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Answers to Prayer

If we have prayed for you and God has answered, we want to hear from you.

God bless you abundently!

Your brother Gerry


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  1. Hi, Gerry!Hope everything\’s cool with you and the family. Hope you\’re having a great long weekend!Kim

  2. Shalom, my brother,Thanks for your prayers! Just wanted to stop by and tell you that Rosanna passed at 6:20 p.m. today.She went very peacably with her husband (Pastor Don) and her son Jason and our church elders and wives there at her side, and I believe we all got touched by the Lord!Keep my pastor and their son in prayer during this complicated time of adjustment!Your brother in <Christ><

  3. friend i just want you to accept me as a troubled youth

  4. I just want to say thank you to everyone here who prayed for my 2 month old nephew Jacob. He came through his surgery today with flying colours, and the doctor\’s said things look much better for him than they thought.Thank you again for your prayers.

  5. Unknown said:

    heya its not a prayer that has been answered due to you guys it ws a personal cry out that I did the other day. I cryed out to god to help my dad calm doen and keep us al safe ans he did 🙂 oh and Jesus spoke to me the other day 🙂 gtg luv ya and jesus

  6. Please pray for my family who I am up rooting to move to Manitoba to be closer to family, the kids, Jena (13) Lauren (11) and Tommy (7), we have found a place to move into but it is still not big enough so please pray that we find a home that is reasonable with a room for each to have their own space, and a Good job for my husband who is an excelent Painter, thank you and I will let you know of the good news, Sister Joanne

  7. Unknown said:

    I have a question for you, and I hope not to come across as anything but inquisitive, I\’m not trying to start any arguments, I just want your opinion on something. If you\’d be at all interested, please right me back on my own my space, and I\’ll send you the link to something that I\’d like to get your opinion on. It seems plausible to me, and my faith is already in a downward spiral reaching it\’s end. It would be nice to get a minister\’s opinion on this (I can\’t bring it to my own, because I despise him. I ahrdly doubt he\’s a christian) anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this.Dani

  8. cessation_of_sorrow I can\’t write you back on your space as your space is listed as private. You need to change it to public.

  9. sorry about that. . . I\’ve got it fixed now.

  10. Thanks for all your prayers for my Aunt. She is now out of ICU and in an observation ward. She is off her respirator and off all morphine. She is still dizzy and nauseaous from the meds, but her recovery so far has been nothing short of miraculous. She is comforted by knowing so many people are lifting her up in prayer. I thank Christ for sparing my Aunt\’s life and give him all the glory for her recovery.

  11. FOR THIS SITE!!!! THANK YOU JESUS I"M NOT ALONE OUT HERE!!!!!! (I\’m linking up to you tonight!) GOD BLESS AND KEEP IT GOING!!!!!

  12. Michael just checked in and is okay for now. Please check this kid\’s link on my site under the kids. He needs constant coverage right now. He\’s in the devil\’s front yard so it isn\’t always nice language but his faith is real and he needs our prayers. Thank you! Prayer works!

  13. Gerry, thank you for the prayers. My Son got a job not even three days after the loss of his other one. I know, I know, I know it was a result of intercessory prayer! Thank you so much! Blessings always, ~Val~

  14. this is not a prayer but a thank you to God. THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW ABOUT YOU LORD! I am so glad I am a christian.

  15. Thank you Lord for watching over me every day as I drive 88 miles round trip to and from work. Thank you for the blessings of health, a home, and a wonderful daughter to share it with; in Jesus\’ name, Amen

  16. I want to thank God for keeping His promises and helping us through the times He needs to put us through to mature in Him. I had a word last year saying that God was going to start fixing relationships/friendships in our church so that we can become more united, since then we have had so many struggles between us all it\’s unbelievable!! But I\’m constantly reminded of the word that was given to us, and am thankful to God that we are going through this for a reason, and that at the end of it, even if we lose a few people on the way, we will be stronger for Him and more able to do His work, and do it more effectively too. Thank You God!!!!Cheryl. xx

  17. GerryAfter a significant length of time with seemingly insufficient income, a great opportunity to serve the students in a nearby county was made available. The timing was perfect. Also, help came our way by way of some faithful brothers who helped us out with both local church funds and helping hands to have transportation to the job mentioned above. Also we remain fairly sane in the face of raising three teens.Philo

