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Hidden Sin

In the book of 2nd Samuel tells about the reign of king David over Israel. God called David a man after His own heart and yet David once tried to keep a sin hidden. In the days when a king was to lead his army into battle, David decided to stay home. As he was resting on the balcony of his palace, he noticed a woman bathing. Instead of looking away, he let his eyes rest on her and he became enticed by her beauty. He decided he must have her. After inquiring about her he found out that she was Bathsheba the wife of Uriah one of his commanders who was away at war. Even so he sent for her and she soon became pregnant by him. David hoped to hide his sin bringing back Uriah from the war and telling him to go and stay with his wife. Uriah refused and said that as long as there was a war he would not sleep in his home. David then decided that the only other way was to cover up was to let Uriah die in battle. So he commanded that he be put on the front lines. When the news came that he had been killed David took Bathsheba in to his house as his wife. David thought it was over and that his sin would never be found out. One day the prophet Nathan came to David and to him the story of a poor man who owned a lamb. That little lamb meant everything to that man. It was like a member of his family. But there was a rich man who owned many sheep. The rich man one day entertained a traveler and instead of serving him one of his own sheep, he slaughtered the poor mans lamb. David was angry at this tale and wanted to punish the rich man for what he had done. At this, Nathan told David that David was the guilty one and what he thought he had hidden God saw. David repented but his child that was born by Bathsheba died as a consequence of his sin. To read the story in it’s entirety, read 2nd Samuel chapters 11 and 12.

Do you have a sin which you keep secret? Something you hope no one will ever find out about? In Quebec one of the big problems is hidden sexual sin. Adultery, pre-marital sex, incest, sodomy, pornography, and masturbation. All of these are rampant. Perhaps you have problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling? Maybe even what you don’t think is such a big sin as lying or theft? The only one who knows is you and the Lord. And it is because the Lord knows that unless you do something to deal with that sin, He will deal with it in His way. The way He will deal with it is never pleasant. He usually exposes it to our embarrassment. A few well known tela- evangelists had their sins exposed to the entire world. Jesus said in Luke 8:17; "For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light."

Why would the Lord expose my sin? Because He loves you. Sin brings death and enslavement. When someone is suffering from cancer a surgeon must cut it out before it spreads. Surgery is never pleasant. But is necessary in order to save a life. So yes having your sin exposed hurts, but having it exposed and revealed can save your life. Come to that place of repentance today before your sin is exposed. God is faithful and He will forgive you. You have pastors and elders who are willing to help you get through it. Please do it today.


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  1. YouAren'tPerfect said:

    You know, that story sounds like one (except the death of the child) going along with the entire King Arthur tale. His father, Uther Pendrag, was introduced to a woman named Yigraine on the day he was crowed, and saw how beautiful she was. The most beautiful woman in England. He said he must have her, and then her husband went away to war with Uther. Uther came back early though, and his wizard Merlin unwillingly disguised Uther as Yigrain\’s husband, and then requested that her husband was put in the most forward lines of battle. Uther went to Yigraine and slept with her, and she became pregnant. Her husband died, and Uther took Yigraine as his wife. Then Arthur was born.I know this story in about a hundred different shapes and forms through various movies and books. It\’s surprisingly similar to yours. I am a Roman Catholic, but I don\’t practice. I go to a Catholic (secondary) school. I can\’t say I agree with all of your beliefs, even though I am supposed to.I have a question: How can you possibly devote so much of your life to God? Even when you love a person who you can see standing next to you, with every particle of your being, if you see them often enough, every single day, every hour, every minute, you will eventually get sick. It happens to families, they all have arguments and spats. So, if loving Jesus is like loving any other person (in a matter of speaking) how can you possibly stand that? I used to have some kind of faith, but I can\’t say I do anymore. My dad lost his job and my mom is about to lose hers, and my sister is moving out. My other sister is mentally and physically disabled… You can\’t really blame me, I don\’t think. I feel like I\’m too logical to believe.Sorry to put all this on you : P You don\’t have to answer, it doesn\’t matter. I should be packing right now but I\’m too lazy.Rebecca

  2. Hi, Gerry!I hope you\’re having a wonderful day. It\’s beautiful out here! Have a great weekend!Kim

  3. Dear Rebbeca, Thank-you for visiting my space.If I was looking at love from the world\’s point of view I would find it hard to be devoted to God. This world teaches that love is a feeling which is totally wrong. Love is not a feeling but an action. It is something you choose to do. You make the choice to love someone or not. Most of what the world describes is lust.I choose to love my God. No matter how I feel or what\’s going on in my life, I have chosen to follow Him. His love for us is way beyond anything we can understand or copy.I can\’t get enough of Him. I long to know Him more and more each day.How do I know He loves me and loves you? The Bible tells me so. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him shoild not perish but have eternal life." He died for you too Rebecca and all your family. Yet He will never force you to accept His love. He leaves the choice up to you. But once you taste His love you\’ll never be the same.We all have troubles Rebecca, just because I am a Christian doesn\’t mean I am free from them. This is a fallen world and bad things happen even to good people. The only hope is Jesus and He loves You.Gerry

  4. So God punished David\’s son that was born by Bathsheba? How was that right?

  5. hmmmm…. I wonder how many babies died last year because of abortion. 100,000 in 2002 in Canada. How is that right? David sinned and tried to cover it up. Sin has concequences and the babies death was one of them. Later another son of David and Bathsheba became King. Solomon.

  6. So God aborted the child? huh? God is one of those "do as i say not as i do types"? Gerry, I apologize — can\’t buy this one. Admire your faith, love the work you put in your site and honestly think you\’re definitely one of the good guys. Obviously I value your capacity for discussion and intelligence. But – God aborted the child? huh? God is one of those "do as i say not as i do types"? Gerry, I apologize — can\’t buy this one. Don\’t see God as being that vindictive to destroy an unsinned newborn over his father\’s failures. Again, just my opinion. As Voltaire said, "although I may disagree with what you say, I\’ll defend to the death your right to say it"

  7. No God did not perform an abortion. The baby died from sickness. But that sickness was a result of David\’s sin. He had killed a man in order to cover up his adulterous affair with Bathsheba. You should read the story in 2 Samuel chapter\’s 11 and 12. Only God has the right to say when a person lives and dies. He gives life and He takes it away. That child was taken to a place where he was much better off. What David did could not go unpunished. There is always consequences to sin.

  8. Unknown said:

    hey rebecca,u might think imw eird for trying to answer soemthing to u if u even c this even tho im sure ud atehr have gerry answer but, im sure u have a hard life n u struggle with many challenges but u will move on life is hard n we gotta be strong n alot of ppl go threw it its hard but when its over its a relief.. u might think oh what would she knows but i do ive been through alot n i know alot of other ppl have been threw it too but dont worry have faith in g-d even if it might be hard to do i didnt have much faith n hope in g-d b4 but i dotn know i just … realized all the lil miracles g-d has doen for me just breathing is a miracle living dreaming sleeping walkign eevry movement of ur body is liek a miracle! seeign the beauty of nature n how ppl have children is really fasinating its really incredible how every living thing has a perpose n way for being in this world rebecca i hope u have a good day n i just wanted to drop in to say hi to gerry!! “““““““““““““““““““““““`HEY GERRY, lol i wanted to say hihope u send me more e-mails…bye c ya later sharone

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