus!Apostol Paul had a thorn on his side….
    and so are you…for a reason it\’s there!
    I\’m sure this SPACE is getting more people to pray for you…:)

  11. Hey brothers and sisters out east!
     My name is Brook, and I happened upon your site while updating my own. I really appreciated that message about the christless penticost… I\’ve saved your site to my favorites, and I\’ll be checkin in now and then…GB! ;  )

  12. Antonietta said:

    nice pictures and nice people!!i love hillsong\’s music…it\’s really blessed!
    God bless you…^_^

  13. Hi Gerry, I\’ve just created a new Christian Forum, we need more Christian Support on the web!!! I was wondering whether or not you would put a link to it on your site? and maybe tip a few people off about it? I would really like it to be a success as I think it would be very beneficial to alot of Christians,and also because I dont seem to have alot of success in these matters, and you have a lot of Christian \’contacts\’!! hehe
    Thanx alot for your help!!
    God Bless
     Here is the link:
    Thanx again.

  14. Hi Gerry,
    When I need to be refreshed I come here.  Your site to me is like a tall glass of fresh, well, water on a bright Spring afternoon.  I thank God for your ministry and the ministries of other like us.  It is not about us and our focus must remain on the Kingdom of God.  I uplift your name in prayer that God will always keep you in Perfect Peace.
    Lovin Letta

  15. Its nice to know this blog…
    Keep on fire to serve our Lord

    God Bless

  16. hi , passing by your blog, it\’s nice blog, god bless u

  17. Hi there,nice blog. I started writing my own one http://timshawn.blogspot.com/ after being inspired by yours. =) God bless you and keep on writing!

  18. Just stumbled upon your site! Awesome stuff from what I\’ve seen so far, and there\’s much more for me to discover still. You can assure I\’ll be blogging about this space on my space from time to time. It\’s awesome to see the Lord leading online ministries to offset the prideful views that distort our purpose in life!

  19. Hello Gerry, Just passing through to say hi. Hope this day finds you all well.  We are well here. I have some exciting news to share, I am going to be a grandmother in August,  my daughter & her husband are expecting their 1st live baby, God has truly blessed us especially since they miss-carried 2 precious angels in 2004.  The baby will be arriving the same month they celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary, what an awesome anniversary gift to receive. The good news is both Mom and Baby are well. We are Praising God for His awesome gift. May your day be filled with God\’s Love & Peace, my thoughts and prayers are with you always, Your Sister in Christ, Judith

  20. Thanks for the site – enjoyed the input re: our mutual faith in the King of Kings — Best regards

  21. Hi Gerry, Just dropping in to say hi. Hope you know you are missed. My prayers are with you as always.  Thanks for your msn space. Take care, God\’s Blessings, Judith

  22. Hi there! I enjoyed your space very much!  Keep up the good work God bless, Lynda.

  23. Christine said:

    Hi, great site here, its nice to find Christians & diffrent websites on this.  I am a pastors daughter & sister. My father was a pastor who is now retired & my brother is now the pastor.  I was reading what you were saying about the direction of your Church & changes.  The church goes through many changesd don\’t be discouraged, sometimes with all the demands on the pastors can be stressful.  I can understand totaly.  We are going through changes also & building a new Church building.  My husband & i will pray for you.  Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom & guidance through your search in his voice in what he has to say to you.  Be Magnified in Chrisit Christine

  24. tolperi said:

    I was readed here! I am also new born believer since 1996.Now i go international curch here in finland and i love it.I can practise my language skills in english and sweedish but there are also many speaking finish too.But service is in sweedish or english only.I hope i could understand and speak better but i am learning allways. 

  25. Hi there! I link to your space thru Prom\’s space..I like the way you wrote about youself! You have a nice spirit!One of my purpose of having a space would be linking with Christian in every corner of the world.. sharing thought.. sharing life.. I\’ll be adding you into my "nice blog list~".. ^^By the way, Praising and worshipping Christ is also one of my favourite! I\’m a Praise & Worship Team leader too! And praise GOD that He gives me an amazing voice so that I can praise Him my whole life!Hope you can visit my blog too! With bless,Jesse


    Dear Big Bro:
    I\’ve missed you!!
    I got caught up in
    my problems that started to
    forget what was important to me…
    I learned the hard way not to
    get struck down,and to always be vigilant..
    there is nothing more the devil wants
    but to see us weak so it\’s easy
    for him to attack us.
    May the Lord always bless you and your family,
    keep yourself "fired-up" in the Lord.
    The arab-Christians in Alberta are saddened
    for the loss of life of our brothers in Christ
    in Egypt,Please pray for the moslems,
    PLEASEEEEEE EVERYBODY…so they find out
    the lie they follow that makes them hurt others with
    such hate..
    God bless you.

