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Prayer Requests

Dear Friends

If you have any prayer needs please post them here and every Friday night our church will take them before the Lord on your behalf. Prayer works!

God bless – Your brother Gerry


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  1. Gerry, I was hoping you could pray several ways for us. First, My husband and I are the only beleivers in our family, so we are subject to rejection almost daily. We have decided to homeschool and get rid of our TV sending more shock waves through the family. Can you Please pray for the salvation of our family? "they know not what they do…" We belong to a newly planted church and are praying that our numbers continue to grow. We currently dont have a building, but meet in the local school gym. Can you pray that we not only be blessed with new members, but also a building? Lastly, for my husband. He has gone to promise keepers for 2 years and each time comes home with a renewed love for the Lord. This year, he came home a little"freaked out" the Lord has put it on his heart to become a minister. Please pray that this calling become clear and that he act in wisdom according to the Lord. Thank you, Tanna Cota

  2. hello: this is my first time visiting your space and i really feel intouch!.. i had a difficult moment now a lot of things are happening in my head! as a teenager, im getting confused in mu carer and i just dont feeling like studying! bills, and bills, school work, i just going to ask you if could put me in your prayers! so in this way my heart will hear the voice of our God! i know i\’ve been far away from church! and i really need to be close to him (GOD) i also would like to put in this prayer that if you can pray for all of those who suffered in katrina, and the upcoming one! Rita. hope you can help me become close to My Lord.

  3. Hello again… I am asking for you to pray for my nephew Brian and his girlfriend Cassy and their new baby boy born Sept 24th. Please pray this one above the prayers I have requested for myself. I can wait but these poor souls can not. If you go to my space I have written about what is happening. I need your help and the help of others to pray my nephew and Cassy can enjoy parenting their little bundle of joy. Their adversary who is the mother of my nephew would like nothing better then to take the child and raise it herself. She has been telling them during most of the pregnacy that they could not raise the child she has been just bringing them down. Please pray God will stop her and bring the baby back home. God Bless…Caroline

  4. Hey my best friend really needs prayers. He is 14 years old and is off and on suicidal. He also drinks, cuts, did drugs….and basicly everything he shouldn\’t.He thinks hes fine and God is pleased with him.Pray that he realises that his body is a gift from God and not to use it in such harmful ways.Thanks =)

  5. Hey again I just found out he tried to kill himself.He is in great need of prayer.Also his mom needs prayer she is having her baby today and what he did doesn\’t help.

  6. I have been greatly touched by so many prayer requests here.I am taking them to the Lord,whats better than seeing so many people come before God. I believe it so that if you have the courage to share your troubles here, its just enough faith to set you about your miracles ,pls keep posting them ,I know not what God cant do.What can I say Be bleessed in Jesus name ,amen.Iyoo!!!

  7. hi my names alanna and i would just like the prayer request for friends little cousin who has been diagnosed with a breathing disorder that not a large amount of people have had which makes it difficult for the doctors to help him he is only 9 and his body is very weak..so please give the doctors stregth and knowledge to help him..also this little girl that i know is only 3 weeks old ( she is my best friends niece ) and has a liver disease that the doctors say only 30 people have had it in this century making this to hard to fix..and since Ava ( my friends niece) is so tiny her body cannot fight off the disease and there is only a certain amount drugs they can give her..the reality of it is that she is dieing and going to die without the grace of God saving so please pray for ava and my friends cousin thank you,,God Bless..alanna kennedyps..( and prayer for everyone on here) Dear God please be with all these prayer requests we give them all to You right now God and just take control of everyone of these people and their lives and give them the open heart to allow You to do that and guide them to where You are pointing them to go..and be with all the people who have taken illness and give the doctors the knowledge and strength to know how to diagnose the disease and then continue to treat it..and also be with all the requests for people not happy with there self and hurt themselves with drugs or other ways..but God just send lights into their life to help them realize there is a God and he will set them free from any bondages that they hold in their heart..so right now God we give it all to You in Your Name Amen..

  8. I am slowly yet surely trying to heal from Epileptic Brain surgery… They cut my brain in 3 places so the healing is a little more painful than normal. If you decide to pray on anything, please be praying that God be glorified in my testimony of why I am still alive after all of this… God is my everything, so really I have nothing to Fear! Thank you friends!~Cass Kenai Alaska

  9. Hello!It\’s great to have a place to post prayer requests and see the requests of others that we can all pray for! :)My requests are: I need direction with everything in my life, I need to know if God still wants me where I am (home, work, etc.) and if not, where I should go…Second, my mother will be 50 this year and the desire of her heart is to have another child. She does not even have a uterus so it would be pretty amazing that God give her that miracle. If it\’s not in His plan, I would like Him to take away that desire in her because it\’s getting really hard for her…Thank you very much!God bless xx

  10. My stepdad Ron has bone cancer ; lung cancer and brain cancer within the result from the cat scan showing what he has….mom is handling very hard , as she tries to be stronger for Ron and all families,,,, she pushed Ron to see the drs and get all the results and they found out what he has.. now Ron is mad at mom for what she wanted to know… but she refused giving up.. to keep going on to get him getting better.. oh, they need our prayers for salvation , i mean he\’d find Jesus. I dont know what to do, if we should go back to Winnipeg and to be there for them…. they have no vehcile to drive.. i d be much appreciated to help and drive them to all doctors etc and hope God d use us and others to witness them about jesus.. etc .. pray for the finiacal miracle for us to get for the move cost to winnipeg. sigh…Ron is just about 52 yrs old , mom is 56 yrd old….my sister is pregnant with a first baby, due in Jan ( she is a christian, too), pray that it wont affect her pregannt from upset about Ron\’s condition, as she still doesnt know yet, and my mom keeps the secret till she finds right time to tell them the truth… she just told me , and her brother and sister only to ask for our prayers …she knows we are stronger.. she is scared to upset my sisters more…give them the strengths to deal with it…oh it will be hard for her being pregnant…Lisa

  11. My Father-in-law, His name is Charles, 69yrs. old, cancerouse tumors have returned in neck, throat, and tongue. Now on hospice and in the last days. Has refused getting saved, used to be considered one of the meanest men and many feared him. His son and I took care of him for several months and I felt impressed by the Lord to "JUST LOVE HIM" that I did. He trusts me and I talked to him about getting saved. My prayers have been for healing and salvation. Healing can come in many forms. I just hope and pray I see him in heaven.My Dad, Bobby, 65 yrs. old, just got saved, had quad. heart bypass a month ago, in and out of the hospital due to the medical care giving him the wrong meds. Nearly have killed him 5 times since surgery, as of today 10-9-05 presently in the hospital they had to stop his heart and restart it to get it regulated, they said it worked. He sounds very weak. Pray for the dr.s also to have wisdom and however else the spirit of the Lord leads.My daughter, Celeste, 12 yrs. old. 7th grade, A student, in a school were the majority of the kids are into drugs, sex, cutting, and gothic ways, just to name a few. She is struggling to fit in, even though she knows right from wrong. I guess you could add me to the pray here, that I say and do the right things. My greatest fear is she\’ll turn out like I did as a teenager…. that tends to cause me to over react. The difference is she has both parents that care, I did not. I pray it makes a difference.My husband, Charles \’AKA George\’, age 41, however the spirit of the Lord leads.My Son, Cyric, 10yrs. old, however the spirit leads. I do know he needs his dad to know how to be a dad to him. As I mentioned above about the Father-in-law, him used to being a mean man, well, there needs to be a healing in my husbands heart \’I believe\’ anyways, cause it seems he never wants to spend time with our son, or when he does, he\’s always trying to make him act tough, and my son is always left feeling like he\’s never good enough, or never does anything right.Me, Tammy, 36 yrs. old, that I stay in the Lords will, and clarity of mind. "however, spirit leads" the Lord knows best.Blessings, and thanks for all you do for our Lord and King!!