  18. AlexYour posts were not deleted but moved to the current blog where they should have postes in the first place.

  19. You always hear it said that miracles only happened in bible times. Well I just want to let everyone know that my husband is living proof that miracles happen today, just as strong as in bible times…When my husband was born, he was incredibly sick. The doctors did millions of tests on him, and he spent the majority of his first 2 years in hospitals. At the age of two he was diagnosed with Celiac disease. (Allergies to gluten, soy, red food coloring, and many more things.) On top of that he was lactose intolerant. At one point he was hospitalized and actually GAINED weight on rice cakes and gingerale. His body could not digest any gluten, if he ate anything with wheat in it his stomach would get extreemly bloated and he would get severe stomach pains. On Christmas eve of 2002, when I was pregnant with our first child, we prayed over Jon and our unborn baby. That God would heal him, and take this disease out of our family (it\’s an inherited disease). That same night we went to Pizza Hut and he ate an entire pizza all to himself, and had cheerios and milk the next morning, without ANY problems!! Praise be to God. Jon\’s had no signs of celiac or his lactose intolerance since that night. God still performs miracles, so never give up!

  20. My Mom is going into the hospital on Thursday, September 29th for shoulder and possibly wrist surgery. I am believeing God for a speedy recovery with minimal pain. I also pray that God will comfort her fears and anxiety. She is a brave woman but I know that almost anyone would be anxious before they get put under anesthesia. Please remember my Mother in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless.Tara

  21. I posted my prayer request in the wrong place but I do have prayers that have been answered. My fiancee and I have been struggling with finances and turning away from fleshly desires until we are married. The Lord has really put it on my heart to repent and turn away until we are married. I pray constantly that he will give me the strength to carry out his will and that my fiancee will understand the reasons why. One night, our neighbors were being VERY loud and woke us up. We started talking since we couldn\’t go back to sleep and that was our opportunity to set things straight. He does understand why we should wait until we are married (even though we haven\’t in the past) and that even though we have sinned the Lord will forgive and bless us for doing the right thing now. When it was time to get up the next morning, I walked into the kitchen and he was pouring out the alcohol that we had in the refrigerator. We seldom drink and even then we do not get drunk. But his brother is an alcoholic and his grandfather and father also have strugged with alcohol. This was something else we discussed while we could not sleep. God put it on his heart that it isn\’t necessary to have alcohol to be happy so why have it in your home. I truly believe that God used the inconvenience of our loud neighbors to wake us up from our sleep in order to wake us up from our sin. We get married in 2 1/2 months and I want to use our marriage as a tool for the Lord\’s work and I also want to be living examples of God\’s love and mercy for our future children and for our family that is lost. Thank you Lord for your grace and everlasting love.

  22. one time, i lost both of the only jackets i owned. and thats a BAD thing, because mom was getting REALLY mad at me, the weather was getting increasingly colder, and i didnt want to ask mom to buy me a new jacket. so i prayed God would help me find my jackets, and the next day, i saw my youth minster and good friend, and he had the one jacket in his office the whole time! going home, i found the other in the bag on the back of my bike! i know its really trivial compared to all these crazy healings and stuff, but it renews my faith everytime i think about that. and that\’s all that matters right?

  23. Hi Gerry, I wanted to let you know that my prayer for the biopsy has been answered. I ended up not getting the biopsy done as the specialist said he could feel no growth or anything in my throat. So I will now just have to follow up with my family doctor, and I don\’t have to worry that it is serious, like lymphoma cancer or anything. Thanks for lifting me up by praying for me. God in his long-suffering, loving-kind way answered my prayer that I would be okay and He has shown me that I must completely trust in Him. In Christ, Tammy.

  24. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its all going to be ok =). My friend finally went to see someone who can help him, and he is getting professional help. He is doing considerably better now. His mom had a very sucessful birth, it was a little girl and their family is very excited.Thanks so much for your prayers.Im so happy God answered so quick. =DYours in Christ,Therese

  25. alexander said:

    Gerry:It is astonishing for me to find out a site devoted to the Lord.I am gratified by that,and even though I have not become a Christian yet,I am trying to understand Jesus\’ message in order to accept him.I have been doing a good effort by attending a Christian church,to listen God\’s word and to try in the set up a personal relationship with Him.However,I have a real defiance.Because me and my family were wronged by some enemies in the past,and perhaps they have continued on their purpose by using the witchcrafting and another devilish tools,I can\’t forgive them,and the resentment and hate have not vanished.It is making some pain to me.Please pray for me and I will be greatful if you can give me a guideline on this issue.Alex.