  27. Lovely space.

  28. Okay, here goes….
    I was taking a bus from Toronto to London ON on April 22, and I got talking to this guy on the bus. He just happened to sit in the free seat next to me and we talked about where we were going and where we were coming from. He said he was retuning home after a failed road trip out west. I am never one to refuse an interesting and entertaining conversation with a stranger. It turns out hes is a musician, and so am I and he had his guitar with him on the bus. So when we arrived at the bus station, we got off the bus, had a smoke and shared our interests in music. I was thinking to myself, "alot of people SAY they are musicians, but we\’ll see about this guy…"
    Turns out hes an unbelievable self taught blues guitarist, he was a million times more talented than me and I was quite humbled by the opportunity to hear him play and share some of my love of music with him. I was supposed to be met at the bus depot by my cousins, but they hadn\’t showed up yet, so we just hung out until I could reach them to get a ride.
    In my journal, I had him just jot down his e-mail in case I ever wanted to start a bluegrass band,, he said he\’d be interested in playing in that type of band. Eventually, he pulled out some lyrics that he had written on his road trip and says to me, "now, i\’m not religious at all, but god seems to come up alot in my writing" and thats when my cousins showed up. I never got to read the lyrics but I shook his hand and thanked him very much for keeping me company and entertaining me.
    When I got home the following day, I added his e-mail to my msn list. Just out of curiosity, I googled his e-mail to see if he had a web-site for the clothing company he said he had going with a friend of his. And thats what brought me to this space. The e-mail address he wrote, clear as day, in my journal was bukschacht@hotmail.com.
    So i dunno, if this fellow, Jonah Walton as he calls himself is in any way an acquaintance of yours, that would be kind of interesting. If not, i have to say I\’m a little intrigued by all this. So if you\’d like to get back to me I\’d appreciate it,
    thanks, Allyn

  29. I forgot if I left you my e-mail or not…..so I put it into the space designated for e-mails on your guest book sign in thingy
    Cheers, Allyn

  30. Hi, awesome space! I love it! Keep it up, and may God bless you richly!

  31. Hello!Suprise to see ya drop by my space..Honestly I haven\’t check my space for sum time.. Thanks for dropping by.. Hope you like it!Sharing thought and life is one of the "priviledge" we have among christian!Haleluyah praise to our GOD!Love in Christ,Jesse

  32. Hi Gerry… thanks so much for dropping by and for the congrats! 🙂 Children are a great blessing indeed! Hope you and yours are well. God bless!<><

  33. Thanks for visiting my site and yes, you are welcome to add my link to your sight — Keep looking up —

  34. Hi Gerry, oh it\’s been a while, since ive been  doing much on my space, but i\’m back a bit, I\’ve been busy, we visited with launa and jordan, then planted my flowers, just in time to go for my opperation on my legs, boy i did not know how painful it would be, But with all who are praying i\’\’m well heavenly great today, I wanted to tell you how i love your blogs, On Isreal, yes i always pray for that country and its people, those who hate them so much ( and there are many) would be the first to preach peace, How grieving is that, and the blog today at the top, just a note i agree today i read Leviticus 26:12-16, How dreadful, but true for his words are true to light and no one takes gods word, what he says he promises, what a sinful world, we just keep praying and hoping, well and be watchful,
    God continue to bless your ministry on your space it is a blessing to the World!
    Hugs and prayers verna, P.S. thanks for stopping by, and God truly continue to bless you and your family, Shalom My Brother in Christ Jesus,

  35. hey there, i like ur space… i love finding other christians who arent afraid to put stuff about Jesus on their space its so cool! And its also very encouraging to no i\’m not the only one =P.
    God bless u! and keep smiling =)

  36. Joe Graham said:

    Wow lots of content o your site, I look forward to reading as much as I can. I\’m a worship leader in Windsor Ontario. This weekend May 26th 7:00pm till 7:00pm Saturday May 27th I\’ll be hosting a 24 hour worship service with a live feed you can watch at http://www.windsorchurches.com/worship24 . Thanks for encouraging me,


    God Bless you Big Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don\’t forget to pray for the Arabs and the Jews!!!!