  12. My mother, Virginia, age 75, will undergo quadruple bypass surgery at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, on Monday, October 10th. Please pray for her.

  13. Hi I have a friend whos mother has very ill…She had breast cancer 2 years back, she had kemo and was better. Just recently the doctors have found that the cancer is back, this time it has spread over her entire body and into her bones…any prayers would be much appreciated and mean so much to the family ( her name is Linda) .. thanks love b xoxox

  14. Hi, I\’m sitting at my computer in small town Ontario. I just stumbled across your blog on my computer. My sister told me a few days ago that God has been leading her toward Him. She is in need of prayer because of the drugs that she is involved in and the life style in general. Lately she has met alot of people who know the Lord and I believe she has made a decision to try and change her life. But it will be a hard road to follow because of addictions. Also she has some issues with depression. She also needs prayer for close relationships in her life that have been ruined mostly because of her behaviour when she has been under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. I believe God has definitely started a work in her but she needs prayer to keep her strong. I appreciate all your prayers.

  15. Drunken Inquisitor said:

    Please pray that people realize the truth of the Catholic church.

  16. Gerry,Please pray for the students in B.C. Many of them wants to get back to school. And for the strike to end as soon as possible. Also pray for the teachers that are on strike. thank you so much!You have a really great space!

  17. I could use a prayer. i pray every day and my god is beside me every step of the way. My prayers are alwas answered.If you read my blog you will understand how much I love my father(god) not my earthly father he went the wrong road and now is hopfully with the devil and I will not see him again.Deborah

  18. hi Gerry.i loved your space.please help BC\’s strike.Ilove going to school.i want to go back to school.please.thank you.If you have anything i can pray for please tell me.echo

  19. See my msn space blog including my prayer request, thank you…

  20. Hi, i know this is selfish to ask for prayer for my self, but I have been saved for some time…but maybe not really. I cant seem to live a Godly life I am a piece of crap that still lies and thinks and do bad things. I dont do drugs or antythihng, but God is not happy with me I am sure. He has given me so darned much that I cant even understand why I am still such a crap! Please pray that I can start to so something that God would be prowd of me for. Please.

  21. I stumbled across this space, and had to have a look. God has been so good to me, he has given me many, many trials and not one of them was too tough to handle. But sometimes we need a little help, so today I saw my doctor to get a referral to a mental health specialist. I have started taking anti-depressants and tranquilizers, and they seem to be working well so far. I know I shouldn\’t worry, God is always here, but there are mental conditions which threaten the well-being of my fiancee, and I worry about her constantly. She loves God and believes in the blood of our Lord Jesus, but has not yet been baptised. We have planned our marriage so many times, but neither of us are well enough to commit all of ourselves to each other fully. We lived in sin for almost 2 years, and have decided, for God\’s sake, that it is time to live separately and be celibate from here on, until we get our heads back on straight. Please pray for our quick recovery, that we may better serve Him and each other in Jesus\’ name as a committed couple.God bless you all!

  22. My name is Ellen friends call me Ellie. I have seen up close the realness of God. I have been blessed beyond measure with awesome miracles which I talk about on my own site in the earlier months when I had time to write more. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was nineeteen years old. I gave my life to Jesus after a bout with cancer. I surrounded myself around christians believing that it was a safe place for me and my children. I have been bludgeoned by the church through the last few years after my husband filed for divorce because he was seeing another woman. A man who mentored my son fell in love with me without my even knowing it while I was in the middle of a divorce. He confided this with another and confessed to committing adultery with me. The man who he confessed it to took it to many including my pastor. By the time I was aware of it … it was a raging fire that had a life of its own. When I denied it to a woman in our church after first hearing of it … that woman asked me why would this man confess that he had committed adultery with me if he had not. This man struggles with legalism and I knew exactly why. I explained that he believes the scriptures which say if you have even lusted after a woman you have committed adultery. I offered this explanation as to how I could be innocent and he confess his guilt. She has since gone to few in order to defend me but the bludgeoning of my heart was so intense and many became harsh in their treatment of me without offering me any explanation therefore giving me no opportunity to defend myself. I left the church and I have not been back. I say with fear and tears that I am going for the first time in seven months next Sunday and I would like your prayers that God surround me with a body that will help and encourage healing for me a new and stronger trust in a family who has traumatized my wide eyed child like love I once had for my church. I request this prayer with a desire for healing and a desire to extend mercy and grace. Stop by my space and peek into the heart of a woman who surrenders all for the sake of the call. Sincerely your sister in Christ Ellie.

  23. hi i am echo.is it a cool name?i here to ask you to pray for my dad.he does not believe in our lord "JESUS CHRIST".thanx!echo

  24. Hey Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of when the Woerlens went to heaven. They were the family that inspired me to go to church and eventually become a Christian. Please pray fo the Woerlen and the VanStralen families, I know tomorrow will be a very difficult time. Can you please also pray for Gainsborough School…(the school the Woerlens went to…its the one I g to as welll) and for anyone else affected by this. Tomorrow the Student Government @ my school will have a short memorial service over the announcements, (I will be speaking)…Can you please pray for the Student government too? I hope I\’m not asking too much, but I know my school, the familes, and the community would really appreciate it.Thanks a bunch,Marcus

  25. This came to me through a friend this morning. Please pray for Chad and his family!Prayer Request From: Vicky – Granbury, TX My son has been shot in Falujah..I wanted to get everyone to pray for my son Chad. Today, Sunday, I got a call from the Army that my son had been shot in the head. I am asking for all your prayers. He was in a Humvee going through Falujah fighting and a gang of militia fighters fired on the Humvee and hit Chad in the head. The driver got him out of the city and took him to Baghdad. He was in critical condition, but now has been upgraded to stable critical. His dad and I are on standby to fly to Washington then on to Germany as soon as the military calls us to go. The Army is trying to stabilize him enough to fly to Germany and at that time we will leave. Please pray that my son will not have brain damage and that he will be restored and healed ! By the blood of Jesus, and the grace of God. I ask for you to pass this prayer request on so there will be many prayer warriors praying for him. Thank you so much and I will try to keep you updated on his condition. God Bless Vicky ~ Granbury, Texas Thank you and God bless! A Mom in America