  26. Thank you Father God~ To all the praying saints for the needs of His People~thank you for praying for Tracy. Awhile back I asked for prayer for him. Tracy came forward one Sunday being drawn by the Holy Spirit to respond to the call of Christ, and asked God to help him, he wanted to stop hurting the people he loved. Tracy and his family have gone through extreme attacks, personally, and as a family! Tracy, and his parents have all been going for addictions counselling! Tracy has asked the counsellor to make his appointment again with the detox/rehab program. Praise God! Tracy has gone around that mountain again, and has come to the end of the trudge! He wants to be free!Please continue to pray for him….because he who the Son sets free is free indeed!!! Thank you God …for all that You do and keep on doing…..most of all …. thankyou God …for YOU!Sherra

  27. I don\’t think anyone here was praying for this…at least, not directly…but I felt you would appreciate it. It\’s the greatest prayer God has ever answered for me, and this may be what someone needs to see right now.Lately…I have experienced some of the greatest and most demanding trials of my life. My blogs speak of this in considerable, if strangely vague, detail…but I\’ll summarize it here…My life is driven by a single mission that He gave me years ago…one that has kept me alive through some very difficult and long nights, and for this I thank Him eternally. My mission has evolved over the years, and has finally matured into what I expect is its final form: to bring His peace and love to all I find, that they may know Him, that they may know fear and emptiness no more, and that they may find the same joy He has given me.Almost a year ago, I met someone very special…someone I was blessed to care about very deeply from the moment we met. For reasons that I won\’t go into here, I wouldn\’t tell her anything of it, and pretended that I hoped for nothing more than friendship. I\’ve realized lately how great a mistake that may have been…I\’ve learned of her past…what she had to deal with…how much pain, bitterness, and sadness she lives with…and how much she\’s longed for someone all these years. I spent many nights awake in the last month-and-a-half, weeping at her pain, praying for her deliverance and peace. This became especially true when I learned that she was not single, but seemed to be having difficulties in the relationship. Remembering what had happened to her all those years ago, I was terrified that she would have to let go of the one she loved…I was overwhelmed with a sorrow the likes of which I\’ve never known…I just wanted her to be happy…I knew she cried at night, and…I just wanted her to finally be at peace, knowing that someone cared about her…that someone loved her, would always be with her…would always love her…A week ago, she sent me an email, asking me to meet her…to talk about it…I\’ve never been so anxious in my life…the longest 36 hours of my life! I was afraid to go, afraid to hear what she might say…afraid I wouldn\’t be able to help her…The time finally came, and everything stopped…the rest of the world was gone, and I braced myself for what I felt would be the crushing blow…The first thing she told me was that…she was happy…she was very happy with him…that day, I truly knew the Lord\’s mercy! She told me that they could be together after all, and that they didn\’t have to sacrifice their love for each other…I…can\’t describe how I felt. So many prayers answered in one minute…so warm a light in so cold a darkness! She is happy, and hopefully will be happy for the rest of her life with him! There are no words for the immense peace He gave me that day, knowing her night had finally ended after all these years and she could live again!And, more than anything, I thank Him for the strength and prudence He has given me in this time. He\’s allowed me to be what she needed me to be for her, instead of what I wanted to be for her…and though I will not pretend to feel no sadness that we cannot be together, I thank Him for helping me to be strong, to carry on, and to hope…to hope for brighter days and…another chapter in my mission.Thank You, Lord. Thank You for her peace, her happiness, her love…and thank You for him. Please bless them always, and make their love stronger each passing moment.And thank You for the peace and love You\’ve given me. Thank You for my mission, and all the love and joy You\’ve helped me to spread in this world.Pax et miserecordia ChristusJoey

  28. Gerry, Thank you so much for praying for the students in B.C. Now all the students are back in school. Praise the Lord!Thanks alot!!P.S. how do you make a guest book?