  38. Hi Gerry, Just dropping in to say hi, trusting all is well with you and your family…As always your entries and comments are always bringing glory to Jesus…Keep shining for Jesus, God Bless, Judith

  39. Hi, I was just wondering if you\’d thought of mentioning http://www.CANGRANDS.com a site for grandparents who are raising grandchildren and who are denied access to their grandchildren… The President is a Christian and I\’m sure she would love to get some support on this very important, but sadly ignored topic…Tthanks at least for listening to me.  Please feel free to communicate with her through this site… Canadian! God Bless Suzanne

  40. waywardson said:

    Just wanted to say Hello and thanks for constructing this great space. 
    I am COO at a large church in Little Rock, AR and hope to create my own blog very soon.  Will let you know when its been created.  Will be checking in from time to time.  Thanks.
    In Service to the King!

  41. Nantaka said:

    Hi, I just happened to see your space and must admit your space is so cool! It\’s great to see one that really dedicates to Lord Jesus… Yes, we are serving the Almighty God and He shall guide us always….just "Be strong and of good courage"
    Be blessed,
    a greeting from the far east!

  42. Hi – thanks for stopping by and visiting my site again. I\’ve been delinquent this past week and haven\’t updated anything until today. Hope that the Lord is blessing your life and your ministry — Randy

  43. Hi Gerry,
    Just dropping by to say hello. Hope this day finds you well. Thanks for sharing your blog entry on July 7th, about a fellow brother who died for his "Faith in Christ" Sure gives us something to think about.  
    God\’s Blessings on your day and week. Your Friend in Christ, Judith

  44. Hi,
    just to let you know i appreciate your visit to my site.

  45. Hi Gerry,
    Just dropping by to say hello. Trusting you and your family are well. Just wanted you to know my prayers are always with you. I wish you God\’s Best in all that you do.
    My prayer for you today and always is taken from an old hymn, "Go With God".
    Your Sister in Christ, Judith

  46. Hi gerry,
    can u teach me how to add a guest book to my space? been figuring out helplessly. please email it to me so i can follow.

  47. Hi,
    my name is James, I\’m a 16 yr old Christian. I like ur Space. Check out  my Space if you get a chance at:
    Peace, God Bless


    Dear big bro:
    God bless you.
    I hope you\’re all well and blessed by The Lord as always.
    Please PRAY for Peace in Lebanon.Lebanon is being destroyed
    into rubles by the Israeli army .Please pray for peace for BOTH sides.

  49. Rambling said:

    I am so glad to have found you.  I have only found two Christian spaces so far.  Now besides your own, I will have many more to visit.

  50. Hi Gerry, Just dropping in to say hi. Hope this day finds you and your family well. We are all well here. I wanted to share my happy news. My grand-daughter was born on July 23rd 5 and a half weeks early. She is fine now and after 9 days in hospital she was able to go home with her Mommy and Daddy. Her name is Nyla Avery, she weighs 5 pounds 12 ounces. Come and see her photo\’s on my space. God Bless, Your friend, Judith

  51. Hey i just wanted to say i like ur space. Its really effective and well made. Keep up the good work. God Bless u.

  52. I am truly blessed because I have discovered your space. Thank you so much for making this space. I will be visiting it quite often.
    God bless you.

  53. Hi!
    I\’ve been watching this site for a few years now, and I\’ve never had the heart to comment on it until now. 
    Let\’s just say that it was a huge blessing for me in my tougher and  spiritully darker moments in my life.
    Thanks so much for all of the devo\’s and love that you spread through this page. I hope more people like me can come to
    see it someday and see the mercy of Christ.
    I do have a question.
    Would it be possible to add my site to yours?You can take a look first. And then let me know. If not, that\’s ok to. 😀
    Hope to hear from you.
    In His Presence,

  54. woo cool a guest book, hello, i just stumbled onto your msn space from one of those friends links things, just saying helloo

  55. Just stoping in to say Hello.
    I\’m so far behind the times that frustration grips me as i can\’t seem to get my video up.
    I see that there are many changes and Hope to get back to read all the news.
    Thanks for still being here!!!!
    Blessing to you!!!