  26. Mark and Melanie Ryan said:

    Cal Maskery sent this out to his mailing list of Harvest House supporters. Then I found it on a web site while looking for thier page. Please pray that they will recieve what they need to continue thier ministry.Hey friends, I\’m sure you heard about the fire that damaged a good part of the men\’s residence here in Moncton. No one was hurt for which we are very thankful to the Lord. It was an arson. A man angry with us who we had to ask to leave the residence the previous month for continued drug use and trafficking set the residence on fire at about 4am yesterday. The community has responded nicely with the red cross loaning us cots and blankets and Walmart donated 16 new pillows and replaced the tire on our van which this guy stuck a knife through the sidewall of the tire. Food banks have responded and we are okay in these daily needs so far. The 16 men are going to be staying at the centre for now with the 7-10 men in the overnight shelter. A small problem has arisen which if you can help with would be great. We now have about 25 men staying at our outreach centre and the needs are growing. When the fire marshall came in due to the fire and saw we had about 25 beds set up in the centre for these men with the help of red cross, he had to tell us that we could not have more than 10 men stay overnight without a fire alarm system in the outreach centre. He did not want to do this as he appreciates what we are doing but for safely reasons he had to tell us. Red cross put 10 of the guys in a motel in shared rooms and the other 9 stayed at the centre with a few in various homes untill today we are having Alert Alarm Systems install a fire alarm at a reduced rate of $2,100.00 plus HST so about $2,400.00 we need to raise ASAP so we can put the men back in the shelter together until the insurance company renovates the residence. The building will be covered but we lost all the upstairs furniture, appliances, fridge, stove, washer and dryer, freezer, microwave and so fortth. Only the kitchen was totally destroyed but the smoke damage went into all 8 rooms on the upstairs level so all the rooms and belongings were destroyed. If you are able to help us in some way please do. We are hopeful and trust the Lord that with the help of everyone who knows about this and responding in some way that we can come through and continue this great work He has called us to do in helping the homeless and those in need of our help to get back on their feet while making new possitive choices for the future. Please help us help others. Thank you and may God bless you. Cal MaskeryHarvest House Ministriesbox 1774Moncton NB E1C 9X6www.hhoutreach.org

  27. Please pray for Sarah and Sundar, as Sarah went into labour this morning. Pray that both Sarah and baby will be well and that God would keep Sarah and Sundar close during this very special time.

  28. Hi Gerry , I am coming tonight with a very heavy heart asking for your prayers. I just got some really devastating news ……..My only brother Darrell, 38 years old, told us tonight that doctors found cancer in his kidneys. He was feeling fine up until yesterday, he began passing blood and then he passed out at work. They rushed him to ER and this is when they found out. He is facing surgery in 2 weeks for the removal of one kidney. They are not sure how bad other kidney is or whether it has spread. I am not doing well nor is my mother. This is such devastating news on top of what Kim his girlfriend just went through with her stroke. We need a miracle of God. Thank you for your prayers…..Love in Christ,Andy

  29. Cas took my kids out of my care at the end of July. Now they are transitioning to come home and will be back on December 12th. I can hardly wait. I pray for smooth transitions and for me to be a much better mom than ever before!!!

  30. A family that are friends with us are fighting a lot and it is taking a toll on their children… as friends we all see that but please help me pray that they do too. The problem is that the mother has become a Christian and the father still isnt… its hard for him to go to church because he works two jobs… and she is a new believer and her foundations arnt really strong… we\’re scared she\’ll stop going to church etc.. THanks for caring!

  31. Gerry, certainly I will pray for your hip, I have a prayer request for you also, my husbad has found out what it wrong with his back. He has a herniated disk, the doctor is going to be trying a lot of chiropactic treatments along with some physiotherapy as well. Peter will be going to see a surgeon but that will only be for a consult and only as a last resort. But pray for the pain, as I am sure you understand with your hip. Thank you,God bless,Bethany.

  32. I have a few prayer requests…Wheelchair: My daughter was given a second hand electric wheelchair with no instructions. So now we are trying to figure out how in the world to power up the chair with the battery. We did have it plugged in last night but nothing… I didn\’t power up. If anybody out there knows anything about powering up her chair so we can get it running, it would be great! see photo of my daughter on my space.My husband has been trying to get a job with better pay for some time now. Nothing. He really wants a local superintendency position (he is trained in this area) and he has had his name on a list for this job with a certain well-known apartment holdings which seems forever. His wages aren\’t very high and this is due to the sacrifice he made raising his (mine too now ) disabled daughter. He had to sacrifice everything because she required special care at certain set times for her health. He has been back at work now a number of years since I came into his life and took over. Though our daughter is an adult, 21, she will never be independent. We are rather hardup.In my case, in order to stay home with her, I do my art and writing opinions and columns, and I believe God has blessed me with these talents. The hard part is this: though I\’ve had some minor recognition across Canada, I don\’t make any money which would help me help out a little. This is what I do. When I worked outside the home nothing worked out for me; my daughter needed me and until her Dad got back into the workforce, I had to work. Now I can\’t. I feel God wants me at home with Ronny. My prayers ask God to lead me and guide me in this daily. Sometimes I get a little down about not seeing results. Christmas is going t obe a tough one this year. A prayer of thanksgiving. It looks as if an association will be donating a hospital mattress for my daughter which she requires big time due to her disability.Also someone thought of her giving her this second hand electric wheelchair. If we can get it running, we will be happy. Please ask for blessings on the person who gave it to us and the person who abandoned the chair.Thanks for having this space… I am grateful… God Bless.

  33. could u please pray for my bro? he needs to turn to Jesus but he wont listen to me. ive been praying every night. please help me.

  34. Please pray for my husband,he had a hip replced last March and he is booked for another hip replacement,he worked up until a few weeks ago,he has always worked hard to provide for us ,He would leave in the morning 5 am,and he would get home at 9pm long days,I am unable to work now so I cannot help in that area,I pray for my husband everyday ,I know Jesus has not forgotten us, we need a mirical,there is not enough money after we pay our tieths and bills,for food and medicine, not to mention Christmas,we are givers and God always blesses us so we can continue to give.I know God is always faithfull,I also know there is power in prayer,so please pray in ageement with us for another mirical, Thankyou for being there, M. Ellis

  35. Hi Pastor Gerry,I need prayer for a friend of mine, a soldier, who is very angry right now. He is in the States and I know him through the internet. He keeps coming to my site to "discuss" things, but I think more because Jesus is calling him to be there. His screen name is "Fred". Please pray for his salvation and that God will put the words in me to give to him so that his heart will be opened. God bless and Merry Christmas!A Mom in America

  36. hello, i know this request may seem only small- but your prayers would be very muchly appreciated! My best friend, the girl who helped me turn to jesus is falling away from our Lord- she denies it, but her actions speak a lot louder, id just like a prayer god to show her direction and just let her know that no matter what he is there. Also i am the only saved person in my family, i have a brother who wont listen to anything i have to say and continuously puts me down- i pray for him every night but anyone elses prayers would be muchly appreciated also! God Bless you all