  29. Gerry~I did not add this request to your site but have had an absolute answer to prayer. My husband and I have been praying for almost 9 years for our son and his wife to come back to the Lord. I had asked God to put someone at his work that would be a witness to him. A few months ago a Russian man was put on my son\’s crew. (my son is the boss) This man has been a tremendous witness to my son and invited my son to a men\’s retreat. My son decided to go and had to have everything translated for him as the entire conference was in Russian. These men were totally on fire for the Lord. God is not a respector of a language barrier and truly spoke to my son. He rededicated his life to the Lord and has returned to church with his wife and our 2 precious grandchildren. My son and wife have both quit smoking too. We have soooooooo much to be thankful for. Thank you Jesus. I just want to add that if you have an unsaved loved one never give up and never let your prayers stop. God will answer in His time. ~*~Saralee~*~

  30. Hi Pastor Gerry, This morning I passed along a prayer request for a soldier named Chad and his family who was waiting to leave for Germany to meet him. This afternoon I was updated that Chad has made a full recovery. I\’d like to say I am surprised but I\’m not. Just awed, once again, by my God and His heart for His people! Thank you for your prayers and support!A Mom in America

  31. I sent a prayer request on Oct. 9th. concerning my Father in law Charles\’ salvation. I am rejoicing! I believe with all my heart he made it!!! We had him the last week on his journey. He could not write, talk, hear, and was on morphine round the clock. A sister in Christ and I bathed him in prayer, love, and hugs. The last time I saw his face just before his passing, I could see him shining, and he was responsive with joyful expressions, his whole countenance had changed, you know the look, the "I JUST MET JESUS" look, I felt peace pour into my heart and reassurance from our Father that he made it. Gods hand is never to short, I am left standing in Awe at just how merciful HE really is. We found a box of stuff Charles left behind, it was full of all the bad things he done in the past, newspaper articles, etc. Tucked inside was this poem by a man named Charles Finn that can be read online here; http://www.therapeuticmilieu.org/inspirations/hear.htmltitled "Please hear what I\’m not saying", you will be blessed to read it. I was blessed that the last two people he seen in this world taking care of him was his two sons. The ones he abandoned and abused. There was so much love and care in the end with all of us. \’Just love him\’ was what it took to break down the walls. Gods love never fails. I glorify him for gracing me and strengthening me to take care of him, to love him, The Father was lifted up during this time, and HE drew him unto himself. Even though at times it was hard, Gods Grace did abound. Though he is gone, he left behind a living testimony that I will share with whom ever will listen. So be encouraged that Gods hand is never to short. Just love them. The walls will begin to crumble brick by brick. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He made it!!!! Thanks for praying!!!

  32. I have had an answer to my prayer to make my transitions easier with my kids returning from cas foster care. I was given an extra weekend visit before they return home this happened because I told them I needed more time to transition after a long 4 months of being in care. I was very lucky to have them in a christian home and they are currently with a pastor. I\’m so happy.

  33. I mentioned earlier on this site that I am a new Christian. I also mentioned that I hoped to learn the meaning of Christmas… My wife works in the nursery and I work with the prechoolers durring the first service at church. As I\’m working with the kids Aimee (the teacher) starts having them do a manger scene. There are seven boxes (that look like christmas presents) that add figures to the scene. There is a story book that has a single page to explain the reason for each figure. First is Gabriel, then Mary, Jospeh, baby Jesus, a shepherd, and a wise man. The end of each verse explains that box seven will contain what God wants for Christmas. Being new to this I was a little curious as to the contents of the box. The dimensions of the box are roughly 2x2x3. I\’m trying to guess a figure or a representation of some great religious truth. The whole time the childeren are mesmerised by box 7. So when we finally got to it I was quite excited to see what it was. Aimee showed each child what was in the box one at a time. Finally I got to see. In the bottom of the box…. a mirror. I now know I\’m in this class, so I can learn.

  34. Awhile back I came and posted a request. The family I asked you to pray about is getting better but the father has not yet been to church and seems very against it, everytime there is an invitation he\’d have some excuse. But the couple has argued less and I just want to thank you guys for praying.