  56. I was just passing through, Stopped to say Hi!

  57. Hi Gerry,
    Just dropping in to say hello. Hope this day finds you and your family well. As always my visit has been a blessing. The song by Micheal W Smith is awesome. I sure enjoy his music. One of my favorites his artist sings is "Friends"… Thank you for sharing his music on your space.The Post from today was very touching, my heart was deeply touched when I read that account of what happened to the young lad. Hard to believe that an extremist group could be so cruel with nailing a child to a cross because he attended a church service. Indeed my heart was stirred and touched for this dear lad.Thank you Gerry for sharing these stories and for being a light here on your space with Proclaiming the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. Keep shining for Jesus…
    My prayers go with you as always… God Bless, Your Friend and Sister in Christ, Judith


    Dear Big bro:
    Salaam (peace) to you and your loved ones.
    Could you please,if you can,send me some songs to put on my msn space,
    songs with Michael W. Smith???
    God bless you.

  59. Hi thanks for dropping by at my site, Take care God Bless.

  60. Hi Gerry,
    Just dropping in to say hello. Hope all is well with you and your family. Just wanted you to know I always appreciate your visits and the comments you leave on my space. My prayers go with you. Your space is awesome. Keep Shining for Jesus,
    God\’s Blessings, Your Sister in Christ, Judith

  61. Just wanted to stop by and say God Bless you.
    I may not be able to keep up with my page.  Thanks for praying for me and I\’ll visit you soon!

  62. Ciao Gerry
    Just thought that I would leave a comment to let you know that I was in for a visit.
    I hope that all is going well with you and your family.
    I was very happy to see that Pastor Paul is back to blogging as well. It was a real blessing to see his writing and the word of God on his site.
    May God Bless You
    Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord Gerry
    Hugs & Kisses

  63. hi Gerry
    i chanced upon your space and shall visit for a bit, so im signing your guestbook.

  64. Hey Gary,
    Long time no see eh.  I was looking at the stats of my site and notice someone had visited something that I had written some time ago, and decided to read what I had written.  I then read all the comments including one that you had written and decided to revisit your site.  Glad you took the chance to revisit mine as well.  I wish I had more time to keep this journal up to date.  Anyways hope all is well,

  65. Thomas Bewick said:

    Great space!
    I love the music video and all the content.
    God Bless brother!


    Dear Big Bro:
    God bless you….What\’s keeping you so busy
    other than the kids and the church???
    I was kind of worried about you..let me hear from u.

  67. Hi Gerry,
    Dropping by today to wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas. Thank you for dropping by my space and for leaving your kind comments. Good to hear from you. Trusting today finds you and your family well. My prayer for you and your family is that you will Have a Jesus Filled Christmas, filled with His Love and Peace. I pray that you will continue to Shine for Jesus here and be His Witness to those who visit your space. I wish you God\’s Best for today and throughout the coming New Year of 2007. 
    God\’s Blessings, Your Sister in Christ, Judith

  68. X-Evolutionist said:

    I saw a comment you made on Greg\’s space and I came to visit your space. It\’s nice to run into another Christian in Spaces Land.
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  69. Hi
    Can you email me I would like very much to talk to you? I love my Lord and he saved my life on many occatins.
    I would realy like to play my christian music on my blog but can\’t seem to get it to work can you help me
    thank you and god pless


  71. Freewillalways said:

    freewillalways…….  John  10 : 27

  72. Isn\’t awesome that we have a friend who saves ourselves from us? I often wonder what the conversation was between God the Father and God the Son was when they were creating the universe, esp. trees rope etc. I would appreciate your thoughts. I think He was happy to have such an oppurtunity and would do it again. I pray MANY MANY Hearts will be be opened so soon it will be time to go home. (Prayer Request) I was just married to the most wonderful man, I had the oppurtunity to show him the way to Jesus, what a blessing to be used of God. It was a 2nd marriage for us both. As a result, his daughters refuse to meet me, hate him, deny him visitation with his grandkids only on their terms. So He doesn\’t see them any more. He cries constantly about missing them. The Daughter\’s hatred and jealousy has hurt the grandkids mentally. Please pray for forgiveness and restoration of family and salvation and mostly the little girls have no memory of this awful time. I Pray Jesus plays AMAZING GRACE  above the hurting words. Thank you and LOVE in JESUS Cindy

  73. Elizabeth Larene said:

    Just stopping by to congratulate you on being featured this week on What\’s Your Story.