  37. I just love your space here. You are reaching many people and touching their hearts and minds. For my prayer request I would love prayers for my husband John who is a non-believer. I would love for his heart to opened and touched… and that God would draw him closer. I pray for his salvation each and every day. I thank you for your wonderful space!God bless you greatly during this Christmas season, and every day,Trace

  38. }{€V¥TR€V¥ said:

    God bless us all on this day after Christ\’s birth. I was here a month and a half ago, and your prayers were received by our Heavenly Father. Things have been up and down since last I posted here, but our overall realationship has been getting better and better.But now I need as many prayers as I can get. My fiancee of two years has just moved in with me to a new apartment. This was supposed to be a fresh start for us. Just a few days before we moved in, I called a female childhood friend, who told me she loved me and told her that I loved her too. I led her to believe that it was "THAT KIND" of love. I even told my family about it, hoping to get some positive attention, because they knew her and liked her.My fiancee read a message today that I had sent to my brother the day after that call. By saying something I didn\’t mean, I hurt 2 people that I really care about. My old friend has forgiven me, but my fiancee is so hurt, and I don\’t want her to feel that way. She has given me back her ring and told me to leave, that it is over. She asked God earlier for a sign if things would work out for us, and she took that message to my brother to be a sign. I made a huge mistake in a time when I felt vulnerable, unloved, and was also under the influence of prescription drugs which didn\’t do what the doctor intended. I know there is really no good excuse for what I did, but I am not normally like that.Please pray for this relationship. We have been through so much worse, but we have persisted, believing in God\’s love and our love for each other. Please pray for God to give us the things we need to keep this love in our hearts, and to erase the hurt. This Christmas was so beautiful, spending the day with her. I don\’t want to spend next Christmas without her. She is the one true love of my life, and all of my plans for life include her in one way or another, with God by our side. My prayers go out to everyone on this webpage tonight. I pray for your safety, happiness and for God\’s great mercy to be upon you. Thank you for reading this prayer request.

  39. Hi Gerry I don\’t usually ask for others for prayer very often. I kno you have prayed for me before and I do appreciate it.My prayer request hasnt changed and just on friday I finally recieved pictures of my child emma after 4 years of no contact with her. What a miracle! I was able to see how beautiful my daughter is and my daughter got to see her sister and see that she is okay.but as much as a blessing as it was, it left us very emotional and confused. Morgan asked me when should we stop hoping for her return and she stated she was sad because she doesnt know what she likes and she cant visit her.I gave her words from the bible, that God is always faithful to us and that God never breaks a promise. I told her that yesterday we didnt even know what she looked like and now we do. I told her that most people would lose hope after all this time, but there was nothing wrong with being hopeful.My request is that we are given closure or some resolution. My prayer is for God\’s will to be done in my children\’s life.Help us to cope with this loss and all the complicated bitter sweet feelings we continue to go thru.I hope you have a happy new year and thank you for reading and taking the time to care about us.Erika & Morgan Klein

  40. major depression/suicidal thoughts/daughter is pregnant and we don\’t have room for her and the baby in out house and she can\’t afford to get her own placethe father we found out after the fact that he is on the sexual offender\’s registrywe are christians and daughter pledge purity and yet made a mistake (she will be 21 in the spring) we need so many answers…and none are comingmy hubby not really taking care of his family spiritually, emotionally, everything is a big joke with hiimi wake up with thoughts of suicide because of no answerstried to get a stephen\’s minister through the church but they had none available and said join a small group they start up the end of January…

  41. Gerry, Please please pray my heart will so totally return to the Lord and I fall so in love with HIM … Please pray that I love him with all of me and that He and I will be so intimate that my relationship with HIM is my entire life, He is my every breath, please that strongholds that I allowed in through the doors of sin will all and eveyone be broken…. and the enemy will no longer have a weak pathetic self serving person to come after….I want to have faith that is one that says God is Good all the time… i ant to have faith that no matter what the circumstances are around me My God and I are cool…I am married and yet so alone…. I want the Lord to be my Bridegroom and wall my needs met in HIM … Sometimes I am scared to want these things again… Pray I overcome these fears and that I will find my place in HIM and my place in the Body. I know I am asking for alot of prayer lately…I apologize. thank you.

  42. hi Gerry!My name is Diana. i am 16 years old. i became a christian when i was 14 it\’s been an awesome expirience to have Jesus Christ as my Saviour. i love the Lord with all my heart yet i know it will never be enough. My family moved to Brisbane Australia couple of years ago.i just finished year 10 and in february this year i am supposed to go to the conservatorium of music but for that i have to be a resident of Australia. i need a visa by the 19th of January so i can study in the conservatorium of music other wise i will have to stay at school for another year. would you please pray that i would get the visa. thank you very much. i hope you can visit my space and add your comments:)Diana

  43. #hello Garryfirst of all l would like to take an opportunity to say how beautiful is your work, yet even more your faith…l would like to ask you to pray for my faith , to get it back, and to believe how God is present ..l have had facing some difficulties in my life and those things have made be far away from my faith , Jesus , l cant find his really help , even praying… l have tried but have no answer , so please pray for me…thanks Solange

  44. Hello GerryAs you know, my father-in-law is dying of throat cancer. Gerry, He\’s such an angery man,,, has not got God in his life. I want to talk to him,,, but I\’m scared of his lash outs he gives,,, and that He will do this again with me. He has never done this ever,,, to me,,, until last week. I keep praying for the right moment,,, but there hasn\’t seem to be one. I am afraid,,, that never wil be at right moment,,and he\’ll die,, and I never said anything. Please prayer not just for him,,,, but for me,,,for courage.Your Friend Beverly

  45. My grandmother Jean has cancer again and I\’d appreciate any prayers for her that she has the strength to go through it.Also I won\’t go into why, but a friend Kim needs strength right now with dealing with a medical issue and her self worth. Thanks

  46. Hi Gerry, I wrote some time ago saying this was my first Christian site & it still is I put it on my favorites list. Thanks for being here.I asked for prayer in overcoming lust,& swearing. I also asked that U pray forme in starting a street ministry that God has called on me to start. I \’ve been training in the field for 7 yrs. now. In a sermon preached in June I recieved a message to get the mission started. I\’ve been preparing myself since then. I have been doing some spiritual fine tunning. I\’ve alsohad a lot of arrows shot my way lately, but I thank God knowing this means a break-through is on it\’s way. My mother, & youngest brother are visiting me right now because my brother had some sort of breakdown. He is better now,& is continueing to get testing done mental illness. I ask that U & fellow christians reading this continue to pray for me & my family & the issues I\’m still facing. I managed to quit smoking 3 or 4 months ago praise God. I\’m still struggling with lust, but it\’s gotten alot better since I last wrote.I\’m also trying to get a line of credit to help me financially as we speak.I will diligently continue to seek Holiness. Thank-you for your much needed continous prayer. May God Bless You!