  35. I hope you had a Happy Christmas and I hope you have a safe and Happy New Years! I just wanted to update you on some prayers that have been answered. I have a long list of them because God has blessed this SINNER greatly! I prayed that I would buy a van and last week I paid for a used one, 1993 Mercery Villager. Now I just have to get insurance on it by the 3rd of Jan because otherwise my job may be affected since I lost my babysitter for the children in Daycare. With wheels on the road I have someone who will drive my van to drop me off at work and then from there go straight to the daycare to drop off the kids and then stay with my oldest child until 8:30 when he will be dropped off from school. So needless to say, this is my prayer request for this week. I went to church finally last Saturday after being absent for most of my adult life. I will like to continue to go but there is one problem. Church services are 3 hours long and the first hour the kids are in bible class but the other 2 hours they are to sit with me and well my children range in ages from 1-9. I need strength and some wisdom to keep them all occupied during those 2 hours so I can get as much out of services as I can and also not to bother the people around us. This is another prayer request. I also want to thank God for giving me the means for buying the van because I waited to do my taxes late this year to save up the money from my child tax credit which by the way I filed on or about the first of November and was told it needed to be processed by the 25 of November for me to receive anything for the month of December. I was told that it would probably not happen and that it would take between 6 to 8 weeks for it to be processed. I prayed to God and I told him that this would be easy for him to do since he could do anything and well it happened. When the cupboards were getting bare and I had to decide to either pay bills or to buy food, I opted for groceries because well I need to feed my children. I prayed that power and gas would not be turned off and guess what! I was able to pay off all my bills after not paying for 3 months except a few dollars here and there for hydro and gas. The groceries that I did buy, I bought for only a weeks worth really and well they lasted well by the time I was paid next. It reminds me of the story of the fish and loaves of bread. I would like to give thanks to God for bringing me through. All Glory goes to God our Heavenly Father and Saviour. I had a hard time with Babysitters for my oldest child and well God got me through this too. My neighbour Shannon is allowing Sebastien to go into her home at 5:30 am and allowing him to come after school too and she is charging me very little. She wanted to charge me even less but I insisted I give her more for all she was doing for me and my son. God has be GOOD!

  36. Hi GerryI know you have prayed for me and my church has also. I\’m so appreciative people include me in their prayers.I had an answer to my prayer about emma and I feel as if as large weight has been lifted from me. I finally understood and God helped me see what I needed to do. He told me that He cannot bless people as we always want him to, if the love of God is not pure and flowing through us. That (agope)love is the greatest and most important part of our faith and walk. We have to love our enemies and forgive them of their sins against us. and when i did that, i felt at peace for the first time since I lost her. Jesus told us that when someone slaps us we should offer the other cheek and forgive as many times as possible.I dont feel the rage and bitterness anymore, altho i still feel left over feelings of sadness. But i can only do what He asks of me and love is what i am called to do.Thank you for praying for me. Now I\’m just a bit scared wondering what is next for me. re:todays blog (And yes you do make a difference in ppl\’s lives, look how this web page has reached out to so many. including the likes of stubborn ppl like me! even when ppl disagree or argue youve still got them on the topic of God. It\’s really true God brings ppl together for His purposes to glorify Him. I think you do an amazing job at this.Erika

  37. after almost 2 years of being out of school because of epilepsy I am healing enough to go back to school full time. Its still a bumpy road, but praise God I can start my life again! Our God is an AWESOME AWESOME God Theres no words to comprehend it!Cas

  38. HI~~Man~~nice Website~~but the song is little bit sad~~ May the Lord Bless U ^_^

  39. Dear Gerry,
    I would like to thank you & your viewer\’s for praying for me I have quit smokking , & other thing\’s I am getting closer to my spiritual goals please keep it up !

  40. Wow Wow Wow….My husband is ready to go to church together, 2 years……he`s finally ready! still have a ways to go but at least we started this journey together. No words can express my elation , my feeliings….Thankyou Jesus for loving us….thankyou Pastor Gerry and your members for your prayers my miracles are here!

  41. Shelley said:

    Ciao Gerry,
    Just wanted to stop in and Thank you and your church for praying for our family.
    Sam\’s brother finally got out of Lebanon safe with all the family, and they are now in Egypt with the rest of the family.
    I praise God and thank God for this wonderful blessing.
    Thank you Gerry for your prayers.
    May God Bless You

  42. Hi I recently requested prayer from you regarding my kidney disease. I got a strange answer to it and I thought I would share. My Finacee\’s daughter came here from church today and told me that she felt moved to invite me to a praise and worship meeting this Friday at her church. This is when a lot of people come who are sick or need prayer and this is when a lot of things happen. Recently a man was healed of Liver Cancer (Praise God!!!) at one of these meetings. I feel deeply that this overwhelming feeling to bring me there that my fiancee\’s daughter has is a direct result of your congregation and you praying for me. So I feel like I have an appointment with God this Friday night and I am confident that a miracle will happen. Why else would he tell her to bring me to this prayer meeting? Thank you so much for your faithful prayer, I believe it is leading me to the answer this Friday!!! God Bless you a million times over!!!

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