  74. Mr. BigFace said:

    Nice space! There\’s a lot here. I\’ll be back.

  75. To All with a love for the word of God.
    The Word Institute Program
    "Where you\’re theological study is "wip\’d" into shape!"

  76. Not only dose Jesus save He will change your life IF you will let him

  77. katie97262 said:

    Not sure how I got here, is late at night, l will be back when I have more time.  It appears I may have been sent here on purpose?

  78. Just been surfin\’ around and came across your blog…looks interesting and as time goes I will keep checkin\’ it out. I am new at this so you might get some critical comment from time to time but feel free to check my SPACE out and let me know what you think–perhaps give me some insight into "bloggine." 

  79. You are used of the Lord, keep it going. I like what you have to say.

  80. It was great to see you highlighted on the Spaces home page. Great work sharing the Word of God with the world.

  81. It is so nice to find loving, caring people in our great wonderful world that is provided to us by our great Creator of all ever created.  Melinda (purple7ssi)

  82. Dear Sir, I want to be your friend.
    Please make brotherly relationship
    with me.
    So nice of you.


    Awesome site for the Glory of a Awesome God, it was very refreshing to go through it, I will return
    Good work Brother, God Bless you and the Kids

  84. -Sunflower- said:

    Only have a few minutes to look but you have a really nice space here. I\’ll be back. Have a great day -Sunflower- 

  85. Gregory Tobin said:

    hello, my name is greg, i have been looking around for people wtih a great faith, and you are one, i would like to congradulate you on your imense fatih and life journey, i admire your confidence

  86. hi,was websurfing looking for more about worship since that\’s  been my desire on drawing more closer to God.I too recently got seperated from my husband of 15years because i took very sick and he seem not to be able to deal with it all.he was aassociatepastor and we were involved much in the ministry.Now with 3 boys i am still seeing the Lord as who He said He is..wonderful and mighty.A God  who never fails.I am blessed by your space.May God  continue to give strenght and courage to go on.I believe while we go through God is working on us as individuals and in the end it will be for our good.He is a healing God and i am a miracle of that.may God bless you richly.

  87. So glad to find your inspiring, encouraging space! I will be visiting often. God bless you brother!

  88. I REALLY like your space. I\’d like to come back again and read more and follow more links.
    Have a good evening.

  89.  I love that song – May God Bless You and Your Family and I ask that you pray for me and my family
    Yvonne L.

  90. DAVID JOHN said:

    Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafairing soul, if either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas. For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.”

  91. Hello fellow brother in Christ. m name is yanik labbé and i happend by "chance" upon your space.  I find it very interesting and uplifting as well as disturbing but in a good way.  I seem to have been guided to this site and since i dont believe in chance it must have been for a reason…..  Upon reading through certain links a series of questions or rather interogations flew through my head, some of which have been there for many years. Please visit my blog and contact me .There are many things that I believe that God has prepared for me with this "Chance" encounter. Hoping that your spirit will guide you to answer sincerly Yanik labbe

  92. Meranna said:

    Hello. Yours was the first space that I saw when I first went to the Windows Live Spaces page. I admit, I dubious at first, I\’ve met too many people in my life who claim to be Christians and then they turn out to be phonies. I know most of them didn\’t mean any harm, but it can still be frustrating. But I read the blog entry you wrote about worship, and it was so refreshing to see how much you love the Lord. I\’ve been saved since I was a little girl, but it hasn\’t been until recently that I\’ve realized the importance of daily worship of our wonderful God. I don\’t know why it took me this long to realize that He truly is the only person in the universe worthy of worship, or as my youth leader called it, \’worth\’ship. Declaring the worth of the Lord to be worshipped. I\’m no saint, and I still forget all the time when my mind gets caught up in the things of this world and the many distractions it has, but I\’m just trusting Him to little by little, day by day to show me and remind me just how worthy He is, so that someday I can truly realize His full glory. Well, I don\’t that any would be able to do that before reaching heaven, but I want to study the Word and learn as much about my Saviour as possible before I get there. And then maybe the Lord can use me as a witness for Himself, just as He used you as a witness to his glory for me. Thank you for having this space in honor of God\’s glory. Please don\’t hesitate to contact me, I very much appreciate more insight from someone who has known our Lord so much longer than I have. God Bless.