  47. Hi, I\’m Claire and I\’m 13 … i usually dont like to ask for prayer from people, but i feel like i need to ask for some now. Ever since August 2004 i have been struggling with depression and it really gets me down sometimes, especially after almost 18 months. About August 2005 i decided life wasn\’t worth living and was about to commit suicide, but a friend of mine found out and rang my parents. They didnt know what to do because they grew up in such a protected society and they were so shocked and werent really understanding. They sent me to a psychologist, but that didnt help. I didnt like the guy, so i pretended everything was fine so my parents would stop making me see him. Things only got worse though, because i developed anerexia and bulemia, even when i was stick thin anyway… i am still trying my hardest to get over the eating disorders. I turned to God but it seems every step i take towards him, the devil pushes me back 2 steps. I really need strength and guidance, but most of all i want to feel loved. i feel bad asking for prayer for myself, but i feel like this is what i need to do…. thanks for praying for meClaire

  48. hi my name is sara ive ritten a request b4 and know im askin for another one ive had a realy rough time with my life lately and i pray everynight and i belive in the lord so much and i depend on him alot and i love him and im even doin an essay on him and its the first time ive ever come out bout me loving and beliving in god and ppl r just giving me funny looks and i dont realy care but my life has been a reck lately and i was just wonderin if u could help me…and the worst part is my parents make jokes bout me lovein/beliving in god so plz im just askin for a prayer…ihope its not too much troublesara

  49. Hello, my name is Ryan. Recently, I was humbled by the awesome power of our Lord and now I know my heart has been realigned to Him. I can feel the Lord\’s love with me whenever I go now. I feel as I\’m about to burst with joy. I live alone in Toronto and currently my only fellowship comes from my loving parents. I have no church. I know no other Christians. I don\’t have many friends. With the exception of our Lord, I am quite often alone. I can forsee the dangers that my isolation may present and I worry. I ask that you pray that the Lord might open my eyes and allow me to see those around me who have also been touched by His love. I may result to standing in the street and waving a big flag reading, "CALLING ALL CHRISTIANS" but in Toronto that might go unnoticed. Help me find my brothers and sisters. And please pray for my younger sister. I know the pain she has in her heart. It is the same pain I once carried. I pray that she may realize that the answers she seeks are only found in our Lord. I don\’t want her to make the same mistakes I did. Thank you all and God bless you.

  50. Praise be to the God I serve. Just wanted to share with you a praise report. I told you I was waiting for God to vindicate me. Well he did it and it EMBRACED AND LOVED ALL WHO WERE INVOLVED. GOD IS AMAZING. And I thank you for praying for me. What an awesome video on your site. I stop by often but do not leave a note. This time I stopped in just to tell you my prayers have been answered. God bless you and your family! Keeping you safe and healthy! Ellie is smiling!!!!!

  51. King's Daughter said:

    Hello And greetings from Winnipeg, Mantioba CANADA Your site is great i stumbled upon it while browsing.  I think it is awesome that you take prayer requests and then your church prays over them!!!  My request is for my 15 yr old son who is addictied to pot.  He isn\’t in our home right  now.  Pls pray for this deception to be lifted from his eyes.  Stronghold to be lifted so that he can turn from darkness to light!!!!!!!!  Thank you so very much.

  52. I am writing for anyones support thru prayer..I am at my wits end..My fiancee just recently admitted that he has an addiction to crack-cocaine which I know nothing about as I have been anti-drugs for my entire life. I have already moved my 6 year old son and I into his place with him and his toddler  and Ive been trying to stick by him and help..problem is..I dont understand and therefor have no idea how to help or if I can..Prayer seems to be my only hope..Thank you so very much for having a place like this for ppl to come..Bless you..Leanne

  53. Prayers needed
    A little boy, Casey, is fighting Cancer.  He had surgery on Feb 1st, and is recovering with a few complications.  This family is from our home town, he is only 14 1/2 months.   
    Please pray for him and his family.

  54. Hi Gerry,
    I have injured my back being silly in the pool, so i have been layed up on the floor, on anti-inflamitory tabs and pain killers.  Would you mind praying for me?
    I would really appreciate it.
    God Bless and take care,

  55. Christina said:

    hi there – jesus is definately here – wow – im ova come – plz pray for me and jay – shall i stay or walk away? i want to wlk atm but my heart wants to stay? does that make sense?

  56. Wow im truly amazed that you find the time to take all these requests before God. I almost feel silly for requesting a prayer as I read thru all these very serious requests. I am in the middle of moving and am depending on God to help me through it. It\’s a time of change and it can be both scary yet exhilirating finding out the adventures God has in store for me.
    My prayer request is of a more personal nature concerning someone I care very deeply about.
    His name is Chris and he lives overseas, and he considers himself a \’disgraced atheist\’. We had a wonderful friendship that blossomed into love over a period of almost 5 years. But near the end of the relationship he went away without so much as a word or explanation. I know that he is struggling right now and that he needs God\’s love. Even though we werent in touch for a few months, we are still very connected to each other. I seem to have found the right path, while he is still out there kind of floundering.
    The bible says that love never ends. My main concern, is that I am honoring God and submitting to His will. My request is for Chris to have an encounter with Jesus, to know and feel the presence of God in his life. And for me, I am asking God to make things clear for me, so that I do not walk in sin and know what I should do next.
    Thanks for hearing my prayer.

  57. Captivating Warrrior said:

    Hey, I\’d be very grateful if you could lift my whole family in prayer just generally really…. as it seems like a huge list to go through! Although I will mention My eldest sister who has a brain tumour and needs salvation, so I\’d be grateful if you could  pray for that… thank you so much! Keep up the good work and may God bless you more abundantly and give you joy, peace and strength as you seek Him and walk in all His ways and love. Shalom and Love in Christ

  58. HI… i need your prayer for  my stepdad Ron… who has the bad cancer but he just has pnuemnia in his lungs which he struggles to breathe… is sent to the hopsital this morning…. the very important of the matter is his need to be saved -salvation…. very moment time to pray for him to know Jesus as he needs Him as his savior…. pray for my mom to have God\’s comforting, strength through the hard time losing him anytime ….and pray that God\’s grace to supply me for money to get the airplane tickets for the funeral. i have no money to go. Its bad timing since we paid the billings over 600 dollars .. but i am sure that God takes care of our needs…. thank you… for prayers,supports.

  59. Hi ,  thanks for the prayers..just let you know that my stepdad Ron passed away last night in winnipeg time 10 40 pm; I will fly to winnipeg this thurs night.. pray that everything will be taken care  in Jesus\’ name and for my safety trip especially calm my nervous being in the airplane! I hate the fly smile.

  60. Thank you for praying for all of us. I am hoping I can recieve prayer for a few things. My grandfather died yesterday (my moms side) and I guess our whole family needs prayer re this. My cat is dying (I know she\’s a cat but I still love her), on tues it will be 5 yrs since I lost my other grandfather (who I was very close with) and I\’m struggling with having faith knowing that God will provide the money needed to help me continue going through school. I am walking in his path, the one he chose for me, but yet I still struggle with believing he will provide the money for it. If you could do that, I would appreciate it. God Bless you all!

  61. i know that this isnt a major request, but i wanted to ask for prayer, not only for myself but for those who are going to be instructing me.  i have just started driver training, big thing for me.  i will be 28 this year, and i know i can do this, but i am also very nervous to do it, it kinda goes along with my anxiety disorder.  i have gone through one in class session, and tomorrow i call the instructor to set up driving lessons.  So this is a big deal for me, and i am anxious about it, but at the same time really excited about it, because i have wanted to start driving for a long time, just the anxiety has pushed that excitement out of the way all the other times, and this time, well, the excitement over came the anxiety, and i am sure that is a metaphor for God taking it over instead of satan feeding me lies.
    thank you for the prayer, and for listening.

  62. Hello Gerry!
    Will you please ask your Friday night prayer group to pray for deliverance for our son Leighton!
    Pray for deliverance from drugs/alcohol.
    Leighton … gave his life to Christ when he was 9 years old.
    He needs deliverance from rejection, depression…SET FREE to be all that God has predestined for him in Christ Jesus!
    Father God please raise up intercessors…who will war in the spirit on his behalf.
    Thank you Jesus that you break every yoke.
    Thank you Gerry…thank you for doing this!
    In His Hands

  63. hi can u plz pray for my friend katrina coleman her mother might have lung cancer and their not too sure yet but plz pray for her mother to be ok and she is realy scaired so plz pray for her to ahve the strength to support her mom and to have a better relationship with her mom
    sara bragg

  64. Hi Gerry,
    Thank you for your prayer\’s. I just came back from a missionfest this weekend. It was a good boost forward to getting this street ministry started & I recieved alot of confirmation. I am doin well in the area\’s I asked for prayer in. I\’m still struggling in the lust department & ask that U continue to pray 4 me.    May God continue to Bless U & Veiwer\’s
                                                                              Love Wally

  65. Christopher Earl said:

    i need pray for God presence this week to get me throught a hard time right now and i need  healing for my brain thier is a lack of blood flowing to it and it is causing me problems i need deliverance and Gods comfort in this difficult time.thenkyou chris

  66. Ciao My Friend,I was passing through and requesting prayer for a country that is near and dear to my heart. Egypt….Sam is from Egypt and this country that is made up of 90% Muslim. The Muslim hate the Chrustian people and therefore they make it very difficult for the Christians to even live in that country. Just recently that was an attack on one of the Christian Churches there, if you log into my site, you will be able to read about it.I am requesting prayer for all those people in Egypt. I know that God is able to answer prayer. Please, when you pray, take this request to the Lord and Master as well.Thanks for your Prayers.God Bless You.LoveShelleyxXx

  67. belly_jeans said:

    Hey guys, I want to ask you for prayer for my mum.
    My name is Jessica, I\’m 16 years old, live in Australia, and I\’ve know the LORD around 6 months.
    I\’m a first generation Christian, unsaved family, you know the deal, and I know my mum (Di) needs salvation. She has alot of offenses in her life, and alot of hurt, as do my younger brother (Cameron) and sister (Erin). Please pray for God to come and tounch the lives of my family, and that they might come to know Him.
    Also, please pray for me. I have just entered a season of my life, that I think I\’m going to need help on.
    Thanks you so much.
    God Blessings upon all of you.
    Love, your sister in Christ, Jess

  68. Christina said:

    7th feb I wrote to you to ask for prayer for me and jay – since then I have found out a number of things abt him that were totally wrong. I ended it on the 12th of feb. Its been really hard though, because I did genuinely love him totally unconditionally. Please pray for a godly husband for me. I fear I will either and up single all my life or stuck with someone who I\’m not in – love with. I want them to be perfect, I want to be in – love again, I want him to be goodlooking, handy round the house, great humour, good with people, doesnt mind that I\’m divorced, loves me unconditionally, totally compatible/my soulmate!, gd with kids, responsible, kind, but also tough and wordly, has integrity, no older than 4yrs than me, not too fat, not too fit etc etc am I asking for too much? LOL and dont make me wait too long God…

  69. Hello Pastor, I have some many prayer requests and I don`t hesitate to let God know every day!!! I have a question? I believe in miracle`s, I believe in the Bible but most importantly I believe in God and Jesus with all of my heart and soul and body. I have a form of muscular dystropy my mother brother and sister too. All have prayed for healing 15 years or more , I have noticed most Christians are healed or being healed. Is it our fault, or maybe thats the way its suppose to be?  Should I just accept it and be of use some other way? My view of Christians are thru Tv, the internet and my family when we see each other. Jevohah Witnesses come to my door now 8 years and leave reading material, but other that it`s difficult to understand the bible. I just read and pray but I need more…anyways I pray that I can get more involved, thanks for listening.

  70. Thanks for Listening Pastor, I appreciate your explanation it keeps me from feeling not good enought to be…..I feel like I have something to give and it`s good enough for God. Thank-you and I will go to church when I can physically get there by myself! I don`t have the opportunity to go with a 3 year old!

  71. Hi, i would like you to pray that me and my family find a house. I was just recently told that my landlord is selling the house, even though two weeks ago she said she would never do anything like that. I  cant seem to fin anything we can afford with the house prices going up. Also i just found out im pregnant again and i have a high risk pregnacy and i really dont need any added stress in my life. Please pray we can find something soon!!
    Thank you soo much.

    Hey how\’s it going? I\’m moving forward slowly but surely. Things are good & I have alot to be grateful for especially for God\’s grace , mercy, & forgiveness through our lord Jesus Christ. I am still struggleing with certain things like principle\’s before personalities, lust & fornication. Please continue to pray for me. Also pray that I may be strong enough to move forward in the ministry God has called me too. Thank U for your support. God Bless U !

  73. Hello,
    Could you please pray for a friend of mine? She is struggling with severe depression and even has suicidal thoughts. She is now on medication. Thankyou.

  74. ℓυ¢ιє said:

    Im really stressed at the moment with loads of stuff, i need prayer to just calm me down. Thanks

  75. ♡Fruitipie♡ said:

    This is such a cool idea!
    I have two friends who are depressed and I am really worried about them. they arnt christians and push away anyone who tries to tell them about god. I dont know what to do, because i dont want to try and talk to them and mess it up. also, i have a couple of friends who say they are christians but do not live like they are. I can see them making descisions that will ruin their lives and i dont know what to do. can you please pray for them, and pray that I will know what to say to these people?
    God Bless!

  76. hi my name is sara and i know this sounds realy stuiped but i was wondering if you could pray for my mom to win the lottery she wants to buy a new car and pay off her bills and the house and then just help people too. if she wins im goin to get her to give iona church money for new windows as their old ones were broken and smashed but please pray for her to win the lottery.

  77. Sara
    I can\’t ask God for that as gambeling is a sin. God is our provider. Pray and ask that He provide through another means.

  78. Shelley said:

    Ciao Gerry,
    I wanted to ask you for prayer.
    Sam\’s family are all Egyptian, but he has a brother living in Lebanon, in the middle of all the fighting that is going on there now. He is married with a little baby boy. They are having a very hard time to get out of Lebanon during this time. Please pray for their safety, and that they will find a safe way out of Lebanon.
    Thank you so much for all your prayers.
    God Bless You as well.
    Take Care Gerry.