  93. hi
    I love our LORD too.  I enjoy your space.  I haven\’t quite figured out how to down load my music and videos to share. could you help.
    I love teaching youth about our Lord.  If they only knew how much Jesus loved them they would never lose HOPE.  Between the ages of 13 to 18 the devil trys to get a strong hold on our children so no matter what never stop loving them and always give them a home to come too. God Bless you and may we stay strong in Christ.  love Cat

  94. Hi Gerry,

    It has been a long time since I have left a comment or read your blog. I have a request to ask of you. I have created a new website on .mac called, got Jesus? The web address is http://web.mac.com/got_jesus and I am wondering if you could create a link for my new site on your msn blog. My old msn blog was – By His Grace, and I have link on there, I am just trying to reach as many people as I can to visit my site and maybe be inspired and know the hope we have in Christ.

    Please take a visit as well and let me know what you think of my new blog, it has taken me 5 months to create and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on it.

    Thanks for your support, God Bless, Tammy K

  95.   it is terrific to have unconditional love , that is what Jesus  offers us with a prepaid debt
    of cancelled sin and all we have to do is acept  and i have ! When i sat crying hurting from the inside out , something happened
     The HOLY Spirit  said "i knew you before i made you , further study showed me that GOD knew our lives journey before we
    started and yet ;HE loved us, all of us so i ask ! How can we not accept the love so freely given ? I have and love the LORD with all
    i have and as for the song yes a favorite of mine.Now  i walk in blind faith full of belief and joy  believeing i am where i am where i am suppose to be  "our   GOD is an awesome GOD  ,thankyou LORD for loving me as i am ,.amen & amen

  96.  Much attention is siven to the life story of Jesus, almost as a way of avoiding responsibility for those issues that we should be ableto take care of for ourselves. this can be carried forward to the issue degradation of the planet. I know that we can be forgiven for any number of misbehaviours. but why is it that we cannot give up doing those things that are seriously contribute tothe destruction of the wonderful planet that God has given us for our sustenance.  Jesus  did tell the young man that he must give up his wealth,  in order to get to heaven.  This caused him great sorrow.    Jesus does not require that we give up all that we own,  but Nowth Americans would certainly not be harmed if they consumed less of just about everything, And if they were also more generous with the gifts with which they have been endowed.   

  97. Hi Gerry,
    This is my first time on Windows Live Space page, I really like your space page. I listened to Atheism from the Way of the Master and I totally agree with it. I am a child of God and have been for 24 years now and I am proud to say that I am a child of God! God bless you and continue to share your faith. My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11-13 Have a wonderful week!

  98. Dear Gerry,
    I stumbled upon your blog inadvertently, but am delighted that I did.  Although a practicing Catholic, I listen regularly to a Christian radio station and the words of Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll and James Dobson of Focus on the Family.  I found your blog refreshing and insightful.  I was deeply saddened to read of your wife\’s tragic illness and death.  You are to be commended for being a shining example to your children and carrying on in His name.
    I see you are a song-writer.  I am a poet.  Do you write lyrics or music?  I have written a poem entitled Psalm of the Unborn and have sent it to a number of pro-life organizations.  Perhaps you would like to see it?  Maybe you could put it to music.
    God\’s continued blessings upon you, your work and this blog.

  99. I am new to blogging and \’live space\’ so have my training wheels on.   The Lord has been my pilot (I am the co-pilot) for 40 of my 48 years and I lean on him daily.   There are many things I don\’t understand but handing it over is one thing I do.
    Music:  If you can get it – "Top 40 Praise and Worship" (Classic and Contemporary Hymns and Contemporary Choruses) a 3 CD set from Maranthamusic.com is fabulous!   It plays almost every day in my home (I have other gospel music I like too so that\’s why it isn\’t every day).
    Am also a single parent raising a gifted/exceptional daughter.  People\’s biases are my worst irritant.  Live and let live.
    I am hoping I linked you correctly so that I can get back easily….  I will bookmark you also.

  100. Like your inspiring blogs, touching songs and joyful photos. Thank you for sharing your life in Jesus Christ!
    What a blessed church you are in, and what a meaningful life God grants you…
    "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden….let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." (MATTHEW 5:14-16)
    May God be with and lead His chosen people every day every moment!

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