  79. biblegurl said:

    Hi, I am struggling with anxiety and with going to sleep. Satan tries to tempt me to commit suicide, but I know that with prayer and help, I can overcome. I am already seeing counsellors and a psychiatrist, but the more prayer, the better. Thank you very much!

    Love from your sister in Christ,

  80. It has been awhile since I have jotted a note but often I peek into your space and enjoy your heart for our Lord. Please pray for me and my business. God is using my in home care business as a means to be invited to enter into many homes and minister to individuals and at times there families. However I am getting hit and so is my partner who happens to be my twin sister. Are business is Cornerstone Covenant Care and Lisa and my relationship has been hit and the wellness of what God has brought forth is shaky in us. My life is in turmoil and I know it is because we have made decisions for Christ Kingdom rather then ourselves and the enemy hates it, hates us. Pray specifically that God would help me in my relationships and bring forth mercy and truth in them. Thankyou and God bless you! Ellie

  81. Hi I am a very faithful christian and although I am praying for myself on my problem I believe you can never get enough prayers said for you. I have an incurable kidney disease called IGA Neprophathy. The doctors tell me the only cure is dialysis and transplant but they say my disease will still make a new kidney fail as that is what the disease does, it attacks the kidneys and slowly they fail. I am currently on dialysis and will be visiting the transplant center on October 25th but I believe wholeheartedly in miracles, I have seen some myself. So I am putting my total faith in God for a miracle. I don\’t know what you believe about this but He did say with God All things are possible and I have seen women cured of breast cancer not once but twice, my own second cousin had leukemia and went into remission over ten years ago after being prayed for. So if God can do these things then I believe He can do the same for me, if it is his will. So all I am asking is that you pray for his will to be done in my life and for my health. God Bless you and it is a wonderful thing that you have this space for people to come and read and perhaps feel God working in their hearts as they read your writings. Good Day and God Bless.

  82. Thank you very much for your heartfelt prayer that you left on my space and the promise that your congregation will pray on Friday. I appreciate you and your Faith.

  83. Hi I recently came to you for prayer about my kidney disease and I appreciated it so very much. Now I come to you with another request that lies very heavy on my heart. My father is very deeply entrenched in the practice of Wicca and using drugs. He used to be a die hard Christian and to see him change so drastically is especially painful. Also our relationship has become nothing because of family problems that I don\’t really want to post here. I know that the bible says to honor thy father and mother and I try so hard but it is seriously a struggle with the things that are going on right now. I pray that he turns back to Christ and that the things that are hurting our whole family will come to a stop. Please pray for this situation as I am because I believe that the only answer is Christ on this one. Thank you ahead of time. I just want my dad back, he is smart and very much a good person, he is just not in the right place right now. But I have faith he will change and things will work out for the better. God Bless You and your ministry, it is a wonderful thing you are doing.

  84. My prayer request is a big one…lol…unfortunately I\’d be pages long if I tried to write it all out. I did write the gist of it in my blog. If you feel led by God to pray (please pray for me!) check out the blog and you\’ll know what to pray for. Thank you and God\’s richest blessings upon you.

  85. i am having a very serious neck/shouder pain. its been a year already and no doctor finds the specific illness that causes the pains. I know God would be helping to comfort me whenever I feel pains. And i am also having some problem with my legs. I won\’t be able to see a specialist for my leg until March. May God have mercy on me and let me have less pains through these days. May GOd give wisdom to the doctors for healing me. May GOd be always be us in church since our church needs His mercy. May God bless you all~

  86. Praise God for he is worthy!
    Hello Brother Gerry,
    I am a fellow servant of the Lord. God has called me to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I will be spending the majority of my time in Kinshasa following the Holy Spirit\’s guidance in bringing the Glorious message of the Lord Jesus Christ to 20,000 homeless children. Please pray for the children of Kinshasa. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw them unto Himself and that the Message of Love, Faith and Salvation be received in a land of war, hunger and disease. The harvest is bountiful!
    Please also visit my website at http://www.christforkinshasa.com there you will also find a prayer request form. Please let me know of the miracles Our Father wishes to grant to those who seek His will.
     I have found the following prayer to bring me into a realization of the Power of God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    I Chronicles 4:10
    I cry out to the Lord God of Israel, If only YOU would bless me indeed, extend my border, keep YOUR HAND upon me and keep me from harm, so that I might not cause any pain.
    And God granted his request. This is the prayer of the bibles little big man, Jabez. I have found the key to answered prayer is KNOWING HE is in control, and whatever state I am in, I am contenet in knowing HE is control and I am blessed by that knowledge.
    May God bless your Ministry. Thank you for your prayers.
    In His service,
    Rev Curtis

  87. Please help me pray for my son that\’s coming out of prison in August after many years there. He lived here in The States since a little kid, but because he went to prison all his rights of becoming a citizen had been taken away and he\’s facing deportation. He doesn\’t have a place to live not to mention a job; or know anybody anywhere outside of The States; He can\’t hardly speak any other language than English. He has a 16 years old son this April and woul like to be around his son for his education and to be a father to his son and a son himself to his mother (me). He knows about The Lord and salvation, but he is struggling with all about his future life back out here…. Thank you and May the Lord Bless you all…. Your sister in Christ.  Tati

  88. Gerry
    Would you please pray and ask for Gods wisdom, healing and salvation..for a family member and her parents who are deeply distressed over this sickness of their daughter..Please pray that they all will come to know the Lord as their Saviour and Lord.

    I received an email last night before bed from an aunt which is a yr younger than myself who has a daughter in Calgary that is terribly sick and asked for prayer..I came to your site to ask for prayer for her and I guess God lead me here to do this today as you have written on the Lord\’s prayer..and prayers changes things.
    I will send you the message or email and please pass this on to all who you believe to be prayer warriors.  Thanks another sister in Christ.
    Patricia from Fredericton, NB , Canada  (emailed on Sunday at 1 am in morning) Feb 12th.

    It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that Misti is, again, in the hospital.  Although I am thankful that it is a Calgary hospital and not the one in Olds or Didsbury.  She was diagnosed, back in September, with Gastroparesis.  That is when the stomach no longer digests the food so it will pass into the bowel.  In order to gain any nutritional value for the food we eat, it must be processed through the bowel.  Instead, her stomach is like a bowl is sitting there, catching anything that she swallows, including water, and whatever goes down, including the water, is vomited back up again, almost immediately.  The nerves are paralyzed.  So, for the past year she has been literally starving to death.  Her doctor and specialists have told her she is dying.  In fact, they are surprised that she is still with us.  I refused to believe it – she’s too young.  I still have great faith that her role, here on earth, is not fulfilled yet.  She has been going to her doctor, sometimes on a daily basis, because she is in such pain.  She came into Calgary, last September, and saw some specialists.  The damage caused from the diabetes is irreversible – and that’s quite extensive.  She has nerve damage to her legs and one specialist told her that she would have to have a foot amputated.  She wants a second opinion before having that done.  Her kidneys and bladder are shutting down.  She has so much toxins running through her body that her feet and legs balloon up and are very hard to touch.  It’s like the skin cannot possible stretch anymore.  Her circulation is very poor.
    On Wednesday, she was brought – by ambulance from Olds hospital to Peter Lougheed Centre hospital.  Thank God for that; otherwise, she may not be here today.  They do not have the equipment, training or specialists there.   On Thursday, she was given 2 options:  1)  having her whole stomach removed; or 2)  having a feeding tube (j-tube) inserted directly into her bowel and out through her abdomen.  She called her father and I to the hospital and wanted to discuss the options she had been given and we all agree with the j-tube.  It is not a cure, just a way for her to get some much-needed nutrition into her body.  She will receive 85% of her nutrition through this j-tube and she can have 15% of her own food or juices.  She weighs little more than 100 lbs and for a 5’4” height, she looks very thin. 
    Her doctor told her, on Thursday, that he needed an answer regarding her decision by next Monday.  Yesterday, him and his team of doctors had their usual weekly meeting.  It started mid-morning and when I left the hospital at 3 pm, they were still in the meeting, so I didn’t get a chance to talk with him.  Apparently, they finished up their meeting around 5.  He said a great deal of the time was spent discussing Misti.  He told her that he doesn’t think they should wait until Monday for an answer, so she told him that we all had discussed it and decided on the j-tube.  He is trying to book surgery time for Monday or Tuesday.  As of tonight, they still didn’t have a definite surgery time.
    I feel so helpless and there’s not much I can do except keep her spirits up and alleviate any stress that might set her back.  I pray a lot and have finally convinced her to not give up on her faith in God.  That’s all we have to help us cope in our lives.  So, I am sending this to you so you know what is going on and to ask you all to pray for her.  If your church has a prayer list, can you include her name on that too?
    I don’t have the time to call everyone and let them know what is happening and, emotionally, I don’t think I can either.  So, I will keep you posted via email as to what is happening.  If you want to send her a line, I will make sure I print it off and bring it to her.      

  89. Pray for Elder Alan Staff, now in hospital in London (Canada) suffering from a fracture of the skul.
    May he soon recover and Pray for Beth his wifein this time of stress.l

  90. I am a single parent who God has blessed is more ways than one.  I pray to the Lord to help me find a partner who he believes will walk hand in hand with me and accept my children as best friends.  Pray that the Lord will answer my prayer in his time and give me the strength to carry on as I patiently wait on him.  Pray for my family to have health and prosperity and that what the Lord has in store for them in this life they make the best of it.
    Yvonne L.

  91. Thanks for praying.  Thanks to God for answering.  God bless your worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth .
    Thanks for bringing  truth to this generation who are fed so many lies they become more ignorant and foolish than when they were born.   God save the lost and forsaken  and the innocents who we even allow to be murdered in the womb.  Gof forgive us all.   Life is so precious.  True life is our Lord Jesus Christ who rescues us from being dead in sins.  Forgive us Lord God and save us.          Heal our land   O heavenly Father.   Heal me too.  In Jesus\’ Name.
    Mercy Lord.

  92. kïrstin said:

    i have a request for a house. we are planning to move back to oregon/washington this summer. i have applied for a loan for a house, and will be preaproved this week or next. i have asked the Lord for a 3 bdrm/2bthrm house in the area of vancouver washington, where my mother lives. she is getting on in yrs, and i have never owned a house.
    i give my thanks in advance for the house just suited for me! i know God is good, and a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
    s. lizard♫

  93. Please join us to pray for 22 remained South Korean Christian hostages in Afghanistan. They are all missionaries sent by Saemmu Church in Korea which I am acquainted with. God is faithful. He will revive the Gospel in Afghanistan and the whole world via this matter.  May His name be glorified!

  94. DAVID JOHN said:


  95. Hi Gerry,
    I am asking that people pray for little 6 year old Lucas who is fighting brain cancer, and if they could go go to his mom\’s website (http://mommysms.spaces.live.com/default.aspx?mkt=en-US&partner=Live.Spaces) and write something encouraging in the Guestbook, that would be good too.
    Thanks and God Bless you and your work.
    From the other Gerry

  96. well my apoligies for not writing in such along time. there is so much I could fill U in on but it would take too long. One thing i\’m sure about is I still need prayer. I\’m not sure if I asked for U to pray for me to quit smoking but just in case I did it\’s been close to 2 yrs now since I quit  thank God. That was one of my last addictions.I\’m still trying to overcome lust & fornication, it has been a long battle but with perserverance & your prayer\’s  & God\’s help I will overcome this too.  May God receive all the glory! I\’m also requesting prayer for strenght power& knowledge & wisdom in moving forward to getting a street ministry started in downtown Toronto. It has been  10yrwalk on this path. I have been on the front lines for 10 yrs &  i\’m very close to starting this ministry. I need to get a business plan done which has been hard to get going due to stress , roadblocks, & procrastination amongst other spiritual warfare going on . Please prayfor me to break through this to get this minisrty going…. please get as many as possible to help pray for me on this…God Bless U All….Thank-U………….    Wally

  97. Sergio Gabriel said:

    hey Gerry…..I need prayers for my life….am really distressed and living a lot of problems in every area of my life……….in my proyects, in my economy, in my personal life, spiritual life, in every areaplz pray for meGabriel

  98. Hi, brother Gerry, i woluld like to ask you for a very personal prayer for my life, and consist on you and you church pray for me and my family, very special pray for my mother because she is not very good on her health and i\’m worry for her,i live in indianapolis indiana and she live in mexico city, i pray god every day for her but i bolieve if a good church pray for her she will recive the power of that pray in her life, please pray for my brother and my sister and her childrens and her husban, and for my self , becuase i ask god for a specila need i my life and that is a good  woman for be my parther for the rest of my life and i know god , is good and he will help me with that in jesus name, amen. thank you very much and god bless you to you and all you family and church congregation.

  99. Kirsten said:

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the work that you are doing. It has been an inspiration in visiting your space and seeing your love for God. May you be blessed just as your prayers have blessed others.

  100. dear bros&sis,i have an emergency prayer request. My uncle  back in asia was having his kidney surgery sometimes ysterday. his heart stopped beating and brain died in surgery. but thx God an hour later, he went back to live again and now he has been admitted to the ICU. Mom and I have called back home from vancouver but got to know that my uncle is not doing well.  he was still unconscious. we don\’t know much of the details; there is nothing much we can do. when i was on the phone with my counsin, after 6 years of no-contact, i told him that i would pray for uncle and his whole family. i don\’t know how much it means to them but i really do mean it  deep in my heart. please join me to pray for my uncle so that he would be discharged from ICU soon and recover. also , please pray for his family esp. my auntie and my counsin, as well as my grandparents. my grandparents are over 90 yeawrs old and they are having health problems themselves so i wory them. pray that God would have mercy on them even though they are not yet christians. please pray that God would help us go through this difficult time. i know that God is in control.thank you . in Him,amelia

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